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ONCE again the villagers of Bhangar who are struggling for last more than one year against the imposition of a 400 kv Power Grid Project under the leadership of the Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Biodiversity and Environment, have come under severe attacks by TMC goons with bombs and guns supported by police for the last one week as the dates for the local bodies elections are drawing nearer. On 4th January morning a eleven member team of anti Power Grid Struggle Committee of KMSS, Assam, who came to extend solidarity to the Bhangar Committee were detained. Hundreds of democrats, intellectuals, political leaders and activists who were going to participate in the protest march in the villages were detained and sent to different police stations. It is practically a reign of terror against the villagers who are waging a peaceful resistance against this anti people project.

It is in this situation, to protest against the oppressive acts of the TMC government and to declare solidarity with the struggling villagers a march was organized from Mandi House metro station to the Banga Bhavan for handing over the following memorandum to the chief minister of West Bengal through its Resident Commissioner at Delhi. Comrades from different organizations declaring solidarity with Bhangar movement addressed it. The memorandum was handed over to the Resident Commissioner by comrades KNR, Vimal Trivedi and Malik (Mandoli Kisan Andolan, Gaziabad). 


THE All India Special conference of All India Revolutionary Student Organisation (AIRSO) was held on 26th and 27th December, 2017, at Nagpur. Delegates from four states – Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Delhi – participated in the Conference. A presidium consisting of comrades Vinay, Akshay and Animesh conducted the two day conference.

After adoption of the agenda, in the inaugural session, com. KN Ramachandran ( GS , CPIML red star ) extended good wishes to all present student comrades and reminded the importance of the Special Conference in the present situation when the society is going through a critical condition. He urged that in future AIRSO should strive to emerge as a mass based student organization challenging the neoliberal policies including commercialization of education on the one hand and communalization of the education on the other. After this comrade Tuhin (All India Convener of RCF) and com . Samar ((member of RCF All India Council) shared their student life experiences and comrade Samar sang revolutionary song.

After the inauguration session, the Organizational Report was presented by com. Akshay, the GS. After a long and fruitful discussion in the direction of rectifying present organizational weaknesses and moving forward towards organizational and agitation-wise development, the Report was adopted by the Conference. Following this, the amendments to the Program and Constitution were presented, and after discussion and reply by the presidium they were accepted.

On the second day the proposed Central Resolution was presented and accepted after discussion. Following this, the new five-member Central Committee was elected comprising comrades Vinay (Chhattisgarh), Akshay and Satwik (Maharashtra), Hanimesh (Karnataka) and Sain (Delhi) with provisions to co-opt more members from other states. The CC re-elected comrades Vinay as President and Akshay as General Secretary.

Following Resolutions were adopted:

1) Struggles against corporatization and commercialization of education, and oppose New Education Policy.

2) Struggle against seat- cuts, decreasing budgetary expenditure on education and shut down of large number of government education institution in various sectors.

3) Fight against all anti environment policies and against imperialist led so called development paradigm.

4) Fight against centralization of education syllabus.

5) Struggle in Support of Bhangar movement and all other people’s movements. .

6) Struggle for caste annihilation.

The two day Special Conference concluded with the determination to build AIRSO in to a powerful revolutionary student organization mobilizing lager number of students in coming days at all India level.


General Secretary

All India Revolutionary Student Organisation
THE Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM) was launched in 2012 with the call that modern India has to be built on the plinth of equitable and scientific society. The annihilation of caste system is the necessary precondition for this. With this vision, the All India Coordination Committee of Caste Annihilation Movement successfully conducted its 4th National Conference at Baba Sahab Ambedkar Hall in Kranti Jyoti Savitri Ma Phule Nagar (Barrister Rajabhau Khobragde Hall), Nagpur, from 13th to 14th January 2018.

The Conference started with the inaugural session which focussed on “Present Communal and Brahmanical attack and Significance of the Caste Annihilation Movement”. It was followed by the delegate session till pm on 14th. The National Conference was presided by Sanjeev, of All India Coordination Committee of Caste Annihilation Movement. The list of special guests who addressed the inaugural session included Com. KN Ramchandran, General Secretary, CPI (ML), Red Star, Dr. Sushila Tankbhore, renowned writer of Maharashtra and the state representatives of Caste Annihilation Movement, such as Dr. Brijbihari (Uttar Pradesh), Narbhindar (Panjab), U. Shambshivrao (Telangana), Jinda Bhagat (Nagpur), RP Singh (RCF), Akshay (AIRSO), Sunila (AIRWO), Labh Singh (Punjab), Ravi (TUCI), Ravi Paloor (Kerala) Ramesh Chandra Dutt (Karnataka), Bhimrao Yedke, Devrao Ailwar, Pravin Nadkar (Maharashtra), Rekha Gondane (Chhattisgarh). It was conducted by Tuhin, all India Convener of Revolutionary Cultural Forum & CAM Member, and vote of thanks was delivered by Bandu Meshram. At the end of the inaugural session, the latest issues of Jati Unmoolan, the Hindi organ of the CAM and Vikalp, the Hindi organ of RCF were released. Com. Rambali & Saraiyyah presented revolutionary mass songs.

