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THE brutal rape and murder of an eight-year old Muslim minority child in Kathua in J&K followed by the rape of a minor girl and murder of her father in police custody in Unnao in Yogi’ s UP are the latest in the series of rapes committed by Sangh Parivar fascists in various parts of India. The Kathua crime which by this time has earned international fame for Modi regime is unparalleled in its brutality.

According to the charge sheet filed, which was made possible because of the presence of an upright police officer, the custodian of the temple where the girl was taped and killed, his son and nephew together with four police officials are directly involved in the crime. The accused after performing puja, drugged the child, taped her for one week and finally battered her to death. Two BJP ministers of J&K, Choudhary Lal Singh and Chander Prakash Ganga had led the rally by RSS affiliated Hindu EKTA Manch along with advocates of the ‘Rape Parivar’ for obstructing the filing of charge sheet by the police in the court.

In Unnao too, the intervention of Allahabad High Court was needed to arrest the BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar who along with his Parivar accomplices abducted and raped the minor girl followed by cold-blooded murder of her father with the backing of official machinery. The tragedy in Unnao and Kathua like similar cases, executed in Gujarat when Modi was the chief minister is that the law and order machinery was also in league with the Parivar rapists.

Rape of women in general, especially of minor girls and children, is a time tested device practiced by the conquering royal forces during feudal days and repeated by Nazis to subjugate opponents. The Indian fascists emulating this practice have been systematically using this weapon against minorities, adivasis and dalits.

Savarkar himself had advocated rape as a strategic weapon against Muslims and in his writings he even criticised Shivaji for letting free the daughter-in-law of the Muslim Kalyan king whom Shivaji had defeated. In Kathua too, the perpetrators of this crime against humanity was imbibed by the Brahmanical ideology of ‘rape as a strategic device’ to target the nomadic Muslim community to which the girl belonged.

As the UN has condemned the Kathua crime and Amnesty like international agencies have expressed shock terming it unparalleled in history, BJP and Parivar leaders are now working overtime to divert the whole issue as ‘political’ propaganda against the BJP government.

But now, as can be read from news reports, from the very moment the news of this horrific crime came to public domain, the BJP leadership has been in the forefront of making maximum political mileage out of it. It was none other than Sat Sharma, the BJP state secretary, and president of the Hindu Ekta Manch himself who were spearheading the protests and leading the march to protect the rapists holding Indian flag with the clear cut and well-thought out fascistic Hindutva strategy of using rape and murder for building up communal hatred against the Muslims.

BJP leader and minister Chander Prakash Ganga himself has confessed that he along with other BJP leaders were instructed by the BJP state president Sat Sharma to attend the meeting and rally led by the Hindu Ekta Manch which, as everybody knows, is one among the venomous RSS outfits.

Further, the former additional advocate general and Jammu Bar Association president B S Slathia who is still the brain behind the campaign to deport the Rohingya refugees, which according to UN is the most persecuted minorities in the world today, was systematically obstructing the efforts of Deepika Singh Rajavat in the process of filing the charge sheet.

That is, the Kathua crime against humanity, that too stage-managed in a Hindu temple and brought to public domain solely because of the painstaking efforts by an investigative team led by a dedicated police officer R K Jalla and a committed advocate Deepika, has been a political weapon crafted by none other than the Hindutva forces themselves.

In this context, democratic forces should come forward exposing the BJP campaign that Kathua is used by the BJP opponents merely as a political tool as it is obvious now that it is the latter that has been systematically using it for the same from the very beginning. While the Modi regime and BJP leadership are sidelining the issue as insignificant, the Sangh Parivar outfits are spitting venom on the victims and their family with intensified vigour.

All democratic forces should rise up to the occasion to end this biggest-ever threat from RSS and its Parivar the country is facing. 
BENGAL has become Lawless Land. As TMC goons with police support prevented the Bhangar Committee members from filing nominations and assaulted within the BDO office, as per the High Court Order the aspiring candidates of Jomi Jibika o Vastutantro Raksha Committe (Land, Livelihood, Ecology and Environment Protection Committee) of Bhangar were allowed to submit nomination papers to the DM of South 24 Parganas. Accordingly they went to the DM office at Alipore, Kolkata on 23rd April. Surprisingly the DM was not present in his office and made the candidates to wait. Meantime, huge force of TMC goons reached inside the office with sticks and arms and attacked and severely injured the candidates, the leaders of Bhangar movement and Party Central Committee member Com Sharmistha Choudhury; and they were abducted and detained till evening.

