CPI (ML) Red Star Call: Under Modi-2 India Becomes Dumping Ground of US Weapons! Organize Protests Against US State Secretary’s Visit on 27th June!

24 June 2019

The US State Secretary Mike Pompeo is coming to India to hold discussions with foreign minister of India from 25th to 27th June  as a prelude to Trump-Modi meet on the sidelines of  G-20 Summit in Japan on 28-29 June. It is taking place just after a Bill sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats seeking amendments to change the US Arms Controls Export Act to bring India on par with NATO allies, Israel, Australia, South Korea and New Zealand and for selling high-tech military weapons under the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) list is just moved in the American Senate. This Bill will give considerable executive powers to US president to export and deploy these weapons in India for real-time military operations. It is in continuation of India signing the Communication, Compatibility, and Security Agreement (COMCASA) with US and in the context of the ongoing bilateral discussion on Basic Exchange Cooperation Agreement (BECA), basic agreements to maintain India as its junior strategic partner.

While all these things are happening, Modi regime is keeping silence on the US warning with sanctions against India’s buying Russian-made S-400 Triumph missile defence system in accordance with the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). Nor it has made any response to Trump administration’s unilateral termination of preferential trade treatment for India as per the GSP scheme or on its warning for halting cheap oil imports from Venezuela and Iran. Of course, to dilute India-Russia defence deals, in the meanwhile, the US has informed its interest to transfer high-end defence equipment like National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS II), the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD), Patriot Advance Capability (PAC-3), and the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet, etc.

At a time when the Erdogan regime of Turkey and Latin American countries like Bolivia are daring to maintain ‘relative national independence’ by taking advantage of  sharpening inter-imperialist contradictions and trade wars, Modi -2 is showing increasing American servitude.. Recently, in spite of still being a“NATO ally”, Erdogan has pushed ahead with the purchase of S-400 missile from Russia,   amidst US threat of sanctions. Evo Morales of Bolivia has declared his country’s decision to cut off ties with the Bretton Woods twin, IMF and World Bank, America’s neo-colonial economic arms.

It is also a time when Trump administration is plotting aggression against Iran, and backing the Zionist rulers in Israel who are massacring even children of Palestinians. But, ‘the saffron nationalists’ who boast of nationalism to hoodwink the people, only use it as a camouflage for acting as agent of US imperialism. The Modi regime’s actions show how it is making India increasingly a junior partner  of US imperialism. It is offering India as a launching pad for Pentagon’s geopolitical interests in the Indo-Pacific directed especially against imperialist China which is contending with the US for world hegemony.

In this situation, CPI(ML) Red Star calls on all party committees to hold protest actons on 27th June joining hands with all like minded forces wherever possible, with the slogans: Down, Down, US Imperialism; Mike Pompeo Go Back; Repeal all Strategic Partnership Agreements with US!

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star


22nd  June 2019

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