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The outcome of the so called ‘Howdy Modi’ event organised by the Texas Indian Forum and sponsored by various far-right Hindutva Coalitions among the Indian-American Diaspora may be summed up thus:

In return for Trump’s studied silence on Kashmir, in Houston, Modi himself turned out as the biggest overseas star campaigner for the far-right and Evangelist Donald Trump in his 2020 re-election bid for US presidency. For that, Modi’s media managers in the US have succeeded in ensuring the presence of around 50000 people at the NRG Football stadium in Houston, even as well-meaning and concerned Indian-origin people led by such democratic organisations as International Humanitarian Foundation (IHF), Alliance for Justice Accountability (AJA) and so on have come out on the streets in thousands exposing both Trump, the imperialist master and Modi, his junior partner.

However, far more important is the signing of a MOU between the US natural gas company Tellurian Inc. and Petronet LNG Limited (PLL) of India wherein Petronet and its affiliates are to purchase up to five million tonnes per annum (5 mtpa) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Tellurian’s production-site in Driftwood. The transaction is expected to be finalised by March 31, 2020. But, this agreement is to be evaluated in the context of Modi regime’s abrupt ending of import of petroleum products including oil and gas from neighbouring Iran and Venezuela, both being world’s cheapest sources today, even as China, dismissing US threat, unabatedly continues with one-third of its total oil imports from Iran.

At a time when domestic prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas are pushed to its highest levels, that too along with the historic collapse of the Indian economy including Indian rupee, this deal with US is nothing except a betrayal of India’s national interests. Already, US has become India’s biggest arms supplier. Together with this new agreement in the petroleum sector, US imperialism will be able to suck out a larger share of Indian people’s hard-earned wealth. Of course, the other sell-outs associated with ‘Howdy Modi’ are yet to be announced.

To be precise, while both imperialist and Indian corporate media are vying each other to glorify the Houston Party as a big event, Modi appears to have succeeded once again influencing his master Trump to gloss over the severest international criticism that has come up in the context of Kashmir and Citizenship issue in India.

In the process, Modi regime has again surrendered to US imperialism’s intensified neo-colonial plunder over India thereby inflicting heavier blows to the economy already sinking into the deep pit of recession. n

Terrifying things are happening in our country. According Constitution any change in the status of a state can be made only with the approval of the people there. Since provision to hold referendum is not in the Constitution, getting approval of the state assembly is essential. But in J&K, after dissolving the assembly, imposing president’s rule and postponing assembly elections, after increasing the military, para-military and police presence everywhere, after arresting/detaining leaders of all non-BJP political parties, former chief ministers, most of the ex MLAs and thousands of political activists and social leaders Modi-2 has abrogated Article 370 and downgraded the state to two union territories! Lakhs of armed forces with AFSPA like black laws are deployed to police people! From 4th August all communications are cut, 144 and curfew are imposed denying all democratic rights of the people!  Against these naked violations of Constitutional rights, when the Supreme Court is approached, it asks the victims to wait! When an editor from the state approach the Press Council of India against curtailment of all press freedoms, president of PSI asks her to give government more time to achieve normalcy!

Under parliamentary democracy the opposition has statutory rights. But the opposition leaders and MPs are prevented from going to the state to see what is happening in the state. Though governor says schools are open, no students are attending them. Though no emergency is declared, the situation is worse than that of emergency. Virtually, under total clamp down, people are thrown in to an open jail.

If what is happening in J&K is barbarous, on 31st August the Assam government released the final NRC list declaring 19,06,657 of its residents stateless! These people overwhelmingly from most destitute sections are told that they can appeal to Foreigners Tribunals up to 120 days, after that to higher courts, and if their appeals are not redressed, they will be thrown to Detention Camps! Besides Modi-2 is going to get its Citizenship (Amendments) Bill, which refuses citizenship to Muslim migrants, passed by the Rajya Sabha also somehow and complete the NPR based on it by 30th September, 2020. It is reported that 2o to 30 million present residents may lose citizenship at all India level under it. As no country is going to receive them, the plan is to throw them to Detention Camps, which are like the labour camps or concentration camps of Nazi Germany!

