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THE victory of BJP in the elections to Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya in the Northeast, in spite of the serious consequences of the four years of Modi rule like spiraling unemployment, price rise, impoverishment of increasing sections of people, devastation of peasantry, corruption etc, shows that the parties ranging from Congress to CPI(M) who were in power in these states proved themselves incapable of challenging and defeating the corporatization and communal fascist policies pursued by the BJP rule in a frenzied manner, as these parties have no better alternative to put forward. As a result, they failed to mobilize the masses against the ‘no holds barred’ policies and practices of BJP to win elections. These victories of Sangh Parivar have further intensified the great challenge before the people.

It is a naked fact that it is the neo-liberal policies initiated and carried forward by the Congress led parties, along with communal-caste appeasement policies and increasing corruption which paved the way for the advent of the ultra rightist BJP to power in the absence of any progressive alternative to replace it, helping it to impose the corporate fascist policies. In spite of it, neither the Congress nor other ruling class parties including the regional parties are prepared to re-think and to reverse these reactionary policies. On the contrary, wherever they are still in power, they also pursue the very same anti-people policies. In spite of the serious debacle suffered by it in West Bengal after its 34 years of continuous rule, even the CPI(M) and its Left Front also have no alternate model to put before the people. The CPI(M) pursued the neo-liberal model with its own interpretations in Tripura for last 25 years. The same policies are vigorously pursued in Kerala also. Against the rampaging campaign of BJP promising everything under the sun, along with its communalization of the middle class and alliance with tribal front, CPI(M) thought that its left phrase mongering and the un-corrupt image of its chief minister can win another team for it. It refused to put forward an anti-corporatization, anti-communal fascist development model and democratization as an alternative based on an independent communist assertion because of its social democratic character. It is repeatedly proved in history that a social democratic party which has abandoned the path of class struggle and social change cannot replace big capitalist-big landlord ruling class parties indefinitely, just by raising left jargons.

It will be too much to expect that in spite of the debacle in Tripura, neither those who call for a unity of all anti-BJP parties including Congress as the panacea to defeat BJP, nor those within CPI(M) who oppose electoral unity with Congress, just as a tactical move to serve a Kerala like situation, will be prepared to reverse their policy of parliamentary cretinism and get prepared to strive for building a people’s alternative against the ruling system. It is a pity that some of the communist revolutionary forces still have illusions about uniting with the CPI(M) led forces for fighting electoral struggles. Fighting such illusions, the revolutionary forces give primary emphasis for developing people’s struggles against all manifestations of corporate fascism like the Bhangar movement, and build mass political platform of struggling left and democratic forces to fight parliamentary struggles as complementary to them. The results of the elections in these states of Northeast, especially Tripura, underline the correctness of this stand. 
OBSERVING 23rd March, the martyrdom day of comrades Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, along with upholding the martyrdom of all comrades who sacrificed everything for the national liberation and democratic revolution of our country, and advancing along the ideals chartered by Bhagat Singh to complete these tasks are more important than ever today when the country and people are ravaged by ever intensifying corporate fascism under ultra rightist communal fascist forces. Before his martyrdom Bhagat Singh had cautioned that if the Inquilab do not take place and if the political power is transferred from gora sahebs to kala sahebs the ideals of freedom struggle shall be betrayed. Asserting why he is an atheist, he emphasized for an egalitarian caste-less, secular society. But his ideals were betrayed and what he cautioned happened.

After the transfer of power, colonial India was turned in to a country under neo-colonial domination; from Keynesianism to neo-liberalism the neo-colonial plunder went on intensifying under the big capitalist, big landlord rule; and for imposing their political hegemony the political parties from Congress to reformists continued the ‘divide and rule’ policy, appeasing communal forces of all hues and utilizing the horrific caste system. During this process they tried to take over all leaders of renaissance and national liberation movements including Dr. Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh, while systematically diluting and betraying their ideals. As a result, conditions were created for the growth of communal forces to take over power, intensifying corporate fascist rule. It is a travesty of history that these very same communal fascist forces are also taking over and defaming the names of these very same leaders of renaissance and national liberation movements for advancing their policy of national betrayal and imperialist servitude.

