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IT is reported that out of the total currency invalidated by Modi’s demonetization, 97% was returned to banks by 31st December. Almost all that is remaining will be returned to RBI by 31st March. But the RBI is fooling the people by not coming out with this report which will shatter Modi’s arguments to justify his criminal assault on the people. Thanks to him, even those who had 5% of the total currency in black, also made it white. At the same time, the sharks who control 95% of the black money in foreign and domestic havens, from Mallya to Ambani, Adani to large number of prominent political leaders are not even touched.

Meanwhile the miseries of the vast masses of the people are mounting day by day and even the IMF has criticized demonetization which has crippled the life of the oppressed classes and sections. Surveys by various agencies reveal that 70% of ATMs in Delhi, and 50% in North India are still closed most of the time. In banks also the money supply is very restricted. Though the very long queues have disappeared outside, within the banks they are continuing. The cash crunch is affecting the common people seriously. Contrary to the statement of the finance minister in the Lok Sabha, the RBI has told the Parliament Committee that it was the government which forced the RBI to accept the proposal for Demonetisation. So as we had pointed out from day one, it was a corporate led decision executed by Modi government for the benefit of the corporate.

We extend greetings to all the forces who launched the anti-demonetization campaign from 9th November onwards at all India level. This campaign and whatever agitations took place are significant as the demonetization has neither put an end to black money, nor to fake notes, nor stopped the so-called terror funding, nor has it curbed corruption as Modi had claimed. On the contrary, it has become the biggest scam in post-1947 period. It has led to reverse migration of millions from the cities and centers of small industries. It has impoverished the masses and rendered millions of peasants to worse condition. Since there is no scope for an early end to the acute cash crunch, the small enterprises as well as millions of retail traders along with many millions employed by them are devastated. Contrary to the claims of Modi government, the economic growth has retarded and the GDP has fallen.

It is in this situation, the Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star had called for organizing a Protest Week from 7th to 14th January with the slogans: Confiscate all black money in foreign and domestic havens; Repeal all treaties and corporate exemptions which protect black money; Rehabilitate all people affected due to demonetization, Throw out Traitor Modi, Build Left and Democratic alternative.

As the consequences of the demonetization are still mounting, this campaign and whatever agitations are possible should be continued in all possible ways to politicize the masses and to create conditions for people’s upsurges against it. 
THE latest reports from W. Bengal shows that comrades Pradeep Singh Thakur, state secretary and PB member, Sharmistha Choudhury, CC member and GS of AIRWO along with a number of People’s Committee members at Bhangar are arrested and against the increasing police-goonda terror the villagers have blockaded the area once again. Before this the abduction and detention of com. KN Ramachandran, general secretary of CPI(ML) Red Star for 26 hours by forces claiming themselves as Central Intelligence Services men on 22nd January evening from Kolkata railway station shows the panic with which the W. Bengal government aided by the central authorities are trying to subvert the people’s movement of Bhangar. The government of Mamta Banerjee and the Modi government should understand that in spite of using brute state power many of the people’s movements in the country had succeeded. By the fascist act of abducting and illegally detaining a leader of the people’s movement will only steel the people and the cadres to carry forward the movement with more determination. The way thousands of people in a number of states came out on the streets or expresses their anger through social media shows that this fascist act of the state has only made the popular forces more determined to carry forward the struggles waged in different parts of the country. The Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star greet all those who expressed concern about the abduction of com.KNR in various forms. It appeals to all democratic forces to extend all out support to the resistance struggle of the people of Bhangar. 
IT is reported from a number of states that those who are not standing while the singing of national anthem takes place in cinema halls are arrested and penalized. We severely condemn the Supreme Court Order for compulsory enforcement of the singing of national anthem in the cinema halls, and its implementation by the Central and State Governments. When such a pseudo nationalist order to please the RSS Parivar was issued by the apex court, it was the responsibility of the central and state governments to move the court to reconsider this order, which the SC bench itself did not find worthwhile to be practiced in its own premises! Instead of challenging this order in the SC, the state governments are enforcing it, curtailing the democratic rights of the citizens for seeing the films without such ‘disciplining’ or regimentation. Democratic forces should challenge it in the SC itself. At the same time implementation of this order which is lowering the prestige of the national anthem should be opposed. It is all the more ludicrous that the RSS Parivar which had opposed the independence struggle has now become the champions of ‘patriotism’ by demanding the enforcement of singing of national anthem everywhere. In this situation, all those who are opposing this regimentation in whatever forms possible should be supported. This SC order calls for countrywide discussion so that a general democratic consensus can be evolved on when and how the national anthem should be sung. 
ONE and half month of demonetization has proved what we said on day one itself was absolutely correct: It is an assault on people to benefit the foreign and domestic corporate houses. The consequences of this barbarous move are already visible in all fields. Already its consequences are becoming unbearable for the masses. Contrary to what Modi and the BJP establishment are propagating the queues before the banks and ATMs are becoming longer and the people are in the midst of the worst economic disaster after 1947.