All these happened with the clear cut knowledge and in alliance with administration, utterly ignoring the constitutional obligations and even orders of Judiciary. The Chief Minister Mamta led West Bengal Administration has turned the state in to independent empire of goons. No court order is applicable to them. Bengal is turned in to a state where nominations for local body elections cannot be filed by any of the opposition parties freely! Bengal is bleeding and all constitutional authorities have become mere spectators. Should we allow this mockery of democracy to continue!

As per the High Court Order the aspiring candidates of Jomi Jibika o Vastutantro Raksha Committe of Bhangar were allowed to submit the nomination papers to the DM of South 24 Parganas. As it was prevented through criminal attacks, finally the court allowed the filing of nominations of 11 comrades through whattsap. But the criminal gang leader Arabul Islam is continuing the armed attacks on the villagers and terrorizing them to prevent voting. Though the condition at Bhangar is most severe, it is almost the same condition all over the state. Once again the whole local body elections are turned in to a mockery by thousands of TMC goons supported by police and administration. Party leaders including CC member Sankar along with leading MKP comrades Amitabh, Biswajit and Ratul are arrested and remanded to prevent submission of nominations and any campaign.

In this situation, the Bhangar Committee and the W. Bengal state committee of the Party along with MKP, PCC and other like-minded forces have decided to face the challenge unitedly, defending the people’s struggle at Bhangar and struggling against the state terror and criminalization of the administration. From 22nd April, Party Day, to 28th April at all India level Bhangar solidarity week was observed extending all out support to the movement. We appeal to all democratic forces to come out in the streets as witnessed on 18th April and many other earlier occasions at Kolkata to express solidarity with the fighting people of Bhangar and to put an end to the utter hooliganism and criminal activities of the TMC rule. 
THE 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx is observed internationally on 5th May. His revolutionary thought had challenged the barbarous capitalism and gave a new orientation to the world people for realizing a communist world through social revolutions and socialist transformation. It opened the era of national liberations and socialist revolutions. Though this upsurge suffered setbacks, it is again and again proved that only by developing the Marxist theory and practice according to present conditions a new wave of socialist upheavals can be created overthrowing the imperialist global system.

As far as our party is concerned, it has developed to present ideological-political-organizational positions by daring to make a thorough evaluation of the experience of the hitherto revolutionary movement, to make continuous efforts to develop Marxist theory according to present conditions, and to develop the political line and practice accordingly. It called for re-reading of Marxist contributions in depth. An article explaining the Party’s efforts to study the Marxist theory and the development of the politics and practice based on it is published in this issue to provide the basis for developing the discussion towards the approach to Marxism. The development of the understanding towards transformation of the imperialist system from the colonial to the neo-colonial phase in the post Second World War period, studies on caste system leading to developing the caste annihilation movement emphasizing the significance of the renaissance movement, understanding of the unfolding ecological catastrophe leading to putting forward the contradiction between nature and capital as one of the major contradictions, studies on people’s political power transcending the bourgeois parliamentary system, developing concept of people oriented development paradigm rejecting imperialist development perspective etc could be taken up by the Party based on these studies on Marxist theory along with the contributions of Lenin to Mao.

Along with the call of the ICOR, the CPI(ML) Red Star calls upon all party committees to observe the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birthday by organizing discussions, seminars and classes on the relevance of Marxism to overcome the present crisis faced by the humankind and to create a new egalitarian world. 


THE long march organized from Nasik to Mumbai announcing gherao of the Maharashtra state secretariat under the leadership of the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) raising the demands of the peasantry including remunerative prices for agricultural products, waiving of all agricultural loans urgently, implementation of Forest Rights Act etc was a significant move which has once again brought the burning demands of the peasantry to the foreground. This long march is a revolutionary form of struggle developed during the 1960s or even earlier putting forward peasant and workers’ demands, which can be emulated in other places also to defeat the intensifying corporatization of the agrarian sector too under neo-liberal policies, leading the peasantry and agricultural workers to impoverishment forcing many among them to commit suicide. It is in this context, all peasant movements and the revolutionary forces as a whole extended support to it.

