03 April 2019

While every general election is important, compared to all previous elections, including the 1977 elections when people threw out Indira regime which had imposed internal emergency in the country, this general election is more crucial. It is so, primarily because during the last five years Modi rule has brutally struck at whatever secular democratic values Indian polity so long had, for replacing them with the Hindu Rashtra and Manuvadi concepts of RSS. Even when the 1947 transfer of power did not bring a basic transformation of Indian society and the state, the Constitution and the institutions which were built based on it including the welfare measures and public enterprises had provided a limited opportunity to advance at least to modernity in the line of the capitalist democratic revolutions.

Though the previous governments have diluted secularism to Sarva dharma samabhava and to communal appeasement and protection of the caste system, though imperialist dictated economic policies were obediently pursued, they had not tried to turn the wheel towards obscurantist Hindutva fundamentalist positions and towards striking at the federal, democratic, inclusive values so nakedly as has happened under Modi rule. What happened during these five years is an attempt to intensify state terror and to pursue neo-fascistic policies, terrorising the masses, especially the dalits, women and minorities.

Besides, while intensifying the implementation of the neoliberal/corporate policies at maddening speed, its demonetisation and GST have ruined the economy. It totally failed to implement any of its promises given before the 2014 elections, during it or later. As a result, every section of the masses is severely affected. As a reaction, the people’s movements have taken place all over the country.  The peasantry, the working class, women, youth, students and all oppressed sections has come out on the streets against the Modi rule. So, the task before us is to throw out this ultra right, neo-fascistic BJP rule in this election.

It is important that all the opposition parties have joined hands on the question of unseating the BJP from power. As the 11th Congress of the CPI(ML) Red Star has categorically called for, our party committees should strive hard to fulfil this task.

At the same time, communists participate in the electoral struggle to advance the class struggle. While all the opposition parties have joined for ousting BJP, in spite of whatever they say when they are in opposition, once in power all of them faithfully implement the neoliberal/corporate policies. All of them utilize communal, caste appeasement for vote banks, and make the system increasingly corrupt.

Internationally and in India it is the degeneration of the ruling system and ruling class parties which has led to ascendance to power of neo-fascist forces with populist slogans. So communists, while striving to oust BJP from power, should look beyond to building up a people’s alternative which shall throw out the neoliberal policies and not only oust BJP from power, but root out RSS offensive with the vision of a people’s democratic India as explained in our Election Manifesto.

We appeal to the people to vote for candidates fielded by the party and supported by it to build up the people’s alternative. In all other seats judiciously vote for defeating BJP and its allies.

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Kabeer Katlat


The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.