Modi had said in public speeches that if the difficulties due to demonetization are not over within 50 days he may be hanged! But even after 50 days the situation became worse. Most of the ATMS remain closed or those working give only Rs. 2000 notes. After day long wait before the banks, the maximum one can get often is 2 or 4 thousand rupees contrary to the promised Rs. 24,000. As retail shops and small industries have closed or reduced work force, a reverse migration, from the cities to villages, is taking place. Agriculture is also severely affected, with the peasantry and agricultural workers in dire straits. So, the situation is becoming more serious with no remedies from the state.

The only option before the masses is to revolt against this. As part of countrywide agitations on the 50th Day, that is on 28th December, Modi’s effigies were hanged at large number of places. The intensity of people’s anger is mounting.

Only the black money holders, the rich and the bureaucrats along with the elite political class are happy. The opposition parties in the parliament and outside have proved ineffective in their campaign against it as they themselves are not ready to oppose the neoliberal policies. While only opposed the demonetization, a few supported it and others are only complaining about its wrong implementation; they do not condemn it as a reactionary, corporate led assault on the people! On both sides of the fence the ruling class parties, regional parties, the reformists have nothing different to offer, except their musical chair race for power within the system.

In this situation, the only possible alternative before the toiling masses, the oppressed classes and sections is to revolt against this reactionary ruling system using all forms of struggle. How long the people shall stand in the queues peacefully before the banks and ATMs? How long the workers, the peasants, the oppressed sections, the have nots, who constitute the vast majority can tolerate these cruel attacks, injustices? So revolt we must! 

Fidel Castro: The Great Revolutionary

“SCIALISM OR DEATH” was Castro’s rallying cry even when the neoliberal policies swept the globe and even after Soviet Union disintegrated and former socialist countries degenerated to capitalist path. From the time his rebel army won victory sidelining the degenerated ‘communist’ leadership in the island, he had defied US imperialism and was leader of the people till his death on 26th November at the age of 90.

Castro overcame imprisonment at the hands of the dictator, Fulgencio Batista, and was in exile in Mexico before repeated efforts including protracted guerilla struggle led to capture of power in January 1959. He reorganized the communist party in 1965 and launched socialist transformation for according to the concrete conditions of the island nation, defying repeated counter revolutionary moves and assassination efforts by the US imperialists and their lackeys to topple the progressive government.

He was an inspiration and source of support to revolutionaries all over the world, especially to the revolutionary forces in Latin America. On his continuing relation with the revisionist leadership in Soviet Union till its disintegration, on the path of socialism he pursued in Cuba and on his approach towards pursuing the path of proletarian interna-tionalism struggling against the neocolonial onslaught of the imperialists, the Marxist-Leninist forces had differences with him. Still they supported his anti-imperialist, especially anti-US, stand and the Cuban solidarity to the struggling people of Latin America. At the present juncture, when the world people are challenged by the overwhelming rightist wind, his departure is a great loss to the anti-imperialist movement the world over. The CPI(ML) Red Star extends revolutionary tribute to great Fidel who inspired generations to dream socialism and to sacrifice for it. It extends revolutionary greetings to the Cuban people with the hope that they shall overcome present problems and persist on the path of socialism.
THE New Year has dawned amidst intensifying challenges before the working class and all oppressed masses at international and national levels. Internationally, against the neocolonial offensive of imperialists, their lackeys and apologists which has become increasingly barbarous through the neoliberal policies, the working class, the oppressed nations and peoples are coming up waging numerous struggles, often calling for a change in the social system. But in the absence of powerful communist parties capable of leading them forward on revolutionary path, by raising pseudo radical slogans the ultra rightist forces are coming to power in increasing number of countries. They are utilizing terrorism under the garb of religious fundamentalism or racist, casteist like forces to divide and maim the people. The revisionist and anarchist tendencies which are weakening the communist movement, though looking diametrically opposed to each other, like two sides of the same coin, both ultimately serve the ruling system’s survival.