A press conference was held on 12th January2018 explaining the significance of the CAM in the present context. The Conference concluded with a procession shouting slogans like ‘ Demolish the caste system” through the streets of Nagpur in the afternoon of 14th January, which concluded at the Namantar Chowk with a brief public meeting. In the cultural evening o 13th , inspiring songs were sung and documentary films were displayed on Caste Annihilation. The conference was well attended by large number of students, intellectuals, cultural activists and delegates from all the corners of the country like Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, UP,A.P. ,Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala ,M.P. and Chhattisgarh.

Com. Sanjeev, in his presidential address, said that both class and caste identities have kept the Indian society divided. Both are unpleasant realities. These have made hell of the lives of Indian people. The national movement of Caste Annihilation has begun with the agenda of creating a casteless and classless society. Caste system is like leprosy in Indian society. Since thousands of years, this cruel system has been resisting the change of time and still alive in its present heinous forms. The powerful ruling class is helping its survival for its vested interests. Not a single day passes without hearing the news of oppression of Dalits and other down-trodden caste people, along with that of tribals, minorities and women by the upper-caste and the rich. The toiling mass are the victim of double oppression,— one in agro fields or factories, the other by the upper caste. Some people pretend to be progressive or liberal, yet argue in favour of keeping the caste system in tact in the garb of preserving tradition etc. These hypocrites ought to be unmasked. He appealed to all progressive forces to join in the struggle for building a casteless, classless society based on equality and justice.

While delivering the keynote address, Ramachandran stressed on the significance of the oppressed people in Maharashtra manifested in the 3rd January state level bandh challenging the disturbances created by the RSS forces during the historic Bhima Koregaon mobilization, and said: We have a long tradition of resisting caste system that began with Gautam Buddha. This glorious tradition was carried over by Kabir, Rabidas, Mahatma Phule and Dr. Ambedkar and others inspiring the renaissance movement. We are holding this Conference at such a time when people are being repressed brutally in the name of caste and religion to satisfy nefarious narrow political ends of Sangh Parivar. People are being divided and their basic democratic rights are usurped – all in the name of religion and caste. At present, communal forces have been trying to consolidate their hegemony in all spheres of life. Attacks on oppressed class and caste are on the increase throughout the country. Presently, number of incidents of horrible attacks by the casteist force on Dalits in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa etc are reported. Imperialists and their henchmen are trying to consolidate their hold through intensification of the neo-liberal policies as well as the agenda of Hindu Rashtra as two aspects of their strategy. Religious dogmatism, vulgarization of history and dividing the country in terms of religion and caste are pushing us back to the dark days. We must unite to face this challenge and transform the resistance movement into a revolution. All progressive persons must come forward and bear the responsibility of transforming our society towards one without caste system and communalism, one where social justice flourishes in all fields.

Dr. Sushila Tankbhore affirmed that the situation in Maharashtra is no different from the rest of the country. Rather the situation in our country has worsened in the past few years. Inter-caste and inter-community marriages are opposed and the couples are killed. Imperialism has been providing stimulants to caste system. We are to rise against the prevalent inequality and wipe out the unjust system. We have to raise voice for women’s liberation & against oppression of caste-gender based violence.

Dr. Brijbihari pointed out that Babasaheb Ambedkar asserted that Caste system was like leprosy in Indian society. Still most of the sections he targeted was illiterate and the literate sections were busy in carrying the dead and oppressive customs of Brahmanism. He called for mobilizing the oppressed people and their organizations for rallying round the Caste Annihilation Movement to fight out the present unjust system. Dalit and minorities are fearful and anxious of their safety on account of the perpetual incidents of atrocities and heinous crimes against them. Recent horrific incidents in UP, Haryana etc are cases in point. Complaints pertaining to such violence are either not entertained in the police stations or the perpetrators usually go scot free easily.

Com. U. Shambshiv Rao (Chairperson OPDR, Telangana) opined that the politics of pseudo-identity politics had been creating division among the Dalits. On the basis of scientific consciousness, they should have to fight for a society without caste, class and religious creed. The Dalits in rural area hardly could make their both ends meet and living in penury. None of the leading political parties did anything towards their betterment. It is time to struggle for wiping out the caste identities.

Com. Pravin Nadkar (Lok Shahir Anna Bhau Sathe Manch & TU leader) stressed that caste system was not only for the benefit of Brahminical forces but also a tool for the divide and rule policy of the ruling class. Eradication of Caste system is a must for establishing equal rights for all.

