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Oppose Surrender of People’s Rights to WTO

In the WTO ministerial meet at Nairobi, which concluded on 19th December, all vital fields including agriculture, healthcare and education were brought under the General Agreement in Trade in Services (GATS), though at the global level people were opposing it. Trade ministers from 161 member countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO), discussed issues related to trade liberalization under the ongoing Doha Development Agenda (DDA). The US and European Union (EU) continue to attack the right of developing countries such as India to provide minimum support prices (MSP) to peasants for food security purposes. The US-EU game plan at Nairobi to jettison long standing concerns of developing countries on agriculture, industrial policy, patents and service sector issues have succeeded according to the final agreement.

During the last twenty years of WTO, privatisation and trade liberalisation have had devastating impacts on the Indian economy. The WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture (AOA)

has been used by agribusiness from the imperialist countries as a dumping mechanism on developing countries and has destroyed livelihoods in the agricultural sector. The GATS is a corporate weapon that pushes for liberalisation of services such as health, education, electricity, banking, insurance and water. Access to medicines has been compromised by the agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS) and industrial policy space has been reduced through commitments under the Agreement on Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMS), Information Technology Agreement (ITA-1) and Non Agricultural Market Access (NAMA).

Contrary to the statements by the NDA Government, by signing the final agreement it has compromised the interests of India’s working classes, peasantry, students and other sections. It has surrendered education, healthcare and other sectors to rabid corporatization through this agreement. The masses of people have to launch all out resistance to throw out this agreement. 
The BJP government’s ecology minister Javadekar says that the Paris Climate Summit was a Great Victory for Humanity! It is a sham. No important issues were settled at Paris. The imperialists are allowed to maintain their life styles which devastate nature. So, progressive forces have to intensify the struggles to compel the imperialists and their lackeys to drastically cut down carbon gas emissions. All imperialist chiefs and the rulers of India have acclaimed the resolution of the Paris Summit on climate change. It is claimed that it shall limit temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. But already environmental destruction has reached dangerous levels. Melting of 28% of glaciers in the Himalayas, increasing meltdown of glaciers in North and South Poles, frequent above 7 degree Richter scale

earthquakes, Chennai model floods etc. indicate intensification of climate change. But the rulers of developed countries and the elite class everywhere are not ready to change their life styles. So the resolution at Paris is a mere eye wash to cheat the people. Unless the present corporate mafia led development perspective is thrown out, which calls for throwing out the very ruling system itself, it is not going to help overcome the ecological catastrophe.

The weak, non-binding and dishonest Paris Climate Agreement has delighted climate criminal and war criminal nations like the US and EU, NATO countries and US lackeys like Saudi Arabia and Australia. But it has betrayed our children, grandchildren, future generations, the Developing World, the whole of humanity and the biosphere. The Paris betrayal demands a world-wide Climate Movement against all the imperialist powers, especially the leading powers, corporate forces, imperialist agencies and ruling classes of all countries who are responsible for green house gas pollution through their development perspective which caters to elitist life styles and waste.
Heralding 2015 we had called for getting prepared to confront the new challenges. It was really a year that posed more serious challenges before the people than in previous years both internationally and within the country. The decaying imperialist system continued to launch a most ruthless offensive to prolong its global hegemony at any cost. When humanity is confronting the catastrophic consequences of environmental destruction as a result of the antagonistic approach of the imperialist system to nature, its developmental approach went on intensifying the contradiction between nature and capital. The farcical end of the Paris Climate Summit proved that even when this contradiction has reached a critical juncture, the imperialists and their lackeys are not prepared to cut down the elite life style and carbon gas emissions to control global warming by keeping the temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 20 years. Again at the ministerial conference of WTO at Nairobi, against the interest of the world people the imperialists succeeded in imposing an agreement which will intensify further impoverization of the masses and intensification of climate change through frenzied corporatization in all fields.

In West Asia and all over the world the aggressive imperialist policies and intervention for further loot of human and natural resources were intensified. To facilitate this, communal, racist and chauvinist policies were promoted, further accelerating the growth of terrorist gangs like IS, dividing the world people. In the name of war on terror, after fomenting terrorist groups everywhere, society is criminalized and communalized, shrinking even whatever democratic space and scientific temper existed. The miserable plight of the millions of migrants as a result of these developments is a reflection of the barbarous nature of the imperialist system. All these have led to further intensification of the contradiction of

the working class and oppressed people against the imperialist system, especially against the US. In continuation to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, now the Syrian developments and the developments in the South China Sea have intensified the inter-imperialist contradictions also.