As the RSS has penetrated in to the state machinery, to all educational, cultural institutions, even inside the constitutional institutions including the SC under its control and brought the mainstream media  organizationally and ideologically, when the mob lynching and attacks on opposition leaders and political activists are further intensified, a fear psychoses is spread all over the country. It is forcing many of the leaders of the parliamentary opposition parties to cross over to BJP fold. This fascist narrative based on majoritarian Hindutva offensive is intensified more fiercely, as the economic slowdown, leading to acute recession, is becoming a growing threat to Modi-2.  This RSS/BJP fascist regime, like any other fascistic regimes in history, is the product of the increasing crisis of international imperialist capital and it represents the most reactionary sections of the neoliberal/corporate ruling class. In our analysis of the budget proposals and other economic notes we have explained the seriousness of the recession. Though Modi-2 is trying to reduce the impact of the slow down by giving sops to the corporate and PFIs to increase investment, the corporate giants are using recession also as an opportunity for aggressive wealth accumulation. So, in spite of many sops to the elite classes at the expense of the, masses, there is no let down to the slow down.

In this situation, fascisation and aggressive majoritarian Hindutva are further intensified in all fields to divert attention from intensifying corporate loot which is perpetuating the neo-colonial dependency and impoverishment of the masses. That is why everyday new issues like Modi’s call for boosting the gorakshaks, or Amit Shah’s Hindi chauvinist call etc are coming out, trying to continuously put forward newer narratives to hoodwink the masses and divert attention from the real issues they are confronting. As the economic slow down deepens, RSS/BJP shall intensify this dangerous game.

The resignation of two IAS cadres opposing these fascist threats to Indian polity shows that no citizen with democratic consciousness can remain silent in such a situation. The resistance against the Modi-2 from the working class, peasantry, oppressed sections like dalits, Adivasis, Minorities and women are also increasing. This situation calls for people’s movements mobilizing the toiling masses and all oppressed sections. Let us strive to take up the challenge, uniting all the forces who can be united for it at all level. n


The present rulers of China have turned this former socialist country to an imperialist country colluding and contending with US imperialism for world hegemony. They are trying to reduce Mao to just an icon appearing in the currency only. But, they or anyone else cannot obliterate his great contributions to lead the people of this very feudal semi-colony to successful completion of the democratic revolution and many steps towards the socialist transformation, applying the tenets of Marxism-Leninism according to the concrete conditions of China. During those tumultuous days, when capitalist roaders had already succeeded to usurp power in Soviet Union, Mao repeatedly pointed out to the comrades that if making revolution and capturing political power is a one kilometre march, continuing socialist transformation and serving the world revolution by throwing out the imperialist system and all hues of its lackeys is like a thousand kilometres march!

During the peak of the Cultural Revolution, when the struggle against the capitalist roaders within the party could succeed at least up to removing them from their positions of power, as the Lin Biao line which was left in form, but right in essence, emerged and strengthened with the support of the armed forces, Mao had even talked about “going back to Chinkang Mountains once again” in 1967 to continue the struggle against all hues of capitalist roaders. He explained the importance of the cultural revolution, the importance of the struggle at the realm of ideas and culture, as an essential part of class struggle, more so after the capture of political power, as the defeated forces shall be trying hard to return to power more ferociously by usurping the leadership of the communist party itself through the capitalist roaders within the party and turning it in to an instrument of counter-revolution,

It is the greatness of Mao that, though he did not go to Chinkang Mountains as he had contemplated once, he continued the struggle against the left sectarian, and then the centrist forces and again against the capitalist roaders mobilizing the revolutionary forces, continuing the class struggle against all alien lines. In 1976 beginning, he led his last struggle exposing Deng Tsiaoping and his followers who tried to usurp power using the uncertainty created following the death of Prime Minister Chou Enlai, and once again threw out Deng from all positions of power. But, by this time the capitalist roaders’ influence inside the party, army and administration had increased considerably, and soon after Mao’s death they usurped power eliminating or suppressing the socialist roaders.

Presently, even after the international communist movement has suffered very severe setbacks, many among the communist parties or groups refused to learn from Mao who continued the class struggle till his last days, in spite of getting reduced to minority from the 8th Congress in 1956 itself, and even when he was seriously sick during the last years. He once asked the comrades: you are making revolution and still you do not know where revisionists are! He continued: they are right inside the party! All through his life while applying Marxism-Leninism according to the concrete conditions of China and giving valuable contributions during that process, he had uncompromisingly struggled against both right and left deviations consistently. Let us learn from Mao and advance our revolutionary work according to the concrete international and Indian situation today. That is the best way of remembering him!