At the same time, the AIKS leadership as well as the political leadership of CPI(M) behind them have to address two central questions: Firstly, are they going to be satisfied by the assurances given by the state government or will they join with like-minded forces and launch struggles to realize these demands? Secondly, are they ready to make an introspection on the failure of the state governments of Bengal, Tripura in the past and Kerala today to fulfill these demands?

In this context, we should see the significance of the Second All India Conference of AIKKS which took place at the same time demanding, besides writing off of loans and better prices of agricultural products, rejection of corporatization of agriculture, protection of land-livelihood-environment, land to the tiller like basic demands of the down trodden sections of the peasantry including dalits, adivasis, agricultural workers etc. More long marches and Bhangar like movements are required to achieve these demands
TOWARDS the fag end of its rule, as part of fulfilling the commitment it had given to corporate masters, through a Labour Ministry Notification, comprador Modi regime has totally legalized ‘hire and fire’ in the entire industrial sector throughout India. If not resisted and defeated, this Notification will make the whole concept of permanent employment itself meaningless and casualisation and contractualisation of work shall become the accepted norm. Such unilateral termination of ‘fixed term employment’ and consequent complete informalization of jobs through corporate-bureaucratic route and without even consulting the Parliament especially when the latter is in Session is authoritarian and fascistic and not only a gross violation of the fundamental right to life but also against ILO Conventions to which India is also a Party.

Nowadays, at the behest of imperialist-corporate thugs, Modi has been working overtime to streamline country’s 44 different labour laws into just 4 codes to drag India also at par with the ‘ease of doing business’ prescriptions stipulated by World Bank and American think-tanks. The latest Notification by the Ministry of Labour should be viewed as part of this broader traitorous, anti-worker offensive of super-imposing unfettered corporate power over the Indian working class, the biggest contingent of international proletariat today.

The 500 million strong Indian working class, more than 90 percent of whom are still condemned as ‘informal’ being denied even basic democratic rights, with its glorious tradition of resisting similar onslaughts in the past, should come to the streets without any let up to effectively challenge and defeat this biggest-ever bomb attack on the workers. And it is high time that the working class of India should unite in struggle with all the toiling and all the oppressed masses of this vast country to expose and overthrow this anti-people and anti-national regime. 
OUR Party and its supporters are going to observe the 49th anniversary of the Party Day on 22nd April at a critical time in the history of our country. With the latest attack on the working class, Modi government, in the last year of its term, is further intensifying corporate – communal fascist onslaught on all toiling and oppressed masses in most reactionary forms. Under Brahminical RSS ideology, it is dividing and impoverishing the masses, spreading hate politics, intensifying neo-liberal plunder, unprecedentedly enriching the corporates and making corruption all pervasive.

While all non-BJP parties are vociferous in defeating it in 2019 elections, none of them are opposing the neo-liberal regime. Nor are they prepared to abandon communal-caste appeasement electoral approach. As far as the CPI(M) led ‘Left Front’ parties are concerned, in spite of debacles in Bengal and Tripura, they expose their social democratic bankruptcy by vehemently embracing neo-liberal policies in Kerala. As elsewhere in the world, situation is created when people’s opposition, their resistances are frustrated in the absence of a revolutionary alternative to stem this rot.

If the Naxalbari Uprising, the emergence of communist revolutionary forces and the formation of CPI(ML) took place in 1960s in a challenging crisis situation, today these challenges are many times more serious. While voting out BJP is an immediate task, the Marxist-Leninist forces should combine it with developing non-parliamentary struggles and parliamentary struggles complementary to it, with the perspective of strengthening independent communist assertion for building people’s alternative with an anti-capitalist manifesto, for all round democratization and sustainable paradigm of egalitarian development.

