A Call to All Party Committees and Friends: Fani cyclone causes extensive damages in Odisha; Organize urgent fund collection to assist Odisha state committee in relief work. The Fani cyclone which hit Puri coast on 3rd May morning has caused extensiv

05 May 2019

The Fani cyclone which hit Puri coast on 3rd May morning has caused extensive damages in all coastal districts of Odisha, and in northern districts of AP and southern districts of W. Bengal. The worst damages are in Odisha, especially in Puri-Bhubaneswar-Cuttack region. Still (5th morning) electricity, telephone, water connections and communications are not restored in thie region and many other areas. Lakhs of bastis and small structures including houses of many of our comrades and party office are seriously damaged. So far it is reported that about 45 people have died. The extensive shifting of people to shelters helped in bringing down the number of dead. Rehabilitation of the people including reconstruction of the hutments etc need help from all. We have asked our party state committees in Odisha, Bengal and AP to send reports and to organize relief work at state level. They can do it effectively only with help from outside.

In this situation, on behalf of the Central Committee all Party Committees are called upon to organize collection of Relief Fund for the affected areas. As the election campaign in most of the states are completed, all party comrades should be mobilized for collection of Relief Fund for Fani cyclone affected people of Odisha.

 As soon as the relief committee is formed in Odisha, its account no and other details shall be sent. Make all out effort to collect relief fund from today, 5th May to 5th June. Issue appeals to people for assistance.


K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star


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Kabeer Katlat


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