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If Modi led BJP government at centre has thrown out all workers’ rights as a whole to please the corporate lords, the Telangana chief minister has gone a step further by first refusing to negotiate and settle the TSRTC workers’ demands, compelling them to resort to strike, and when they start strke, declaring it illegal, dismissing the entire 48,000 workers from service. Though the chief minister has threatened to recruit workers on daily wages and re-start the paralysed bus transport, he has not succeeded in it so far. He has forgotten that once he had praised these very same workers for going on strike in support of the struggle for separate Telangana state. After coming to power the chief minister and his party has forgotten all the promises he made during the struggle for the new state.
RTC staff has a democratic right to protest and even to go on strike seeking fulfillment of their long pending demands. By discharging them from service and trying to privatise the bus service, it is the KCR government which has resorted to illegal action. Against this naked autocratic moves of the TRS government the various employees organizations, trade unions in the state and all left and democratic forces have come out on the streets.

CPI(ML) Red Star wholeheartedly support the ten day long strike of the entire TSRTC workers for their long pending demands. We condemn the government for dishing out many sops to the corporate forces while ruthlessly refusing even to democratically negotiate and settle the long pending demands. It shows that the government is treating the workers as slaves. It is high time to recognize that all the ruling class party leaderships have found that as a result of many decades of economic struggles alone without political orientation under the traditional trade unionist leaders, the workers have lost their fighting spirits. So they dare to resort to such fascist actions against the workers. We appeal to the workers to intensify the struggle with the support of the progressive forces and masses of the people without compromising, and prove that the working class is still a fighting force, and they will not step back till their just demands are met.

KN Ramachandran,
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star

Organizations of the struggling left, democratic and bahujan forces, of workers and all oppressed classes and sections including Dalits, Adivasis, backwards, minorities and women, and people’s movements who oppose corporate-fascist forces and struggle for people’s alternative for democracy and development joined hands and organized a militant march today from Mandi House demanding the cancellation of Assam’s NRC which has made more than 19 lakh people stateless, and the Modi-Shah team’s efforts to carry forward this communal fascist NRC process for consolidation of the majoritarian Hindutva vote bank in order to perpetuate the hegemony of the RSS parivarand to turn India in to a Hindurashtra.

While intensifying this fascisation of all fields of life, Modi-2 is consealing the fact that its economic policies for last five years has thrown the economy in to doldrums. Millions of workers are losing jobs, unemployment is rampant. Distress in the agricultural sector is intensifying.  To cover it up, every field, every issue is communalized.. An atmosphere of hatred and intolerance is created, leading to mob lynching like incidents spreading fast. Fascist terror is unleashed to impose its dictates. This is what is happening to the people of J&K where Article 370 and 35 A were abrogated on 5th August, downgrading the state to two union territories without consulting the people of the state in any form. The whole state is militarized, put under prohibitory orders and all communications are cut down. Refusing to recognize the diversity of the country with different languages and culture, there are attempts to impose Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan slogan.  They have started talking about one nation, one party also!

The NRC/Assam constituted unconstitutionally and speeded up by the supreme Court,  announced its final list on 31st August declaring 19,06,657 people  stateless. Large number of them are Adivasis and dalits including those taken from Jharkhand, Bihar etc by Britishers for plantations, Nepalese, and almost half of them from Muslim  minority, all of whom presently residents of the state. They are given 120 days to get clearance from Foreigners’ Tribunals or from higher courts. Otherwise they are going to be thrown in Detention Camps. This is a most inhuman 

Modi-2 is trying to get the Citizenship (Amendments) Bill, 2016, which was passed by  Lok Sabha on 8th January, 2019, adopted by the parliament somehow. It is against the secular values of the Constitution and for communally discriminating against Muslims in line with the Two-nation theory initiated by Savarkar, while granting citizenship to migrants (from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan) including Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian.

BJP chief ministers are clamoring for NRC in all states to divert people’s attention from burning issues caused by increasing recession. The Ministry of Home Affairs’ Notification of 31st July, calls for preparing the National Population Register (NPR) at all India level on a time bound manner by 30th September, 2020.  If this NPR process is taken up based on the Citizenship (Amendments) proposed in BJP’s Bill, it will make almost 40 to 50 million people, who are born in India and presently staying here, stateless. It will create a horrific situation and an unprecedented humanitarian tragedy. So we demand that the whole process of NPR should be abandoned and all people presently living in this country and born here should be recognized as Indian citizens as per the Constitutional principles.

