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Press Statement:

Modi-2 Plans NRC in Assam, Then All India NPR, Followed by Hundreds of Big Detention Camps for Millions of Migrants! Should We Not React?

According to reports, more than four million people, mostly Muslims, are at risk of being declared foreign migrants in the NCR for Assam to be released on 31st August, The hunt for migrants is unfolding in Assam for hauling them to detention camps. Many of the people whose citizenship is now being questioned were born in India and have enjoyed all the rights of citizens, such as voting in elections.

 Meanwhile the MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR GENERAL CITIZEN REGISTRATION, INDIA) has issued the NOTIFICATION of 31st July, 2019, S.O. 2753(E), in THE GAZETTE OF INDIA : EXTRAORDINARY  [PART II—SEC. 3(ii) which states;—In pursuance of sub-rule(4) of rule 3 of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003, the Central Government hereby decides to prepare and update the Population Register and the field work for house to house enumeration throughout the country except Assam for collection of information relating to all persons who are usually residing within the jurisdiction of Local Registrar shall be undertaken between the 1st day of April, 2020 to 30th September, 2020

The two-page NRC Notification pertains to the National Population Register in accordance with the 1955 Citizenship Law and 2003 Citizenship Regulation. Based on this, two-stage National Population Register was prepared in 2010 and 2015. This NPR process taken up now is just a prelude to the Assam model National Citizenship Register (NCR) aimed at driving out all migrants as Amit Shaw announced in parliament and later repeated in president’s speech on the eve of 15th August. Home minister Amit Shah thundered in parliament that his government would extend the National Register of Citizens to the whole country and deport ‘infiltrators’ from every inch of land. It would be a grave mistake to regard this as an empty threat. Not with the Modi-Shah leadership today. On his first day in office, Shah signed an order enabling all state governments and even district magistrates to establish Foreigners’ Tribunals in all parts of India. He also has asked all states to establish detention centres for identified foreigners.

State authorities are rapidly expanding foreigner tribunals and planning to build huge new detention camps. Hundreds of people have been arrested on suspicion of being a foreign migrant — including a Muslim veteran of the Indian Army. The pain of being left off a preliminary list of citizens and the prospect of being thrown into jail have driven dozens to suicide in Assam. If this was the case when the NCR was under preparation in Assam, what will happen when the final list is published on 31st August and the 4 million stateless people are hauled to detention camps is going to be terrific.

Modi-2 is not going to step back. Instead, intoxicated with the big victory it got in the elections and by the meek surrender of large number of leaders from the opposition parties who are flocking to BJP, it is vowing to bring this campaign to force people to prove they are citizens, as part of a far-reaching majoritarian Hindutva program buttressed by its muscular nationalist offensive. Immediately after abrogation of Article 370 and down grading J&K into two union territories after clamping down curfew and militarizing the Kashmir valley, the announcement of NRC in Assam on 31st August to be followed by the preparation of the NPR at all India level are steps intended to terrorize and maim the people and all opposition forces. These steps have created confusion among the minorities and all oppressed sections of people.

This fascist move, if not resisted immediately shall eventually lead to a situation like what happened in Germany where the Nazis hauled hundreds of thousands of Jews into concentration camps leading to the Holocaust! Horrible chapters in history which we thought will never return may be repeated in our soil with more tragic consequences. It is the time to become very concerned and take immediate steps to create public opinion against this move to create concentration camps where tens of millions may be hauled by the RSS parivar after declaring them stateless; it has already proved that it is capable of even surpassing the Nazis through its criminal acts like pogrom in Gujarat and mob lynchings at many places.

This critical situation calls for a countrywide broad based move  by all democratic forces against this dangerous move of Modi-2.  The Central Committee calls on all  party committees, all leading comrades to start discussions with democratic forces on this important question of opposing the NRC in Assam and NPR at all India level which is leading to declaration of millions of people stateless migrants in Assam and tens of millions all over India and hauling them to detention camps which may soon become concentration camps! Let us move fast, unite all democrats and create public opinion to resist this fascist move by Modi-2 and the RSS parivar.

