Modi’s 15th August speech: Another big step towards Hindurashtra!

15 August 2019

From Red Fort’s ramparts what Modi said on 15th August is the RSS plan towards moving the country in the direction of a Manuvadi, exclusive, Unitarian Hindurashtra. He has defended what Modi-2 did in Kashmir is another step towards integration, one nation, one Constitution! His announcement of creating a Chief of Defence Staff to bring army, navy and air force under one command is step to one nation, one command; a step discarded in the past as it weakens civilian control over armed forces.

He hails introduction of GST which only helps the corporate forces as a step to one nation, one tax; now he is again calling for one nation, one election, another step against federal concept; all these steps along with the incursion in to issues under state list, taking over most of the areas under concurrent list started by Congress and advanced very fast now are cutting down all federal values existing in the Constitution. These steps will strengthen the bureaucratic stranglehold on all fields also. This is also part of the Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan concept which RSS wants to impose. These Unitarian moves are intended to weaken all aspects of democratization and decentralization, and moves towards a Unitarian fascist Hindusashtra!

As it was already bureaucratizing the state machinery, diluting many federal aspects in the Constitution and adopted neoliberal policies and membership of the WTO which were against the directive principles of the Constitution which calls for social justice, the Congress and the parties in its alliance refuse to challenge these Unitarian moves of Modi-2. But it is a pity that even the regional parties which were talking about launching a federal front during the election are becoming camp-followers of Modi-2.

In this context, it is the task for all forces who stand for safe-guarding the anti-imperialist values of the independence struggle, and for a genuinely federal, democratic, secular, casteless India based on gender equality with the orientation of social justice in all aspects, should get together to expose, resist and defeat the neo-fascist moves of RSS and its political front, BJP, to impose its Unitarian bureaucratic militaristic Hindurashtra over peoples of our multi-national country.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

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Kabeer Katlat


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