Finally even the chief of Niti Ayog also had to accept the economy is collapsing. Now the finance minister has rushed with some props to prevent it from falling further. She has announced rolls back of super-rich charges on foreign and domestic equity investors, to those speculators who make fortunes through portfolio investments in stock markets, sops to automobile majors and to other corporates for getting their help to kick start the economy again. But the reports speak about slow down reaching more areas, from automobiles and real estate to textiles, even to biscuits and other consumer items. Why? The purchasing power of the consumers is falling! Naturally, as even jobs of middle income groups are also falling sharply, and the unemployment rates have reached highest levels in 45 years. With the increasing slow down, hundreds of thousands are losing jobs every day.  Along with the serious distress in the farm sector which is compelling thousands of farmers to commit suicide and millions of agricultural workers’ families forces to migrate to urban centres, the consequences of man-made climate change leading to draughts, flash floods and mud-slips have also sharply cut down the purchasing power of increasing number of people.

But, even many among the corporate think-tanks also agree that just by rolling back her own budget proposals presented two months back along with providing some sops to corporates, the increasing crisis cannot be solved;  because the slow down, in the main, started from the time of demonetisation itself, and aggravated after the introduction of the GST. Though Modi succeeded to cover up the impending economic crisis during the election campaign through unleashing a muscular nationalist offensive projecting Phulwama and Balakot, and his finance minister presented her budget based on cooked up data in the economic survey, in spite of Modi’s efforts for whipping up frenzy among his majoritarian Hindutva vote bank through Kashmir, Pak-phobia, NRC like projects, one day the reality had to come out, as it has reached such a size that it cannot be covered up any more. Corporate media also forced to mention collapsing economy!

Now the billion dollar question is, can the finance minister block the torrent of economic slowdown with these sops to the corporate and speculative sharks? Under present crony capitalism, while all the benefits from these will be sucked up by these sharks, very little is going to tickle down to the masses. So, the employment and purchasing power shall go on decreasing, and the slowdown will only become more severe.  What is required is the reversal of his phoney economic initiatives, and eventually the rejection of the neo-liberal/corporate policies, and developing self-reliant, sustainable, people oriented economy. As both are anathema to Modi regime and to the very corporate imperialist system itself, the crisis shall sharpen only. And as usual, the whole burden of the crisis shall come over the toiling masses. More than ever, they have only one way out: come out on the streets, intensify the struggles to throw out this barbarous ruling system!


The prime minister and home minister are repeating everyday that abrogation of Article 370 shall put an end to terrorism which killed 41,000 people during last seven decades, will lead to more investments and progress of Kashmir and except for few miscreants vast majority of the people are happy with it. But even during the important Muslim festival of Eid the Kashmir valley was and even two weeks after the presidential order abrogating Article 370 and down grading J&K state in to two union territories, vast areas were under curfew and communications through  landlines, mobile and the internet blocked. Contrary to government’s claims, the situation continues to be far from normal even now.

If as Modi government claims the people are happy with their decision, why the curfew was continuing and why the valley was virtually turned in to an open jail? Why the government is restricting even the Indian media from reporting truly from Kashmir? How long the government is going to continue this clamp down? The condition in the valley is turned in to worse than that of Gaza where the Palestinian people are attacked by the Zionist Israeli forces.  The people in this country have the right to ask Modi-2: how long you are going to continue this? It is nakedly continuing the divisive politics of the imperialists.

After all that has happened from 5th August, the unfolding scenario with respect to Kashmir now reveals a well-thought out strategy behind abrogation of Article 370 and 35A as these clauses had been a barrier to the unfettered plunder and loot of the Kashmiris and their resources by the corporate speculators and financial cronies. The Modi regime, which in its compradorial role acts as a facilitator of corporatization, has already led India to an unprecedented economic collapse as manifested in diverse forms. But, due to its ‘special status’, unlike in other parts of India, J&K has been relatively immune from this predatory plunder and pathetic situation thereof.  

