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WHILE the New Education Policyimplemented by the Rajiv Gandhi government in 1986 was an attempt to dilute whatever progressive aspects were there in the Kothari Commission Report of 1950s (which had tried to reform the British colonial education policy) in order to facilitate the privatization and commercialization of education, a glance at the present document entitled Some Inputs for Draft National Education Policy 2016 published by the Modi government for public opinion, is dictated by the RSS and is for total corporatization and saffronization of the field of education. It is making further inroads in to states’ jurisdiction in this field also. Some of its basic features are :

(1) The eulogization and glorification of India’s past and tradition which smack of orientalism are absolutely false; the true aim is ‘Hindutuaisation’ of education.

(2) The emphasis on quality education based on cross-border corporate capital flow aims at elitization of education and is detrimental to ‘common education’ or concept of community education schemes. BJP government’s NEP is for privatization and corporatization of education.

(3) This NEP’s basic orientation is technological and technocratic. It is marked by total absence of scientific orientation. It is against the ‘method of science’.

(4) It disregards country’s vast diversities and cultural differences and is against federalism and aims at super-imposed forcible integration in the guise of national unity.

(5). If implemented, it will foster further communalization.

(6) Content-wise it is unscientific and a-historical (distortion of historical facts).

(7) This draft NEP is against the basic principles of secularism and democracy.

(8) It fully serves the interests of international finance capital in tune with WTO provisions.

(9) NEP is deadly against critical and independent intellectual thinking on the part of students and researchers; it aims at fostering superstition and obscurantism.

(10) The draft NEP is the handiwork of cold-blooded RSS think-tanks; the involvement of eminent educational scholars and experts is conspicuously absent.

Firstly the government wanted that all suggestions should be sent by 16th August. After public outcry now the time is extended by six weeks. We appeal to all progressive forces to actively participate in this debate by putting forward their critics as early as possible, by organizing active discussions on it, and actively resisting its recommendations by putting forward a people oriented policy which ensures scientific and democratic education system for all (please also see the call by AIFRTE to reject this NEP draft published in this issue of Red Star


DURING the independence struggle against the British colonialists, all sacrifices were made by the freedom fighters and tens of millions participated in the protracted movements for achieving national liberation and democratic way of life, and inclusive growth for the masses of this vast, multi-national country, that is India which is Bharat as mentioned in Constitution. But what happened during the communal division of this sub-continent and during the last seven decades after transfer of power to the Kala Sahabs is quite different. The caste-communal divide was intensified manifold, class, gender differences increased unprecedentedly and India is turned in to a country for the elite Brahminical sections, imposing enslavement on others. Attacks on women, children, dalits, adivadis, other oppressed clases and sections are increasing day by day. On top of all these, the RSS led Nareandra Modi government is trying to turn this country very fast in to corporatized Hindu Rashtra, shattering the dreams of the freedom fighters.

It is in this siuation CPI(ML) Red Star had called for observing 9th to 15th August as Anti Imperialist Week and 15th August as Protest Day. The people’s mobilizations and mass upsurges taking place all over the country provided a militant background to make this call a big success. Taking lessons from these mobilizations, let us intensify our efforts to march towards the victory of the Second Independence Struggle for People’s Democracy and Socialism


THE 15th August speech by prime minister Narendra Modi from the ramparts of Red Fort, apart from his elaborate false claims of his more than two years’ rule, was significant for his statement further speeding up of its pro-US and anti-Pak foreign policy. Instead of trying to resolve the boundary problems through negotiations, China was indirectly targetted in the speech to gladden the US administration which wants to utilize India as a regional prop to confront the growing challenge to it from that country. Similarly, in continuation to his earlier statement in parliament that Pak occupied Kashmir is also part of India hinting actions needed for its ‘return’, in this speech he has cautioned Pakistan about a more pro-active approach towards Baluchistan in the coming days. Already the NDA government’s approach to Kashmir has hardened further irrespective of what its coalition partner in J&K thinks. Besides it is not ready to settle the problems in Northeast through political dialogue. It is also seeing an increased role for military in settling the internal problems like the presence of few Maoist squads in Chhattisgarh and in few other pockets. A military training camp is already made operational in Kanker district of Bastar region, and like the military chiefs it is vehemently opposing the withdrawal of a draconian law like AFSPA. All these indicate the increasing appetite of the Modi government for military solution of all these political issues. Naturally it indicates the growing threat of militarization. One should not be surprised about it, as it is integrally linked with the RSS concept of Hindu Rashtra as a hegemonic power in the region.