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star.


The establishment of the first Hindu Court in UP’s Meerut district on August 15, 2019 (72nd Independence Day) with Pooja Shakun Pandey, national secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, notorious for re-enacting ‘Gandhi assassination’ on last January 30, as the first judge should not be construed merely as symbolic. The judge then itself, pronounced that the Court will have proper jails and maximum punishment will be death. The bylaws of the Court based on Manu Smriti will be released on Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, and the names of five more judges will be announced then, who will take charge in different parts of the country. Meanwhile, Hindu Mahasabha has plans to set up similar courts in Aligarh, Hathras, Mathura, Shikohabad and Firozabad on November 15, the day when Nathuram Godse was hanged. The main motive of the courts, as per the Hindu Mahasabha leaders, was to settle the issues related to the Hindu community on fast track basis as they remain pending in judiciary for long.

It should be noted that while Dr. Ambedkar was drafting the Indian Constitution, the RSS had expressed its outrage at him and demanded that Manu Smriti which epitomised the superiority of Brahmin men and considered women, the lower castes and the “untouchables” as subhuman, be made the basis of Indian Constitution. RSS justification for making Manusmriti as Indian Constitution had appeared in two Issues (November, 30 1949 and January 11, 1950) of Organiser, its mouthpiece. The November 30, 1949 Issue, among other things said: “The worst about the new constitution of Bharat is that there is nothing Bhartiya about it ... in our constitution, there is no mention of the unique constitutional development in ancient Bharat. Manu’s Laws were written long before Lycurgus of Sparta or Solon of Persia. To this day his laws as enunciated in the Manusmriti excite the admiration of the world and elicit spontaneous obedience and conformity. But to our constitutional pundits that means nothing.”

Viewed from this perspective, the Manu Smriti-based Hindu Court that is being inaugurated in UP is to be understood as integral part of a broader saffron theme towards open Hindu Rashtra. It is in accordance with the tenets of Manusmriti that the Hindutva forces led by the RSS have consistently been demanding the abolition of caste-based reservation. The recent reassertion of this position by Mohan Bhagwat, RSS chief himself is to be viewed in this context. A few days back, RSS was in the news for starting military schools for supplying personnel to Indian military. This is perfectly in tune with the erstwhile fascist tradition where paramilitary lumpen goons (eg. Black shirts of Italy and Brown shirts of Germany) trained in ‘fascist academies’ merged with the official military apparatus in enforcing the rule of fascist regimes. The establishment of Manusmriti courts by Hindu Mahasabha having more pronounced ramifications is a further step forward in this direction.

Unlike Italy and Germany when fascism suddenly shot up from the economic and political crisis of the 1920s, fascist transformation in India is to be understood as a systematic, steady and long drawn-out process spanning almost a century and having deep rooted and multi-dimensional penetration into entire civilian and military apparatuses of the Indian state. And unlike the Italian and German fascists who had sharp contradictions with other imperialist forces that turned out to be their Achilles’ heel, the Hindutva fascists from the very beginning have been shrewd enough to serve the interests of international capital at every step--an aspect to be noted by democratic forces in India. No doubt, the whole trajectory is now being cleared for India’s eventual transformation in to a Hindu Rashtra.








The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) under the control of Modi government has demolished a 15th century Sant Ravi Das temple or ashram, severely hurting the sentiments of tens of millions of dalits and progressive people, alleging that it is situated in the forest area, and whose removal was ordered by the Supreme Court. Everyone knows that all over Delhi there are tens of thousands of temples of savarna gods which are not removed even when they cause difficulties to traffic and people. So, if the SC ordered the removal of the Ravidas temple, it is because the savarna bureaucracy and prosecution failed to present the importance of this shrine to the SC . Besides, has the DDA demolished the structures of the elites in Delhi ordered by the SC?. So, if the savarna officers of DDA dared to demolish such an old ashram of a revered guru of the oppressed in the country, it shows their brahmanical arrogance towards the oppressed and their gurus. To understand this arrogance, one should know who was Sant Ravidas: He was a poet-sant of the Bhakti movement during the 15th to 16th century, venerated as a guru (teacher) in the vast regions of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. His devotional songs had a lasting impact upon the renaissance movement. Ravidas taught removal of social divisions of caste, and promoted unity based on caste annihilation and gender equality. As the Bhakthi movement emerged and developed challenging the brahmanical manuvadi system, the latter opposed it from the beginning. Presently, as RSS is in a hurry to build Ram temple, establish Hindurashtra and make Jai Sriram its battle cry, as part of its majoritarian Hindutva offensive, it is intolerant to the gurus and deities of Adivasis and oppressed peoples, the vanvasis, sudras and ati-sudras under manuvad, who had struggled against it. The demolition of the Ravidas temple is an example of this intolerance.