However,  following the Constitutional coup transforming Kashmir into the most militarized region in the world and caging the entire Kashmiri people violating all their fundamental rights, now Modi regime is laying down red carpet for all corporate plunderers, both foreign and Indian. To facilitate this neoliberal task, the comprador Modi regime is going for a Global Investors Meet in Srinagar during October 12-14 this year and the task of accomplishing this has already been entrusted to Reliance led by Mukesh Ambani along with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).  Revealingly, to tide over its crisis, the RIL has entered into a strategic deal with Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, the biggest oil giant, transferring 20 percent of RIL owner-ship at a price of Rs. 1.1 lakh crore. This deal among other things has ensured the support of Saudi Arabia, the embodiment of reaction, so called guardian of ‘Ummah’ (Islamic Community), and above all the West Asian pillar of US imperialism, to Modi’s Kashmir move — once again underlining the power of finance capital, the supreme arbiter in all political dealings today.     

It is by its naked sell-out of Kashmir to corporate financiers along with the ongoing surrender of Indian economy as a whole to imperialist capital, the Modi regime has succeeded to ensure the support of all imperialists to his moves in Kashmir. In this context, Pak foreign minister’s desperate comment that the leading world powers “will not back Pakistan on the issue due to their economic interest in India where many have strongly invested” conveys the political undercurrents behind the move.

In this situation the democratic forces should expose the real intentions of the Modi regime behind the abrogation of Article 370 and down grading of J&K into two union territories, extent support to the people of J&K for their right of self-determination and work for the broader unity of the peoples of South Asia based on the principles of equality and mutual respect, against all imperialists’ efforts to continue their hegemony over the region. n

Modi-2 Plans Publication of NRC in Assam, Followed by All India NPR based on the communal amendments in the bill before Rajya Sabha to be, followed by Detention Camps for millions who lose citizenship! Should We Not React?

Comrades and Compatriots,

  1. According to reports, about four million people, mostly Muslims, living presently in Assam for many years are going to lose citizenship in the NCR for Assam to be released in its final form on 31st According to BJP governments at centre and in Assam, this NRC is now finalized including the names of those persons (or their descendants) in the NRC, 1951, or in any of the ElectoralRolls up to the midnight of 24 March 1971, or in any one of the other admissible documents issued up to mid-night of 24 March 1971, which would prove their presence in Assam or in any part of India on or before 24 March 1971. Those 4 million who may lose citizenship will get 120 days more for presenting their appeal to the Foreigners Tribunals for reconsideration.
  2. The Citizenship Act of 1955, a result of the freedom movement recognized that every person who was born in India, irrespective of religion, would be eligible for Indian citizenship. Another method of obtaining citizenship was through descent – if either parent was a citizen of India. A third method of obtaining citizenship was by registration. A person who has been staying in India for one year or seven years (depending upon whether she or he is of Indian origin or not, broadly), could apply for being registered as a citizen. Among the other methods of obtaining citizenship was the method of naturalization. A person who had stayed in India for over 11 years was eligible of applying for becoming a citizen under it. The law for registration and naturalization was applicable to all persons from all countries and all religions. However, it was made clear that “illegal migrants” would not be eligible for citizenship. The Citizenship Act of 1955 defines “illegal migrant” as a person who enters India without a proper visa or other valid travel document or, who, having entered with a valid document or visa, stays beyond the time permitted for stay in such a visa.
  3. The BJP government moved the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill of 2016 whose Statement of Objects and Reasons says (excerpted):

Under the existing provisions of the Act, persons belonging to the minority communities, such as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, who have either entered into India without valid travel documents or the validity of their documents have expired are regarded as illegal migrants and hence ineligible to apply for Indian citizenship. It is proposed to make them eligible for applying for Indian citizenship.

Many persons of Indian origin including persons belonging to the aforesaid minority communities from the aforesaid countries have been applying for citizenship under section 5 of the Act, but are unable to produce proof of their Indian origin. Hence, they are forced to apply for citizenship by naturalization under section 6 of the Act, which, inter alia, prescribes twelve years residency as qualification for naturalization in terms of the Third Schedule to the Act. This denies them many opportunities and advantages that may accrue only to the citizens of India, even though they are likely to stay in India permanently. It is proposed to amend the Third Schedule to the Act to make applicants belonging to minority communities from the aforesaid countries eligible for citizenship by naturalization in seven years instead of the existing twelve years.

But, while the bill explains that the sections mentioned above shall not be treated as illegal migrants for the purposes of this Act,  nothing is said about the minorities like Muslims, or among the Muslims, the Bohri’s, Khojas and Ahmeddiyas, who are persecuted even in Muslim countries.