While comrades Arun Maji presided, representing different organizations comrades KN Ramachandran, Parvej Mian, Thakur Khanal, Sheomangal Siddhankar, Jyothi, KK Niogi, Uday Jha, KK Singh, Vimal Trivedi, Radheysyam  and others spoke. A memorandum was presented to the president by a delegation including comrades Umakant, Pancholi and Narendar appealing for prompt action to get the NRC process which is dividing the people and weakening the country stopped and the Constitutional rights of the people are protected.

The People’s Front against NRC and Fascism shall carry forward the struggle trying to mobilize all like-minded forces for the realization of the demands put forward. Presently the constituent organizations of the Front are CPI(ML) Red Star, New Democratic Party of India, Lok Samiti, Citizens for Democracy, Bahujan Communist Party, IFTU (Sarvahara), TUCI, Lok Paksh, All India Milli Council, Mul Pravah All India Nepali Unity Society, CPI(ML) New Proletarian, Democratic People’s Lawyers’ Association,Basthi Suraksha Manch,  All India Peace Mission, All India Christian Minority Front and Jan Sangharsh Manch (Haryanna).


Adv Arun Maji, Com. Umakant.

In spite of RSS/BJP establishment and the Bhakth media boasting about great success of ‘Howdy Mody’ and Trump and Modi marching together holding hands, the US Senate panel on foreign affairs has appealed to end the “humanitarian crisis” in Kashmir in its report. It could become the first step towards legislative action by American lawmakers against India on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, The amendment was proposed by Senator Chris Van Hollen, who visited Delhi this week as a part of a congressional delegation that discussed the Kashmir situation as well as India-U.S. bilateral relations, trade ties and defense purchases with key officials. The leaders of the Democrats in US and Labor Party leaders in Britain along with China had already condemned the Modi-2’s action in Kashmir in spite of globetrotting by Modi to win support to his fascist action. Besides, even after promising a 20 billion investment in Kashmir, Saudi Arabia joined hands with other Islamic countries to condemn India government’s clamp down in Kashmir. Before these, the international public opinion against the clampdown and humanitarian crisis in Kashmir was expressed through numerous demonstrations including the massive protest outside the venue of Howdy Mody!

Even two months after imposing the clampdown, in spite of all false claims by Modi-2 and RSS parivar along with the Bhakth media, it is clear as day light that the condition in Kashmir is worsening day by day. It is really a terrible humanitarian crisis, under military boots. Not only international public opinion, increasing number of governments in all continents are expressing views questioning the falsehoods spread by Modi-2. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of all democratic forces in India to mobilize the masses and come out on the streets to challenge the aggressive majoritarian Hindutva fascist offensive of Modi-2 to transform India in to a Manuvadi, exclusive Hindurashtra. Let us dare to take up this challenge posed by the RSS mascot, Modi-2 without any delay!

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

While addressing the UN Climate Conference after Greta questioning the world leaders “How Dare You…..” destroy the nature and create environmental catastrophe, denying everything for future generations, India prime minister Modi has repeated in his speech that his government is protecting the environment and will continue to struggle for it! But what the BJP government is doing in Maharashtra? Even when there is an option available to protect  the nearly 3,000 trees in Arey and save the forestry there, after managing to get orders from the pliable High Court, before the court order is published in Gazette and website and waiting for 15 days as per legal orders of the environmental ministry, the Fadnavis government has allowed the contractors to start cutting the trees stealthily yesterday night itself, so that before the courts open on Monday the butchering of the nature can be completed! As hundreds of environmental activists, youth and students including the Adivasi families got mobilized and resisted this illegal criminal act, hundreds of them are forcibly taken in to custody in the night, prohibitory orders are clamped down, and as latest reports show about 300 trees are already cut. It is a bloody criminal act. What Modi is talking about protecting environment is nothing but bullshit! Nothing can be expected from the government led by this ‘loyal friend’ of Trump who has openly laughed at all environmental movements and their warnings!


