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the Central Committee of the Party has called for observing the centenary of the Communist movement in our country starting from 17th October 2019 and culminating on 17th October, 2020, hundred years since the first meeting of the Indian communists was held at Tashkent in 1920, which gave birth to the Communist Party in India and constituted its first Central Committee. These are days when the camp of imperialists and world reaction along with their compradors and lackeys here are intensifying manifold the attacks on the communist movement in all fields. In 1991 it was the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which had degenerated from socialist path long back, the cause of their celebrations. At that time they declared the “end of history” and “end of socialism”.

Presently, highlighting the severe decimation suffered by the traditional or parliamentary communist parties, the CPI(M) and the CPI, and the Left Front led by them in the 17th Lok Sabha elections, all forces of reaction celebrate the “end of communism”. Utilizing this as well as the anarchist practice of the left sectarian Maoists, they assert that the proletarian politics of class struggle is defeated for ever. 

In the over-view: “A Century of the Communist Movement in India” published by us ( we have given a brief evaluation of our long practice, both its positive and negative aspects. Due to repeated shortcomings in analysing the concrete situation and developing Marxist theory and practice accordingly, the movement repeatedly came under the influence of right and left deviations, causing serious damage. In a way the weakening of the communist movement also played a role in the coming to power of the neo-fascist saffron forces and getting their hold strengthened in the 17th Lok Sabha elections. So, only by overcoming hitherto weaknesses and building a powerful communist party this challenge can be met.

In order to achieve this goal we should unleash a theoretical offensive as pointed out in the Resolution adopted by the 10th Congress of the party and win over ever larger sections of the communists and members and activists from the youth and students to strengthen the party. Challenging the neo-liberal, corporate policies imposed by Modi-2 and developing people’s movements against them wherever possible, we have to encourage and join hands with all the forces who are prepared to fight against the neoliberal/corporate policies and increasing fascistization of Modi-2. An energetic theoretical offensive based on Marxism-Leninism-Mao Thought and continuous efforts to develop and apply it in the concrete conditions of our country in the course of the programs during the centenary of the communist movement shall create favourable conditions for the communist advance at all levels and in all fields. Let us plan and execute the centenary programs with this ideological-political perspective. Let us make the centenary programs an occasion for communist ideological-political offensive. n

As expected, from day-1, Modi-2 is trying to take one step after another towards its Hindurashtra agenda. Though its effort to impose Hindi is withdrawn following mighty resistance, especially from Southern states, the draft New Education Policy is threatening us with its goal of saffronization of education. Now Modi had convened a meeting of leaders of political parties on 19th June for implementing ‘One Nation, One Election’ plan.

Though Modi and BJP had such ideas during his first term also, any such initiative to implement it could not be taken. This move is an extension of the RSS slogan, One Nation, One Culture, One Language. It goes against the federal, Constitutional spirit. Even when increasing sections of people are demanding electoral reforms including replacement of EVMs with ballots and cutting down electoral expenditure, no action is taken on them. Instead, Modi’s effort is to impose the One Nation, One Election slogan for the sectarian interests of BJP. It should be opposed and defeated

The recent Draft New Education Policy put forward by the Modi government based on the 2018 draft put forward by the seven-member TSR Subramanian Committee Report with no known educational experts in it, replacing the existing 10+2+3 year pattern with 5+3+3+4+4, is an ingenious move to saffronise and commercialize education, at the same time making it more elite-oriented. In the proposed scheme, while there is no formal education to children in the “pre-primary stage” up to the age of 8 and “later primary stage” during the 8-11 age, the so-called secondary education that is envisaged thereafter is totally oriented to vocationalisation, for equipping students with certain skills and making them eligible as job-seekers in the un-organized labour market. Mixing up all subjects including arts, music, craft, community service, yoga, and making no differentiation between curricular and co-curricular areas and having no separation among arts, humanities, science and social science, the implicit agenda in the draft NEP is to deconstruct and dis-organise the existing education system to pave the way for its unhindered commercialisation and saffronisation.

