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COMRADE Khudan Mallick is no more. He was one of the front ranking leaders and soldier of Naxalbari Peasants Uprising. He was an optimist about revolution and till his last breath he was closely associated with revolutionary left politics. Till his death, he was an inspiration for the new generation. The CPI(ML) Red Star expresses heartfelt condolenses at his departure. Red Salute to Com Khudan Mallick. Long live Revolution. Let us march forward to make real his dreams of a just society where there will not be any sort of exploitation.


We reprint below a statement from the Central Committee of Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) which refers to the fascist Alternative for Germany (AfD) and National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). An important call in the statement is to “Resist the beginnings!” of fascism. The MLPD has issued this leaflet to provide information about fascist calls for the murder of Monika Gärtner-Engel and residents of a house on Hauptstrasse in Gelsenkirchen - Red Star

DEAR residents, on the 30th of September a called was issued in the Internet to murder Monika Gärtner-Engel. She is the Responsible Person for Internationalism on the Central Committee of the MLPD and Main Coordinator of the revolutionary world organization ICOR. In Gelsenkirchen she is a well-known, popular representative of the MLPD, a member of the City Council and a local politician of AUF. Via Twitter Monika Gärtner-Engel was viciously slandered, a distorted, manipulated photo of her was spread, and a call was issued to hunt and kill her: “Find her = Kill her!” it says in English.

Threat Through the Entryphone

IN the night of 2 to 3 October residents of a house on Hauptstrasse in Gelsenkirchen were threatened through the entryphone: “I am your killer! I am coming for you tonight!” The “International Meeting Place”, known for its exemplary solidarity with refugees, the local office of the MLPD and the progressive book and crafts store and travel agency “People to People” are located in the house. During the night of 4 October a hate sticker of the neo-fascist NPD was pasted to the office of the MLPD.

In both cases charges were filed against persons unknown. Gabi Fechtner, Chairwoman of the MLPD, stated: “Of course, you can’t let yourself be intimidated by something like that. After all, 87 percent of the voters explicitly elected parties which are left of the proto-fascist AfD, and the progressive change of mood is appreciably stronger than the trend to the right.

But one must not take this trend to the right and such fascist death threats lightly. Their purpose is to intimidate. However, in the past they also have paved the way for brutal attacks including even the murder of antifascists, communists or migrants. It has not escaped the fascists’ attention that the MLPD and the Internationalist Alliance are gaining social importance, and so they step up their attacks. Apparently, fascist forces think they are getting the upper hand due to the upgrading of the AfD, and so they crawl out of their holes...

Fascists Encouraged by “Left-Wing Extremism” Campaign

THE fascists are encouraged and incited by the ‘left-wing extremism’ campaign of those in power. From the AfD we increasingly hear fascist sentiments, but the fascist followers of Erdogan or the fascist IS also are active in Germany.”

Don’t Budge an Inch for the Fascists

GABI FECHTNER calls upon “all democratic people to resolutely oppose such fascist activities and to increase their vigilance. We demand the prosecution and punishment of those responsible and the banning of all fascist organizations and their propaganda. Resist the beginnings! Don’t budge an inch for the fascists!” All anti-fascists, democrats, friends and local residents are called upon and requested to unite against such fascist activities, to provide relevant information and to organize the protest, for example at the Monday Demonstration on 9 October 2017, 5.30 p.m., Preuteplatz square. Thank you!

Solidarity is Growing

IMMEDIATELY after the death threats were made public, the first declarations of solidarity were received. The editors of Rote Fahne express their unequivocal solidarity and sharply condemn the fascist threats. 

YOU are aware that on January 17, 2017, two comrades of the Bhangor anti powergrid movement — Mafizul Khan and Alamgir Mollah — were martyred when the police and hoodlums accompanying the police opened fire. Another villager and activist of the movement, Akbar Mollah, was also severely injured in police firing. The Trinamool government of West Bengal announced a paltry compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the families of the martyrs, but they turned down this treacherous offer with dignity. After the incident, the police unleashed a reign of terror on the villages that were involved in the movement. There were mass arrests, abductions and numerous false cases against scores of villagers. As a result, we could not help the families of the martyrs to a great extent. However, the unflagging spirit of the people kept the anti powergrid movement going in spite of ruthless state terror and non state atrocities. Now, we have been able to tide over that crisis period to a large extent. The democratic movement of the people has been able to withstand the state terror. We have also initiated a Martyr’s Fund to help the families of the martyrs and set up a Martyr’s Column. We will observe Martyr’s Day on January 17, 2018. On that day we will also set up the Martyr’s Column and hand over financial help to the families of the martyrs.