The consequences of these developments are manifested in complex forms. On the one hand, searching for alternatives to the oppressive global and native forces, confused by the present developments, and in the absence of progressive subjective forces as alternatives to the reactionary ruling system, in a number of countries rabid rightist ideas are gaining influence. In France, Germany and some of the East European countries extreme rightists are growing in strength. In Greece after a leftward swing, with Tsipras taking rightist positions, in spite of continuing workers’ resistance, for the time being the right trend is in control. In Latin America, contrary to the progressive developments during the beginning of this century, in Argentina and now in Venezuela rightist forces have won recent elections. In West Asia and nearby African countries also Islamic fundamentalist forces have gained strength. In the US, both main contestants for coming presidential elections are competing for presenting more rightist agenda. All these trends are further strengthening the imperialist forces at least for the time being.

At the same time, the anti-neoliberal forces are also gaining strength in many countries. In Europe, in England the left trend has won elections to the Labor Party leadership. In the latest Spanish elections a radical left swing is visible. In West Asia in spite of US control, Zionist attacks against Palestine people and growth of religious fundamentalists, the democratic forces are growing in the Kurdish region. There is growing resistance to imperialists and their lackeys in a large number of countries.

Within India the coming to power of extreme rightist forces at the centre intensified both corporatization and saffronization. While in the name of Make in India the neo-colonial subservience is intensified, the frantic efforts to propagate Hindu Rashtra concept has led to growth of intolerance and fascist tendencies. The increasing unemployment and unprecedented price rise have further impoverished the people. As all the political parties represented in parliament are supporting neo-liberal policies in one way or the other, the downward slip to rightist agenda and autocratization have become the growing trend. It is reflected in both internal and foreign policies of the state as well as in the economic, political, social and cultural fields.

In this situation, the activities of the ICOR, however weak it may be at present, are contributing to the strengthening of the spirit of proletarian internationalism. Within the country, the energetic efforts of our Party towards building and strengthening the people’s alternative against the ruling system are advancing. It is giving positive results in different fields. The successful convening of the Tenth Congress of the Party, the adoption of the basic documents and its call for mobilizing the masses against the ruling system has strengthened these efforts. During 2015 the Party has made significant advances in uniting the communist revolutionary forces. The class and mass organizations as well as the people’s movements in which the Party comrades are taking initiative have also made further advances. Fighting against reformist trends the Party could take the initiative to develop the unity of the struggling left and democratic forces under the banner of Democratic People’s Forum. In continuation to the ideological political offensive of the last four decades, to evaluate past experience and to develop the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism according to present conditions, the Party has launched a theoretical offensive. It has started preparations for a one-year long centenary observation of the great October Revolution from 7th November this year till 7th November 2017.

The CC of the Party extends revolutionary New Year greetings to all friends of Red Star and calls upon all friends and comrades to make 2016 a year of mighty revolutionary upsurge in all fields.

THE last issue of The Marxist-Leninist (issue no.16) was published when the whole party was fully engaged in the preparations for its Tenth Congress, which was successfully held at Lucknow from 26th February to 2nd March. As pointed out in the last issue, apart from the Amendments to the Party Program and Party Constitution, the redrafted Path of Revolution, Political Resolution and the Political Organizational Report of the Central Committee, it also adopted the Resolution On Launching Theoretical Offensive for Communist Resurgence (the draft of which was published in the last issue) after indepth discussions. All these documents are already published by the Central Committee.

A significant achievement of the Party Congress apart from adopting these documents enabling the whole party to advance in the coming days, was that just preceding the Congress and during it, as a culmination of the protracted discussions carried forward, the CPI(ML) Red Flag active in W. Bengal and the Marxist Leninist Committee active in AP merged with the Party. It has provided a new fillip to the Communist unity efforts vigorously pursued by the party.

A significant importance of this Party Congress was that in continuation to the ideological political struggle waged by it from the beginning of the reorganization process in order to evaluate the experience of the international and Indian communist movement and to develop the Program and Path of revolution, it adopted a Resolution On Theoretical Offensive for Communist Resurgence. It is published in this issue for discussion at all level.

The Central Committee discussed how proposals put forward by this Resolution can be put in to practice. As a result it decided to publish articles on important questions concerning the history and experience of the Communist movement providing insight in to issues concerning the future development of the revolutionary movement overcoming the reverses it has suffered at all levels and in all fields during the last few decades after its resurgence by the time of the 1950s.

In this issue two articles to advance theoretical discussion are published. One is regarding the alternative development paradigm to be developed by the Communist movement against the imperialist development perspective which is devastating the nature and intensifying wage slavery of the toiling masses. In the context of the experience of the socialist construction pursued in the former socialist countries which later turned in to bureaucratic state capitalism also such a discussion is very relevant.