Only people of Mumbai alone can save the Arey trees and environment by militantly resisting the criminals engaged in this act and throwing them out of Arey! We appeal to all sections of people to come out and stop this carnage of nature!


KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

5th October 2019, 08.00 AM

Observe the Century of Communist Movement in India from 17th October, 2019 to 17th October, 2020;


Participate in 17th October meeting at Bhgat Singh Bhavan, Sainik Nagar.


Following the discussion in the 1919 Congress of the Communist International, it was on 17th October, 1920, the first meeting of the comrades who were engaged in organizing the Communist Party of India was held at Tashkent, in then Soviet Union. So, on 17th October, 2020, we are completing a century of the communist movement in India. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star in its 8th to 10th June, 2019, meeting  decided to observe the Centenary of the Communist Movement in India for a year from 17th October 2019 to 17th October 2020. On this occasion we have published an over view of A Century of the Communist Movement in India by com. KN Ramachandran, updating the overview published in English and Hindi under the title Nine Decades of the Communist Movement in India  before the Ninth Congress of the CPI(ML) Red Star was held in November, 2011. It is published in our website www.cpiml.in.


Following the severe setbacks suffered by the international communist movement after reaching a stage when it looked like the “East wind of socialism shall defeat the west wind of imperialist system” as Mao Tsetung stated in 1955, and the mainstream communist parties CPI and CPI(M)in India  degenerating to social democratic positions following the Soviet revisionist path, while the CPI(ML), formed by the communist revolutionaries challenging the revisionists, disintegrating following the left adventurist line it followed, internationally and nationally the communist movement is not strong enough to challenge the imperialist camp and its lackeys who are intensifying the loot of the working class and the oppressed people and the nature through neoliberal/corporatization policies, impoverishing the masses and devastating the nature.


Following the 2008 crisis, the imperialist system is going through a cycle of crises. Finding it difficult to overcome these crises, most of the rightist parties which were in power are now replaced by the ultra rightist, neo-fascist forces in an increasing number of countries. In this situation, the reactionary camp has further intensified the attacks on the communist movement. So, as we had already pointed out while organizing the Century of the Communist International during 1917-18, the communist movement can overcome the present setbacks and advance the revolutionary movement all over the world only by intensifying the ideological political offensive against the imperialist forces and their lackeys on the one hand, and waging uncompromising ideological struggle against both right opportunist and left adventurist deviations within the movement. As pointed out by the Resolution on Theoretical Offensive adopted by the 10th Congress of the CPI(ML) Red Star, it calls for thorough evaluation of the past experiences and developing the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism according to present situation. The Central Committee of Red Star has called for observing the centenary of the communist movement in India with the expectation that it will provide an opportunity for the communist revolutionaries to come together and forge unity in the process of this theoretical offensive.


Explaining the significance of this campaign focusing on the centenary of the communist movement in India we have already published an article in the July issue of Red Star monthly, which is also available in our website. As the first program of this campaign, a meeting is organized on 17th October at Bhagat Singh Hall (c-141, Sainik Nagar, near Nawada metro station) from 5pm to 9pm. We invite all communist revolutionary forces and friends to attend this meeting and to participate in the theoretical offensive for rebuilding the communist movement.


KN Ramchandran,

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star.

Modi-2 is in a hurry. Using the increased majority it gained in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it has accelerated its march towards the Hindurashtra. It is blatantly attacking the constitutional foundations of the Indian state systematically. For example, it has abrogated Article 370 and reduced J&K to two union territories without consulting the people of the state or its leaders in any form. In order to put down any resistance to this move passed by parliament on 5th August, it had moved huge additional military, para-military forces to the state, detained the leaders of all political parties except BJP, including three former chief ministers, ex MLAs and hundreds of activists, imposed curfew all over the state and cut all communications for the people on 4th August itself. The state is turned in to an open jail. But, in spite of state terror, people’s non-cooperation movement is spreading, and more forces are condemning this fascist act internationally. So, even while claiming it is removing the restrictions step by step, the attacks are deepened. More repressive measures like detaining Farooq Abdullah, a former chief minister for many years who was under house arrest, under draconian People’s Security Act today and many others are reported. These are blatant unconstitutional acts against the people of J&K who were never part of British India and who had joined Indian Union based on the special powers ensured under Article 370. Though temporarily the RSS/BJP forces in power may have gained, this attack on the federal principles of the constitution have alienated the people of J&K more than ever, and has become a threat to all nationalities who are constituents of multi-national India.

