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When I reached Kolkata station on 22nd January from Lucknow by Nangal Dam to Kolkata Express at 5.15 pm and was walking to the place where our comrades were waiting, 5-6 men overpowered me, closed my mouth , blind folded and took in a Tata Sumi for an hour to one building in the outskirts of the city I presume. They frisked me and took the mobile phone and were claiming they were from Central Intelligence and taking me to meet their seniors. At the office a Malayalee offiicer who introduced himself as Vinod interrogated me. He refused to allow me to inform my condition to the family and told that I am detained under instructions from Delhi and future course of action will be decided only tomorrow. On 23rd morning I was told I will be taken by noon. In the afternoon again I was blind folded and taken in a vehicle. After almost 3 hours it stopped and somebody claiming himself as the chief of Central Intelligence in WB told me that according to instructions from top he is acting and I have to go back to Delhi forthwith. When asked whether it is an order to extern me and what authority he has to impose it he had no answer. He arranged a ticket in Sealdah to New Delhi Rajdhani and his goons looking followers opened my eyes and put me in the Rajadhani at nearby Durgapur station and gave me my suitcase. His men had taken away Rs 3000 from the bag and did not give me the mobile ensuring that I cannot return to Kolkata for the scheduled 24th January visit to Banghar and press conference at Kolkata. As the ticket itself was faulty it was with the help of the train staff I could reach Delhi by 11.30 am.

The whole episode of kidnapping and detention of the general secretary of a party which is working openly at all India level is a naked repetition of what the central and state governments are doing at Banghar in South 24 Parganas. I am not sure whether these criminals who detained and caused such mental harassment to me are from Central Intelligence, WB state intelligence or the goondas of the ex MLA of TNC and the present MLA and minister in the TNC cabinet, or a combination of all these who staged it. It was a naked fascist act to suffocate my voice, to prevent me from going to the villages to declare solidarity with the affected people and families of the two martyrs, and to address the media at Kolkata explaining the details of the Banghar movement.

When my abductors alleged that we are in league with Maoists I explained to them how we are building this movement keeping both CPI(M) and CPI(Maoist) away. I explained them how the Committee to Save Land , Livlihood and Environment is leading the peaceful democratic movement and it was the police-goonda combine changed the atmosphere on 15-16 January by attacking the villagers and women, leading to police firing on 17th and people’s resistance against the state terror. It is clear that the authorities are going against the law which forbids building of power grids through thickly populated areas and trying to justify it through cock and bull stories. While our party comrades are actively involved in the Committee, a broad forum of all struggling left and democratic forces, is organized in which students, intellectuals and scientists are also participating. The developments in Banghar shows that Mamta Banerjee who came to power using the Singhur and Nandigram movements is doing a worse act at Banghar and the people will not allow her to get away with it. No amount of terror can make the party leaders as well as the people subdued. We appeal to the media and all democratic forces to come forward against the state terror and attack on the villagers of Banghar.

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star

24th January 2017
Com K N Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI (ML) Red Star, who reached Howrah railway station by around 5 PM on 22nd January 2017. He is missing since then. All attempts to contact comrade K N Ramachandran over his mobile phone are in vain. Comrade travelled from Lucknow to Howrah to declare solidarity with the people and the CPI (ML) Red Star comrades who are heroically resisting super imposition of a power grid by Mamata Government at Bhangar in South 24 Parganas district of W. Bengal.

We suspect the involvement of Mamata’s notorious Special Police in comrade’s missing. We demand the Mamata Govt. to unconditionally produce Com KN Ramachandran immediately. We appeal to the communists, progressive democratic forces and like-minded people for their wholehearted solidarity and support at this critical juncture.

Central Committee

CPI (ML) Red Star

New Delhi

23rd January 2017
CPI(ML) Red Star strongly condemns the police firing on the struggling peasants and villagers of Bhangor, South 24 Parganas in West Bengal on 17th January morning in which one peasant comrade is killed and three got bullet injuries. All progressive forces are requested to organize protest marches on 18th January from 2 pm when a protest march is organized at Kolkata from College Street to Esplanade.

Following the great success of the road blockade under the banner of Land, Livelihood, Biodiversity and Environment Protection Committee (Jomi Jeebika Vaasthuthantro O Porivesh Raksha Committee) on 11th January in which more than a lakh people, nearly half of them women, participated paralyzing 12 kms stretch of the Haroa Road demanding Stop the Execution of Power Grid Project at Polerhat, the TMC government is using the police forces and TMC goondas to create provocations and use state terror to suppress the movement. It shows that the state government is going back from its earlier assurances to stop the Power Grid construction and to hold discussion with the people’s committee for resolving the conflict.

