07 May 2018
IN a Press Statement issued on 7th April 2018, Secretary of West Bengal State Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star states: The Law and order situation in West Bengal is going from bad to worse as the TMC is letting loose the terror all over the State to prevent the aspiring candidates of opposition parties from filing of nomination papers for the ensuing Panchayat Elections.

Today, on 06th April, the members of Jomi Jibika Vastutantro O Porivesh Raksha Committee were attacked by the TMC goons in front of the Police inside the Baruipur Block Office when they went to file nomination papers. Four of them seriously injured.

It is a matter of deep concern that the Police even arrested/detained the Bhangor Andolan Sanhati Committee and JJBOPRC members and allowed the TMC goons to do whatever they like. It is a matter of serious concern that instead of taking all necessary administrative measures to ensure peaceful atmosphere so that all aspiring candidates could participate in the electoral process, the State Administration is siding with the miscreants and effectively disallowing the opposition party workers from exercising their democratic rights. It is a blatant violation of its constitutional obligation by the State Government to ensure safe and security of the citizens. We demand all wings of constitutional authority to take immediate remedial action so that the State Administration should act impartially and adhere to the constitutional obligation

We demand immediate release of the Bhangor Andolan Samhati Committee members, comrades Amitabh, Sankar and Biswajit, who are detained by the Police in Bhangor Police Station. We also strongly condemn the attack on JJBOPRC members and detention of Bhangor Andolan Samhati Committee members.

Pradip Singh Thakur

Secretary, West Bengal State Committee

CPI(ML) Red Star

7th April 2018 
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