While sharing the recent upheaval in Gujarat, Com. Narbhindar said that it was an effort to divide the community and encourage caste war. In the process, many of the democratic rights, outcome of long arduous struggles of past decades, are being taken back. He emphasized the revolutionary secular progressive legacy of historic “Gaddar Movement” and martyr Bhagat Singh’s anti religion, atheist thinking.

Com. Bhimrao Yedke (Nanded) averred that Humanism and World Unity should be the basis of Caste Annihilation Program. We must remain aware of the shrewd divide and rule moves of the ruling class.

Com. Jinda Bhagat (Convener CAM Nagpur) emphasized the need of providing specific direction to Caste Annihilation Movement. He focused on the role of deep introspection and study of our past weaknesses.He earmarked the question of land as the basis of fierce caste based violence in Rajasthan, U. P and in other states. Most of the Dalits do not possess any land. The agenda of present government is to abolish caste based reservation and rule by creating division among the toilers. He called for giving emphasis to inter caste marriages.

The inaugural session prepared the ground for the delegate session to take up the tasks of evaluating hitherto experiences and to prepare for intensifying the activities of the Movement.

The Conference starting on 13th afternoon firstly discussed and passed the amendments to the draft Program and Constitution of the CAM. Then the All India Report was presented. During the discussion many suggestions to overcome past weaknesses and to intensify the movement were pointed out by the delegates. After reply, the Report was adopted. The Conference elected an 18 member All India Coordination Council and an 8 member Central Executive Group (CCG). Dr. Brijbihari was elected as the Main Coordinator and Com. Sanjeev and Com. U. Shambhashiv Rao as Coordinators.

The Conference passed many resolutions on condemning the nefarious attacks on Dalits, Adivasis & Minorities; on suppression of freedom of expression; on perpetual deterioration of the status of the toiling & common masses; on vulgarization, communalization and saffronization of history and culture. It also expressed anxiety over the pauperization of peasants, increasing penury, price rise and atrocities on women. The central resolution moved by com. R.P. Singh focused on implementation of the main class in the Program, including struggle against caste based, feudal customs, traditions and superstitionsl against creamy layer concept and reservation based on economic positions; for campaigning for inter caste marriages; for removing case based surnames; for supporting the movement for land and housing for the landless etc.

The two day Conference which concluded with the rally and the public meeting, the participation of large number of delegates fro more states and its decision have given a new impetus to the CAM to carry forward its tasks with more enthusiasm. 
MANY students of the University of Hyderabad pledged on 16th January to fight for justice to Rohith Vemula and keep alive memories of the PhD student whose campus suicide two years ago triggered nationwide outrage. The Justice for Rohith Vemula, a committee of students and faculty members, observed Rohith Shahadat Day — martyrdom day — on January 17 and held a convention at the university auditorium to discuss issues such as discrimination against Dalits.

“The university authorities, the Centre and the state government might have thought the Rohith episode was a closed chapter. So long as the issues for which he attained martyrdom remain, his memories will continue to haunt the university and government,” said Dontha Prashant, a leader of the Ambedkar Students Union, at the university.

He and Vemula were among five research scholars the university suspended and expelled from their hostel in August 2015 on a complaint by the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), which accused them of assaulting some of its leaders. The expulsion is believed to have driven Vemula to die by suicide in his hostel room in January 2016. Under pressusre from the students this time the authorities allowed seven scholars from outside including Kancha Eliah to participate in the Convention. Many programs were organized on 17th January in memory of Rohit Vemula and pledging to continue the struggle for academic freedom and for casteist oppression. 
A PROGRESSIVE marriage, No Caste, No Horoscope, No Dowry, No unnecessary expenditure was held at Bhubaneswar with the assent of both the families, based on the love of the Boy and the Girl, Babita with Kahna.Boy’s family gave a dress to girl. Girl’s family gave a dress to boy. More than 200 family members and friends participated. A simple feast with the expenses born 50:50 by both the families. It was organised 21st January at CPI(ML) Red Star Odisha State Office, Inquilab Bhawan. On this occasion, greeting the bride and bridegroom, AIRWO State Secretary Com. Pramila. Prof. B. Ramachandra, & Swapna Bijayini of AMOFOI spoke. CPI(ML) Red Star, Basti Surakshya Manch, TUCI, AIRWO, Caste Annihilation Movement leaders and activists participated in this function to encourage progressive inter caste marriages breaking the traditions and superstitions. In this case the girl belongs to Schedule Caste (Dalit) category and boy belongs to OBC.

