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On defining who are anti nationals

After the ultra right Modi government took over in 2014, it is providing all out support to the RSS Parivar to indulge in wanton saffronization in all fields, denying even whatever democratic space was existing in the country. Unleashing its own brand of nationalist fervor, it is negating the right to debate on all socio-political- cultural questions and to challenge the policies pursued by the authorities in different fields. So, naturally the question of defining nationalism and patriotism have become cardinal as the RSS is taking over the right to decide it.

For example, the CPI(ML) Red Star like forces calls for unity of India as a genuine federal country based on the right of self-determination of all nationalities; they also call for right of self-determination for the people of J&K and North East including the right to secede; they call for holding a referendum where people are struggling for right of self-determination, for withdrawal of military from policing in these regions and for the repeal of the AFSPA from these areas, and support the 15 year long indefinite fast of Irom Sharmila with this demand. They had opposed the annexation of Sikkim and had called the hanging of Afsal Guru and Yakub Memon as state sponsored judicial murders. They call for an end to death sentence and its repeal from the statute. They have called for political dialogues with all neighbouring countries to settle all border disputes, for withdrawal of the military from the borders, and for reduction of the military expenditure in the budget. Shall all these amounts to anti-nationalism?

The CPI(ML) Red Star calls for caste annihilation movement imposed and maintained under Brahmnical varna/caste system, for immediate legal and administrative steps to put an end to all forms of gender inequalities perpetuated under Manuvad, for separating religion from politics based on strict implementation of secular principles including implementation of a common secular civil code for all; for convening a constituent assembly to revise and develop the Constitution according to the spirit of its preamble which shall include the right to recall all elected representatives, the abolition of the post of governors, the abolition of IAS like direct recruitments generating bureaucracy, including the right to hold referendums by central and state governments before taking important decisions, for determining and implementing ceiling on the right to own all forms of wealth and properties. Shall all these amount to un-patriotic acts?

Similarly, it is obvious that the RSS Parivar is intensifying saffronisation as a cover to speed up corporatization, for opening the country further to MNCs and neoliberal policies. The development policies it has taken over from the Congress devastate nature and impoverish the masses. CPI (ML) Red Star calls for throwing out this development perspective and to go for a people oriented development and democratization of the society in all forms so that the power is vested with the people. Will it also amount to unpatriotic acts?

The resurgence in the higher centers of education starting from IIT-Chennai and spreading to FTII, Hyderabad Central University, JNU and to Allahabad University besides in many other institutions and places involving ever increasing number of youth and students, and people in general shows that they are not prepared to surrender to the RSS dictates on democracy, culture, food-dress codes etc. As the possibilities for the Modi government acting at the orders of RSS changing its style of rule is practically nil, the people have to intensify the struggle to defend the existing Constitutional rights and to expand them as people’s democracy.


THE Industrial Production Index data shows a 3.2% contraction in factory output in November. Both basic goods and capital goods contracted 0.7 % and 24.4 % respectively. Except a few items like automobiles and consumer durables, demand goes down for all other items. The overseas export markets and rural economy are facing serious challenges. The impact of China’s slowdown and its devaluation of the Yuan also shall have their impact in Indian economy. The export fell by 16% during the fiscal year. The prospects are for a sustained slowdown.

All these point towards impending stagflation. While oil prices fall in the international market steeply, its benefits are mopped by the corporate and the government. At the same time the food prices continue to climb pushing food inflation to 6.4 per cent in December. There are reports that unseasonal weather conditions including an El Nino-induced milder winter could lead to the rabi crop yield ending up well below expectations in several regions.

What do all these point towards to? Especially when the purchasing power of the vast masses are steeply falling and when increasing number of peasants and frustrated middle class and youth are resorting to suicides? While Modi is encouraging affluent youth entrepreneurs with many many tax cuts and interest free loans for their 'Start Up India' programme, no more promises of Good Days are forthcoming for the common masses.

So the New Year is going to be an year of increasing poverty and misery for the vast masses. This trend should be resisted only by developing mass movements at all levels.


