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At the call of JJBPRC (Jomi Jibika Bastutantro O Poribesh Raksha Committee/ Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Ecology and Environment) the second Martyr’s Day was observed on 17th January of this year at Tapoban Maidan in Bhangar, West Bengal. Thousands of committee members worked day and night for over a month to make the day successful. According to the decision of the Central Council of JJBPRC three martyr’s columns were erected across the vast stretch of the struggle area. The first column was erected at Shyamnagar, the place in the northern side of the stretch where Alamgir became a martyr. The second column was erected in Kamarbari where Mafizul became a martyr and the third column was erected in Natunhat where Hafizul was murdered by the goons led by the notorious Trinamool leader Arabul Islam. The Martyr’s Day programme started at 10 ’o clock in the morning with the unveiling of the martyr’s column at Shyamnagar by Comrade Pradip Singh Thakur, veteran central committee member of CPIML (Red Star). Com. Thakur had taken an active role in initiating the Bhangar movement and consequently been arrested in the night of 25th January, 2017 by the state police. He was slapped with UAPA along with comrade Sharmistha Choudhury, another leader of Bhangar movement.

Several thousand people gathered in Shyamnagar. Comrade Alik Chakraborty, the leader of Bhangar movement and spokesperson of JJBPRC, made the introductory speech. Amidst slogans and songs the leaders of the movement, the family members of the martyrs, the central and state leadership of CPIML (Red Star) including Comrade K.N. Ramachandran, the General Secretary of the party and Comrade R. Mansaiyya and Comrade Tuhin Dev, the Politburo members, offered garlands and flowers in the column. Students from Presidency and Jadavpur universities and other institutions offered homage to the martyrs. All the participants vowed to continue the struggle to retain the achievements of the movement.

Then, a huge rally started to proceed towards Kamarbari where the second martyr’s column was unveiled by Comrade Abdul Aziz Mallick, president of JJBPRC. Comrade Sharmistha Choudhury addressed the gathering. Mr Jalaluddin Ahmed, leader of the Welfare Party, addressed the gathering. Next, the giant rally proceeded to Natunhat where the third column was unveiled by Comrade K.N. Ramachandran. The students, Comrade Bandana and her team sang spirited songs. Comrade Biswajit Hazra, leader of MKP and one of the committee members, joined the programme and paid homage. Comrade Alik Chakraborty addressed the gathering. The leaders of some of the associated organizations were also present in the programme.

After a short lunch break a huge public meeting began. Several left leaders like Comrades Sumit Bhattacharya, advocate Bharati Mutsuddi, Dipali Bhattacharya, senior advocate Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya and others attended and spoke in the meeting. They emphasized on the importance of Bhangar movement and the task to continue the struggle through the zigzags of the movement. They criticized the sundry efforts to belittle the Bhangar movement. Eminent writer Kinnar Roy attended and addressed the meeting. Veteran trade unionist and communist leader Comrade Kushal Debnath, one of the conveners of Sanhati Committee, attended the meeting. Comrade Sankar Das, another convener of Sanhati Committee, also spoke in the meeting. Comrade Biswajit Hazra addressed the meeting. He said, Bhangar is a piece of land where the people control the developmental works. It is like a free land of the people. Comrade Basudev Nag Choudhury, the convener of People’s Brigade, addressed the gathering. Comrade Abu, state secretary of Revolutionary Youth Federation of India, Comrade Fatema Bibi, the state committee member of the Party and leader of All India Revolutionary Women’s Organization, Comrade Pradip Singh Thakur from All India Krantikari Kisan Sabha and Comrade R. Manasaiya from Trade Union Centre of India addressed the meeting. JJBPRC leaders like Ahad Ali Mollah, Asura Bibi, Jahanara Bibi, Sattar Molla and many others made speeches reiterating the pledge to hold high the banner of resistance and continue the fight for people’s democracy so that the sacrifice of the martyrs would not be in vain.

Comrade KNR said in his speech that the Bhangar movement had created history by challenging the neoliberal system and put forward an alternative model. He stressed upon the importance to develop a country-wide people’s alternative from the inspiration of Bhangar movement. Comrade Alik coordinated the session while Comrade Sharmistha Choudhury was the last speaker. 