One week after the Fourth All India Conference of CAM, the convener of its Nagpur Committee, comrade Zinda Bhagat, held the inter caste marriage of his daughter, Roshini, with Alish from Pune, breaking all traditional customs, inviting the two families, relatives, friends and large number of progressive people from all walks of life on 21st January. The place where the marriage was held was decorated with placards with slogans of caste annihilation and opposing all superstitions and Brahminical values. It was a progressive marriage in the line of the marriages encouraged by Dr. Ambedkar. 


ALL India Coordination of Slum Dwellers & Housing Right Movement (AISHM) severely condemn the arrest of 3 activists of Basti Surakshya Manch, Delhi NCR and demands for immediate release of these Comrades. They were arrested in false charge from Bhopura Basti, Gaziabad District, UP when they were in a peaceful meeting protesting with the Slum Dwellers against their conspiratorial eviction drive by the land mafias and Police. 100 houses of these Bhopura slum were burnt to fire. BSM leaders and activists reached there to help the victims with relief materials. Comrade Sivaram, Convenor of All India co-ordination of slum dwellers and housing rights movements appealed to all like-minded forces to protest this anti poor action and compelled the Gaziabad Police to release the BSM activists soon. 


ON completion of 10 long years of the heroic Meppadi peasants movement, the convention of Landless Peasants of Meppadi (Wynad, Kerala) is held on 24 January 2018 at Meppadi Panchayat Auditorium under the leadership of All India Krantikari Kisan Sabh (AIKKS). The convention declared to organise fierce peasants struggle at District level. Comrade MP Kunhikanaran, Kerala State Secretary, AIKKS, inagurated the convention. Com Manoharan TUCI, Com Nasiruddin CPI(ML) Red Star, Ravi Paloor, Com Sam P Mthew TUCI, Sunni Ambat CPI(ML) Red Star greeted the gathering. Ravi Paloor detailed about the ongoing heroic Mass Movement in Bhangor, South 24 Pargana, West Bengal against anti people Power Grid to which the delegates given a serious hearing. 


Statement by CPI(ML) Red Star:

WHAT has happened in Rajasthan is shocking and terrible. Recent developments in the State in terms of lynching of Muslims, has reached the latest incident carried out on the 25th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, a murder in cold blood of Mohammad Afrazul who was hacked to death before being burnt. This came to light today when a video where attackers can be clearly seen hacking Afrazul to death, was circulated on social media by the perpetrators of this brutal act. Such things repeatedly take place in the state as the government is promoting these communal fascists. CPI(ML) Red Star strongly condemn this killing and demand the arrest and punishment of not only the main culprit, but also all those who encouraged him to do so.

Comrade Sharmistha writes:

THE murder of a Bengali migrant worker in Rajasthan is yet another horrific incident which cannot be condemned enough. He was allegedly murdered for having the ‘temerity’ to love a woman from the majority community. To put it brutally, he was murdered because he was a Muslim and Muslim men shouldn’t contemplate loving Hindu women.

History shows that it is the unity of the working class that has resisted fascistic onslaughts like no other power can. Only a vigorous working class unity, expressing itself in acts of resistance and solidarity, can save the country from the very real danger of a Hindutva coup.

Severely Condemn the Killing of a Muslim Worker in Rajasthan:

IN a joint statement from Jaipur released on 7th December 2017, prominent Civil Rights bodies and political organizations have demanded the immediate resignation of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria and urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to condemn the “cold-blooded murder” of Mohammed Afrazul, a 48 year old migrant from West Bengal in Rajsamand, Rajasthan. The statement said, “All organisations of Rajasthan are shocked at the recent developments of what is happening in the State in terms of lynching of Muslims, the latest one being carried out on the 25th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, a murder in cold blood of Mohammed Afrazul” Mohammad Afrazul was hacked to death before being burnt. This came to light today when a video where attackers can be clearly seen hacking Afrazul to death, was circulated today on social media.

In the video, the prime suspect Shambhu Lal Regar justifies his actions saying, “People with Islamic belief systems are all around us. They wear black clothes outside Masjids, in public places and around, they are a threat to our cultural heritage and are destroying it. Just like Maharana Pratap had decided to fight Islamic Jihad, we too have to eliminate the present Islamic Jihad. So I have done it, it may be good or bad, but I have done it!” He also speaks about the Babri Masjid demolition in a bid to strengthen his claim. “25 years ago the Babri Masjid was demolished but even that has not changed anything,” Regar is heard saying.

The statement demanded tthe immediate arrest of all the killers and attackers in hate crimes in Rajasthan, provision of absolute security to all the Muslims in the State, an end to the culture of hate and violence against Muslims and stopping the protection to such killers by BJP in power in the state. It urged the police to arrest those who encouraged and aided Regar and his accomplices. “Although the police have arrested the murderer Shambhu Lal Regar and the nephew who had shot the video, but it is important to reach the people who motivated him to carry out this murder.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.