RCF: Condemn Fascist Attack on IPTA and Clean Chit to Murderers of Rohit

27 November 2016
RCF (Revolutionary Cultural Forum) and Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM), Chhattisgarh, jointly condemned the Sanghi fascist attack on the National Conference of IPTA at Indore. They also condemned the clean chit given by the one man inquiry commission to those ministers and higher ups prima facie responsible for the institutional murder (suicide) of the research student Rohit Vemula. They appealed to the cultural activists, mass organizations to resist such attacks

It is to be noted that during the concluding session of the three day National Conference of IPTA, —held at Anand Mohan Auditorium, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), from 2nd to 4th October, 2016— some fascist elements affiliated to RSS, forcibly entered into and created pandemonium. However, they had to backtrack at the face of resistance from the cultural activists. In a similar order of events, one man judicial inquiry commission – appointed by Ministry of Human Resource Development—averred in its report that Rohit Vemula himself had been responsible for his suicide. His expulsion from university hostel had also been logical and justified The Report states that there was no pressure exerted by Ministers like Smriti Irani or Bandaru Dattatreya, that might have been held responsible for the alleged suicide.

On behalf of RCF and Caste Annihilation Movement comrade Tuhin and Chandrika have expressed deep concern about the current tide of intense intolerance, communal fascism, attack on the freedom of expression, warmongering, Jingo –nationalism, fierce caste and communal hatred and a repressive atmosphere. In order to impose a neo-liberal destructive economic agenda to serve the interest of big corporate houses, a campaign—opposing women, Dalit, tribes, minorities and the poor— has been unleashed throughout the country under the leadership of US Imperialism .This campaign also happens to be full of unscientific, superstitious, religious fundamentalist, Brahamanical, Manuvadi ritualistic agenda. Both the above organizations appeal to all the progressive cultural activists, writers, intellectuals and organizations with similar thinking, to resist such nefarious activities and close the ranks against such forces. 
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