Soon after the transfer of power in 1947, the Congress government went for strengthening the armed forces in the name of facing the challenge in J&K and Northeast. Another spurt of militarization was following the setbacks in its 1962 border war with China. Consecutive governments went on strengthening the armed forces and went for nuclear power in 1970s to maintain itself as a regional power. The NDA government of 1998 to 2004 spent much more for defense for intensifying the militarization. Under pressure of the hawks in the administration and armed forces, the UPA government maintained this tempo. Now with this pronounced hawkish shift in the foreign policy, the Modi govt. which has already increased the military expense in its last two budgets is going to intensify the militarization. It will not only further disturb the tense situation in the South Asian region but will have its impact in the political and social fields also. All the progressive forces should seriously discuss this dangerous development and resist it


THE Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 15th August speech highlighted the denial of self-determination and democratic rights for the people of Baluchistan by Pak administrationn. But at a time when the people of Kashmir are raising these demands, will he apply the same yardstick to Pak-occupied and India-occupied Kashmir and stand for the right of self-determination of Kashmiri people? His govt. is expanding military occupation and criminal assaults against the people’s movement in J&K and giving sermons to Pakistan on Baluchistan! It is sheer hypocrisy.

We have before us a posting in the Face Book:by a comrade: “ I find it amusing when right wing, blood thirsty, war mongers from India express shock at images of a Omran Daqneesh or a Aylan Kurdi (the little boys severely injured and shocked in war ravaged Syria). Had the kid been from Kashmir or Bastar, they’d be busy justifying a murder”. It is not just hypocrisy, but a criminal approach which justifies the denial of the right of self-determination, democracy and human rights under you rule, or under the party you support, but demand all these virtues from your neighbours, especially if it is Pakistan! The same thing is reciprocated by the ruling system in Pakistan also. Down with all these ruling systems, which deny self-determination to the people, which butcher democracy and humanism!. Let us stand with Omran Daqneesh or a Aylan Kurdi wherever they are. Let us stand with the women assaulted by the armed forces, the children suffering in war areas, the victims of pellet guns and all other murderous weapons!
THE severe attacks of the Modi govt on the working class are intensifying day by day. Even the existing laws like the Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act and the Contract Labour Act are being amended by the various governments in the states ruled by BJP to remove the already meager protections afforded by these Acts. The unprecedented price rise, consequences of commercialization of education, healthcare etc, the effects of the neo-liberal policies, increasing unemployment, corruption in all walks of life etc are further impoverishing the masses and the working class and all oppressed classes and sections are left with no other option but to rally all their strength and struggle against these attacks. The 2nd September general strike is called by all trade union centres, and mass movements in this context. The ongoing campaign at all India level joined by all sectios of the toiling masses express the bitterness among the masses against te government policies. The Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star has called upon all the workers and oppressed masses to strike work on this day and make the general strike a success.

REXIT is a reflection of EU’s impending break-up on account of the mounting imperialist crisis and the surge in social and political tensions. The referendum in favour of Britain’s exit from Europe is not the result of an overnight development. It is the gravest crisis that Europe is confronting ever since the US-sponsored Marshall Plan of the immediate post- Second World War period. It was followed by the creation of EU. The driving forces behind the establishment of EU had been the unbridled appetite on the part of European finance capitalists for profit maximization through integrated plunder of the working class by means of perfect cross-border mobility of capital and labour.