THE FORCES against normalization of relations between India and Pakistan on both sides of the border and their international sponsors have played their trump card again by staging the Pathankot terrorist attacks. The incident has proved a perfect ‘excuse’ for India to defer the pre-scheduled secretary-level talks with Pakistan, supposedly on ‘mutual agreement’.

During the decade long Congress-led UPA rule its reluctance to take any bold initiative to solve the Indo-Pak conflict was justified pointing out the occasional terrorist actions. They became pretexts to stop whatever initiative it had taken. The antagonistic approach taken by BJP, Shiv Sena like forces towards any talks and the lack of any initiative from the non-Congress and non-BJP forces in parliament aggravated the apathy towards Indo-Pak talks. In spite of inviting all SAARC leaders including Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif to his oath taking ceremony, Modi did not take any initiative to better the relations with Pakistan. So the surprise visit of Modi to Lahore and his bonhomie with Nawaj Sharif was appreciated by all progressive forces even though the US administration’s hands were clearly behind it for bringing together these two countries in its anti-China coalition. In spite of it, it is clear that any steps towards resolving the long delayed normalization of relations between these neighbouring countries will benefit people on both sides of the border.

In spite of all its limitations, the Indo-Pak talks should have been resumed for normalizing relations to whatever level possible which is the only way to stop the terrorists from their heinous track. We condemn the postponement of the secretary level talks.

If the Indo-Pak conflict is a legacy of the communal division of the sub-continent, each and every government on both sides from that time has cheated the people by their repeated dramas in the name of reconciliation. Each and every government at Delhi is refusing to state before the people to what extent it is prepared to go to resolve the differences. Without any such approach, how can any political solution be reached? As far as RSS is concerned, it is for perpetuating this division, in spite of all its Akhand Bharat calls, to keep the communal fire burning. So, any possibility for de-escalation of the tension on the border, resumption of talks and normalization of relations looks bleak under BJP govt. unless people’s pressure grows to the extent of forcing it to do so.


ROHIT VEMULA’S suicide is not the first such incident in a centre of higher education. From the earliest stage of interview onwards, the Brahmnical elite clubs which dominate all such centres start discriminating against students from dalit and adivasi sections. If they are selected in spite of all odds, they are treated in a manner worse than apartheid. In the college and hostels they are abused by those who are perpetuators of casteism and its followers. From the 1950s thousands of such instances when dalit students were forced to commit suicide or forced to stop education were reported from all over the country.

What is happening now is that under the Brahminical RSS-promoted BJP rule such suicides and atrocities are given open approval by the elite clubs in seats of power. Dalits and other oppressed sections are denied even their constitutional and basic human rights. This heinous situation calls for militant resistance to such atrocities and intensification of all-out efforts for annihilation of this inhuman caste system perpetuated by the Brahminical ruling system. Rohit’s murder calls for sustained movements to create conditions for elimination of the present socio-economic conditions which lead to the perpetuation of the caste system.

Vemula’s suicide is a tragically shameful testimony to the all-pervasive outreach of the poisonous tentacles of the caste system, a barbaric system that has been encouraged to encroach upon even our institutions of higher education. Vemula was one of five Dalit students, all belonging to the Ambedkar Students Association (ASA), who had been suspended by the administration. The ‘suspension’ order allowed them to continue their studies in the university but denied them entry to the hostels, administration building and other common places in groups. Such an exhibition of social boycott, directed at a group of students from a socially disadvantaged community, was undoubtedly a caste atrocity perpetrated by the governing elite of a central university.

The ostensible reason for the suspension of Vemula and the four others was an alleged clash between students belonging to the Ambedkar Student Association (ASA) and the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), an affiliate of the notorious Sangh Parivar. An inquiry by the university culminated in the suspension order. On January 17, the young scholar decided to cut short his life.

