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PROTEST March of affected villagers of Khamarait, Tuna, Machibhanga and Poddapukur, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal due to forced eviction of farmers from their land in the name of Power Grid in Khamarait village taken out on 8th December. To terrorise the villagers on 3rd November six innocent people (including 3 women, again one of whom was seriously ill) were taken away by the police and tortured and framed in false cases including attempt to murder against them. CPI(ML) Red Star PB Member and West Bengal State Secretary Com Pradip Singh Thakur, PB Member Com Alik Chakraborty, CC Member Sharmishta Choudhury, RYFI State Leader Com Amin Mondal addressed the gathering of about 3000 Villagers.

The Power Grid Corporation with the help of local contractor, goons, local political leaders and state administration terrorised the poor villagers and forcefully evicted them from their habitats against meagre compensation and built a Power Grid. Initially the Power Grid Corporation were telling the villagers that they would be constructing a Power House, but in reality they built a Power Grid which as per the law of the land should not have built in thickly populated area. No legal formalities have been adhered to while establishing the power grid. The local administration or the so-called elected people’s representatives did not even ready to give patient hearing.

At this moment some people approached CPI(ML) Red Star for their intervention. With their intervention a committee has been formed in the name of “Jomi Jeebika Baasthu Thantro Porivesh Raksha Committee”. Under this committee’s call a deputation to the Power Grid Corporation of about three thousand villagers marched from all 4 villages to the Power Grid Office at Bishnupur. But the Power Grid Corporation Authorities left the office not meeting the representatives of the Committee though the authority had invited the leaders for a meeting during a meeting of both the parties at the SDO’S office at Baruipur.

Under this circumstances, the committee decided to intensify the struggle. A “Raj Bhaban aviyan” with thousands of people was organised on 22nd December against unlawful land grabbing from the farmers at Bhangar, Deganga, Rajarhat and surroundings by Power Grid Corporation of India with the help of police and goons affiliated to the ruling party. A huge rally took place from college square to Dharmatala demanding the immediate cancellation of the power grid project on the fertile land which will affect the environment and livelihood of inhabitants. (See photo on front page) 

Karnataka: State Level Miners' Convention

AS part of International Miners’ Conference going to be held at Singareni in Telengana in first week of February 201,7 miners’ conferences are being organized in different states. Karnataka state mining workers convention is held at Hutti Gold Mines, Raichur District on 14th December. The Convention was inaugurated by com. Sanjay Singhvi, General Secretary, TUCI and addressed by com. R Manasayya and KB Gonal (Karnataka), com. B Pradeep, IFTU, Com. Bachha Singh (Jarkhand), Com. Ameer Ali (Hatti Gold Mines), com. M Satish (Bellary), com. G Amaresh (Raichur), com. Ramesh (Chitrdurga). About 300 delegates of mining workers from different district in the Convention. 
ON 28th November all states in India witnessed massive protest marches against Modi’ds demonetisation called by almost all oppositin parties. Tens of millions of people participating in this struggle ranging from marches to hartals. Everywhere there were massive demonstrations challenging the assault on people done in the interest of corporates in the name of demonetisation.

The state committees of CPI(ML)Red Star participated in the agitation organizing resistance against demonetisation, the corporate led assault on people, in continuation to the campaign it had launched as soon as it was announced. The Party committees organized many programs in different states.

The Party views that the demonetisation imposed by Modi Government is not for the people but for the corporates. It benefits only the corporates and mafias who have stashed away 80% of the national assets as black money in foreign and domestic havens. Immobilizing 86.4% of the currency has led to loss of jobs and livelihood for tens of millions. Day by day their condition is becoming worse.

The CPI(ML) Red Star has published a booklet explaining the real intention of Modi government in imposing this anti-people move. It calls on the people to organize active campaign and resistance against demonetisation based on the following slogans: Demonetisation not for abolishing black money, but an attack on people, resist it! Confiscate all black money at home and abroad! 
ALL India coordination council of the All India Peoples Initiative Against nuclear power met in Bhopal on 7 December which decided intensify the movement against proposed nuclear power plant in different parts of country like Chutka and Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. The meeting decided to organize energy workshop as many places as possible to create awareness among the people on replacing, fossil based nuclear energy sources with renewable energy sources like solar, wind etc. in the context the council adopted following resolution against the nuclear agreement signed by Modi government with the Japani government.

In early November, the governments of Japan and India signed a civil nuclear deal, enabling Japanese trans-national corporations to supply nuclear fuel, equipment and technology.

Japan is the only country in the world to suffer nuclear attacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with unimaginably horrific human losses. On top of that, the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster is unfolding to be an uncontrollable disaster with crippling economic and social costs. India is a densely populated country where both the UPA and current NDA government have planned and prepared to establish series of highly dangerous nuclear reactors in densely populated coastal and in land areas. Any disaster like Fukushima or Chernobyl (1986 Soviet Union/Ukraine) will have multi million people facing death and heavy radiation exposure.

Having suffered both nuclear attacks and reactor melt down, disasters, Japan should never have facilitated such possibilities elsewhere. Similarly with every region teeming with people and much less developed response capability, India should not go for nuclear power plants at all.