As a result, globally the militarization, neo-fascist tendencies, devastation of whole regions as in West Asia and North Africa, and the threat of ecological catastrophe are intensifying. In this situation, though the inter imperialist and inter monopoly contradictions are intensifying in multifarious ways, the working classes and oppressed peoples are not in a position to utilize them for weakening the imperialist system. The contradictions between imperialism and the world people, between capital and labor, among the imperialist countries and monopoly groups and between capital and nature have reached unprecedented levels. Present challenges at international level calls for strengthening the spirit of proletarian internationalism and vigorously pursuing the efforts to rebuild the International Communist Movement.

Almost same is the condition within our country, of course with specific characteristics of the region. The ascendance to power of ultra rightist Modi government with neo-fascist Hindu Rashtra agenda has further aggravated all the basic contradictions. It has worsened relations among the South Asian countries, rendered SAARC totally non-functional, and made Indo-Pak relations explosive. It has turned the country to a junior partner of US imperialism more than ever. It has speeded up neoliberal policies, opening the country further to FDIs and FIIs, promoting corporatization in all fields. Its imposition of demonetisation and frantic moves for digitization in the name of curbing black money, instead of harming the corporates, who have stashed away huge funds in foreign and domestic havens, it is helping them to amass the wealth more aggressively. At the same time, these have led to serious financial crunch, causing enormous job losses, economic retardation and increasing miseries to vast masses. The country is in a mess with neo-fascist threats increasing.

But the Congress and other ruling class parties including the CPI(M) led Left Front have no basically different alternative to offer, to lead the people away from the impoverization and growing fascist danger. Thus, similar to the situation at international level, in India also the challenge before the genuine communist forces is to mobilize the masses in the struggle against the ruling system and growing fascist danger by putting forward and strengthening a revolutionary people’s alternative capable of replacing the present ruling system, capable of leading them to people’s democracy and socialist transition.

As emphasized by the Tenth Congress of the Party, this is the primary task in the New Year when the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari Uprising and the centenary of the October Revolution are going to be observed with militant programs. These occasions call for serious efforts to evaluate the past and take lessons from it in order to advance the cause of revolution according to present concrete conditions. The possibilities for outbreak of people’s upsurges are increasing as a result of latest developments, especially following the imposition of Modi’s demonetization. As the Party Program points out: the whole Party has to be streamlined to utilize all forms of struggle and organizations to mobilize the working class and all revolutionary classes and sections for massive countrywide efforts to seize the initiative.

In the New Year let us intensify our efforts to strengthen the Party at all India level uniting all genuine communist forces and recruiting advanced forces from the new generation, to develop the class/mass organizations and people’s movements manifold, to integrate with dalits, adivasis and all other oppressed masses more intensely, to strengthen the Democratic People’s Forum uniting all struggling left and democratic forces, and to develop all forms of struggle from state level to country level, for becoming the people’s alternative at all India level. Let us herald the New Year with this revolutionary determination! 
THE victory of Donald Trump in US presidential elections, in spite of all round media and establishment hostility, has surprised large sections inside and outside US. While only under 60% voted, he was elected with only 25% of the electoral votes as the 45th US president.

When the workers and oppressed sections were facing more hardships under 8 years of Obama’s Democrat rule, it is a fact that Trump presented himself as an advocate of the unemployed and impoverished workers and middle strata as well as opponent of the corrupt Wall Street establishment. So in spite of his open racist, chauvinist and anti-women positions he could win.

Based on the election time rhetoric of Trump many analysts are propagating that he may resort to anti-gplobalization policies, he may take protectionist line, he may throw out migrants and reduce out sourcing, he may establish rapport with Russia and reduce international commitments etc etc.

But these ‘experts’ does not understand how powerful is the military-industrial-establishment complex in US or minimize its dominant position. Though, in spite of all these, he may resort to his rhetorics occasionally, past history shows that very soon he will fall in line with the dictates of powerful US establishment.

