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What we are witnessing in Venezuela presently is a neocolonial scramble among the imperialist powers, mainly US imperialism for the control of its rich petroleum wealth. The recognition of US installed Guaido as the president of Venezuela by NATO forces has put Venezuela in a critically vulnerable situation. This criminal move on the part of Britain, Germany, France and other EU members is part of a broader strategy of looting the oil reserves of Venezuela along with US by effectively curtailing the growing influence of China and Russia not only in Venezuela but in Latin America as a whole.
Taking advantage of Venezuela’s economic collapse and social tensions arising from the plunge in oil prices coupled with the tactical mistakes on the part of Maduro, US president Trump had already initiated the blueprint for a coup there by anointing his puppet Guaido as president. Together with the sponsoring of a bloody civil war, US imperialism may also pursue the option of a direct military intervention in Venezuela.
The present collusion among Western imperialist powers unveils the true essence of bourgeois democracy and a whole set of international institutions so assiduously propped up by US led imperialism for management of the post-war neocolonial order. The UN and its agencies are once again exposed as mere rubber-stamps of US led imperialism. Western imperialists with the backing of Bretton Woods funding institutions and military-industrial complexes are now planning to install an ultra-rightist, arch-reactionary puppet regime on the backs of Venezuelan people. 

It is high time that the progressive-democratic forces the world over should rise up against imperialist machinations of converting Venezuela in to a typical neo-colony under US hegemony. In this situation, CPI(ML) Red Star declares solidarity with the struggling Venezuelan people. It appeals to the working class and oppressed people of Latin America to come forward resisting and kicking out imperialism, mainly US imperialism, and its local compradors from their soil.  It calls upon all Party committees to organize demonstrations and other protest actions with the slogan: US and European Union, Hands Off Venezuela! Let Venezuelan People Decide Their Future!

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

6th February 2019


The Reservation quota bill presented by the Modi govt, passed with the support of almost all big political parties in the parliament and signed by the president is a direct attack on the oppressed castes and it undermines the very Constitutional basis of caste based reservation in India.

Presently the unemployment rate is increasing day by day, and now it is the highest in last four years. No step has been taken by the Modi government to ensure employment for the youths. Migration rate of youths for work is increasing. No scope of a secure job, now it has become just a dream. In all government institutions and companies, the number of permanent posts is vanishing fast. With the fading hope of “acche din” dissatisfaction against Modi government among the youths is increasing. In this situation without taking proper steps to create proper employment the government is trying to divide the youth through the Economic Reservation Quota. It is a conspiracy to divert attention from the unemployment issue.

Moreover, when the upper castes as a whole have overwhelming predominance in socio economic and administrative fields this bill goes against the very principle of social justice. The Reservation system was  intended to mitigate this kind of the wrongs of caste system, which suppressed the Dalits and other oppressed sections for millenniums.

Revolutionary Youth federation of India condemns this shameful and heinous act and demands the government to withdraw it. We would also like to ask the BJP government about what happened to the 2 crores of jobs a year which was a key 2014 election promise to the youths by Modi.

Raju Singh, General Secretary, RYFI 

The education system of our country is facing an unprecedented onslaught from the neoliberal, corporate and Hindutva fascist forces that are working covertly and overtly to subvert the Constitution and to reduce the republic into a paranoid nation of lynch mobs led by criminal ring masters. While it is true that the previous governments are responsible for the rot that afflicts our education system from school to higher levels, the present dispensation in Delhi is working zealously to wipe out whatever gains the people of our country, mainly the Dalits, bahujans, adivasis and minorities have so far made in terms of access to educational opportunities. The draft of new education policy earlier released by the central government has already stated the intention of the government to detain children in earlier stages (class V) and push them out of the formal education system into parallel and inferior skill development streams. Government school system is being consistently starved of funds and thousands of government schools are being closed across the country.

Similarly, higher education is also under calibrated assault – fund cuts, curtailment of scholarships, curbs on teachers’ and students’ rights, surveillance and bureaucratisation have become order of the day. Needless to add that this is just a glimpse of the total attack on our education system. At the same time, the Hindutva forces are constantly deflecting public discourse and debate on these fundamental issues affecting every child and youth and trying to raise false issues of protecting cows and building temples that stand in stark contradistinction to all the ideals of our freedom struggle to build a humane and enlightened society.