We appeal to all persons and organisations who support the Bhangor movement to donate to the Martyr’s Fund before January 17 and also participate in the Martyr’s Day programme in Bhangor on that day.

Please send your donation to the following account:

Md Enamul Haque

State Bank of India, Lauhati Branch

AC No. 20088159924

IFSC Code. SBIN0006208

Thanking you,

Abdul Aziz Mallik


Committee for the Protection of Land Livelihood Ecology and Environment 
Comrade Raju singh of Red Star and 11 comrades of Anti Power Grid Movement, KMSS, Assam, were aken in to custody at Belghoria, Kolkata today morning when they were proceeding to Bhangar to participate in the mass mobilization against the state terror unleashed to suppress the more than a year old anti Power Grid movement. This action by the State Task Force of the WB police marks intensification of the state terror and terror unleashed by the TMC goons against the agitating villagers and their supporters. We appeal to all democratic forces to protest and oppose these suppressive acts of TMC government.

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star
CAMPA (Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority) was an ad-hoc body created by the Supreme Court in 2002 to address concerns related to deforestation resulting out of diversion of forest land for development. This was followed by the Report of the expert committee on NPV (net present value) in 2005, which was given the task of outlining an architecture to integrate this with the CAMPA. On 10th July 2009 orders were passed by the Supreme Court to give shape to this body. 

Instead of addressing the concerns of the Supreme Court, which required that funds meant for Compensatory afforestation be used for the purpose they were generated, the Government in its wisdom used the ploy of huge unspent funds under CAMPA (estimates put it at around Rs 50,000 crores) to hurriedly pass CAF ( Compensatory Afforestation Fund) last year. However till now the Act has not been notified (pending the guidelines), informed sources point to serious contradictions within the Act itself including the failure to address the concerns of the Supreme Court as one of the major reasons for the delay.

In practice, CAMPA fund legitimises forest diversion and provides a monetary excuse for Forest and biodiversity loss caring a whit for the loss of livelihood opportunities of the local community. There is no credible information about what has been planted up under CAMPA and where. 

The proposition that forest cover is increasing is a hoax. The State of Forest reports a forest cover of 21.34% including tea, coffee and rubber plantations (green cover of more than 10% on an area of .5 has is recorded).  Forest Land on the other hand is 23.41%. Plantations are not forests. There is an International movement against monocultures. In Uttrakhand for instance the replacement of broad leaved oak forests with pine has resulted in severe damage to the ecology affecting the livelihood of livestock owners and impacting the perenniality of the streams and springs in the region. Frequent landslides and forest fires are among the other impacts as well.  

CAMPA is meant to compensate for loss of forests but it is also being shown as a mechanism to increase the forest cover of this country. The fund of $6 b is being used by the Government to show its financial commitment for GIM and RED + as well. In its new avatar, CAF is a violation of FRA. CAMPA money will be used for relocation of people from Tiger Reserves.  VSS under JFM is being equated with gram sabha and FD muscle power and money power is being used against the people (arms and ammunition are being procured in the name of Wild life protection Act).  In short FRA is to be systematically undermined.

In the whole process Natural Capital is sought to be taken over and goods and services from the forest traded on the International market. The Kanchan Chopra report for transferring funds to the village communities has been ignored. Diversion of forest is against Section 39 B of the Forest Conservation Act 1980. The related compensatory activity has not taken place; it is proving to be a game to deal with the ‘politics of sustainability’.  

Even though India is a signatory to UNRIP (United Nations Rights of Indigenous people’s) and FPIC (Free Prior Informed Consent), the accountability for implementation is at the Nation level due to sovereignty issues. Sub Nationality questions are not addressed. 