Home minister Amit Shaw’s chauvinist statement on strengthening the use of Hindi is in line with RSS’ call of one nation, one language, or Hindu, Hindi, Hindutva. The consecutive governments till now never implemented the principle of conducting all UPSC and other central examinations in all these national languages. The concept of three language formula was also never implemented by the Hindi states. Now, utilizing the failures of the different state governments where mother tongue is different, to get these principles implemented as a cover, RSS/BJP is trying to impose Hindi through all covert means, with the claim that it will strengthen the country. On the contrary, this chauvinist, divisive move is striking at the federal principles of the constitution. If not challenged and stopped, it shall only lead to the weakening of the unity of the country achieved through the great sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of martyrs and freedom fighters.

The move to implement the NRC/Assam final list announced on 31st August in which 19, 06, 657 residents of the state are declared stateless is another pernicious move by the RSS/BJP forces. Either Bangladesh or any other country is going to receive them. So they are going to be thrown in to Detention Camps constructed in the model of Nazi concentration camps. Instead of taking steps to ensure citizenship to these people in the spirit of constitution and UN’s Human Rights Declaration that all residents and born in the country are its citizens, the RSS/BJP is trying to communalize the issue. It is trying to get its Citizenship (Amendments) Bill already passed by the Lok Sabha, adopted by the parliament somehow, and to go for NRC in all states and at country level (NPR). It may lead to 20 or 30 million people becoming stateless if the BJP plans are fulfilled. All these people will be thrown to Detention Camps! What a colossal humanitarian tragedy it shall become? RSS parivar intoxicated with majoritarian Hindutva hysteria created through mob lynching and attacks on all those who oppose their dictations as anti-nationals are in the Nazi mind to create holocausts all over our vast country. Taking lessons from history all democratic forces have to categorically reject the concept of NRC and its implementation outrightly.

These steps and all other pernicious ancillaries pursued feverishly by the RSS/BJP forces, intensifying manuvadi divisions and destroying all renaissance values and inclusive democratic, cultural, scientific values, are conscious efforts to cover up the economic crises of the neoliberal/corporate system intensified by it through Modi-1’s demonetization and GST policies and through opening of the vaults of the PSBs to the corporates to loot, leading to present slow down becoming increasingly serious day by day. It has further destroyed the purchasing power of the people, throwing out millions from whatever employment they had and to unprecedented pauperizing of the masses. The people and the country are taken to a dangerous situation, with the RSS/BJP striking at the constitutional foundations which held our polity united so far.

This critical situation demands the united efforts of all struggling left, democratic and Bahujan forces, workers and oppressed classes and sections including dalits, Adivasis, backwards, minorities and women, and mass organizations and people’s movements to challenge and defeat the RSS/BJP fascist forces by creating public opinion and countrywide movements against it with the vision of a people’s alternative. We appeal to all struggling forces to get united for this historic task.

KN Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star

NPR Press Statement

Proposed Citizenship (Amendments) Bill Unconstitutional, Reject it!

Home minister Amit Shah has once again arrogantly asserted that Modi-2 shall get the Citizenship (Amendments) Bill, 2016, (CAB) adopted at any cost. This Bill for amending the 1955 Citizenship Act was introduced in Lok Sabha on July 19, 2016. Lok Sabha passed it on January 8, 2019. Now, according to his statement, BJP is planning to get it passed somehow in the Rajya Sabha, or if not possible, get it passed by a joint session of parliament. This bill is for granting citizenship to migrants (from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan) including Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian, but totally excluding Muslims. Against this, in 2016 itself there were protests from the Northeastern states where BJP’s allies are in power. Now Amit Shah has issued the statement after attending the meeting of the chief ministers of Northeast and, it seems, winning over them by giving assurance that Article 371, giving certain special powers to these states will not be amended.