In this situation the Jomi Jeebika Vaasthuthantro O Porivesh Raksha Committee and the Solidarity Committee in Support of the Bhangor Pesants have decided to organize a Protest March against State Repression and Police Firing on the Struggling Peasants and Villagers of Bhangor, South 24 Parganas on 18 January 2017, Wednesday at 2 P M from College Square to Esplanade. Record your protest by participating the March or by organizing such marches wherever possible and declare your Solidarity with the struggling peasants of Polerhat, Bhangor and Villagers.

The people's anger has burst out first during the Raj Bhavan march on 22nd December and during the indefinite Road Blockade against the Project Power Grid of the Central government which takes away the lives and livelihood of the peasants, damages the very biodiversity and environment of the surrounding areas. Though the blockade and other forms of struggle are withdrawn after the construction works are stopped and the state power minister assuring discussion with all concerned forces, from 16th evening the goonda forces affiliated to ruling TMC started creating provocations leading to arrest of the leaders of the Struggling Committee. Goondas and police attacked the villagers on 17th early morning, continued provocation and when people started getting mobilized by 11 am started the firing.

We appeal to all democratic forces to protest against the police firing and organize protest actions wherever possible at all India level. All party committees are called upon to organize protest actions in support of the Anti Power Grid Movement in Bengal at Bhangor.

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star
Press Statement Condemning the Arrest of Comrade Maria Chin Abdullah, Chairperson of Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

PARTI SOSIALIS MALAYSIA (PSM) condemns the arrest of Bersih 2.0 Chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah under Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 - SOSMA as cowardice and yet another betrayal by Najib that this Act won’t be used against his political opponents.

This is yet another story of Najib’s continuous U-turns in abolishing Laws, only to replace it with new ones. Najib has told previously that the SOSMA won’t be used against his political opponents. In Fact Section 4(3) of Sosma clearly states that no person can be arrested and detained “solely for his political belief or political activity”. This section was specifically inserted to prevent such abuses like the one now used against Maria.

With the arrest, Najib has re-enacted the misuse of ISA. SOSMA is yet a no trial legislation as no bail is allowed pending trial and appeals. This is an act supposedly to fight terrorism but has history has shown, it will be used by the ruling party to stay in power and use it to fight its political opponents. That is the legacy of the ISA used by all the UMNO Prime Minister to stay in power which was so unpopular that it needs to be repealed.

What is so spineless is the fact that after the failure to stop BERSIH using various legal and illegal methods, it has now resorted to the SOSMA. The Red Shirt movement which is led by an UMNO leader has failed in stopping BERSIH using provocation as well as its failure to mobilise a huge counter crowd on 19 November. The Traders who is yet another group always supporting UMNO also failed to obtain a court injunction against BERSIH. BERSIH has also successfully won most of court cases filed against it by its opponents. With all the above failure, Najib has gone back to the old books in using the new version of ISA; SOSMA to go for BERSIH. That is why it has now resorted to the no trial law so that it cannot be tried.

PSM has already experienced the misuse of Emergency Ordinance in 2011 when 6 of our members were arrested known as the EO6 to the run up to BERSIH 2. We see this as nothing new and call upon the Government to immediately release Maria Chin. It is also very clear that at no specific time has BERSIH or Maria even abandoned their trust on the electoral system. That is why BERSIH has always campaigned for free and fair elections.

We call upon Najib not to hide behind these draconian laws and face BERSIH in a more decent way. PSM will stand in solidarity with Maria Chin and BERSIH and campaign for her release.

S. Arulchelvan,


Central Committee Member

CPI(ML) Red Star has sent a message to the Central Committee of the PSM condemning the arrest of its leaders and has called on all democratic forces to demand their release.
PM Modi’s much hyped speech after 50 days of his incessant assault on the broad masses of common people in India, without disclosing any statistics on black money, fake currency and terror funds confiscated by his government during this period is like rubbing salt on people’s wounds. It has already become clear from his shifting goalpost from black money to cashless economy that the real intentions behind the fascistic move of demonetization has been to prepare the ground for a new phase of corporatization by sucking out the life-blood of people leading to the huge accumulation of money in banks controlled by corporate black money holders. In his speech, he has not even shown the courtesy to disclose at least the amount of banned currencies that could be collected through this biggest-ever onslaught on Indian people more than 80 percent of whom are condemned to subsist on with just Rs. 20 per day. What he has spelt out is some schemes for deploying the vast amounts of money accumulated in banks for avoiding the banking crisis as the whole loan payment process has come to a standstill during the last 50 days. At the same time by announcing these schemes through a speech, as expected, he has once again made a mockery of the forthcoming coming central budget itself.