At 7.30 pm the cultural programme began with songs presented by famous mass singer Comrade Asim Giri. Several singers sang and the show was led by Comrade Asim Giri and Comrade Lida Chakraborty. Lida sang some of the mass songs of legendary Hemanga Biswas. Finally, a drama – ‘Adab’ – based on the subject of communal harmony and written by famous communist writer Samaresh Basu was staged by the cultural troop of People’s Brigade. n

Land for Tiller! Conference of Declaration for Right of Farm Land and housing right by the landless peasants including hundreds of Adivasis was held at Sulthan Batheri, Wynadu District. CPI (ML) Red Star PB Member Com P J James inaugurated the Struggle Declaration Right Conference. AIKKS Central Committee Member and leader of the Land Struggle Com M P Kunjikkanaran, AIKKS leader Com Sukumaran Attappadi, CPI (ML) Red Star State Executive member Com Sam P Mathew, Party District Secretary Com Premanand, Land Struggle leader Com K V Prakash etc addressed the conference.


The death of 7-yearold Jackeline Caal, a Guatemalan immigrant child under the custody of US Border Protection force once again underscores the extent of heinous repression unleashed on immigrants by Trump administration. It is the direct outcome of the anti-immigrant policy and inhuman deprivation inflicted on asylum seekers from Latin America crossing US border.

Caal, daughter of Guatemalan immigrant Nery was forcibly separated from his father by US security forces in spite of the former’s prompt reporting to the immigration officials at the US-Mexican border. According to reports, Caal’s death was due to dehydration coupled with lack of food; and whatever medical attention she got was at that stage of no return to life.

This horror of an innocent girl dying after forcible separation from her parents due to lack of food and water once again exposes the true essence of US democracy. Ripping children from their immigrant parents and even snatching them from parents’ arms have become part of Trump’s “zero tolerance” against children and is the most inhuman and cruel turn of US’s anti-immigrant anti-refugee policy. Thousands of children after separated from parents are already in detention centres which are nothing but prisons. Often they are kept in tents attached to military bases along the US-Mexico border where US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and local police are having round-the-clock vigilance.

The mass exodus of immigrants and refugees in search of sustenance and livelihood is the direct consequence of US-led imperialism’s plunder, violence and bloodshed unleashed on humanity. In particular, in the mad pursuit of super-imposing US hegemony over the whole of Latin America and convert the latter as its backyard, the Yankees had committed the worst crimes from the very beginning. US imperialism’s approach to the Latin American people has been a continuation of the notoriety pursued by it against the indigenous people of the America, the Red Indians whom George Washington, the Father of US nation characterised not as humans but as “beasts of prey”. And the subjugation and control over Latin America also enabled US to accomplish what is called “imperialism without colonies” during the colonial period. During the postwar neo-colonial period, the US continued the same policy and the military dictators that ruled the Latin American countries at different periods were trained in US military schools. And the present inflow of refugees and immigrants from Latin America to US is the outcome of neoliberal policies propped up by the latter leading to displacement, loss of livelihood, repression and persecution.

Targeting children and unleashing government-sanctioned child persecution including ripping children from their parents and putting them in military detention centres are nothing but crimes against humanity. For all lackeys of imperialism, US is the paradise of democracy. But they must know that this paradise has not yet ratified the UN Convention of the Rights of Child. Therefore Trump administration can unleash violence against tender-age children with impunity. No doubt, US imperialism remains as the principal barrier in world people’s path in their move towards the establishment of a humane and just social order.
James PJ

Though Urjit Patel was handpicked by Modi, following Demonetisation, the contradiction between RBI governor and the BJP regime has been mounting as the latter was violating all established norms regarding the autonomy of the Central Bank. However, the immediate provocation behind Urjit's sudden resignation seems to be the attempt to bring RBI under direct saffron stranglehold with the super-imposition of RSS ideologue as its Board member including his highhandedness.

Dear friend,

The All India Revolutionary Women's Organisation (AIRWO) is pleased to invite you to the International Seminar on Theory of Liberation of Women to be held in Bangalore (Spoorthidhama) on December 2, 3 and 4, 2018.

This seminar is an initiative of the World Women's Conference, an international coordination of rank and file women working to build a global solidarity of struggling women, and will be hosted by AIRWO in India.

The three-day seminar will have participants from countries of Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Women from across the world will speak and interact on the problems confronting women's liberation, possible strategies to overcome the same and efforts to build a just and egalitarian society. The emphasis of the seminar will be on exchange and interaction rather than one-way deliberations.