It is to counter this perverse discourse and to make education a rallying agenda in the coming general elections and political discourse of the country that AIFRTE decided to organise the All-India Hunkar Rally on 18th Feb 2019 in Delhi. This is not a single-point event, but a concerted movement under which we have been organising meetings, seminars, yatras and other programmes across different states in the country. We have approached different sections and different lines of democratic thought in the process, thus trying to build a synergetic action to effectively counter the reactionary agenda of neo-liberalism cum Brahmanical forces.

Please see our leaflet and the Programme of Action (PoA – 2018-19) document to know in more detail our position and the various assaults on our education system. We take this opportunity to appeal to you to support, participate and generously contribute in making the Hunkar Rally a resounding success. Please note that we are an entirely public-driven movement and we do not accept funding from any source except donation from individuals supporting the cause. Hence, your contribution would be invaluable for the movement. The details of the bank account will be provided if you inform us of your desire to making any contribution, and a proper receipt can be issued and provided to you. 

Prof G Haragopal, Chairperson, Prof Anil Sadgopal, Convener, Dr Swati, Co-convener, All-India Steering Committee of Hunkar Rally, Dr Meher Engineer, Chairperson, Dr Vikas Gupta, Organising Secretary, All India Forum-Right To Education (AIF-RTE).

AIRSO and RYFI call upon all students, youth, oppressed sections, working class and Dalit-Bahujan forces to actively participate and support the rally with the resolution to carry forward struggle against the neo-liberal attacks on education and overthrow the root cause of these attacks, the present ruling classes, for which we must actively ally with the working class. It should contribute to uncompromising and revolutionary struggle against the neo-liberal attacks on education, beyond election-centrism and tokenism. n

300 Women from 19 Countries Discussed Ways & Goals of the Liberation of Women!

For our organisation it is a great honour to organize this theoretical seminar with so many participants from all over the world!” said one of the organisers of AIRWO (All Indian Revolutionary Women’s Organisation). From December 2-4, 2018, in Bengaluru – India - in the state of Karnataka, women from 11 states of India, from Nepal, Bangladesh, Togo, Uganda, South Africa, DR Congo, Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Southern Kurdistan, Turkey, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Iran and other countries came together to discuss and exchanges views on theories of the liberation of woman. Representatives of various women’s organisations and individual women were deterred neither by long distances, high costs nor strenuous journeys to attend this seminar organised by the World Women’s Conference. Seminar was based on a decision of the 2nd World Women’s Conference of grassroots women that took place in 2016 in Kathmandu in Nepal. The seminar was hosted by AIRWO and organised by World Women Coordinators and women of other continents.

“I want to share with you my dream of the liberation of women in a free society!” said a participant from India. In the three days a mass discussion arose among the grassroots women. A common theme was the special oppression of women, their social inequality towards men and their lower pay. This theme was to be heard in contributions from all countries. The reports impressively showed how women’s consciousness of the various forms of special oppression has grown. ”I got a real sense of freedom when I got involved in the fight, that’s why I organised myself!” – was a common refrain.

The seminar was a great start and an expression that the process of theoretical processing of practical experience has already started. There was unity among the participants that this process must be continued systematically in the countries and movements. The next highlight of the ideological debate will be the third World Women’s Conference of grassroots women. For this to become reality, the militant world women’s movement needs a good functioning coordination on all continents." n

Oppose US interference in Venezuela

Down With US Imperialism! It has de-recognized the Maduro government in Venezuela. Maduro has retaliated by demanding the US diplomats to leave Venezuela in 72 hours. Oppose US interference in Venezuela.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Red Star
New Delhi
25th January 2019

Twenty days passed after the young miners in Meghalaya are trapped in coal mines. Neither the Modi government nor the state government is taking emergency steps to drain out the water and to save them. What a sadistic state we are having!

Com K N Ramachandran

Greetings to Bindu and Kanaka Durga

Greetings to Bindu and Kanaka Durga who have entered and worshiped at Sabarimal shrine at 3.30 am, Salute their activism which will inspire more believers of menstruation period to defy the Sangh Parivar led forces and enter the shrine.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

Remembering Kizhvenmani Martyrs

For the toiling and oppressed masses 25th December is Kizhvenmani martyrs' day. It was 50 years ago on 25th December 1968 the upper caste landlords in Kizhvenmani, TN, attacked the dalit families who were struggling against feudal suppression and for wage demands. 44 of them including children, women and the aged were massacred by the landlords. Let us remember these martyrs and intensify the struggle against the corporate raj, Manuvadi caste system and the saffron fascist forces to achieve social change.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Red Star

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