Case studies from Odisha highlight the atrocities being unleashed on the forest dwellers as a result of CAMPA (in one case a pregnant woman lost her child as a result of the shock of being dragged out of the forest). A case study from Gujarat shows how Surat is facing floods every year due to the destruction of the mangroves, choking of the estuary at the mouth of the Tapti and the resultant ingress of seawater into Surat. The barrage on Tapti on the other hand prevents the flood waters reaching the sea and bathes Surat instead!  Compensatory forest land asked for the cutting of the mangrove forests to make way for Hazira SEZ expansion was given in Porbandar. Since there were no mud flats there to hold the plants, every year plantation gets washed into the sea.       

The concept that ‘development is necessary’, and hence forest diversion a corollary is counter factual. Experiences from across the country show that recent advances in renewable energy make it possible to go for a decentralised development paradigm which does not require the kind of funds that make it necessary to roll out the red carpet to Corporate investors and provide them land on a platter. 

The need of the hour is to create awareness across the country about the detrimental effects of CAMPA and its new avatar CAF. The adhoc committee of the Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha studied the draft prepared by the Akhil Bharatiya Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, and has decided to issue it as a call to all forest dwellers and forest dependent communities to rise as one to force govt. to withdraw this anti people law.

Adhoc Committee, Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha n



THE West Bengal Police arrested a local leader Comrade Kandan Mandi on 15 September 2017 in a pretty old case registered against him way back to 28 June 2009 during the tenure of Left Front Rule. It is to be mentioned here that Comrade Kandan Mandi had contested the last election to West Bengal Assembly in 2016 as a CPI(ML) Red Star candidate from Raipur Assembly Constituency, situated in Bankura District. CPI(ML) Red Star is a registered party under the Election Commission and is working in open. Many sections were dumped on Comrade Kandan under IPC 307, 120B, 121, 121A, 122, 123, 124A, Explosives Act 3/4 and Arms Act. In addition to these UAPA also dumped on him. The police also arrested Subhash Mandi from the same village.

Comrade Kandan was very much active and known to all in his locality as a political activist for a long and he was working in open and never gone absconding. Hence it is very much conspicuous that he got arrested after such a long time, i.e., 8 years after registering a case. He was very much present in open in his locality. Hence the question of absconding is not at all arising.

He was a key person in organising different people’s movement. Recently he had organised the villagers against the sale of plastic and thermocol made plates and dishes for serving food instead of SAL leaves (sal patha). Making Plates and Dishes for serving food is a lively hood and cottage industry of the local people in the Jungal Mahal Area. Most of the women in the area is dependent on this Industry. This movement has irked the authority.

Moreover, the party CPI(ML) Red Star, which he belongs to, is leading a much Known Peasants movement in West Bengal in Bhangor against a Central Government Power Grid Project. The West Bengal Government had already arrested and dumped several false cases including UAPA on its fore front leaders.

It is also a matter of doubt about the authenticity of the case as the local police was pleading for 7 days police custody of Kandan Mandi in the Khatra Sub-division Court though there was no any reference of his name. Even in the FIR, which was prepared by an ASI, there is no mention of Kandan Mandi in the preparation of Land Mine Explosion. Only there was a mention of his presence in a secret meeting.

It is also to be noted that the arrest of Kandan Mandi is taken place at a time when the State is going to the Local Body Elections soon where CPI (ML) Red Star will also be a contestant party which is gaining ground among the villagers for their participation in the people’s struggles. Mamata Government is trying all out to make the Panchayat Elections a farce so there would be no opposition to which CPI(ML) Red Star is a threat.

This arrest generated anger and discontent among the people are widening against the TMC Government. It is also to be noted that the original case was initiated by the Left Front Government during their tenure and now the Mamata led TMC Government is pursuing. They have started to protest against the illegal arrest and demanded the unconditional release of Comrade Kandan Mandi. The West Bengal State Committee of CPI (ML) Red Star strongly condemns the arrest and demands the immediate and unconditional release of Comrade Kandan Mandi and to withdraw the all the cases against him. 
WHEN I reached Kolkata station on 22nd January from Lucknow by Nangal Dam to Kolkata Express at 5.15 pm and was walking to the place where our comrades were waiting, 5-6 men overpowered me, closed mouth, blind folded and took me in a Tata Sumo for almost an hour to the first floor of a building in the outskirts of the city, I presume. They frisked me and took the mobile phone, and were claiming they were from Central Intelligence and taking me to meet their seniors. At the office a Malayalee offiicer who introduced himself as Vinod interrogated me. He refused to allow me to inform my condition to the family. He told that I am detained under instructions from Delhi and future course of action will be decided only tomorrow.

