MLPD’s Call for Release of com. Alik.

07 June 2018

Dear comrades,

We would like to express our unconditional solidarity with comrade Alik Chakraborty, politburo member of the CPI (ML) Red Star, who was arrested by the police of the State of West Bengal. This clearly is a political attack of the reactionary forces in the government, as he and his wife, comrade Sharmishtha Choudhury, played a leading role in the Bhangor movement against the 400 KV power grid lines outside Kolkata and were leading activists in the Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Ecology and Environment. Arresting him and filing the expected false cases are intended to stop his influence in the successful movement to protect the environment from the profit greed of the monopolies and the revolutionary perspective he stands for – just as in former unjust cases, e.g. the one of his wife were. Alik and Sharmista, who we know quite well as a courageous and militant women, are party and mass leaders.

We demand immediate and unconditional release of comrade Alik as well as the immediate medical help he urgently needs. We will make this unacceptable and undemocratic attack of the state apparatus known to our possibilities in order to contribute to him being released.

Monika Gärtner-Engel Responsible person for Internationalism






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