Contribute generously to CPI(ML) Red Star’s Election Fund

27 March 2019

Appeal to all progressive, secular, democratic and left forces from the Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star:

Contribute generously to CPI(ML) Red Star’s Election Fund.

Dear comrades and friends,

Warm greetings.

As the crucial Lok Sabha elections have started, the Modi-Shah combine, alarmed by growing people’s resentments against the BJP rule, are recklessly indulging in war mongering, and saffronization and de-politicization of the campaign, trying to divert attention from all cardinal socio-economic-political issues and to cover up the total failure of five years of Modi rule to address any of the problems faced by the people. Utilizing enormous funds amassed through nefarious means, and the modern technological possibilities, they have launched a no-holds-barred Bring back Modi campaign led by RSS. In this situation, Defeat corporate-saffron fascist forces, Defeat BJP has become our central slogan today.

In this situation, though the opposition parties getting together in some form or other against return of Modi, they are not prepared to change their past policies which led to the ascendance of BJP to power. They  raise anti-Modi slogans, only to benefit from the growing anti-Modi anger among the masses.  Even the minimum income guarantee (NYAY) scheme announced by Congress is not going beyond the Garibi Hatao slogan of Indira Gandhi almost five decades ago as it is not ready to reject the neoliberal policies. They are pursing soft Hindutva to combat BJP, and promoting casteist agenda. They also had no hesitation to vote for the 10% economic reservation move of Modi.  They do not put forward even a reformist alternative program to take the people out of present crisis.

As far as CPI(M)-led Left Front/LDF parties are  concerned, instead of utilizing parliamentary struggles as part of class struggle for social change, they are pursuing  neoliberal policies wherever they come to power, disappointing the left masses. Instead of building up a left alternative based on a people oriented program, in the name of opposing the saffron fascist forces, they align with Congress and other opposition parties.

It is in this context, the 11th Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star called for resolute ideological-political campaign against the reactionary ruling system, against corporate-saffron fascism using all available means.  With this perspective, it is continuing discussions with revolutionary, left and democratic forces, other struggling forces and organizations of oppressed classes and sections for building up a Mass Political Platform based on people’s manifesto to resist and defeat the corporate-communal fascist threat and to build up a People’s Alternative to the ruling system. The Party calls for strengthening independent left assertion which shall provide powerful boost to the campaign to oust Modi rule, while leading the people towards alternative path of development and democratization.

As already announced, the party is fielding candidates for about 40 Lok Sabha seats from 16 states, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, AP, Telengana, Maharashtra, MP, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, W. Bengal, Jharkhand, UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and Punjab and about 8 assembly seats from AP and Odisha.  We are also supporting 10-15 candidates from different states representing various people’s struggling forums.

As you are aware, the election system is becoming increasingly corrupt and expensive with corporates, scamsters funding for the ruling class parties. The deposit money for every candidate itself is raised to Rs. 25,000. Because of our uncompromising stand against the ruling system, and as we do not collect funds from the corporates, big business or corrupt sections, collection of funds is a difficult problem for us. Only generous contribution from comrades and friends can help the Party to wage an effective campaign.

The Party Central Committee appeals to you to contribute as generously as possible to the Election Fund to our Party state committees and to the party candidates as well as to candidates supported by the Party. You can also send to the Central Election Fund to the following account: Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Star, Account no. 510101002779667, IFSC Code CORP0001312, Corporation Bank, Nawada, New Delhi-110059 with information to 9582950680.

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary,

 for the Central Committee,

CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

26th March 2019


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