AIRWO wishes to invite you/your organisation to participate in this international seminar and contribute towards a deeper theoretical understanding of the women's question with a view to winning the war against inequality, injustice and exploitation.

With militant greetings,

Sharmistha Choudhury

For further details please contact below e-mail and contact number- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ALL over Ganjam district this Fake Labour Card Racket is active, regularly looting the socially, educationally and economically backward class, low waged workers. Many ruling party leaders and others are involved with this racket. Comrade Rath is taking leading role to expose this. So instead of arresting all the culprits, the police picked up detained Comrade Rath since 30th March night.

Under the leadership of comrade Pramod Rath, Odisha Nirman Shramik Union (TUCI) filed FIR on 28th February against Fake Labour Card Racket. Two culprits were arrested and after 8 days they were released. Few days later again many workers who were victims from Buguda Block filed FIR at Buguda Police Station. Regarding this Odisha Nirman Shramik Union and AIKKS jointly met to Labour Commissioner and Odisha Buildig & Contruction Workers Welfare Board Chairman at Bhubaneswar. So, to harass com. Pramod Rath, he was arrested
BASTI SURAKSHYA MANCH (BSM), Bhubaneswar held its 2nd Organisational Conference on 4th& 5th December 2015 at Lohia Academy, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Along with this, an All India Convention on Slum Dwellers and Houseless People’s issues held successfully on 5th December. Slum Dwellers and Housing Rights Movement activists from Odisha, Karnataka, WB, Chhatisgarh, Seemandhra-Telengana, etc participated. Many all India leaders working among workers, peasants and intellectuals participated in these conventions. This All india Convention decided to coordinate Slum Dwellers Movements and Housing Rights Movements all over India and form an All India Coordination of Slum Dwellers and Housing Rights Movements (in short, All India Slum Movement) and this convention adopted a declaration named “Bhubaneswar Declaration”. This Declaration updated in 3rd All Inida Coordination Meeting held at Bangalore on 6-7 August 2016.

It declares that the slum dwellers and houseless people’s question not only include housing question but also the right to livelihood and to live with diginity along with all civic amenities including safe drinking water, electricity, sanitation, sewerage, dranage, community open space, park, play ground, etc.

Right to shelter is a basic human right and thus the Convention feels very appropriate to ask the Government to recogonise / framing an appropriate law to recogonise the right to shelter for all including the urban poor, Low Income Groups (LIG), Economicallly Weaker Sections (EWS) , workers engaged in private / Govt. Sectors , No Income Groups (NIGs), Homeless People and distressed destitute families at a convenient place and close to the employment / livelihood places.

The Declaration demands to reserve at least 40% land for weaker sections of the society at all urban centres. It declares that the Govt. of India as well as all State Govts. shall adopt a comprehensive policy prohibiting all forcible displacements/ evictions either in rural areas or in urban areas while implementing projects. The 2nd Conference of Basti Surakshya Manch asked the State Govt. to withdraw the Land Grabbing Act 2015 which was undemocratically passed in the November 2015 Session of Odisha State Assembly and which is anti people and draconian.


The evicted families in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri and other parts of Odisha and other cities of the country shall be properly rehabilitated with in a time frame. Regularise and recogonise all the existing Bastis (slums) as legal habitat and give them all political and civil rights including all civic amenities. Pass a comprehensive law taking housing and livelihood as a fundamental right of every citizen and central and state Govt. are duty bound to give civilised shelters to each citizens. Recognition of the inherent dignity and right to life includes right to livelihood and shelter of all which is the foundation of justice and peace. Disregard and contempt for housing rights of slum dwellers , pavement dwellers, homeless persons, street vendors, people belonging to no income groups, economically weaker sections, destitutes, etc in urban areas resulted in increasing miseries, poverty and unemployment, whereas it is essential for every family to live with dignity, food, clothing and shelter, safe drinking water, healthcare, education, sanitations, electricity, etc.

Therefore this All India Convention on Housing Rights in relation to place of their work declares:-

The housing right irrespective of slum dwellers, pavement dwellers, homeless persons, low income groups, economically weaker sections, transgenders, destitutes, etc shall be ensured in all the urban areas of the country. The housing policy of the Union Govt. as well as all the State and Union Territories envisage housing close to their place of work or close to the place where livelihood oppurtunities are available. The policy of upgradation / In-situ / tenable developments of informal settlements (slums) shall be a general urban policy and displacements shall be exception and also with the effective consultations and consent of the affected families.