On 23rd morning I was told I will be taken by noon. In the afternoon again I was blind folded and taken in a vehicle. After almost 3 hours it stopped and somebody claiming himself as the chief of Central Intelligence in WB told me that according to instructions from top he is acting and I have to go back to Delhi forthwith. When asked whether it is an order to extern me and what authority he has to impose it he had no answer. He arranged a ticket in Sealdah to New Delhi Rajdhani and his goons looking followers opened my eyes and put me in the Rajadhani at nearby Durgapur station and gave me my suitcase. His men had taken away Rs 3000 from the bag and did not give me the mobile. In this way they ensured that I cannot return to Kolkata for the scheduled 24th January visit to Bhangar and press conference at Kolkata. As the ticket itself was faulty it was with the help of the train staff I could reach Delhi by 11.30 am.

The whole episode of kidnapping and detention of the general secretary of a party which is working openly at all India level is a naked repetition of what the central and state governments are doing at Banghar in South 24 Parganas. I am not sure whether these criminals who detained and caused such mental harassment to me are from Central Intelligence, WB state intelligence or the goondas of the ex MLA of TMC, Arabul Islam, and the present MLA and minister in the TMC cabinet, Abdur Razak Mollah, ex land revenue minister in LF government during Nandigram movement, or a combination of all these who staged it. It was a naked fascist act to suffocate my voice, to prevent me from going to the villages to declare solidarity with the affected people and families of the two martyrs, and to address the media at Kolkata explaining the details of the Bhangar movement.

When my abductors alleged that we are in league with Maoists I explained to them how we are building this movement keeping both CPI(M) and CPI(Maoist) away. I explained them how the Committee to Save Land, Livelihood and Environment is leading the peaceful democratic movement and it was the police-goonda combine changed the atmosphere on 15-16 January by attacking the villagers and women, leading to police firing on 17th and people’s resistance against the state terror. It is clear that the authorities are going against the law which forbids building of power grids through thickly populated areas and trying to justify it through cock and bull stories.

While our party comrades are actively involved in the Committee a broad forum of all struggling left and democratic forces is being organized in which students, intellectuals and scientists are also participating. The developments in Bhangar shows that Mamta Banerjee who came to power using the Singur and Nandigram movements is doing a much worse act at Bhangar and the people will not allow her to get away with it. No amount of terror can make the party leaders as well as the people subdued. We appeal to the media and all democratic forces to come forward against the state terror and attacks on the villagers of Bhangar.

KN Ramachandran

GS, CPI(ML) Red Star

24 January, 2017

New Delhi 
THE Jomi, Jibika, Bastutantra O Poribesh Raksha Committee calls an indefinite road blockade at Bhangor on January 11, 2017, to protest the forcible land acquisition and setting up of a power grid substation on the fertile, multi-crop land of the area, a project that will cause inestimable and irreversible damage to the ecology and environment as well as jeopardise the lives and livelihoods of countless farmers and their families.

The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL, a Govt. of India Enterprise and a Navaratna to boot) is constructing the Rajarhat 400/220 KV, SF6 gas insulated substation and associated 953 Km (480 Km passing through West Bengal) length of 400KV double circuit, 450MW transmission lines, which will affect scores of villages across the region. Paradoxically, though the PGCIL has named it the ‘Rajarhat substation’, it is located entirely in a different place – Bhangor – and even in a different district!

According to a notification of PGCIL, the transmission lines from this substation will be passing over 80 villages of seven districts, namely South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, Nadia, Hooghly, Burdwan, Murshidabad and Birbhum of West Bengal, before entering the state of Jharkhand. The nine to twelve transmission lines coming out of the Rajarhat Grid will affect more than 30,000 lives in South 24 Paraganas alone.

