06 February 2021

Compatriots, friends and comrades,

As you are aware the country and the people are going through a critical situation. In spite of all vicious attacks from the RSS parivar and its corporate fascist BJP government led by Modi, the historic struggle of the farmers with the support of the working class and all other toiling masses including the oppressed sections for repeal of the 3 Farm Laws which will lead to corporatization of the agriculture, and destruction of the food security and public distribution system in the country, is intensifying day by day. The lakhs of farmers  who have laid siege of the national capital for more than 50 days have announced their determination to march to the center of Delhi with their tractors on the Republic Day. If the countrywide upsurge against the CAA/NPR last year symbolized by the Shahin Bagh movement could be suppressed by the Modi government by spreading Islamophobia and using the cover of Covid19, this time the struggle against the Farm Acts, supported by the working class who calls for repeal of the 4 Labor Codes are challenging the Manuvadi Hindutva fascist forces who are going ahead with corporatization of all fields, dis-empowering and impoverishing the masses and devastating the environment by opening all fields to barbarous corporate plunder. To facilitate this, divisive politics of hate and fascist oppression is unleashed. In this context, while persisting with independent communist assertion with the future vision of people’s democracy and socialist transformation, the CPI(ML) Red Star , while actively involved in the ongoing farmers’ struggle like what we did in last years’ anti-CAA movement, has launched a countrywide Defeat BJP campaign in the coming assembly elections joining with all like-minded struggling forces.

Rectifying the past mistakes the Party has launched an active movement against Manuvadi Hindutva which is the theoretical base of the neo-fascist RSS. Upholding the teachings of the Renaissance movement, Party has launched a Caste Annihilation Movement and revolutionary cultural offensive to unite the oppressed masses with the worker-peasant alliance, to fight against Brahmanical, patriarchal concepts and to build the Party according to demands of present situation. Recognizing the growing danger of ecological catastrophe endangering even the very existence of human life on earth under the plunder of nature by the neo-liberal/corporate counter-revolutionary forces, we have taken initiate in building a fighting International Anti- Imperilist, Anti-Fascist United Front under the leadership of ICOR and ILPS, uniting all revolutionary communist parties and mass organizations at international level. The party is calling for an alternative development perspective overthrowing the neoliberal/corporate model of the capitalist imperialist system. Along with this, it calls for a new vision of democracy based on “all powers to the people” transforming the Panchayat system on the basis of People’s Communes.

Thus, while actively involving in all ongoing movements to throw out the RSS led corporate fascist Modi government joining hands with all forces opposed to it, on the basis of an alternate program we are engaged in uniting the communist revolutionaries and winning over the youth and students to build a powerful party capable of leading the mass upsurges toward  revolutionary seizure of political power and socialist future. It is the great task before the revolutionary and left masses all over the country. The CPI(ML) Red Star has taken up this task vigorously based on the theoretical offensive for analyzing the past experience of the communist movement from Paris Commune, learning from them, and developing the Marxist-Leninist concepts according to present concrete conditions of our country.

To carry forward this great endeavor, your all forms of active cooperation is needed starting from discussing the programmatic and revolutionary path concepts of our Party with the comrades to extending maximum financial support. We appeal to you to make the drive for collection of the central fund of the Red Star from 15th January to 15th February a success.

Long Live Indian Revolution!

Bank account details:

Account Name: CPI (ML) Red Star

Bank: Corporation Bank

Account No: 510101002779667

IFSC: CORP 0001312

Branch: Nawada Branch

New Delhi, India




KN Ramachandran

for the Central Committee

CPI(ML) Red Star

15thJanuary 2021

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.