Stand up for peace, struggle against warmongering - CPI (ML) Red Star

27 February 2019

The Polit Bureau of the CPI (ML) Red Star in Session makes the following statement on 27th February, 2019.

Stand up for peace, struggle against warmongering.

No, the country is not in safe hands. The frenetic warmongering and rabid jingoism resorted to by the Modi government on the eve of national elections is a vile attempt to cover up its total failure in office, the murky scams, the socio-economic disaster it has plunged the country into, only proves the veracity of the old adage, ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.’

While facts remain elusive, corporate media, diligently fed by the Modi government’s PR machinery, are whipping up a frenzy of war hysteria with strident cries of revenge. The IAF air strike, which purportedly destroyed Jaish-e-Mohammed terror bases, and supposedly killed hundreds of ‘terrorists’ is, at best, an unconscionable act of external aggression, which should be condemned. The entire exercise is shrouded in mystery with government or military spokespersons yet to come up with a formal statement on the number of casualties.

Following the air strike, which the government has rather euphemistically termed as an ‘anti- terror’ ‘non military’, ‘pre-emptive’  operation,  tensions between India and Pakistan have expectedly escalated, with reports of heavy firing along the Line of Control and casualties on both sides. Whether this will snowball into a full-fledged war or remain confined to dimensions that will fan the flames of national chauvinism without exploding into war, remains to be seen. However, the need of the hour is not, like the social chauvinist CPM, to eulogise our military actions but to categorically and unequivocally call for peace.

CPI (ML) Red Star calls upon all democratic and peace-loving citizens to –

  • demand a political and peaceful solution to the Kashmir question
  • call upon the Modi government and all opposition parties to stop warmongering
  • call upon the Modi government to refrain from all acts of external aggression and indeed from any action that may provoke war, and
  • unite for peace, and  against war.


KN Ramachandran, General Secretary,

CPI(ML) Red Star


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