Under the garb of providing all opportunities for each student, the hidden tactic is to delay the process of students earning degrees and the government thus evading responsibility for providing jobs. The agenda of the apex body, Rashtriya Shiksha Ayog (National Education Institution or Commission) that is proposed in the draft, is to end an era of ‘liberal’, secular and scientific education and propagate the saffron agenda under the garb of Indianising education. Though the move to superimpose Hindi over non-Hindi people is temporarily frozen due to strong resistance, the focus on Prakrit, Persian, and Sanskrit should be seen as having ulterior motives of going back to the archaic, ‘the ancient’ , and ‘the orient’ with obscurantist nuances totally lacking critical thinking or role of dissent in education. The proposals to transform all higher educational institutions either to universities or degree-granting autonomous colleges on the one hand, and abolition of affiliating universities and affiliated colleges on the other, to hand over both the determination of its content and implementation of education to private-corporate hands, the decision to share public educational resources with private institutions, and,  above all, to form special education zones for upper-class superrich elite are all aimed at informalisation of education for the vast majority, together with unprecedented commercialisation of higher-professional education catering to a tiny elite minority.

We appeal to all progressive, democratic and secular people together with the student-teacher community to come forward with a critical evaluation of this draft NEP of the Modi regime and rise up in campaigns throughout the country along with all like-minded forces to defeat the heinous saffron elitist agenda behind it. n


During the two centuries of the valiant struggle for national liberation against the British colonialists and their lackeys including the First Independence Struggle of 1857-58 and later, hundreds of thousands of patriots and freedom fighters have sacrificed their life for national liberation and democratic revolution to overthrow the rule of imperialism and feudalism. Under the leadership of the Communist movement in the country which is going to observe its century for a year from 17th October this year, in the mobilization of the workers, peasants and other toiling and oppressed classes and sections and to lead them in numerous struggles also tens of thousands of comrades have become martyrs and lakhs of them have undergone torture and jai life.

In the course of the ideological struggle against the right opportunist deviation leading to Naxalbari Uprising, in the course of struggles under the leadership of communist revolutionaries and then under CPI(ML), tens of thousands of comrades have become martyrs. Many lakhs of comrades faced state terror and imprisonment. In the course of this protracted struggle for people’s democracy and socialism, tens of thousands of our valiant comrades have departed from us. Even now as we are waging the militant resistance struggle against the anti-people policies of the central and state governments, as in the case of Bhangar movement, many comrades have sacrificed their lives. This saga of heroic struggles for people’s liberation is continuing in all fields. As the country has come under further intensification of neoliberal policies and fascisation with Modi-2 coming to power, in the coming days we have to fight harder than ever and be prepared for many more sacrifices.

On this occasion, as practised every year, let us observe 28th July, the day when Com. Charu Majumdar, leader of the Naxalbari Uprising and the first general secretary of the CPI(ML), became a martyr in 1972, as Martyrs’ Day, remembering all the martyrs during the long history of our people’s struggles, especially after the Naxalbari Uprising, remembering all its leaders and the communist revolutionaries from all over India  who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our country. n

Soon after Modi-2 took over, there are reports of a spurt in mob lynching, attacks on Muslims and dalits, on journalists and democratic people across the country. Fascisation of all fields is taking place more aggressively. The RSS parivar is on the offensive to transform India into a Hindu Rashtra by 2024, as its spokespersons repeatedly assert. While the Congress and other opposition parties are in total disarray, the BJP is on the offensive in West Bengal and elsewhere to de-stabilize the existing non-BJP state governments also.

But, in spite of all this, like what happened during 2014-19, once again sporadic resistance against the corporate-fascist offensive of Modi-2 is visible. Along with all secular democratic forces we should join these struggles, strengthen them and try to provide correct orientation to them.

In order to combat this all round intensification of neoliberal/corporatization policies and fascisation of all fields, the Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star calls for joining hands with all like-minded forces and develop countrywide movements against the intensification of the neoliberal/corporate policies and fascisation of all walks of life by Modi government which is pushing forward the majoritarian Hindutva drive.

Following the latest round of trade negotiations between US and China failing to reach any agreement, US had imposed $200 billion worth tariff hikes on goods and services imported from China. Trump also warned that if China retaliates, he will impose more stringent tariff hikes. Rejecting his threats, now China has hit back imposing tariff hike on $60 billion worth US goods.

Along with imposing sanctions against Venezuela and Iran, strictly banning sales of petroleum products, and threatening all countries against purchasing petroleum from them, Trump has taken a hawkish stand intensifying the contradictions among the imperialist countries, as well as the contradiction of US with all dependent countries like India. 

