Agreement Paper for resolving the problem of construction of the regional Power Station in Bhangar

14 August 2018
Agreement Paper for resolving the problem of construction of the regional Power Station in Bhangar:

Date: 11/08/20018, Saturday Time:Noon 12:00, Place: Basement Conference Hall, Naba Prashasanik Bhaban, S.24 Parganas, Office of the District Magistrate, Alipore.

1) In the revised scheme, the proposals of two 400kv power transmission lines of PGCIL [(a) Rajarhat-Gokarna-Farakka-pUrnea, (b) the LILO of Jeerat-Subhasgram)] and two 220kv transmission line of WBSETCL have been accepted. Among these, one line of WBSETCL in S. 24 Parganas will be underground and another line above ground is already made. No more line other than the above mentioned ones will be constructed for this regional power station. For the transmission line of the WBSETCL above ground, a tower larger than the one already made is to be installed within 300 metres of the sub-station and the related wiring connections are also to be made. The work of incomplete four towers of the PGCIL in its 400 kv transmission line and the excess of 2 km incomplete power transmission line will be completed. That means, in the revised scheme, it is no longer a power grid, it will be constructed only as a regional sub-station. (Appendix 1)

2) The distance between the two lines, distance of the ground and any permanent structure from them etc all will be decided based on Indian Electricity Act. In cases where maintaining these distances will not be feasible, necessary arrangements for technical solutions will be taken up based on joint investigations.

3) The planned LILO line will be kept intact due to technical and practical reason, and machineries related to the sub-station will be placed instead of those related to power grid.

4) The sub-station will be a gas-insulated sub-station where SF6 gas will be used as the usual technology. But as there is a case pending in NGT on this matter, its verdict will be accepted as final.

5) Experts will examine on the EMFs with special kits and will take necessary technical steps where and if problems arise. (vide 7)

6) With the start of the process of the regional sub-station, in the matter of legal cases lodged against the agitators since November 2016, the government will take initiative to withdraw the criminal cases under the court of law subject to court’s approval, and those under the control of police through specific legal process. The police will take appropriate steps against the perpetrators on the people affected by the project and their sympathizers. The police administration will identify them and punish them according to law.

7) A Sub-Committee chaired by the District Magistrate will be formed for this project with the Statutory District Level Power Coordination Committee, the General and the Police Administration, the PGCIL, WBSEDCL, WBSETCL and the representatives of the Jomi Raksha Committee (Land Protection Committee). Any problem arising in the way of implementing the project must be drawn to the notice of the above sub- committee for solution, and can be informed to the higher authority, if necessary.

8) The following Welfare and Development Schemes will be taken up considering the people who have lost their lands and other affected people connected with land:

a) Schemes will be taken up for training and assistance for small initiatives for more than a thousand villagers from Khamarite, Machhibhanga, Padmapukur, Tona, Kamarbari, Bakultala, Dhibdhiba, Swarupnagar, Bagdoba, Middepara, Uriyapara, Shyamnagar, Munsipara.b) Initiatives for skill development and job oriented training will be taken up for more than a thousand people among the above villagers.c) Initiatives for necessary training, propaganda and supplying useful kits for solid waste management for the above villagers will be taken up.d) To develop all women of the SHG and other women of the above mentioned villages as economically independent, initiatives for supplying various necessary tools, capital and materials for business or handicrafts will be taken up.e) For the above villagers, initiatives will be taken up for grants in education, health, business, agriculture, livestock, fisheries etc.f) In addition, measures will be taken up for construction of local roads, development of Dhibdhiba health centre, restoration of the canal of Vidyadhari river, upgrading electric transformer, drainage of deposit water, project for the reform of dormant irrigation canal, construction of cold storage and such other local developmental works. The district administration will take initiative to build road and for implementing electrification over Vidyadhari dam.g) Initiatives will be taken up for electrification in Harwa Road, village roads, bazaar, upgradation of school from 8th to 12th class, for skill development and opening vocational courses in Champagachhi.

9) For the people who have not yet received compensation for the land within the sub-station area, area under the towers installed, under the transmission lines, deceased or injured persons during the movement, other affected families associated with the movement, and other compensations will be paid according to specific government procedure and rates.

10) Construction of the Bhangar regional sub-station will start from Tuesday, 14/08/2018.

Both the signatory parties will remain liable to properly implement this agreement and project.

Shantanu Basu, CMD, PDCL,

Arijit Sinha, S.P., Baruipur Police District,

et al.

Abdul Aziz Mallick. Mirza Hasan, Md Mosharaf Hossain Sharmistha Chowdhury Alik Chakraborty Md Sajaharul Islam Oli Mohammad Mallik Chhadem Molla Alom Molla Mostakin Molla Akbar Molla Mintu Molla Debabrata Mondal Md Komoruddin Sultan Ali Innat Ali Molla Akbar Ali Saheb Ali Molla Akbar Ali Goldar Sk Habibul Islam Md Ahad Molla Md Nijamuddin Molla Sk Joynal Abedin Masud Ali Molla Md Azizul Molla Jan Mohammad Molla Qutubuddin Esrafil Molla Md Saddam Hossain Mallik Md Mijanur Islam Jakir Molla A. Rahim Molla Md Asrat Laskar Kismat Ali Laskar Md Sahidul Islam Molla Yousup Nazrul Islam Golder Sulekha Bibi Jahanara Bibi Tanuja Bibi Munsi Sahidul Azizul Molla Harun Rashid Molla Ajijul Mozaffar Molla Fariduddin Abdul Malek Molla Shukur Ali Khan Salayara Bibi Sariful Mollick.

Mr. Ratnakar Rao

District Magistrate,

South 24Parganas.
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