Under neoliberal accumulation, however, rival national states of Europe have continued to pursue independent and conflicting economic policies at the expense of weak nations of the EU. This has assumed irreversible character with the advent of neo-Nazi and ultra-right wing forces in the political arena.

Britain is the 5th largest country in the world and 2nd largest one in EU. Though for a time nothing much is expected to happen, its exit will have far-reaching repercussions in EU and at global level. The immediate perception that Britain will be weakened has led to the drastic fall in the Pound. Markets all over the world are reacting to this perceived weakness. Due to Britain’s deep involvement in sectors like finance, these sectors will be affected. In India stock exchanges, financial markets and currency have already experienced a plunge. This should be seen as part of the sharp right wing shift taking place around the world. 

On Common Civil Code


N a multi religious, caste divided, patriarchal society like that of India, if the Constitution, like all criminal and civil laws, had put forward a Common Civil Code or common secular family code in the beginning itself ensuring gender equality, and put it in to practice, it would have promoted national integration to a great extent, it would have created a society quite different from the one we are seeing today. But the Congress leadership was against it. It was reluctant even to adopt even a common Hindu Code. Today when the RSS led Modi government is talking about adopting a common civil code, it is clear that it is not for its real implem-entation, but to use it as a propaganda weapon to further divide the society communally. It is evident that it is not prepared to take any stand against patriarchy brutally imposed through Khap Panchayats and honour killings. Its latest stand is only to provoke the religious fundamentalists of all hues to collude to further divide the society spreading communal poison as already witnessed in all the states, especially in the media and in the streets.

CPI (ML) Red Star’s Program calls for “evolving a secular, democratic and progressive common civil code as part of democratization of the society”. While campaigning for it, the hitherto experience is that even after numerous Supreme Court orders for gender equality in division of family property, except in few states and among few sections, by and large, it is not implemented. Though there are laws against dowry, it is violated with immunity. Similarly though gender equality is upheld by Constitution it is violated every minute. Brahminical caste and moral codes are heinously practiced everywhere. Even six and half decades after adoption of the Constitution, instead of democratizing the society the vested interests are leading the society towards fascicisation. While the BJP government is talking about a Common Civil Code it is in the forefront to further divide the society communally and caste-wise. So their intentions are clear; it is for winning coming UP elections.

No doubt, we have to advance towards a genuine secular Common Civil Code touching every aspect of social life, not just in paper, but in practice. It is possible only if it is taken as apart of democratizing the society by developing uncompromising ideological political struggle for secular values, for gender equality, for annihilation of caste system, and for social justice in all fields. Brahmincal forces behind BJP is opposed to these as fiercely as the religious fundamentalists of all other hues. So this divisive policy of Modi government should be correctly recognized and exposed; and the struggle for social justice should be developed as part of the struggle for basic social change uniting all progressive democratic secular forces
THE latest flare up of people’s anger following the killing of Kashmiri militant Burhan Wani and the killing of many more and unleashing of state terror by the police-military forces show that there cannot be any military solution to the J&K question. Right from the beginning the effort of the Indian administration was to distort the national liberation aspirations of the people in the region as a question of Pakistan aggression, utilizing the occupation of a part of the region by it. In this way for almost seven decades the Kashmir valley was turned in to a killing field for Indian military and para-military forces. There were concerted efforts to turn it in to a communal problem, pitting all the religious communities against each other. This communalization and militarization of the J&K question is reaching a point of no return with the BJP government coming to power in Delhi and it becoming an alliance partner in the state government.

The CPI(ML) Red Star has always stated that genuine unity in multi-national India can be achieved only based on the principle of right of self determination of all nationalities and that political solution to the national questions in J&K and Northeast can be achieved by taking the peoples of these regions in to confidence.

We once again demand the immediate withdrawal of military to its barracks ending its policing in the state, repeal of AFSPA and initiation of negotiation with representatives of all political forces in the state for arriving at a political solution to the question. Meanwhile stringent action should be taken against those in the ‘security’ forces who had resorted to terrorizing the people through suppression and sexual attacks on women to create a healthy atmosphere for political dialogue. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.