The task of the revolutionary forces is to beat back these forces, uncompromisingly uphold and develop the ideals and values of the renaissance and national liberation movements according to present conditions, and intensify people’s upsurges in all fields, creating conditions for social change. Let us observe the 23rd March, martyrdom day with this perspective. 
AS the corporatization is speeded up at maddening pace by the Modi government along with the aggressive communal fascist and divisive attacks by the Sangh Parivar, how to defeat BJP has become the central focus of all present political discussions. As far as Congress and other ruling class parties are concerned, opposing communal fascism of BJP means replacing it with communal appeasement they were/are following wherever they are in power. On neo-liberal policies, they have no basic differences with BJP. So, while defeating BJP has become the central task, the targets of the left forces should be qualitatively different. While focusing on defeating BJP, they have to develop their tactical line with the perspective of linking the struggle for it with the throwing out of the neo-liberal policies and strengthening left assertion in all fields to advance towards people’s democracy and social justice.

It is in this context, the rejection of the Yechuri line, which advocates alliance with Congress to defeat BJP, by the CC meeting of the CPI(M) has become a matter of wide discussion at all levels. But the fact is that though there are differences between Yechuri and Karat lines on the question of an alliance with Congress in present situation, there are no basic differences between them on the evaluation of the reasons for the debacle of the Left Front in WB or on the LDF government in Kerala still pursuing the very same neo-liberal policies. Neither of them projects the need for an independent left assertion with the orientation of achieving people’s political power and an alternative development paradigm opposed to the imperialist led devastating development perspective. As a result, there is dissatisfaction among its membership which is getting manifested in different forms including large sections becoming inactive as seen in WB.

While this difference towards the electoral approach to be taken up is growing, it has affected adversely the growth of the non-parliamentary forms of struggle which are highly needed to expose and struggle against the anti-people policies of the Modi government. In spite of having differences on the tactics to be followed in dealing electoral struggles, both lines do not give significance to strengthen independent left assertion. As a result, as the decision to build left alternative by its last party congress remained only in paper, same is going to happen this time also, since the very same reformist ideological political line is in dominance.

It is in this context, the significance of the political line adopted by the CPI(ML) Red Star should be seen. It emphasizes the primary importance of developing and expanding Bhangar like people’s resistance struggles against the neo-liberal/corporatization policies. At the same time, it calls for developing a Mass Political Platform based on a people’s manifesto uniting like-minded parties, organizations, Bhangar like people’s movements, oppressed classes and sections like dalits, adivasis, women etc, ecological movements and anti-caste secular forces. It emphasizes on independent left assertion in all fields with a long term perspective. Only in this way the struggle against the corporate-communal fascist forces can be carried forward energetically, speeding up the defeat of the BJP rule.

Let us expose the reformist tactics of CPI(M) led forces and develop the politics of People’s Alternative at state level and all India level. 
BEATING back terror unleashed by TMC goons supported by state forces, the first anniversary of martyrdom of comrades Moffisul and Alamgir was observed on 17th January at Bhangar with many thousands of villagers participating. Except BJP, TMC and Congress, leaders of all other left and democratic parties, organizations, students, cultural activists, intellectuals and writers participated expressing solidarity with the movement. The martyrs’ day was observed at a critical time when the TMC chief minister has called on her party men to close ranks to suppress the struggling forces and facilitate the completion of the Power Grid project at any cost.

Challenging this arrogant stand to serve the corporate lobby, the Bhangar Committee has declared that at any cost the state terror shall be countered and the project will be thrown out. It has also declared its intention to fight the coming local bodies elections on this basis wherever it has influence and to join with the forces supporting the movement to contest all seats in the South 24 Parganas district. Meanwhile the WB state committee is trying to launch a People’s Alternative at state level based on a common manifesto focusing on democratization at all levels and an alternate development paradigm against the imperialist imposed development perspective. With this, the battle ground for parliamentary struggle is being prepared to support Bhangar and other similar movements. 2011 and 2016 experiences show that TMC shall try to criminalize the elections, trying to impose its dictates.

