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Dear comrades,

THE Central Committee of the CPI (ML) Red Star extends fraternal greetings to the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Bangladesh from 28th October to 31st October 2016 taking place at a critical situation in both of our countries, in South Asia as well as at international level, with the neoliberal policies affecting all of them. We recognize that in your country while the religious fundamentalist forces have intensified their attacks along with political forces aligned with them, the government is using these attacks as a cover to curtail the rights of the people and to resort to more repressive measures.

In our country with the coming to power of the ultra rightist BJP led NDA government at the centre, the Hindutua fundamentalist forces are intensifying the attacks on all oppressed classes and sections including the minorities, especially Muslim people, to divide and weaken all people’s movements and to intensify the corporate-communal regime. Its refusal to take political measures to settle the Kashmir question involving the people of the region, has led to worsening of the Indo- Pakistan relations. It is engaged in war mongering and communalization of the country to country relations. As a result, the already weakened SAARC is made totally stagnant. On the one hand it is acting as a junior partner of US imperialism by signing the LEMOA like agreements with it, and on the other it is trying to become a regional bully. Under the present BJP government, the relations with all the neighboring countries have further worsened. This has provided increasing opportunity for the imperialist powers, especially the US,, to continue its hegemony and military aggresions in Afghanistan while increasing interference in all fields in all the South Asian countries.

All these developments are worsened in a situation when the international communist movement has suffered severe setbacks from 1960s with the former socialist countries and the communist parties coming under increasing influence of right opportunist and ‘left’ sectarian tendencies. Starting from this 7th November when we are starting the programs observing the centenary of the October Revolution we hope all the communist parties shall take up the evaluation of the hitherto experiences to overcome the past mistakes and make revolutionary advances to people’s democracy and socialist transformation. As constituent parties of the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR), we hope, both our parties shall continue to strengthen our mutual relations not only to advance towards revolutionary transformation in our own countries, but also to strengthen the South Asian and international relations based on the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

We extend revolutionary greetings to the Central Committee of your Party and to all the delegates attending the 11th Congress, and hope you shall succeed to achieve greater unity and higher ideological political consolidation through the deliberations in this Congress. We once again extend revolutionary greetings to the 11th Congress of your party.

Long Live the Unity of the CPB and the CPI(ML) Red Star!

Let us Strive Hard for the Unity of the Peoples of South Asia!

Workers and the Oppressed People’s of the World Unite!

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

on behalf of the CC of the CPI(ML) Red Star 
RCF (Revolutionary Cultural Forum) and Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM), Chhattisgarh, jointly condemned the Sanghi fascist attack on the National Conference of IPTA at Indore. They also condemned the clean chit given by the one man inquiry commission to those ministers and higher ups prima facie responsible for the institutional murder (suicide) of the research student Rohit Vemula. They appealed to the cultural activists, mass organizations to resist such attacks

It is to be noted that during the concluding session of the three day National Conference of IPTA, —held at Anand Mohan Auditorium, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), from 2nd to 4th October, 2016— some fascist elements affiliated to RSS, forcibly entered into and created pandemonium. However, they had to backtrack at the face of resistance from the cultural activists. In a similar order of events, one man judicial inquiry commission – appointed by Ministry of Human Resource Development—averred in its report that Rohit Vemula himself had been responsible for his suicide. His expulsion from university hostel had also been logical and justified The Report states that there was no pressure exerted by Ministers like Smriti Irani or Bandaru Dattatreya, that might have been held responsible for the alleged suicide.

On behalf of RCF and Caste Annihilation Movement comrade Tuhin and Chandrika have expressed deep concern about the current tide of intense intolerance, communal fascism, attack on the freedom of expression, warmongering, Jingo –nationalism, fierce caste and communal hatred and a repressive atmosphere. In order to impose a neo-liberal destructive economic agenda to serve the interest of big corporate houses, a campaign—opposing women, Dalit, tribes, minorities and the poor— has been unleashed throughout the country under the leadership of US Imperialism .This campaign also happens to be full of unscientific, superstitious, religious fundamentalist, Brahamanical, Manuvadi ritualistic agenda. Both the above organizations appeal to all the progressive cultural activists, writers, intellectuals and organizations with similar thinking, to resist such nefarious activities and close the ranks against such forces. 

Message of Greetings to the CPN (Mashal)

Dear comrades,

WE wish great success to the meeting of the NCP (Mashal) to be held from 21st October at Bhutol. We are very sorry that we are not able to participate in this meeting due to earlier engagements.

We recognise the NCP (Mashal) as one of the closest parties to us in the world. We have enjoyed a close and fruitful relationship with the NCP (Mashal) since at least around 35 years. Much has changed with both our countries in these years but our friendship has remained constant. We are proud and grateful for this.

We know that the NCP (Mashal) is also one of the parties which has the ability and the desire to reach the new conclusions that are necessary for making the revolution in the new situation in the world. We hope that we can work together to meet the new challenges that imperialism is throwing at us. We welcome this meeting of NCP (Mashal) to take a decision on the program on the 100 years of the October revolution. We are of the opinion that the discussion on this campaign will help in reaching a proper conclusion on the grave questions facing the International Communist Movement today. We hope to be working fraternally with the NCP (Mashal) in this campaign and in finding the correct answers.