While observing the Party Day spiritedly, let us intensify our efforts to draft the People’s Manifesto according to concrete conditions in every state and launch mass political platforms to develop non-parliamentary and parliamentary struggles, and for coordinating them at all India level. At the same time, observe 22nd to 28th April as Bhangar Solidarity Week, with the determination to develop Bhangar like people’s resistance movements focusing on burning mass issues wherever possible. In such a spirited atmosphere let us advance towards our 11th Party Congress in November to decide on building the People’s Alternative to throw out corporate-communal fascist forces and to advance towards people’s democracy and socialism


XI JINPING’S proposed elevation almost as the “Emperor of China” following the latest amendments to the Constitution, allowing more than two terms for the president and vice-president, is the logical culmination of the capitalist-road chartered by Deng Xiaoping almost three-and-a-half decades back. It is now reaching its most intensified stage of imperialist degeneration. By the turn of the first decade of the 21st century itself, China had become the second largest imperialist power run by one of the most powerful dictatorships of corporate finance capital under the aegis of a bureaucratic monopoly capitalism integrated with and camouflaged under the highly centralized party apparatus.

Lenin had interpreted imperialism as outright reactionary system. The counterrevolution unleashed by Deng& Co. following Mao’s death systematically demolishing the self-reliant and self-sufficient communes has now reached a critical stage of corporate capital’s extreme concentration, the political manifestation of which is the present outcome. In the absence of even a namesake bourgeois parliament, the concentration and centralization of finance capital under “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” has intensified the inherent contradictions to that level which is irresolvable in a situation of so called ‘collective leadership’. The ascendancy of Xi as unquestioned supreme leader of imperialist China together with the incorporation of his “Thought” in to the Party Program, according to the laws of motion of capital, is not driving China to a tranquil situation, but certainly to a new era of chaos and crisis
IN VIEW of the forthcoming state assembly elections and the general election due in 2019, the Modi government’s 2018 budget has taken on a cautious populist mask even while carrying forward its pro-corporate agenda intact. All the various extra-budgetary measures such as granting of 100 FDI in retail, real estate and a whole set of “ease of doing” initiatives already taken at the behest of foreign-corporate capital on the eve of the budget coupled with the promulgation of GST firmly under corporate control that has pulled almost 65 percent of the country’s tax regime out of the parliamentary budgeting process have this time yielded much flexibility to the government for resorting to a “populist” budget.

Various announcements such as increase in agricultural credit, increase in the target of providing free LPG connections to poor households, more toilets, minimum support price for crops, etc. are intended to cool down the fury of peasants and toiling masses that are rising up in large numbers all over the country. But all these are mere extensions of those unfulfilled promises announced in previous budgets and no budgetary outlay has been set for them. For instance, take the case of the so called “largest health care and social security system” worth Rs. 1.38 lakh crore announced in the budget. No allocation of funds has been earmarked for this, as it is just going to be an emulation of the American model “insurance raj” in the health care system and the funds set apart will be channeled in to the coffers of corporate insurance companies and with a view to achieve this even the state-owned insurance companies- National Insurance, United India Insurance and Oriental Insurance are going to merged before being privatized.

In addition to the privatization of Air India, the national air carrier already announced, the 2018-19 disinvestment is targeted at Rs. 80000 crores. 24 strategic and core PSUs are listed for this biggest-ever sell-out. And public sector banks which are in crisis on account of the continuous repudiation of corporate loans, are going to have budgetary a recap to lend additional Rs. 5 lakh crores, a further appeasement to corporate firms. The defense allocation this time is the biggest-ever—Rs. 3.05 lakh crore, an increase of 11.03 percent compared to the 7 percent hike made in the previous budget. And corporate income tax reduction of 25 percent announced in last year’s budget has been further extended to all those, whose annual income is up to Rs. 250 crores.

Even while keeping a populist gesture, the budget has nothing to deal with the rising prices of essential items including food. Even as petroleum taxes alone are yielding around Rs. 5 lakh crores to the coffers of the government, there is no mention on reducing the excise duty on petrol and diesel for reducing their market prices. Similarly, the budget is completely silent on the ever-mounting unemployment problem. Though Modi had announced the creation of two lakh crore jobs every year when he ascended the throne, nothing has been done to this day and there is no mention in the budget on this question. There are no initiatives for removing inequality, and those programs announced for marginalized sections are not at all backed by adequate budgetary allocation. All the schemes announced in education and other service sectors are intended for corporatization of them through backdoor.

It is an election-eve budget to hoodwink the people and at the same time subtly serving corporate interests.

We appeal to the workers, peasants and all toiling people to grasp the true essence of the measures announced in the budget and rise up in struggles for a basic alteration of the neoliberal policies and for replacing the same with a people- oriented development program. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.