It is clear that both the Central ministers as well as the University of Hyderabad administration are responsible for Rohit’s suicide. It is murder, most foul. So till the culprits are punished and the victims compensated the agitation should continue. At the same time, to end its recurrence forever, the struggle for the annihilation of the barbarous caste system should be intensified.
Adopting Juvenile Justice (Amendment) Bill by voice vote is a populist action to appease the sentiments. It is reported that boys below 16 also indulge in so-called heinous acts mentioned in the Bill. So if a similar situation is created, will the parliament adopt a bill to reduce the age from present 16 to 14? Everyone knows or should know that the present growth of crimes, especially against women and children, is a result of the increasing patriarchal culture promoted by religious fundamentalist forces and as a result of the decadent imperialist culture. Unless and until these are exposed and defeated and progressive social values including gender equality promoted, no amount of laws is going to change the situation

Oppose Surrender of People’s Rights to WTO

In the WTO ministerial meet at Nairobi, which concluded on 19th December, all vital fields including agriculture, healthcare and education were brought under the General Agreement in Trade in Services (GATS), though at the global level people were opposing it. Trade ministers from 161 member countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO), discussed issues related to trade liberalization under the ongoing Doha Development Agenda (DDA). The US and European Union (EU) continue to attack the right of developing countries such as India to provide minimum support prices (MSP) to peasants for food security purposes. The US-EU game plan at Nairobi to jettison long standing concerns of developing countries on agriculture, industrial policy, patents and service sector issues have succeeded according to the final agreement.

During the last twenty years of WTO, privatisation and trade liberalisation have had devastating impacts on the Indian economy. The WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture (AOA)

has been used by agribusiness from the imperialist countries as a dumping mechanism on developing countries and has destroyed livelihoods in the agricultural sector. The GATS is a corporate weapon that pushes for liberalisation of services such as health, education, electricity, banking, insurance and water. Access to medicines has been compromised by the agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS) and industrial policy space has been reduced through commitments under the Agreement on Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMS), Information Technology Agreement (ITA-1) and Non Agricultural Market Access (NAMA).

Contrary to the statements by the NDA Government, by signing the final agreement it has compromised the interests of India’s working classes, peasantry, students and other sections. It has surrendered education, healthcare and other sectors to rabid corporatization through this agreement. The masses of people have to launch all out resistance to throw out this agreement. 
The BJP government’s ecology minister Javadekar says that the Paris Climate Summit was a Great Victory for Humanity! It is a sham. No important issues were settled at Paris. The imperialists are allowed to maintain their life styles which devastate nature. So, progressive forces have to intensify the struggles to compel the imperialists and their lackeys to drastically cut down carbon gas emissions. All imperialist chiefs and the rulers of India have acclaimed the resolution of the Paris Summit on climate change. It is claimed that it shall limit temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. But already environmental destruction has reached dangerous levels. Melting of 28% of glaciers in the Himalayas, increasing meltdown of glaciers in North and South Poles, frequent above 7 degree Richter scale

earthquakes, Chennai model floods etc. indicate intensification of climate change. But the rulers of developed countries and the elite class everywhere are not ready to change their life styles. So the resolution at Paris is a mere eye wash to cheat the people. Unless the present corporate mafia led development perspective is thrown out, which calls for throwing out the very ruling system itself, it is not going to help overcome the ecological catastrophe.

The weak, non-binding and dishonest Paris Climate Agreement has delighted climate criminal and war criminal nations like the US and EU, NATO countries and US lackeys like Saudi Arabia and Australia. But it has betrayed our children, grandchildren, future generations, the Developing World, the whole of humanity and the biosphere. The Paris betrayal demands a world-wide Climate Movement against all the imperialist powers, especially the leading powers, corporate forces, imperialist agencies and ruling classes of all countries who are responsible for green house gas pollution through their development perspective which caters to elitist life styles and waste.
Heralding 2015 we had called for getting prepared to confront the new challenges. It was really a year that posed more serious challenges before the people than in previous years both internationally and within the country. The decaying imperialist system continued to launch a most ruthless offensive to prolong its global hegemony at any cost. When humanity is confronting the catastrophic consequences of environmental destruction as a result of the antagonistic approach of the imperialist system to nature, its developmental approach went on intensifying the contradiction between nature and capital. The farcical end of the Paris Climate Summit proved that even when this contradiction has reached a critical juncture, the imperialists and their lackeys are not prepared to cut down the elite life style and carbon gas emissions to control global warming by keeping the temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 20 years. Again at the ministerial conference of WTO at Nairobi, against the interest of the world people the imperialists succeeded in imposing an agreement which will intensify further impoverization of the masses and intensification of climate change through frenzied corporatization in all fields.