Indian economy will also take a hit, due to the very high cost of nuclear power plants, which is two-four times the cost of solar or wind power. It is clear that there deal is signed to benefit Japanese MNCs like Toshiba and Hitachi and connected US and Indian subcontractor corporation at the expense of Indian people and economy. We strongly condemned this bad deal and demands it immediate repeal. People of India will surely resist any implementation of this evil deal.
CPI(ML) RED STAR, Odisha State Committee organised Massive Meeting at Bhubaneswar on 27 December 2016 to observe Centenary of October Revolution. CPI ML Red Star General Secretary Comrade K.N.Ramachandran, Professor Bijay Bohidar, Professor G.B.Nath, AIKKS General Secretary Comrade Pradip Singh Thakur, TUCI General Secretary Comrade/ Deputy Coordinator of ICOR, AIRWO President Comrade Pramila, Party State Committee Member Comrade Rebati Ballav Mohanty, Party State Secretary Comrade Sivaram, Party Jharkhand State Secretary Comrade Basistha Tiwari, AP State Secretary Comrade Venketeswar Rao, Chattishgarh State Secretary Comrade Surakshya Yadav etc. spoke in the meeting on Teachings of October Revolution and People's Struggle for Livelihood, Housing & Democracy. Comrade Bijay Barik, Comrade Bharati, Comrade Kailash Sethy, Comrade Bichitra Patra performed cultural programmes. Comrade Ranjan Mishra coordinated the cultural programme. Party State Committee Member Comrade Sabyasachi played the key role organising this massive programme. CPI(ML) Red Star Koraput District Secretary Comrade Bibek Ranjan, Ganjam District Secretary Comrade Sankar Sahu, Puri Leader Madhab, Cuttack Leader Asutosh Parida, Dhenkanal Leader Khulana Raut etc played a key role to make success this programme. Party organised month long campaigning, large-scale leaflet distribution to make success Observation of Centenary of October Revolution. Since last 7th November party started it and it will continue upto 7th November. 
IT was on a very cold 12th December early morning last year the machines came with the police and muncipal officere to demolish the huts and throw out whatever they had. In that hurry one family lost a 6 month old child also. It was like an enemy the authorities handled the people who are providing the work force to the railways as well as to the neighbourhoods. Then the leaders and came many assurances. The chief minister of Delhi criticised the central administration for the demolition and promised to rehabilitate you providing housing. Top leaders of Congress and BJP also cane and promised housing. But within two weaks the clinic, movable lavatories, the food supply, blanket supply etc stopped and they were left with the demolished huts, without water supply, sanitation, latrines, clinic, anganvadi ...

A year has passed. Neither the Delhi nor the central administration including the railways have done anything during this period for their housing. They have to spend another winter in huts without any basic facilities. It is in this situation the Basti Suraksha Manch was formed. It submitted memorandum to authorities repeating how the Supreme Court and central goernment gave many assurances, but nothing implemented. After early enthusiasm the courts are also silent on the matter. So the Basti Suraksha Manch has called on the people to get mobilized and raise voice more powerfully with unity for getting the implemetation of the right to housing. With this demand a campaign was organized and a well attended public meeting was held on 11th December evening at Sakur Basti. 
MEMBERS of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) are protesting for many days at the varsity’s administrative block protesting the university’s decision to not allow protests over the missing student case.

JNUSU president Mohit Pandey has rejected the allegation about the students by the administration, as a “bunch of lies” and instead posed few questions to the administration over the issue. He alleged that the vice-chancellor was hell-bent on “destroying the culture of JNU through his high-handedness”. He also accused him of not making public the proctorial report, which says that some “ABVP activists have been found guilty of hitting Najeeb.” The students are protesting against inaction by the administration on the issue. Najeeb Ahmed, a first year MSc student, went missing from the campus on October 15 after he was assaulted by ABVP members during a hostel election campaign a night before. The JNUSU is organizing a rally from Mandi House to Parliament on 14th December to demand immediate action to trace Najeeb and punish the culprits. 
MONTHS after the suicide of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula led to protests in the city, students and activists held a rally to express their anger over the disappearance of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student Najeeb Ahmed. He had gone missing on October 15 after he was allegedly thrashed by members of ABVP.

The protest march organised by Joint Action Committee for Social Justice — an umbrella body of various Dalit, Muslim and leftist student groups — started from Kurla station and ended at the Kalina campus of the University of Mumbai (MU). The protestors submitted a memorandum to vice-chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh, demanding action against Najeeb’s assaulters. The students projected Najeeb and Vemula as symbols of ABVP and other right-wing organisations’ excesses against Dalits and minorities.

Holding the placards bearing pictures of Najeeb, the protestors asked the Delhi police to find the missing student. They also chanted slogans against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), ABVP and ‘Brahmanwad’.

“Najeeb’s mother is crying for help on the street. Her sister has asked the JNU vice-chancellor to find him. What are the Delhi police doing? The culprits are still out at large,” said Sagar Bhalerao from Samata Vidyarthi Aghadi. The activists also said that they want to end the ‘environment of fear’ in the campuses across the country. They added that they would continue with their protest till the missing student is found. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.