We strongly condemn the demolition of the Guru Ravidas temple of 15th century by the DDA under Modi government. Already dalits have launched a massive movement in Punjab against it. A call is issued for all India protest day on 21st August also. But the corporate, savarna media is closing its eyes and suppressing the news of people’s protests. Guru Ravidas was one of the driving lights of the Bhakthi movement which inspired the oppressed masses towards the renaissance movement and people’s liberation from all forms of exploitation based on caste system, patriarchy etc. Among Ravidas’s moral and intellectual achievements were the conception of “Begampura”, a city that knows no sorrow; and a society where caste and class have ceased to matter. He was clearly ahead of his times. As a result, in his own lifetime, his egalitarian views found resonance with masses of people across castes. So, naturally the ruling system and the manuvadis are angry towards him, even though they will try to bury his revolutionary ideas and to own him also as they are trying to do with all leaders of the renaissance movement and independence struggle..

We appeal to all progressive forces to condemn the demolition of the 15th century ashram of Guru Ravidas by the Manuvadi Modi government and demand its appropriate re-construction taking the opinion of all those who uphold his teachings.

KN Ramachandran,
General Secretary,
CPI(ML) Red Star.







From Red Fort’s ramparts what Modi said on 15th August is the RSS plan towards moving the country in the direction of a Manuvadi, exclusive, Unitarian Hindurashtra. He has defended what Modi-2 did in Kashmir is another step towards integration, one nation, one Constitution! His announcement of creating a Chief of Defence Staff to bring army, navy and air force under one command is step to one nation, one command; a step discarded in the past as it weakens civilian control over armed forces.

He hails introduction of GST which only helps the corporate forces as a step to one nation, one tax; now he is again calling for one nation, one election, another step against federal concept; all these steps along with the incursion in to issues under state list, taking over most of the areas under concurrent list started by Congress and advanced very fast now are cutting down all federal values existing in the Constitution. These steps will strengthen the bureaucratic stranglehold on all fields also. This is also part of the Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan concept which RSS wants to impose. These Unitarian moves are intended to weaken all aspects of democratization and decentralization, and moves towards a Unitarian fascist Hindusashtra!

As it was already bureaucratizing the state machinery, diluting many federal aspects in the Constitution and adopted neoliberal policies and membership of the WTO which were against the directive principles of the Constitution which calls for social justice, the Congress and the parties in its alliance refuse to challenge these Unitarian moves of Modi-2. But it is a pity that even the regional parties which were talking about launching a federal front during the election are becoming camp-followers of Modi-2.

In this context, it is the task for all forces who stand for safe-guarding the anti-imperialist values of the independence struggle, and for a genuinely federal, democratic, secular, casteless India based on gender equality with the orientation of social justice in all aspects, should get together to expose, resist and defeat the neo-fascist moves of RSS and its political front, BJP, to impose its Unitarian bureaucratic militaristic Hindurashtra over peoples of our multi-national country.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