  1. The preamble of our constitution calls for a secular country, whatever may be the meaning of secularism. Article 15 of the constitution of India prevents the discrimination, by the state, against any citizen of India on the basis of religion. It is clear that the proposed law is against the right to equality and the right against discrimination given by the constitution. These amendments to the citizenship law are communally conceptualized. It puts forward an abstract notion of a religious Hindu state, not one conforming with the existing modern reality, Article 25 specifically states that “every person” will have the right to freely “profess, practice and propagate religion”. These amendments show BJP government’s intention to follow Israel, the only country which allows citizenship on the basis of religion. This too is not on the basis of “naturalization” but on the basis of the unique “right of return”, a special Israeli law. All Jews have the right to return to the “promised land” In fact, the true intentions behind the new citizenship amendments put forward under Modi regime is to establish the “right of return” to an “Akhand Bharat” of the RSS. They would like the whole of the sub-continent to become a part of a great Hindu nation. Unable to come close to it or even to justify it, they had given it a back seat to this rhetoric for long. The proposed amendment to the citizenship law is the first stirring for bringing back this archaic and unjust concept.
  2. In this bill there is also a threat to the diasporas. The Government is given the right to cancel the “overseas citizen of India” status of any person if they violate any law of India. That means that an OCI card can be cancelled if they do anything against the liking of RSS parivar.
  3. This Citizenship (Amendment) Bill for amending the 1955 Citizenship Act was introduced in Lok Sabha on July 19 2016. It was referred to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on August 12 2016. The JPC submitted its Report on January 7, 2019, and the Lok Sabha passed it on January 8. But it is not yet passed by the Rajya Sabha. 2 is planning to pass it in the Rajya Sabha at the earliest, or if this is not possible, bypassing the legal aspects involved including the convening of a joint session of the parliament. This bill is for granting citizenship to migrants on communal basis (from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan) including Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian and totally excluding Muslims.  Against this, in 2016 itself violent protests took place in Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh, alleging that the bill is going to make these states dumping grounds for the migrants.
  4. In its Election Manifesto BJP had called for updating the National People’s Register based on the amendments proposed in the bill in a time bound manner as is done to NCR for Assam, to throw out all illegal migrants from India as Amit Shaw announced in parliament and later repeated in the president’s speech on the eve of 15th In accordance with this plan, the MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR GENERAL CITIZEN REGISTRATION, INDIA) has issued the NOTIFICATION of 31st July, 2019, S.O. 2753(E), in THE GAZETTE OF INDIA : EXTRAORDINARY [PART II—SEC. 3(ii) which states;—“In pursuance of sub-rule(4) of rule 3 of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003, the Central Government hereby decides to prepare and update the Population Register and the field work for house to house enumeration throughout the country except Assam for collection of information relating to all persons who are usually residing within the jurisdiction of Local Registrar shall be undertaken between the 1st day of April, 2020 to 30th September, 2020”.
  5. If this amendment bill is passed and it becomes an act, and NPR process is taken up based on it with the aim of driving out all migrants, it is apprehended that almost 20 to 30 million people, who are presently staying in India, may lose citizenship. It is already announced by home minister and Assam government that Detention Camps will be constructed soon and all those who have lost citizenship shall be shifted to these Camps once the final NCR list for Assam is announced on 31st If the same process is continued at all India level, more than two crores of people will be pushed inside these Detention Camps. They will be almost like the Concentration Camps built by Nazi government in Germany for the jews from the end of 1930s. This is going to be an enormous and explosive issue, the magnitude of it and the reaction to be organized against it are probably never discussed seriously in an organized form.
  6. Friends, so, our appeal is that we should wage a consistent struggle against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, and all proposals to carry out determination of citizenship based on it; we should put forward our proposals based on the 1955 Citizenship Act. Understanding the existing communalized situation, we have to adopt a proper democratic stand on this subject.  For wide discussion among the democratic forces, we are putting forward the following proposals as the  eligibility  criteria for citizenship:
  7. Any person born in India must be eligible for the citizenship of India. This was the case till the 1986 act and is the case in many countries all over the world including in the USA.
  8. Any person either of whose parents who were citizens of India must be eligible for citizenship. This should also apply if either of the parents were eligible for citizenship though it was never taken.
  9. Any person who is resident in India for 5 years and who intends to stay for a further five years should be eligible for citizenship. This is the period which is considered for citizenship by registration. Right now naturalization requires 12 years of stay in India. Both can be taken on the same criterion.
  10. Any refugee who is fleeing from oppression, or whose democratic rights are not being protected in the country from which they are fleeing, should be eligible for some form of right to stay in India leading eventually to citizenship (say giving residential permits to such refugees for 3 years at the end of which they become eligible for citizenship).