This intensifying trade war is going to further increase the plunder of the oppressed peoples all over the world. It is going to be a challenge before the govts. of India like countries whether they will succumb to the dictates of the imperialist powers as the Modi govt does, or resist them, taking a self-reliant stand! n


When the dates of the elections to the 17th Lok Sabha was coming nearer it became clear for the RSS think tanks that even the best possible narrative about five years’ achievements of the  Modi government is not going to help it to win again. It was then Pulwama happened, followed by Balakot air strike inside Pakistan. A new narrative was soon put forward and widely marketed with national security and Modi’s sena like utterances. But, after the first phase of elections before which burning problems of the masses like unemployment, farmers’ suicides became so strident that they started influencing the voters, there was re-thinking about effectiveness of continuing this narrative.  So, more blatant selected use of ED and Income Department like institutions intimidating the opposition leaders started.

Along with this more naked saffronization measures were resorted to. After threatening all opponents against even mentioning Hindu terror, Modi asserting in his Wardha speech that Hindus can never become terrorists and to say so is an insult to the Hindus, ground was prepared to foist the latest, worst symbol of it,  the accused in the Malegaon terror attack, Pragya Singh Thakur is fielded at Bhopal as BJP candidate. Thus the barbarous history of RSS terror is white washed! The sickening history of 1947 ethnic cleansing by RSS cadres of up to 100,000 Muslims in Jammu just two weeks before control of the region was ceded to the newly-formed Republic of India, the  assassination of Mahatma Gandhi followed by dozens of communal riots, the Babri Masjid demolition, the Mumbai Riots, the 2002 Gujarat pogrom, Samjhauta Express-Ajmer Darga-Mecca Masjid-Malegaon blasts, the 2008 church attacks, assassinations such as that of Pastor Graham Staines and the recent cold-blooded murders of Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Phansare, M.M. Kalburgi, Gauri Lankesh, Mohammed Akhlaq, Ghulam Mohammed, Azhar Khan, Pehlu Khan, Zainul Ansari..... all glorified at one stroke  Everything. n


The working class all over the world is observing the May Day this year when the onslaughts against them in all fields are intensifying day by day.  An overview of the long period after the Second International decided to observe May Day, the day on which the working class in Chicago organized the historic march for an eight hour working day, as the international working class day, we have witnessed many ups and downs of the movement.

But what we are witnessing during the post Second World War decades, especially after the setbacks suffered by the international communist movement, is unprecedented. Under neo-colonial/neoliberal offensive, like a mad bull the capitalist imperialist system has not only launched increasingly savage attack on whatever rights so far won by the working class; it has transformed itself in to aggressively speculative market fundamentalist one when jobless growth and contract system have led to acute deprivation of the working class economically, politically and ideologically. In order to obfuscate the reality of class struggle, imperialist think tanks are replacing it with clash of civilizations like reactionary ideologies. Under it Islamophoebia is spread, and all hues of religious fundamentalists, racism, casteism etc are promoted. Even existing bourgeois democratic values are obliterated; the bourgeois democratic state is getting transformed in to ultra rightist, neo-fascist, corporate state.

This is a most severe challenge against the working class and all toiling masses. The impact of the neo-colonial offensive is so serious that, it has disarmed the working class and their political vanguards ideologically, politically, socially and organizationally. As a result, though numerous resistance struggles are coming up everywhere from the side of the working class and oppressed peoples, including mighty uprisings throwing out many anti-people forces in power, they are not becoming successful to overthrow the existing reactionary ruling system and replacing it with even a progressive anti-imperialist regime. The corporate forces controlling the world are succeeding to crush these rebellions or to integrate even the new forces coming up inside their global system.

So, when the May Day is going to be observed, the cardinal question confronting the working class today is how can they overcome these challenges and advance? It calls for the daringness to recognize and rectify hitherto deviations and shortcomings, and to reinvent themselves applying and developing the revolutionary theory according to the needs of the present concrete conditions. It is definitely a difficult task. But, present challenging times demand daringness to confront them in all spheres. On this May Day let us dare to take up this task and dare to struggle with the new orientation, so that we can once again realize our victorious path forward. n

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.