Meanwhile, the superimposed demonetization and digitization programs have already triggered a total meltdown and deep depression in the Indian economy as is manifested in the collapse of the entire agriculture, industry, service sectors and above all the informal and unorganized sector which alone provide more than 90 percent of the employment in the country. And the unfolding crisis of unmanageable and unprecedented proportions confronting the country including the coercion and deprivation to which people are subjected cannot be camouflaged by Modi’s stage-managed rhetoric. As the present CEO of corporate capital in India, his speech relayed with much media hype and fanfare is only meant for hoodwinking the people and there is nothing in his armoury to overcome the country’s crisis that is going from bad to worse.

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star

New Delhi

1st January 2017
Today is the 35th Day after Modi’d demonetisation. After three consecutive holidays when the banks opened today the queues before the banks and ATMs were much longer compared to previous days. Many are returning without any chance of withdrawing their own hard earned money, even the 2 or 4 thousands the banks are now allowing! It is evident that in coming days the miseries shall become worse. In this situation we appeal to all democratic forces to intensify the campaign against Modi’s demonetisation mobilizing maximum number of people everywhere. Take it up as a challenge!

Modi had said in public speeches that if the difficulties due to demonetisation is not over within 50 days he may be hanged! Everything points to the fact that the situation is going to become much more worse in coming days. So, all should get prepared and on the 50th Day, that is on 28th December, Modi’s effigies should be hanged symbolically in the largest number of places mobilizing the people in large numbers! Spread this message widely through all possible means!

K N Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI(ML) Red Star.

Condemn the SC Order Enforcing Singing of National Anthem in the Cinema Halls!

Condemn the Implementation of this order!

It is reported from Kerala and elsewhere that those who are not standing while the singing of national anthem takes place in cinema halls are arrested and penalized. We severely condemn the Supreme Court Order enforcing the singing of national anthem in the cinema halls and its implementation. When such a pseudo nationalist order to please the RSS parivar was issued by the apex court, it was the responsibility of the central and state governments to move the court to reconsider it, which the SC bench did not find it worthwhile even to be practiced in its own premises! Instead of challenging this order in the SC itself, the state governments are enforcing it, curtailing the democratic rights of the citizens for seeing the films without such ‘disciplining’ or regimentation.

The CPI(ML) Red Star condemns this order. It is seeking ways to challenge it in the SC itself. At the same time it appeals to all patriotic democratic forces to oppose the lowering of the prestige of the national anthem in this manner. It is all the more ludicrous that the RSS parivar which had opposed the independence struggle has now become the champions of ‘patriotism’ by demanding the enforcement of national anthem everywhere. It supports all those who are opposing this regimentation in whatever forms possible including organized resistance to it. It calls for countrywide discussion on this order so that a general democratic consensus can be evolved on when and how to present the national anthem.

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star

Fidel Castro, the great revolutionary

“Socialism or death” was Castro’s rallying cry even when the neoliberal policies swept the globe and even after Soviet Union disintegrated and former socialist countries were degenerating to capitalist path. From the time his rebel army won victory sidelining the degenerated ‘communist’ leadership in the island he had defied US imperialism and was leading the people till his death on 26th November at the age of 90.

Castro overcame imprisonment at the hands of Dictator Fulgencio Batista and was in exile in Mexico before repeated efforts led to capture of power in January 1959. He reorganized the communist party and launched socialist transformation for decades, defying repeated counter revolutionary moves by the US imperialists and their lackeys to topple the progressive government. He was an inspiration and source of support to revolutionaries all over the world. On his continuous relation with the revisionist leadership in Soviet Union till its disintegration, on the path of socialism he pursued in Cuba and his approach towards pursuing the path of proletarian internationalism struggling against the neocolonial onslaught of the imperialists, the Marxist-Leninist forces had differences. Still they upheld his anti-imperialist stand and Cuban solidarity with the struggling people of Latin America. At the present juncture when the world people are challenged by the overwhelming rightist wind, his departure is a great loss to the anti-imperialist movement the world over. The CPI(ML) Red Star extends revolutionary tribute to great Fidel who inspired generations to dream socialism and to sacrifice for it. It extends revolutionary greetings to the Cuban people with the hope that they shall overcome present problems and persist on the path of socialism.


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