The acquittal of the accused in the mob lynching case of Pehlu Khan shows that what was experimented during and after Gujarat pogrom, is now extended to country level. Then police was asked by the state government led by Modi not to interfere while the RSS goons killed, raped, looted, and burnt the minority for days. RSS acted like the marauders of the middle-ages, or the criminals organized by Adi Sankara’s brahmanical hordes who ravaged Budhist monasteries and massacred Lokayats in the 8th century to re-impose hegemony of the Manuvadi system. Then if the kings defended the murderers, now the BJP governments, the political fronts of RSS coming to power utilizing the corrupt and elitist electoral system, are using the increasingly saffronized savarna-brahmanical state machinery to exonerate the killers. All cases against Modi and Shah, and against the RSS goons accused in the pogrom were rejected for want of evidence! Now after Yogi coming to power in UP all cases of Musaffarnagar riots are getting rejected for want of evidence! The criminal BJP MLA of UP involved in dozens of cases is going to be exonerated. So there is no surprise if a local court in Alwar in Rajasthan on the eve of independence day acquitted six out of the nine accused in 2017 Pehlu Khan lynching case, citing lack of evidence. Three other accused are minors and proceedings against them are pending in the Juvenile Justice Board. Khan and his companions – including his sons – were attacked by cow vigilantes in Alwar on the National Highway in front of hundreds of people for transporting cattle on April 1, 2017. Khan died two days later, with the incident resulting in nationwide outrage. Though there were two vivid videos clearly showing the killing and the accused, the statement of Khan before dying and many eye-witnesses, the police, the doctors who did postmortem and the prosecution joined hands with the advocates of the accused to destroy all evidences and manipulated the trials with the Manuvadi judge colluding! Though in the elections to Rajasthan assembly eight months ago Congress defeated BJP and came to power, it did not do anything to change the prosecution or to order new investigation. In effect Congress, which is under so much soft-Hindutva influence, in spite of its election time promise to do justice to Pehlu Khan, stood paralyzed refusing to act!

So the Manuvadi judge could easily acquit all accused! And, before the stunt sons and relatives of Pehlu Khan, hundreds of RSS goons who were present in the court celebrated it shouting Bharat Mata Ki Jay! They are creating a new Bharat Mata of Hindu Rashtra, of majoritarian Hindutva! After what is happening in Kashmir, the acquittal of the accused in Pehlu Khan’s case shows how fast the neo-fascist offensive is intensifying menacingly. With the Congress government refusing to stand for justice, the line of demarcation is becoming very clear in the coming struggle against these marauders of Hindurashtra!

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

The unfolding scenario with respect to Kashmir now reveals a well-thought out strategy behind abrogation of Article 370 and 35A as these clauses had been a barrier to the unfettered plunder and loot of the Kashmiris and their resources by the corporate speculators and financial cronies. The Modi regime which in its compradorial role acts as a facilitator of corporatization, on account of this, has already led India to an unprecedented economic collapse as manifested in diverse forms. But, due to its 'special status', unlike in other parts of India, J&K has been relatively immune from this predatory plunder and pathetic situation thereof.

However, following the Constitutional coup transforming Kashmir into a prison house as the most militarized region in the world and caging the entire Kashmiri people violating all their fundamental rights, now Modi regime is laying down red carpet for all corporate plunderers, both foreign and Indian. To facilitate this neoliberal task, the comprador Modi regime is going for a Global Investors Meet in Srinagar during October 12-14 this year and the task of accomplishing this has already been entrusted to Reliance led by Mukesh Ambani along with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). Revealingly, to tide over its crisis, the RIL has entered into a strategic deal with Saudi’s Aramco, the biggest oil giant, acquiring 20 percent of RIL ownership at a price of Rs. 1.1 lakh crore. This deal among other things has ensured the support of Saudi, the embodiment reaction, so called guardian of 'Ummah' (Islamic Community) and above all the West Asian pillar of US imperialism, to Modi's Kashmir move -- once again underlining the power of finance capital, the supreme arbiter in all political dealings today.

Thus, to be precise, by its naked sellout of Kashmir to corporate financiers along with the ongoing surrender of Indian economy as a whole to imperialist capital, Modi regime has succeeded in ensuring the support of all imperialists. In this context, Pak foreign minister's desperate comment that the leading world powers "will not back Pakistan on the issue due to their economic interest in India where many are strongly invested” conveys the political undercurrents behind the move.

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.