The Convention resolves and urges upon the Union Government and state as well as Union Territory Governments. :

To prohibit with a legislation of all forcible evictions/ demolitions of houses belonging to above said groups in urban and rural areas. To stop indiscriminate destructions of Ecology and Environment in the name of so called development projects. To stop repressions on any mass movements including the movements against forcible evictions/ demolitions of slums and bastis and withdraw all the criminal and falsely fabricated cases on the protestors, villagers, slum dwellers, participants of democratic mass movements, etc. To prohibit the evictions of small street vendors. To repeal the clause “The family shall be eligible for ‘housing’ who does not possess any house in any part of the country” in the definition of “eligibility” in the Housing for All policy of both Union & State Govts. To repeal the Odisha Prevention of Land Grabbing Act-2015. To desist from further move to dilute the present land acquisition law. Legalise all the slums, pavements, bastis, small street traders and provide them all basic facilities including safe drinking water, sanitations, electricity, healthcare, education etc. To enact an urban land ceiling law. All workers whether they are migrants or not, should be provided with full housing and other amenities of life by their employers irrespective of whether they are actual owners or contractors. To enact a law regulating house rents. Affordable house or on rent basis shall be provided to all by the Govt. and through their agencies. Earmark 40% land for housing for poor and socially weaker sections of the people in urban master plan. Whereas the so called development under the cover of economic reforms leads to plundering of natural resources such as land, forest, water , mines, etc. it increases the intensity of poverty and unemployment in the rural as well as urban areas. In an equity based urban development policy with special reference to the housing, sanitation, electricity, healthcare, education, safe drinking water facilities for the common people, the policy thrust for smart city or any such policy is not acceptable in the present conditions. We oppose the policy of quid pro quo adopted by the Centre and the State Govts. in providing basic services such as sanitations, safe drinking water, roads, sewerage, dranage, community grounds, etc and condemn imposition of User Fees in all the services provided for the common people. We oppose the present form of Targeted Public Distribution System and demands that all the people of the country are entitled for essential commodities including food grains with a reasonable price through a fair public distribution system.

We demand that all the above should be made available as a matter of right and not as a relief granted by any Govt. belonging to any political party.

We further request all pro-people and democratic forces to come forward to form a broad mass based platform for campaign for assertion of the housing rights of the people and to organise united protest resistances against any violation of the rights of the people.

The Convention also decided to translate this Bhubaneswar Declaration into all Indian languages and to be circulated among all the organisations, activists those are working among slum dwellers, struggling for housing rights and for livelihood with dignity. State wide discussions will be organised contacting all the organisations and activists working in various states. Further steps will be taken to coordinate all similar organisational efforts at the all India level.

Sivaram, Co-ordinator, AISM,

Mobile: 09668844555,

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Condemn Brutal attack on Com Sharmistha and other Bhangor movement leaders by TMC goons

West Bengal has become Lawless Land. As per the High Court Order the aspiring candidates of Jomi Jibika o Vastutantro Raksha Committee of Bhangor (Committee for Protection of People, Livelihood and Environment) were allowed to submit the nomination papers to the DM of South 24 Parganas. Accordingly they went to submit the same to the DM office at Alipore Kolkata. Very surprisingly the DM was not present in his office and made the candidates waiting there. In the meantime, a huge force of Ruling Party goons gathered with sticks and arms and attacked and severely injuring the candidates and the leaders of Bhangor movement and chased away from Alippre office of DM. CPIML Red Star Leaders including Central Committee member Com Sharmistha Choudhury were abducted by TMC Goons. It is afraid that the life of Com Sharmistha and other comrades are under threat. The leaders have already been brutally injured at the attack of TMC Goons. Everything is happening at the clear cut knowledge and in alliance with administration which utterly ignored the constitutional obligations and even the orders of Judiciary. The CM Mamata led West Bengal Administration has made the State completely a free man' s land for Hooligans and Goons and an independent empire for unconstitutional activities. It seems for Bengal Govt. no law is applicable. No court order is applicable to them. All democratic forces should come out in the streets and must stop them from utter hooliganism and fascist activities.

These all happened in front of police personnel and government officers. Democracy in Bengal is totally demolished by the ruling party and the administration. But our fight will continue to regain it. We shall fight... The people of Bhangar shall fight despite all hurdles...
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.