An extremely potent greenhouse gas SF6 (Sulphur Hexafluoride, SF6) will be used in the substation and an electromagnetic field will be generated, once the transmission line becomes operative. While a significant amount of research efforts are going on internationally in finding a replacement of SF6, the gas will be used in the substation without any concern of the authorities for the danger it will pose to the people and the environment. Once a transmission line is laid, the farmer has to forfeit most of his rights over his land, crop and plantation. In the name of preventing damages due to ‘flash overs’, maintenances, of line the power line installing company has unfettered rights of cutting the tall trees, entering into the fields and thereby damaging standing crops, year after year. Moreover, the transmission-line support structures and lines are laid near and within the ponds, where the farmers cultivate fish. The support structure within or near to the ponds will change its ecology, making them unfit for fish cultivation. The electromagnetic field will also change the growth and breeding pattern of fishes, for which fishermen will suffer substantial losses. For installation of support structure, the ponds, fish embankments (bheries) have to be dried and the machine and human activity that will go on in installation of towers will grievously damage the soil bed, swamp and under-bed micro-organisms, making them unfit for fish cultivation. The electromagnetic field will also affect the magnetic alignment ability of fish and disrupt their movement.

Since 2015, from the day work on forcibly acquired land initiated, people were first assured that a small power house would be built in the area to cater local demand. Later, people learnt that the project was being planned at a much massive scale and it was not a power house as they were made to believe, but a 400KVpower grid. Things came to a pass when PGCIL started installing transmission line support structures (towers) on their fields without taking their consent, without following the Guidelines for payment of Compensation towards damages in regard to Right of Way for transmission line, Ministry of Power, Government of India, 15.10.2015. When people resisted such constructions on their fields, PGCIL started paying a pittance to some, ignoring the aforementioned guidelines. In this matter the local administration and ruling political party leadership too worked in tandem with PGCIL.

The people of the area, who stand to lose not only their land and livelihood but also fear complete destruction of the ecology, have organized themselves under the leadership of the Jomi, Jibika, Bastutantra O Poribesh Raksha Committee against the power grid and administration. They have come out on the streets in protest. They have submitted a memorandum to the SDO recording their opposition to the operation of the power grid in the midst of fertile agricultural land. The PGCI authorities promised to meet them and hear their grievances, but on the scheduled day, when the people of the area arrived at the PGCI office, the officers had already locked up the office and left, afraid to meet the people. They have also filed complaints with the local Kashipur PS, under whose jurisdiction the area is, against forcible construction of towers on their land by PGCIL. On December 22, 2016 they brought Kolkata roads to a standstill by a massive 10,000-strong rally. A memorandum was handed over to the Governor.

As is evident, the PGCIL has gone about this project in an absolutely high-handed manner, refusing to talk to the affected farmers and displaying an utter lack of transparency. The government and administration too have paid scant heed to the farmers’ grievances. Despite the much-vaunted policy of the government to not acquire agricultural land for industry, in villages across Bhangar extremely fertile agricultural land has been acquired for the substation and the transmission towers. This has been done without the consent of the farmers, often by the use of terror tactics.

The Jomi, Jibika, Bastutantra O Poribesh Raksha Committee, which was formed to protest the

construction of the power grid substation and the destruction of the ecology it entails, has appealed to the government and administration for dialogue, but in vain. Now, since peaceful demonstrations by tens of thousands of villagers and humble petitions seem to have had no effect, the Committee has been compelled to announce an indefinite road blockade on January 11 demanding immediate cessation of work on the substation and withdrawal of the project from the area.

The Committee hopes that all print and electronic media will stand beside the farmers and fishermen of Bhangor and broadcast the news of their impending eviction from land and livelihood as well as the gritty protest that promises to foil the designs of the authorities to destroy vast tracts of fertile land and water bodies rich in aquatic life. 

(Statement issued at Press conference at Kolkata by comrade Alik Chakraborty, Spokesperson of "Jomi, Jibika, Bastutantra O Poribesh Raksha Committee" on 5th January 2017)
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.