In West Asia and all over the world the aggressive imperialist policies and intervention for further loot of human and natural resources were intensified. To facilitate this, communal, racist and chauvinist policies were promoted, further accelerating the growth of terrorist gangs like IS, dividing the world people. In the name of war on terror, after fomenting terrorist groups everywhere, society is criminalized and communalized, shrinking even whatever democratic space and scientific temper existed. The miserable plight of the millions of migrants as a result of these developments is a reflection of the barbarous nature of the imperialist system. All these have led to further intensification of the contradiction of

the working class and oppressed people against the imperialist system, especially against the US. In continuation to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, now the Syrian developments and the developments in the South China Sea have intensified the inter-imperialist contradictions also.

The consequences of these developments are manifested in complex forms. On the one hand, searching for alternatives to the oppressive global and native forces, confused by the present developments, and in the absence of progressive subjective forces as alternatives to the reactionary ruling system, in a number of countries rabid rightist ideas are gaining influence. In France, Germany and some of the East European countries extreme rightists are growing in strength. In Greece after a leftward swing, with Tsipras taking rightist positions, in spite of continuing workers’ resistance, for the time being the right trend is in control. In Latin America, contrary to the progressive developments during the beginning of this century, in Argentina and now in Venezuela rightist forces have won recent elections. In West Asia and nearby African countries also Islamic fundamentalist forces have gained strength. In the US, both main contestants for coming presidential elections are competing for presenting more rightist agenda. All these trends are further strengthening the imperialist forces at least for the time being.

At the same time, the anti-neoliberal forces are also gaining strength in many countries. In Europe, in England the left trend has won elections to the Labor Party leadership. In the latest Spanish elections a radical left swing is visible. In West Asia in spite of US control, Zionist attacks against Palestine people and growth of religious fundamentalists, the democratic forces are growing in the Kurdish region. There is growing resistance to imperialists and their lackeys in a large number of countries.

Within India the coming to power of extreme rightist forces at the centre intensified both corporatization and saffronization. While in the name of Make in India the neo-colonial subservience is intensified, the frantic efforts to propagate Hindu Rashtra concept has led to growth of intolerance and fascist tendencies. The increasing unemployment and unprecedented price rise have further impoverished the people. As all the political parties represented in parliament are supporting neo-liberal policies in one way or the other, the downward slip to rightist agenda and autocratization have become the growing trend. It is reflected in both internal and foreign policies of the state as well as in the economic, political, social and cultural fields.

In this situation, the activities of the ICOR, however weak it may be at present, are contributing to the strengthening of the spirit of proletarian internationalism. Within the country, the energetic efforts of our Party towards building and strengthening the people’s alternative against the ruling system are advancing. It is giving positive results in different fields. The successful convening of the Tenth Congress of the Party, the adoption of the basic documents and its call for mobilizing the masses against the ruling system has strengthened these efforts. During 2015 the Party has made significant advances in uniting the communist revolutionary forces. The class and mass organizations as well as the people’s movements in which the Party comrades are taking initiative have also made further advances. Fighting against reformist trends the Party could take the initiative to develop the unity of the struggling left and democratic forces under the banner of Democratic People’s Forum. In continuation to the ideological political offensive of the last four decades, to evaluate past experience and to develop the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism according to present conditions, the Party has launched a theoretical offensive. It has started preparations for a one-year long centenary observation of the great October Revolution from 7th November this year till 7th November 2017.

The CC of the Party extends revolutionary New Year greetings to all friends of Red Star and calls upon all friends and comrades to make 2016 a year of mighty revolutionary upsurge in all fields.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.