Thus the Bhangar and similar movements inspired by it are at a critical juncture. It is a task before all progressive forces to support the movement by all means to combat the threats from the state forces. Let us rise up to confront all challenges and to support the people’s resistance movement at Bhangar to survive and become victorious. 


THE Adivasis, or the people belonging to Scheduled Tribes, comprise more than 125 millions in Indian population. Along with the dalits, they are the most oppressed and exploited section of the society. Historically, barbarous oppression of Adivasis and aboriginals took place under the colonial policy of capitalism. After 1947, under the garb of development policies, these attacks continued.

Under neo-liberal policies, the adivasis are exploited forcing many of them to flee from their habitats. In spite of many struggles and many legislative steps today they are deprived of their lands, their right over forests are taken away, and they are hunted under the garb of suppressing “Maoists” and thousands of them are languishing in jails. Their collective right is taken away, and the formation of autonomous councils not implemented or under bureaucratic domination they have become inoperative.

It is in this context, to coordinate the adivasi organizations at all India level and to struggles for their demands, the All India Conference of the Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha (ABM) is organized at Raipur on 2 to 4 February. The Reception Committee's chairperosn Soni Sori and vice-chairman Janaklal has appealed to all adivasi organizations to join this Conference and make the ABM as the fighting platform


WHEN the results for the elections to the parliament and provincial councils in Nepal based on a mix of First Pass The Post and proportional representation have come out, the alliance of Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist Leninist) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) has scored a massive victory at both levels. The alliance of rightist Nepali Congress, royalists and Hindutva communal forces suffered thorough defeat. It is a victory of the popular forces in the country. It shall end two decades of political instability and provides a great opportunity for implementing programs of social change. If this challenge is taken up by the left alliance, it shall strengthen the people’s movement in the country. If the anti-feudal, anti-imperialist tasks are taken up, if a people oriented development is put in to practice rejecting the neo-liberal policies, if a self-reliant policy is pursued combating the interference of both India and China, it shall provide encouragement to the people’s movement all over the world.

The return to power of CPN(UML) leader Oli as Prime Minister is a big loss of face for Modi govt. It had covertly supported a six month long blockade of all goods to this land locked country to help the Madhesi groups to come to mainstream. This bullying led Nepal govt. to move closer to China. In retaliation, Indian govt started maneuvering against Oli govt and brought coalition of CPN(Maoist Centre) and Nepali Congress to power. But by the beginning of this year the Maoist Centre stared moving towards UML, and their alliance has come to power. The progressive forces should condemn all forms of Indian interference in Nepal and extend support to the Nepalese people in their endev-our to advance towards self-reliance and social justice. 
THE year that passed was a challenging one. According to all indications, the New Year is going to be still more challenging for the toiling and oppressed classes and sections, internationally and in our country. As evaluated by the just concluded Third World Conference of the ICOR, it is going to be a year in which the crisis ridden imperialist system and its compradors and lackeys will further intensify the plunder and aggression against the world proletariat, oppressed peoples and nations. So, as the ICOR calls, the revolutionary forces around the world have to intensify all out efforts to develop their organized strength, preparedness and struggles further to combat the forces of reaction, to make revolutionary advances in all fields, all the while trying to get united more firmly, inspired by the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

