Press Statement : Following Modi.2's moves, Kashmir is transformed as the latest hot spot in inter- imperialist rivalry.

07 August 2019


As pointed out by several sources including the latest article by RSS ideologue S. Gurumurthy (The New Indian Express, August 7, 2019), Modi regime has resorted to the 'Constitutional coup' against the Kashmiri people, under prior intimation to US, its imperialist master. Apart from that, a number of saffron-backed Hindutva organisations in US such as Hindu American Foundation (HAF), Overseas Friends of BJP(OFBJP), Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) have carried out concerted lobbying for ensuring US support for stripping J&K's Special Constitutional Status and transforming its stature from a semi-autonomous state to two union territories, inferior to the other India states. The result was that even as the parliamentary process was going on came the statement from US State Department spokeswoman, Morgan Ortagus that it is an "internal matter" of India. Consistent campaigns were there in support of the Modi-2's moves by the earlier mentioned organizations in US, in UK ( led by Indo-Europe Kashmir Forum, Hindu Council UK), in Canada (Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum), etc. which are hard-Hindutva overseas organisations, similar to the campaign of the Zionist organizations all over the world supporting Israeli aggression against the Palestine people, .

Thus, while the US led imperialist camp generally supported Modi's Kashmir move, Pakistan has already condemned New Delhi’s move and said it will “go to any extent” to protect Kashmiris. China has vehemently opposed it with one of its severest statement in recent years against India. China has said the move as "unacceptable" as it undermines it's territorial sovereignty. By this time, several analysts have pointed out how the Buddhist region of Ladakh nestled between Tibet and Pakistan, a disputed territory according to China, is of direct strategic importance to it.

The upshot of the argument is that while repeatedly claiming the Kashmir issue as an internal matter, Modi regime itself has blown up it as an international issue of strategic importance with 500000 military and paramilitary troops stationed there, which has only a population of 15 million, the highest militarized region in the world at par with Zionist occupied West Bank. With US and China directly coming into 'conflict' at Kashmir, Modi regime through its actions have transformed Kashmir as one of the most important geo-strategic global 'hot-spots’. And it's consequences to the India people, especially in view of Indian regime's ongoing integration with US as the latter's junior strategic partner and as a launching pad in its machinations against China are gruesome. Modi's Hindu Rashtra policy on Kashmir has transformed India as a direct focal point in the inter- imperialist contradictions, especially between US and China.

In this serious situation, it is the task before all genuine nationalist, progressive, democratic and secular forces in this country to come forward demanding the withdrawal of the bifurcation and transformation of J&K in to two union territories, and for political resolution of the issue through a referendum ensuring the right of self determination of the Kashmiri people.

KN Ramachandran,
General Secretary,
CPI(ML) Red Star.

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