The second article is regarding the experience of applying the Marxist theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat in actual practice and the hitherto experience in this field. In Paris Commune the cardinal question of revolutionary transformation of the state, including the dissolution of standing military and replacing it with arming of the people, the application of the Marxist concept of all powers to the people were taken up during the brief period it got before the Commune was smashed by the bourgeoisie. Based on these lessons, in his famous work, State and Revolution, Lenin had tried to advance the concept of dictatorship of the proletariat. It was linked to the practice, linking with the slogan all power to the Soviets. In the background of transformation of socialist Soviet Union in to a social imperialist power, Mao had made a critic of the Soviet experience and in the course of developing the People’s Communes and socialist rectification movement towards the theory and practice of Cultural Revolution, serious efforts were made to develop the understanding on the practice of democracy during socialist construction.

The Central Committee calls for in-depth discussion on these articles. All contributions received regarding these shall be published and the discussion shall be carried forward. Meanwhile proposals are called for on other areas of theoretical discussions also. Articles received on such subjects also shall be published and discussion on them also shall be encouraged. In this manner an atmosphere of active theoretical debate on all cardinal questions concerning state and revolution has to be created. The theory and practice of advancing people’s democratic phase and socialist revolution phase also have to be actively taken up.

After the ascendance to power of BJP government at centre, the RSS is trying hard to impose its Hindu Rashtra concept vehemently. As part of it the birth day of Adi Sankaracharya is going to be observed as philosophers’ day. Along with imperialist theoretical and cultural onslaughts, Brahminical theoretical offensive is also going to be intensified dragging the society backwards. A major theoretical offensive has to be developed against these degenerated and reactionary schools of thought also.

Based on the general orientation put forward in the Resolution on Theoretical Offensive the Editorial Board calls for active participation of all progressive, democratic and revolutionary forces to carry forward this theoretical offensive in an energetic manner. 

Editorial Board


The Marxist Leninist, Issue # 17, December 2017:


Congress Reveals Communal Face

The Revolutionary Left has always maintained that the soft-Hindutva of the Congress has been one of the most important reasons behind the spread of communal ideology in the country as well as the meteoric rise of the ultra-right BJP/Sangh Parivar. History provides numerous examples of this – from the pampering of Hindutva forces over the Babri Masjid issue, leading to escalation of brutal violence, to the Nellie massacre. Recently, however, in its role of Opposition, the Congress has made a great show of attacking the BJP as communal.

But all the sad efforts of the Congress to portray itself as the champion of secularism has come to naught in the wake of the public comment made by senior Congress leader and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat. Terming those who slaughter cows as the ‘country’s biggest enemies’, Rawat said on November 19 that such people had “no right to live in the country”. “Anyone who kills cows, no matter which community he belongs to, is India’s biggest enemy and has no right to live in the country,” Rawat said addressing a function in Haridwar. Rawat said his government had already passed a proposal against cow slaughter. Clearly, the poison of Hindutva fascism flows through the very veins of the Congress. It is up to the revolutionary left to unite against the venomous Hindutva fundamentalism that is threatening to ruin the country

All Acts of Terrorism must be Condemned

The CPI(ML) Red Star severely condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris and at numerous places all over the world which are direct consequence of the US-led imperialist policies continued for many decades, especially in West Asia and Africa, for expanding their neo-colonial hegemony. They have resorted to numerous military aggressions and terrorism of their own brand devastating these regions leading to uprooting hundreds of millions of people.

As millions of them now rush to Europe for refuge, these hapless victims of imperialist terror are now being blamed as the root cause of terrorism! Besides ‘theories’ like ‘clash of civilizations’ propagated after the end of the Cold War with the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, have promoted religious fundamentalism of all hues as well as racism and casteism. Imperialists and their lackeys have smugly promoted terrorist outfits like the ISIS. Its origins can be easily traced to US and NATO forces heavily funding and arming so-called rebels to oust the Syrian regime.

Now another ‘war on terror’ is unleashed against IS by its own creators, similar to the earlier ‘war on terror’ unleashed against Al Qaeda and Taliban which were also created by them! The Marxist-Leninist forces have called for intensifying the anti-imperialist movement and movement against all religious fundamentalist forces and the terror outfits created by them including the IS in this context. 

Oppose Indian Blockade of Nepal

about the last three months the road lines to Nepal from India are blocked, though the Indian authorities feign ignorance. It is a violation of the charter adopted by the UN to protect the landlocked countries like Nepal. Although the Indian authorities are shifting the blame to the Madhesis who are resorting to this blockade for getting the recently promulgated Constitution of Nepal amended according to their demands, yet the Indian hand behind this blockade is glaringly evident.