During the last year the ultra rightist forces in power within our country had increased their efforts to strengthen the corporate raj through demonetization and imposition of GST like measures. Along with this, the communal fascist offensive was intensified, unleashing all heinous forces for dividing the people caste-wise and communally. History was further vulgarized. All progressive cultural values attacked. Gauri Lankesh like secular forces gunned down. All existing democratic rights came under further attacks. As unemployment, prices of essential commodities and services have galloped, the masses are further impoverished. As Modi government has moved closer to US imperialism, its relations with all neighbouring countries worsened. As a result of all these, the workers, peasantry, students, youth, women, dalits, minorities and all other oppressed sections are showing their resentment and anger through various means. It has reflected in the recent election to the municipal bodies in UP. Contrary to what is propagated by the corporate media and RSS Parivar, just eight months after its victory in the assembly elections, its vote share fell by 10%. It is repeatedly proved that, as BJP is further intensifying neo-liberal corporate onslaughts and more aggressively communalising all sphere of life, including elections, the Congress, other ruling class parties and the CPI(M)-led Left Front are proving incapable of becoming alternative to it. As a result, in the latest elections, BJP could sweep to power in Himachal Pradesh defeating totally corrupt Congress rule. In Gujarat, in spite of people’s resentment, with its reduced vote share, BJP could win the assembly elections for the sixth term. In this situation, the New Year has brought the question of building a people’s alternative to BJP to the forefront.

As our party, CPI(ML) Red Star, is concerned 2017 was a hectic year. Successfully organizing the Centenary Programs of October Revolution and Fifty Years of Naxalbari Uprising at all India level, we could further consolidate our ideological-political position and take its revolutionary message to the masses. But, over and above these vigorous campaigns, numerous activities including building of party, mass organizations and people’s movements in all states, the Bhangar Movement from November, 2016, intensified, continued as a mighty example of mass resistance to state terror. It has got consolidated and expanded its influence during last year. It has provided a qualitative upswing to our activities in all fields. Considering the magnitude of our vast country, however microscopic it may look like, Bhangar Movement has given a fillip to our organization, substantiating the correctness of the orientation put forward by the Program and Path of Revolution of our party. It has given inspiration to build Mass Political Platforms with People’s Manifestos at state level focusing on people’s power and people oriented sustainable development paradigm. At a time when opportunist calls for rallying with Congress to combat BJP, or building broad Left front led by social democratic CPI(M) is raised as alternatives by many including some from the CR forces, the ongoing Bhangar Movement and other militant movements led by the party and class/mass organizations along with active movements on vital people’s issues like caste annihilation, environmental catastrophe, housing etc, and the concept of Mass Political Platform as the people’s alternative against ruling class alternatives has provided a correct orientation before the people.

It is in this situation the party has started preparations for organizing the Eleventh Party Congress at Kolkata from 7th November in the New Year. The social democratic CPI(M) led forces upholding China, which has degenerated to a social imperialist power, as socialist model. They are implementing the neo-liberal policies wherever their Left Front comes to power in spite of its decimation in Bengal. At the same time, struggling against their line of class collaboration, the CPI(ML) Red Star is advancing towards its next Party Congress with clear perspective about the way the class struggle is to be developed comprehensively and the way the people’s alternative against all ruling class alternatives should be built. For us Marxism is not a dogma; it is a science, the theory and practice of which should be continuously developed according to changes taking place both internationally and nationally. Overcoming past weaknesses we have advanced so far ‘seeking truth from facts’ and trying to analyze the changes taking place around us. Based on this dialectical materialist perspective, let us take up the challenges posed by the New Year with the approach: dare to think, dare to struggle and dare to win. 
THE Resolution adopted by the West Bengal state committee on building the Mass Political Alternative in the state is published in the November issue of Red Star. Based on this, the steps taken by the state committee were reported in the CC meeting held at Varanasi on 18-19 November.

A massive Convention of delegates from the Bhangar villages and observers was held on 29th October which elected the Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Ecology and Environment, after evaluating one year of its experience. It has put forward a 17 point alternative path of development before the people and government.

A mass convention is planned at Kolkata based on these in the second week of December. The martyrs’ day shall be observed on 17th January, on the first anniversary of the police firing in which two comrades were killed and one injured. A Rs. 10 lakhs fund collection for giving assistance to martyrs’ families and for developing the movement is planned. It will be followed by a Kolkata Convention to launch the state level Mass Political Platform and a mass mobilization at Bhangar before the local bodies’ elections. All state committees are requested to collect Bhangar solidarity Find and send it to Party Centre.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.