With the assault on Kashmiri people, Modi-2’s moves have cut at the roots of whatever Federal values the Constitution has

08 August 2019

When we are issuing this statement on 8th August evening, for the fifth day people of what is left of old J&K after Modi-2’s assault, the union territory of J&K, is under curfew, under the occupation of nearly 7 lakhs of military and para-military forces which have disarmed the police force. It is now like an open jail, people are not allowed to come out from their houses on the streets, no communication possible as all telephone, broadband, net connections are cut, all shops except few medical shops shut, not possible to contact relatives in the territory or outside, no milk and vegetables and food items. Only visible thing is the military forces moving on the streets. According to Modi and RSS parivar all these are for integrating Kashmir to India! Is this the way of integration of a people, who had already suffered 72 years of military occupation and disturbances with 41,000 dead and many lakhs injured and maimed?


According to Modi-2 and RSS, Kashmir is an internal affair of India and no outside interference or internationalization of the issue will be allowed! But the fact of the matter is that through its arrogant fascist acts subverting the spirit of the Constitution, it has already internationalized the issue more than ever, and has turned Kashmir in to the hottest trouble spot of inter imperialist conflict.  Following the Zionist model, the Sanghi fascists have transformed both sides of the Line of Control in to Gaza like situation where the Palestinians are butchered by the Israeli forces with US support. Modi-2 has created a situation in which the UN will be discussing more about what is happening in the Indian administered Kashmir and when it has to confront China’s more aggressive demands for new border negotiations beyond the McMohan Line!


Much more than this, sooner or later the abrupt abrogation of Article 370 and reducing the state of J&K with special powers to just two union territories will spread alarm among the 11 more states who enjoy special powers under various clauses of Article 371, even though many of the parties ruling there and MPs from there voted for the abrogation now!


Those who claim that the scrapping of Article 370 will integrate Kashmir with India should know that the Article 370 was an act which kept Kashmir integrated with India for past several decades. After it’s abolishment India has become an occupying force. The countries like Eritrea, East Timor & South Sudan became successful in their struggle for self determination after getting increased support internally & externally after the dictators of parent countries tightened their control further. The removal of Article 370 and arrest of leaders who were serving the Delhi domination so far will only intensify the demand for referendum and protests in the valley from now onwards and give legitimacy to the politics of Pakistan and to the parties demanding separation.

As far as the claim about the scrapping of 35 A bringing more development to J&K, they should know that the human indices in this region is already much higher than that of Gujarat where BJP is ruling for 25 years.  As far as the investments are concerned, it takes place not because land is available, but depending on a suitable political climate there. That is why though there is   masses of land available in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia nobody invests there. Everyone knows UP-Bihar are one of the largest states in India with cheap labour and lands but IT Parks & MNCs chose South India as a better alternative because it didn’t have the political climate of Gang Wars and extortion like in UP and Bihar. It is also a fact that even the Kashmiris are reluctant to invest there in the prevailing atmosphere. So Amit Shaw’s claims about his ‘integration’ shall turn J&K in to an investment hub is out rightly bogus.


As already pointed out by many from the valley, though the curfew and military occupation has kept the atmosphere now apparently normal, what is going to happen when the curfew is prolonged or relaxed, as Modi-2’s acts have made  Kashmiris  feel that they have lost everything, and the only way out is to fight back?  Nobody can predict how dangerous the situation can become if the Modi-2 thinks it can militarily resolve the question. Modi-Shaw duo should try to learn history, even with the highest military might and even after deployment of a million strong military along with its allies, the US imperialists had to retreat before the people’s advance in Korea, Vietnam or Afghanistan and Iraq!


The RSS parivar and Modi-Shaw duo who are celebrating the Modi-2’s assault on the people of Kashmir should know that the secular democratic public opinion in the country shall recognize soon the barbarity of what is done by it to the national pride, secular values of the people and federal principles of the Constitution. They shall come out in solidarity with the people of Kashmir struggling for their right of self determination.  Like the Zionists in Israel, the Hindutva fascists, the RSS parivar and its Modi-2, however hard they rely on the US imperialists, are bound to fail before the forward march of the forces of democracy and social change.


KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary,

CPI(ML) Red Star.

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