We are also acutely aware that the Indian state, as always, and especially under the Hindu fundamentalist BJP Government is bent upon curtailing the sovereignty of Nepal. We are aware that the interference of the Indian Government in the framing of the Nepal Constitution was absolutely uncalled for. We have started a movement in India to call upon the people to fight against such expansionist policies of the Indian government.

Wishing the utmost success to your meeting once again,

With revolutionary greetings to all delegates,

Your fraternal comrade,

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star 

Condemn the Killing of 24 Alleged Maoists

THE CPI(ML) Red Star severely condemns the mass killing of 24 alleged Maoists by AP and Odisha special police forces on 23rd October in the border area of these two states in mysterious circumstances. Since these uniformed state forces are notorious for numerous fake encounter killings, there are sufficient reasons for considering it also as a mass scale killing in fake encounters. We demand a investigation by the judiciary and democratic forces to bring out the truth and to punish those responsible for it.

It is a known fact that our party reject the politics and practice of the CPI(Maoist) and has repeatedly callled on it to join the Marxist-Leninist forces and to follow the mass line. At the same time we consider them as a political force. We have demanded repeatedly that the central and state governments should initiate discussions with it to solve the problem politically. Instead, the consecutive central and state governments are trying to suppress it through police and para-military action. It has led to barbarous attacks against the adivasis in the regions and to numerous fake encounter killings. We condemn these heinous acts of state terror and demand political solution to the Maoist problem.

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star

25 October 2016 
WE, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the current escalation of violence and the further brutal crackdown against the Rohingya in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

As you are aware, Myanmar security and other forces have occupied the area around Maungdaw in response to attacks by unknown assailants on border posts on 9 October 2016. The authorities have accused Rohingyas of carrying out the attacks and are now taking recrimination against the Rohingya population. We have reports of killings, rape, abductions, forced evictions, beatings, the burning of homes and communities and the general terrorising of the local Rohingya population, The very real concern is that this situation will deteriorate even further and possibly quickly. We call on all parties to put a stop to this terrible situation with immediate effect.

As we also know, this is not the first time that there has been state-sanctioned violence against the Rohingya women, men and children who are still trying to live their lives in dignity in their homeland. You will be aware of the extensive documentation over some thirty years and more, of the systematic violence, discrimination and repression against the Rohingyas by the government of Myanmar and their friends. Thousands have been killed, thousands of women sexually violated and physically abused, hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee (often into the hands of human traffickers), and now most recently the Rohingya have been written out of the Constitution, denied any citizenship rights, and rendered stateless.

The government of Myanmar must take complete responsibility for the situation. It has consistently failed to protect the rights of the Rohingya and consistently failed to give them any protection, but instead has consistently denied them their rights as human beings and citizens and has sanctioned hatred, bigotry, racism, violence and deprivation against them over very many years.

The current violence re-ignites fears that there will be another round of state-sanctioned killings, violence, destruction and land appropriation, forcing ever more Rohingya away from their homeland and further creating a humanitarian crisis for the Rohingya and for the region. It is long overdue that this stopped.

We hereby call upon the govt. of Myanmar to :

 immediately stop the killings and violence in Rakhine State;

 respect, restore and protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Rohingya people, including re-recognising them as citizens with full rights to freedom of movement, marriage, education, healthcare, justice, protection and more;

 expedite the work of the nine member State Advisory Commission chaired by Kofi Annan, charged with finding solutions to the situation in Rakhine state. The Commission should help ensure that

any person or persons whoever they may be who have been involved in killings, rape, abductions, or any other abuse of the basic rights of people are brought to justice;

all properties and land destroyed in the recent violence are restored to their rightful owners and compensation paid for any loss;

any person or persons inciting racism, bigotry and hatred are arrested and charged accordingly;

steps are taken to rehabilitate and reintegrate all internally displaced persons and refugees who have fled their homes because of the conflict in Rakhine State.

 lift all restrictions of aid to Rakhine state and allow unfettered access to Rohingya for persons including international aid workers and media.

We also call upon the ASEAN community and all other parties to take immediate steps to facilitate the process for lasting peaceful solution for the on-going crisis in Rakhine State. We urge the governments of ASEAN, including Malaysia, to recognise the basic rights of refugees, including all Rohingya refugees, and to provide proper and timely humanitarian assistance to those fleeing the terrible situation. 

Signed by : Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), CPI(ML) Red Star and 35 mass organizations of Malaysia
Modi’s demonetization announcement withdrawing 500 and 1000 rupees notes from circulation with effect from the midnight of 8th November has resulted in utter economic chaos and untold misery to the vast masses of common people in the country. As the so-called surgical attack along the Line of Control has boomeranged and the Kashmir situation is becoming worse, Modi has resorted to this dramatic move with the aim of cashing it for the forth coming elections to UP, Punjab like states. There is no economic justification for demonetization as a tool for curbing black money. So, Modi has put forward this anti people move by hiding himself behind the garb of patriotism. This sudden withdrawal of 86.4% of the currency value in circulation without making any efforts to replace it with notes of lower denominations for daily transactions has resulted in unprecedented collapse of people’s purchasing power. The catastrophic outcome of this credit squeeze has been a total devastation of all productive activities including agriculture, retail trade, traditional rural employment and so on. Since 95% of the work force in India is in the informal or unorganized sector where the whole economic transactions are cash based, the outcome of this move has been a disastrus credit crunch leading to halving of the countries growth rate within a span of two weeks.