 1o. We should demand that the Foreigners Tribunals should decide citizenship of all those who have lost it in the NCR of Assam published on 31st August based on this criteria. And the proposed NPR from 1st April to 30th September also should be based on it. We are putting forward these proposals for wide circulation and open discussions. so that a consensus opinion can be arrived at and the campaign for creating public opinion can be launched.

What is urgently required is arriving at a consensus on these proposals as early as possible and arriving at the broadest possible unity of  all who agree with the finalized proposals.  Then we can strive for creating maximum possible public opinion for it and demand even a referendum, if necessary, on it. Recognizing the seriousness of the issue, let us take it up as a challenge. Please send your responses and suggestions to the email or post addresses given below. For speeding up the process and to involve more sections in this process we suggest state level meeting of the like-minded forces as soon as possible so that we can decentralize our move.

KN Ramachandran, GS, CPI(ML) Red Star.

Central Office: C – 141, Sainik Nagar, New Delhi – 110059

Phone: 09582950680, Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

the Central Committee of the Party has called for observing the centenary of the Communist movement in our country starting from 17th October 2019 and culminating on 17th October, 2020, hundred years since the first meeting of the Indian communists was held at Tashkent in 1920, which gave birth to the Communist Party in India and constituted its first Central Committee. These are days when the camp of imperialists and world reaction along with their compradors and lackeys here are intensifying manifold the attacks on the communist movement in all fields. In 1991 it was the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which had degenerated from socialist path long back, the cause of their celebrations. At that time they declared the “end of history” and “end of socialism”.

Presently, highlighting the severe decimation suffered by the traditional or parliamentary communist parties, the CPI(M) and the CPI, and the Left Front led by them in the 17th Lok Sabha elections, all forces of reaction celebrate the “end of communism”. Utilizing this as well as the anarchist practice of the left sectarian Maoists, they assert that the proletarian politics of class struggle is defeated for ever. 

In the over-view: “A Century of the Communist Movement in India” published by us (www.cpiml.in) we have given a brief evaluation of our long practice, both its positive and negative aspects. Due to repeated shortcomings in analysing the concrete situation and developing Marxist theory and practice accordingly, the movement repeatedly came under the influence of right and left deviations, causing serious damage. In a way the weakening of the communist movement also played a role in the coming to power of the neo-fascist saffron forces and getting their hold strengthened in the 17th Lok Sabha elections. So, only by overcoming hitherto weaknesses and building a powerful communist party this challenge can be met.

In order to achieve this goal we should unleash a theoretical offensive as pointed out in the Resolution adopted by the 10th Congress of the party and win over ever larger sections of the communists and members and activists from the youth and students to strengthen the party. Challenging the neo-liberal, corporate policies imposed by Modi-2 and developing people’s movements against them wherever possible, we have to encourage and join hands with all the forces who are prepared to fight against the neoliberal/corporate policies and increasing fascistization of Modi-2. An energetic theoretical offensive based on Marxism-Leninism-Mao Thought and continuous efforts to develop and apply it in the concrete conditions of our country in the course of the programs during the centenary of the communist movement shall create favourable conditions for the communist advance at all levels and in all fields. Let us plan and execute the centenary programs with this ideological-political perspective. Let us make the centenary programs an occasion for communist ideological-political offensive. n

As expected, from day-1, Modi-2 is trying to take one step after another towards its Hindurashtra agenda. Though its effort to impose Hindi is withdrawn following mighty resistance, especially from Southern states, the draft New Education Policy is threatening us with its goal of saffronization of education. Now Modi had convened a meeting of leaders of political parties on 19th June for implementing ‘One Nation, One Election’ plan.

Though Modi and BJP had such ideas during his first term also, any such initiative to implement it could not be taken. This move is an extension of the RSS slogan, One Nation, One Culture, One Language. It goes against the federal, Constitutional spirit. Even when increasing sections of people are demanding electoral reforms including replacement of EVMs with ballots and cutting down electoral expenditure, no action is taken on them. Instead, Modi’s effort is to impose the One Nation, One Election slogan for the sectarian interests of BJP. It should be opposed and defeated

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.