The Citizenship Act of 1955, a result of the freedom movement, recognized that every person who was born in India, irrespective of religion, would be eligible for citizenship. Another method of obtaining citizenship was through descent – if either parent was a citizen of India. A third method of obtaining citizenship was by registration of the migrants/refugees, or by the method of naturalization . The preamble of our constitution calls India a secular country. Article 15 of the constitution prevents discrimination, by the state, against any citizen on the basis of religion. It is clear that the proposed law is against the right to equality and the right against discrimination given by the constitution. These amendments show BJP government’s intention to follow Israel, the only country which allows citizenship on the basis of religion. This too is not on the basis of “naturalization” but on the basis of the unique “right of return”, a special Israeli law. All Jews have the right to return to the “promised land”! In fact, the true intentions behind the new citizenship amendments put forward is to establish the “right of return” to “Akhand Bharat” of RSS. They would like the whole of the sub-continent to become a part of a great Hindurashtra!
According to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Notification on 31st July, the Central Government has already decided to prepare and update the National Population Register(NPR) on a time bound manner, as the NRC/Assam was finalized, by starting the field work for it from 1st day of April, 2020 to 30th September, 2020. The final list of NRC/Assam has announced more than 19 lakhs residents of Assam as stateless has already created a huge humanitarian challenge, as they will be thrown to the Detention Camps, if they cannot get any relief from the Foreigners’ Tribunals or from the higher courts. If this CAB is passed and becomes an act, and the NPR process is taken up based on it with the aim of driving out ‘all migrants’, , besides forcing the whole population to prove their citizenship, it is apprehended that almost 20 to 30 million people, who are presently staying in India, may lose citizenship. It will create a horrific situation and an unprecedented humanitarian tragedy, which will gladden only the saffron fascists.

Citizenship is the fundamental right of everyone based on their residency and birth. So, along with intensification of the struggle for the issuing citizenship to all the 19,06, 657 people kept out of the NRC/Assam final list, we have to intensify the campaign to create public opinion to throw out the monstrous CPB and the proposed NPR as unconstitutional and against all international covenants

KN Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI(ML) Red Star

We are living in an extremely difficult situation when every field, every question is communalized by the Brahmanical Hindutva forces under Modi raj. It has created an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance. Fascist terror is unleashed to impose its dictates. This is what is happening to National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam also, unlike the situation in which the demand was raised in 1970s. It has excluded 19, 06,657 residents from final list. While half of it are from Muslim minorities, it includes large numbers of Nepalese, Adivasis, and those taken from Jharkhand, Bihar etc by Britishers for plantations in Assam. Inhuman situation is created throwing these people to uncertainty, with the threat of becoming stateless and thrown to Detention Camps, without any human rights.

Besides, the BJP is calling for NRCs in W. Bengal, Delhi, Bihar etc excluding Muslim minorities dubbing them as infiltrators from Bangladesh, contrary to facts. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, moved by BJP is against secular values of the Constitution and to communally discriminate Muslims. Modi-2 is trying to get this bill passed somehow, and to conduct an all India survey next year for a National People’s Register (NPR), demanding all residents of India to prove their citizenship! These are fascist moves towards its Hindurashtra goal, to cover up the intensifying economic recession, which is further impoverishing the masses and making many more millions jobless!

In this grave situation, it is our task to mobilize people and create public opinion with the demands: Cancel the NRC, Assam, Withdraw Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, Withdraw Home ministry order for all India survey for NPR (Peoples’ National Register). All residents of, and all born in India are its citizens and citizenship should be based on following criteria: (a) Any resident of India, any person born in India is citizen of India. This was the case till the 1986 Act and is the case in most of the countries all over the world; (b) Any person either of whose parents are/ were citizens of India must be eligible for citizenship;(c) Any person who is resident in India for 5 years and intends to stay further should be eligible for citizenship; and (d) Any refugee who is fleeing from oppression, or whose democratic rights are not protected in the country from which he/she is fleeing, should be eligible for right to stay in India leading eventually to citizenship.

CPI(ML) Red Star appeals to all compatriots, to the workers and all oppressed classes/sections including dalits, adivasis, backwards, minorities and women, to all struggling left, democratic and Bahujan forces, to mass organizations and people’s movements to come together and declare our resolve to carry forward this movement till the heinous moves of Modi-2 to divide the people and to criminalize the society utilizing the citizenship issue is defeated.

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star.

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.