It is a well-recognized fact that black money is generated by the present economic system, the ruling regime which is in unholy alliance with corporate billionaire black money holders like Ambanis, Adanis, Mallyas etc who have already stashed away more than the country’s national income in foreign tax havens. While ascending to the throne of the prime minister two and half years back Modi had promised that he would bring back this black money and put Rs 15 lakhs in the accounts of every Indian within hundred days. Instead of taking any steps in this regard, he was protecting corporate black money holders and even encouraging them to accumulate wealth by channeling their illegal money as FDI flows in to India through the Mauritius route. It is even officially recognized that almost 80% of the black money generated by the ruling regime is in ‘Swiss banks’. Lion’s share of the remaining 20% of the black money that is within the country is stored in the form of real estate, land, gold, company shares, drug trafficking etc. Only 5% of the currency in circulation is held as black or unaccounted cash. It is for capturing this 5% the 86.4% of the currency is withdrawn!

Instead of supplying the requisite badly needed small denomination notes, the advance printing of Rs 2000 notes is to appease corporate billionaires. At the same time, it is like rubbing salt in the wounds of common people. Even as 60 people standing in the queues have died so far, under the cover of demonetization Modi has also dared to freeze the hard earned money of the peasants and common people in the corporate banks, agricultural credit societies, housing societies and so on. This has altogether paralyzed the rural and agricultural economy. All these expose that the true intention of this corporate-led assault is not eradication of black money, but to unleash a social engineering for draining away the meagre earnings of the common people in to the coffers of corporate billionaires through the banking system.

In this crucial situation, the Polit Bureau of the CPI(ML) Red Star which met at New Delhi on 19-20 November appeals to the workers, peasants and all oppressed masses to come out on the streets and resist this brutal corporate led assault by the Modi government.

Demonetization not for abolishing black money, but an attack on people, resist it!

Confiscate all black money at home and abroad!

Put Rs. 15 lakh in the account of every citizen!

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star

New Delhi

20th November 2016

we demand: Withdraw Present Demonitisation Immediately;

Take Steps to Confiscate all Black Money Stashed Away in Safe Havens by Corporate Houses.

The sudden, overnight announcement of demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupee notes from 8th November midnight is a severe blow against common people. The leading black money holders are operating through well-known official money circulation channels. These elite corporate sections transact their businesses through online credit methods. So the worst sufferers are the vast masses of toiling people including retail traders and middle classes. Modi Government’s demonitisation has attacked them like a ‘financial emergency’, a Tsunami. Everywhere tens of millions are standing in long que for the last many days. Quite often they are frustrated in getting their old notes changed, or in withdrawing money from ATMs. It has becoming difficult for them to get even food and other essential services.

The demonitisation, an image building exercise for forthcoming elections in UP, Punjab, etc, has become a “surgical attack” against the people, not against the big sharks who have siphoned off billions of crore worth of money. The withdrawal of 500, 1000 currency notes without any preparation and without making lower denomination notes avilable, while allowing the black money channels to flourish uninterruptedly under neoliberal raj, is not going to resolve the black money issue or ever intensifying corruption. The huge amounts stashed away in foreign tax havens by corporate houses, mafias, real etate business, and those named in Panama Papers etc are not going to be even touched.

So we demand: Withdraw Present Demonitisation Immediately;

Take Steps to Confiscate all Black Money Stashed Away in Safe Havens by Corporate Houses.

The sudden, overnight announcement of demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupee notes which have become very, very common in the cash-based economy is a severest blow against the common people. While black money holders are operating through the official money circulation channels and as the elite and corporate sections are transacting their businesses through online credit methods, the worst sufferers will be some small businessmen, middle classes and common people. Common people who are not in the habit of online businesses will find it very difficult to get food and other essential services and the whole retail trade in the country is going to be badly affected till the promised alternate arrangements come in to force.

Through this surgical attack against the people, the Modi government, which is encouraging the corporate businesses who are playing with unearned incomes in such speculative carnivals like IPL , and protecting those big sharks who have siphoned off billions of crore worth of money from banks, aims at an image building in view of the forthcoming elections in UP, Punjab, etc. The off-guard withdrawal of currency notes which are in frequent use, while allowing the black money channels to flourish uninterruptedly is not going to settle the black money issue or corruption. The huge amounts stashed away in foreign tax havens, the corporates, the mafias including those engaged in real etate business, those named in Panama Papers etc are not going to be even touched. Modi’d exercise is only to satisfy the gullible. CPI (ML) Red Star severely condemns such exercises which harass the common people while leave all the real black money operators untouched.

K N Rmachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star

New Delhi

9th November 2016
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