The reactionary rightist trend visible in Brexit and in Europe and in Latin America in Brazil, Venezuela etc are further strengthening with Trump’s victory such that it will encourage neo-fascist forces everywhere. It may be repeated with intensified vigour danger. They in the forthcoming elections in France, Germany, etc. This calls for increasing vigilance on the part of the world people. They have to become vigilant about this impending danger and have to get prepared to confront it.

It calls for speeding the efforts to build powerful alternative against the imperialist system based on rectification of the hitherto ideological-political mistakes of the left, and its inability to evaluate the concrete situation including the discontent of the people, which is very often not reflected in mainstream media analysis. Why the ruling class is successful in deviating people’s fury to the advantage of far right has to be correctly analyzed. I

t calls for ideologically, politically equipping the workers and oppressed peoples. In a situation when the people are voting for Trump like forces as representatives of anti-establishment, anti-institutional elements, it has to be recognized that it is happening in the absence of genuine and powerful alternatives to the imperialist system and its lackeys.

Presently when the world proletariat and socialist forces have started observing the centenary of the October Revolution, learning lessons from it, developing the theory and practice of revolution according to present concrete conditions, they have to get prepared to build powerful Marxist-Leninist parties and to throw up genuine alternative to the forces of reaction with the perspective of advancing towards people’s democracy and socialism. 
MODI’S demonetisation announcement withdrawing 500 and 1000 rupees notes from circulation with effect from the midnight of 8th November has resulted in utter economic chaos and untold misery to the vast masses of common people in the country. As the so-called surgical attack along the Line of Control has boomeranged and the Kashmir situation is becoming worse, Modi has resorted to this dramatic move with the aim of cashing it for the forth coming elections to UP, Punjab like states. There is no economic justification for demonetisation as a tool for curbing black money. So, Modi has put forward this anti people move by hiding himself behind the garb of patriotism. This sudden withdrawal of 86.4% of the currency value in circulation without making any efforts to replace it with notes of lower denominations for daily transactions has resulted in unprecedented collapse of people’s purchasing power. The catastrophic outcome of this credit squeeze has been a total devastation of all productive activities including agriculture, retail trade, traditional rural employment and so on. Since 95% of the work force in India is in the informal or unorganized sector where the whole economic transactions are cash based, the outcome of this move has been a disastrous credit crunch leading to halving of the countries growth rate within a span of two weeks.

It is a well recognized fact that black money is generated by the present economic system, the ruling regime which is in unholy alliance with corporate billionaire black money holders like Ambanis, Adanis, Mallyas etc. who have already stashed away more than the country’s national income in foreign tax havens. While ascending to the throne of the prime minister two and half years back Modi had promised that he would bring back this black money and put Rs 15 lakhs in the accounts of every Indian within hundred days. Instead of taking any step in this regard, he was protecting corporate black money holders and even encouraging them to accumulate wealth by channeling their illegal money as FDI flows in to India through the Mauritius route. It is even officially recognized that almost 80% of the black money generated by the ruling regime is in ‘Swiss banks’. Lion’s share of the remaining 20% of the black money that is within the country is stored in the form of real estate, land, gold, company shares, drug trafficking etc. Only 5% of the currency in circulation is held as black or unaccounted cash. It is for capturing this 5% the 86.4% of the currency is withdrawn!

Instead of supplying the requisite badly needed small denomination notes, the advance printing of Rs 2000 notes is to appease corporate billionaires. At the same time, it is like rubbing salt in the wounds of common people. Even as 60 people standing in the queues have died so far, under the cover of demonetisation Modi has also dared to freeze the hard earned money of the peasants and common people in the co-operative banks, agricultural credit societies, housing societies and so on. This has altogether paralysed the rural and agricutural economy. All these expose that the true intention of this corporate-led assault is not eradication of black money, but to unleash a social engineering for draining away the meager earnings of the common people in to the coffers of corporate billionaires through the banking system.

In this crucial situation, the Polit Bureau of the CPI(ML) Red Star which met at New Delhi on 19-20 November appeals to the workers, peasants and all oppressed masses to come out on the streets and resist this brutal corporate led assault by the Modi govt:

Demonetisation not for abolishing black money, but an attack on people, resist it!

Confiscate all black money at home and abroad!

Put Rs. 15 lakh in the account of every citizen! 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.