03 August 2020

After the return of Modi to power in last May with more majority, and the corporate fascist offensive by Modi-Shah team was aggressively going ahead, we had called on the revolutionary left forces who stand for system change to come together and form a coordination based on a Common Program, so that it can become the core for building a broad based Anti-Fascist Front at all India level. As you are aware, we held a meeting at Kolkata in last September in which your representatives also participated and it was decided to continue the process through bi-lateral discussions and a delegate level meeting to decide on future steps. At a stage, when the pandemic Covid19 had started threatening the whole world, while continuing the bi-lateral discussions with different organizations, CPI(ML) Red Star and CPI(ML) PRC came out with a Joint Statement explaining the situation created by the pandemic and calling for speeding up our efforts to form taking in to consideration the new challenges also. The Joint Appeal concluded with these words:

“Comrades, let us take up immediate tasks, and combine them with intermediary political demands as emanating from the immediate tasks, and finally come up with revolutionary slogans of proletarian led intervention in due course of time. The preparation of such tasks can be taken up once a possibility of a broad unity seems to be arriving and surfacing.  If the revolutionary left forces agree, in the main, with this analysis and proposals, or are prepared to sit together for discussion with others based on it, we can advance to drafting the Common Program for coordination, if immediate unity is not possible, and united actions based on it. Our appeal is, comrades, at this critical juncture, let us take up this challenge”. Though this Joint Appeal was sent and we tried to hold bi-lateral discussions, may be due to the present lockdown situation this process did not advance the way we desired.

It was in this situation, in support of the All India Protest Day called by the central trade unions on 03 July, CPI(ML) Red Star, CPI(ML) PRC, UCCRI(ML) Kishan and All India Workers’ Council came out with a Joint Appeal calling for joint campaign based on 12 slogans: This Appeal concluded with these words: “.... the alternative before the working class, the peasantry, all other toiling and oppressed masses including the dalits, Adivasis, minorities including Muslims and others, women is to come out on the streets and challenge this neo-fascist anti-people rule. We appeal to all communist revolutionary forces to close their ranks and unite, the working class to get prepared to take up their historic role, the peasantry and all other oppressed classes and sections to come together in massive militant protest against the corporate fascist Modi government on 3rd July all over India, with the determination to resist and defeat the corporate fascist aggression, to seize back and expand our rights”. The twelve demands/ slogans given in this statement are developed according to latest developments and given below for our discussion and finalization.

In continuation to these, in the present situation, when the Covid1 pandemic is infecting crores of people and Modi government is criminally refusing to take any steps to contain it, we once again appeal to the revolutionary left organizations who are struggling for throwing out the corporate fascist rule of RSS/BJP led by Modi, and for system change towards people’s democracy and socialism, to come together based on the following immediate slogans, form the Coordination Committee which shall draft a Common Program, to start building the Anti-Fascist Front mobilizing the masses at all India level.

  1. Stop Warmongering and Jingoism; Settle border disputes peacefully through bi-lateral discussions! No more border wars!


  1. In order to contain the fast spreading Covid19 threat:
  2. Test at least 10% of people for Covid19 by 15th August;
  3. Ensure free testing, quarantine and treatment for all;
  4. Urgently bring all private hospitals under government control; Stop looting by them; Form people’s committees wherever possible, collect data of looting by the private hospitals and orrganiza people’s movements against them.
  5. Provide economic package of at least 5% of the GDP for immediate medical expenses and payment of enhanced wages/allowances to all medical/para-medical staff;
  6. Provide free monthly ration of 45kgs food grains to all families;
  7. Provide Rs.10,000 monthly allowance for six months from 1st June to all jobless , unemployed and all needy people;
  8. Restore all basic rights of working class; Cancel all orders like 12 hour working day, cut in wages etc; Provide employment for all; or unemployment allowances to all jobless.
  9. Provide work for all needy, at least 200 days yearly, with Rs 500 per day under MNREGA. Start Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme;
  10. Withdraw all ordinances including the three for further corporatization of agriculture, selling national assets, privatization of core sectors etc. Issued using Covid19 as a cover;
  11. Withdraw the New Education Policy 2020 which is trying to replace the present campus based general education with online education system leading to further elitisation and commerc-ialization of education; withdraw all moves to play with children’s lives by forcing examinations and opening of schools/colleges without taking any urgent moves to contain Covid19.
  12. Withdraw CAA, and cancel NPR/NRC based on CAA.
  13. Withdraw UAPA; Release all political prisoners including anti-CAA activists; Stop detaining all who opposing the Modi rule; Restore democratic rights of peoples of J&K and Northeast.

CPI(ML) Red Star, CPI(ML) PRC,

UCCRI(ML) Kishan and AIWC

Dated 20th July, 2020

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.