After ascending to power Modi has gone on a globe-trotting spree, inviting all outside powers to invest in India, to make in India. To facilitate this more global, liberal openings are made. But when the BJP leadership is making big claims about these, the relations with all its immediate neighbouring countries are worsening day by day. While relations with Nepal are worsening fast, relations with Pakistan are also rapidly deteriorating. Even relations with Sri Lanka, Maldives on the south, and with Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan are also not very healthy.

CPI(ML) Red Star calls for removing the blockade against Nepal and make essential commodities available to this landlocked country within its borders. It calls on the government to give first priority to bettering relations with the neighbouring countries. The Party shall organize a countrywide campaign for it joining hands with all like-minded forces. 
The Third Conference of All India Revolutionary Women Organisation (AIRWO) is taking place at a time when ultra-right forces all over the country are attempting to impose a regressive regime characterized by brutal suppression and curtailment of the rights of the people, especially women. The Sangh Parivar, with its political representative, the BJP, in power at the Centre, is relentlessly attempting to uphold and reinforce cultural standards that relegate women to a position of uncomplaining servitude both at home and in larger society. Intimidation and suppression of women through moral policing carried out by self-proclaimed champions of morality have reached new heights. Women are bearing the brunt of escalating communal violence in the country. The discriminatory gender perception is being used ideologically to pursue a venomous communal goal.

The Central government has made its priorities clear. While pandering to the corporates, it has accelerated the State’s withdrawal from the social sector, also characterized by a marked cut in the allocation for the Department of Women and Child Development. There has been a reported shortfall of Rs.109 billion in the ICDS programme. In the budget allocations under ICDS and Midday Meal Scheme were severely cut. 7067 operational projects of ICDS and 13.42 lakh Anganwadi centres are facing closure now. The Midday Meal scheme is also under threat with Central allocation slashed from Rs 13,000 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 9,000 crore this fiscal year. Anganwadi workers, Midday Meal cooks and Mahila Samakhya workers, mostly women, are facing the threat of getting thrown out. Allocation for the girl child’s education was actually reduced by 8.3%. Very recently the Centre has announced that it will slash its share of funding from 75 to 60 per cent in key social schemes, including Midday Meal, housing for the poor and the National Health Mission – a decision which will severely impact women’s access to empowerment and well-being. Women’s workforce participation in India is abysmally low with even countries like Somalia and Bahrain faring better. Female employment is falling. Wage discrimination between men and women workers in several sectors is increasing. Gender discrimination has been reported in worsening conditions of work, lack of access to credit and social security. The proposed ‘reforms’ in the labour laws look set to further jeopardize the condition of millions of women workers, especially in the unorganized sector.

Sexual violence against women, children and sexual minorities has assumed the proportions of an epidemic. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, crimes against women have increased by 7.1 per cent since 2010. Every 20 minutes in India a woman is raped. Very few cases are actually reported and the conviction rate is even lower. Even today, a rapist is often acquitted in a court of law if he deigns to marry the survivor, a phenomenon indicative of the supreme disregard of the State to the question of a woman’s dignity. Ultra-rightist ideologues and politicians continue to blame women’s assertion and choice for sexual assaults and rape. Military and para-military forces stationed in states deemed ‘disturbed areas’ have become notorious for inflicting untold sexual atrocities on women. In Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) has become a tool for torturing, raping and killing countless women in these states. In places like Chhattisgarh and Junglemahal in West Bengal, Dalit and tribal women in particular face the brunt of physical and sexual assault at the hands of the armed forces. The custodial torture of women like Soni Sori and Kawasi Hidme – and many others like them – in Chhattisgarh is a ruthless reflection of the state of affairs. The Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act 2005 attempts to throttle all voices of dissent, facilitating corporate loot of the mineral-rich state and eviction of the original inhabitants of the land and forests. The Indian State, rather than combat patriarchy, actively perpetuates it by brutalizing women as a part of its war against the people.

However, despite all efforts to push women back to the home, despite all efforts to impose restrictions on them, despite all efforts to keep them in patriarchal servitude, women are fighting back with unprecedented intensity. The recent struggle of the women tea plantation workers of Munnar, Kerala, has indeed created history. All over country, women are breaking barriers, challenging patriarchy and revolting against State-sponsored violence and discrimination. So much so, that the women’s question has today become an agenda that no political party can afford to ignore.

It is at such a critical juncture that the 3rd All India Conference of the All India Revolutionary Women’s Organisation will be held at Raipur, Chhattisgarh on 19-20 December, 2015. Committed to its goal of women’s emancipation and the annihilation of patriarchy since its birth in 2010, AIRWO calls upon all women to join the struggle for liberation
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.