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Introduction by The Wire — In an interview with The Wire, Harvey talks about the problems of neo-liberalism and the surge of populist and right-wing politics. British scholar David Harvey is one of the most renowned Marxist scholars in the world today. His course on Karl Marx’s Capital is highly popular and has even been turned into a series on YouTube. Harvey is known for his support of student activism, community and labour movements. In an interview with The Wire, he talks about the problems arising out of the neo-liberal project, the resulting surge of populist politics and right-wing movements.…
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Interview with Alik Chakraborty by Rabi Banerjee, in The Week, 20th May 2018YOU are being regarded as the ruler of a “liberated zone” in Bengal.[Laughs] Does that create a good impression for a government? There is a liberated zone in the close vicinity of Kolkata, but the West Bengal government is not taking these people seriously. Just imagine the state of affairs.But, why are you creating trouble for a project that could change the power situation in and around Kolkata?The government is making fools of these people. The project will not be of any help to the local villages. The…
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Interview with John Bellamy Foster, Editor of Monthly Review By Jipson John and Jitheesh PMJOHN BELLAMY FOSTER, Editor of the prestigious Monthly Review and Professor of Sociology at the University of Oregon, is best known for his contributions to Marxian ecology. He has been influential in reinterpreting Marxism for its ecological concerns, particularly the writings of Karl Marx. His famous article “Marx’s Theory of Metabolic Rift”, published in American Journal of Sociology, introduced the concept of “Metabolic Rift”, which was the term Marx coined to capture the process of destructive changes in the relationship of man with nature under the…
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Interview of Comrade SK Senthivel, General Secretary, New Democratic Marxist Leninist Party by Ahilan Kadirgamar, Daily Mirror, 1st August 2017, published in its journal, New Democracy, October issue. It shows the impact of caste question among the Tamil people in Sri LankaCASTE RELATIONS and conflicts have taken varied forms at different times in Jaffna. The recent conflicts around upper-caste cemeteries in proximity to oppressed caste dwellings resulted in a major protest on May 13th, opposite the Jaffna Bus Stand. In Kalaimathy village in Puttur, historically a Communist stronghold in Jaffna, some 23 villagers are in remand custody and 30 people…
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An interview by CJ Polychroniou, Truthout, with Marxist economist and political commentator Prabhat Patnaik. We are reproducing this interview since even after so severe setbacks suffered by the International Communist Movement at the hands of imperialist system and its lackeys, various sections of so-called main stream ‘communist parties' are refusing to recognize that the imperialist system is still powerful and kicking, of course in newer forms. From the time Krushchov put forward the theory of weakened imperialism and advocated “peaceful competition, peaceful coexistence with imperialism and peaceful transition to socialism” in the 20th Congress of the CPSU in 1956, the…
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OXFAM’S new report ‘Economy for 99%’ claims that since 2015, eight men own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world. In India, the richest 1% control 60% of the total wealth. Your comments?In 2016, India is the second most unequal economy after Russia. Inequality is fracturing our economy and the reality is that today 57 billionaires control 70% of India’s wealth. Even International Monetary Fund recently warned that India faces the social risk of growing inequality. As per IMF, India’s Gini coefficient rose to 51 by 2013, from 45 in 1990, mainly on account of…
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[As he appears in new documentary The Divide, the great intellectual explains why Brexit is unimportant, why Trump’s climate change denial is catastrophic – and why revolution is easier than you think.]Have you seen The Divide, the British documentary you took part in?The Divide? I haven’t seen it, no.Perhaps it’s been a while since you filmed it?Well, I’m interviewed all the time.The film looks at what it says are the effects of inequality in the US and the UK. It’s based on the book The Spirit Level, which perhaps you know?Yes, I remember.The Divide says the current inequality problem began…
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Excerpts from an interview with Noam Chomsky by Isabelle Kumar IN INTERNATIONAL POLLS, run by US polling agencies, the United States is regarded as the greatest threat to world peace by an overwhelming margin. No other country is even close. It’s kind of interesting that the US media refused to publish this. But it doesn’t go away. Obama has just initiated a trillion dollar programme of modernisation of the US nuclear weapon system, which means expanding the nuclear weapon system. That’s one the reasons why the famous doomsday clock, established by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has, just a couple…

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.