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Press Statement:

The Polit Bureau of CPI(ML) Red Star met on 4th and 5th August at Party state committee office at Bangalore and took the following decisions.

1.    It decided to observe 15th August as a protest day against the adoption of the pro-corporate and anti-people GST Bill; against the suppressive policies pursued by Modi government in Jammu and Kashmir and against the beating up of dalits by the so-called go rakshaks promoted by RSS parivar in Gujarat and elsewhere.

2.    It decided to observe 9th August to 15th August as Anti-Imperialist Week against further opening of all sectors for the entry of FDIs, against the RSS promoted New Education Policy and against the unleashing of state terror in Kandammal of Odisha, in Bastar of Chhattisgarh and elsewhere in the name of anti-Maoist moves.

3.    The PB calls upon all party committees to make the 2nd September general strike a resounding success.

4.    It decided to observe the period up to 25th May 2017 observing 50 Years of Naxalbari Uprising intensifying land struggles based on land to the struggle slogan.

5.    It decided to organize a vigorous campaign against the moves of Modi government and AP government to turn AP in to a nuclear energy hub.

6.    The PB decided to organize a massive rally at Delhi on 7th November under the banner of Democratic People’s Forum marking the beginning of centenary observation of October Revolution to be culminated with countrywide campaign culminating on 7th November, 2017.

7.    In the context of CPI(M) led Left Front degenerating as apologists and executioners of neoliberal policies initiated by Congress and intensified manifold by the ultra rightist Modi government, it decided to speed up the unity moves to bring together the struggling left and democratic forces under Democratic People’s Forum and to contest the elections to UP and Punjab assembly elections in 2017 under its banner.


General Secretary, CPI(ML) Red Star.

Dated 6th August, 2016.
THE pay hike for central government employees announced by the central govt. based on the Seventh Central Pay Commission’s recommendations does not address the demands of the employees in the lower ranks. There is only an increase of 14.2 percent in the emoluments in terms of gross salary; increase in the take-home pay is just 7.4 percent for the lowest category. The decision on the revision in allowances is postponed. The ratio between the lowest and the highest scale continues to be as wide as 1:14.

A parliament march and rally of about 20,000 central government employees held at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on June 24, 2016, organised by National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) of central government employees comprising railways, defence, confederation and postal organisations demanding modification in the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission, has called upon the entire central government employees to intensify the campaign and preparations and make the strike on July 11 a total success. About 33 lakh central government employees will participate in the strike. 40 lakh central government pensioners have declared their solidarity with the strike. Central Trade Unions had also extended their full support. State Government Employees Federations have cautioned the central government that they will also be compelled to join the strike if it refuses to settle the demands relating to Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations.

The CPI(ML) Red Star calls upon all Party committees to support the demands of the central and state government employees and to join the campaign to make the proposed indefinite strike from 11th July a great success.

[Above press statement was issued by comrade KN Ramachandran, General Secretary of CPI(ML) Red Star on 3rd July. But as expected this strike call spearheaded by recognized railway workers’ federations is postponed according to a statement appeared on 7th July. If it took place it would have been a great wonder as these leaders of railway workers have never taken the path of struggle after the 1974 strike even after so much of attacks are taking place on them. Though the strike is postponed the statement is published to show our stand towards this issue affecting many millions of central and state government employees – Red Star]
Red Salute to Irom sarmila's brave antt AFSPA struggle for 16 years!

Unite to continue the movement through countrywide mass movement!

There are reports of the decision of irom Sarmila to discontinue her 16 year long indefinite fast for the withdrawal of AFSPA. What she waged was a great stuggle. red salute to her. At the same time it is the task of all democratic forces to continue this struggle by other means, by launching a countrywide mass movement. We appeal to all left and democratic forces to come forward to take up this task.

K N Ramachandran,

General Secretary,

CPI(ML) Red Star

26th July 2016
THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Star in its message of greetings sent on 1st June to the 18th Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia said :

On behalf of the Central Committee and the whole of the membership of the Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) (Red Star), we take great pleasure in extending our warmest greetings to all of you on the occasion of your 18th Congress. We are confident that the Congress will be a successful one and will achieve the goals that you have set for it.

We recognize the PSM as a very important fraternal organization in our part of the world. We salute the struggle that the PSM has taken up to fight against the dictatorial regime in Malaysia and pledge our solidarity in this struggle to free the people of Malaysia from this yoke. We find many similarities in the struggles in Malaysia undertaken by PSM and those being taken up by us in India. We have also been at the forefront of the struggle against implementation of GST in India. We are also taking a keen interest in the struggles of the peasantry in the current world situation. In this respect, along with the Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal) and the Communist Party of Bangladesh, we have jointly played a role in organizing the World Peasants Conference in Nepal at the same time as your Congress. We are following your struggle for a retrenchment fund with great interest. We are also engaged in leading workers struggles in India against the proposed changes in labour laws and against the effects of neo-liberal policies of globalization, liberalization and privatization. We are also confident that this Congress will resolve the question of a new form of international cooperation among revolutionary organizations in fighting imperialist globaisation. We look forward to closer cooperation in this regard.

Hoping once again that your Congress will engage in serious discussion on the questions, we along with the toiling masses of Malaysia and the world look forward to the results of your Congress, which, we are sure, will help to take forward the movement for a new socialist world system.

Your comrade,

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star 
The People’s Daily, official organ of the ‘Communist’ Party of China, has reported the death by suicide of Zhu Teishi, aged 56, who was the senior editor of the theoretical journal, Qiushi Journal, on 26th June. According to his friend circles, as reported by international press, he belonged to the section of academics who were critical of the way corruption is spreading with the intensification of the neoliberal regime and was depressed. It is reported that four decades after the state capitalism under socialist transformation was turned in to open capitalist path through a military coup in 1976 immediately following Mao’s death, turning former socialist China in to an imperialist super power, the number of intellectuals critical of these policies are increasing along with the growth of workers struggles breaking out spontaneously. When the Marxist-Leninists all over the world are observing the 50th anniversary of the formal launching of the Cultural Revolution with the publication of the 16th May Circular by the CPC under Mao’s guidance in 1966, it is natural that anyone in China who has gone through Mao’s writings and many books written on then China by large number of progressive writers will become suffocated, as the capitalist roaders in power do not allow even democratic rights to openly debate what was China then and what is China today. We do not have any writings of Zhu and do not know to what extent his critical approach took him towards reinventing Marxist theory. But his suicide is a reflection of the still surviving Marxist resistance in China, however weak it may be

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star

2nd July 2016

New Delhi
CPI (M)’s Political Degeneration Unfolds as Organizational Crisis

Resignation of senior member from Haryana Jagmati Sangwan from the Central Committee of CPI (M) protesting against its opportunist alliance with Congress in the West Bengal assembly polls has imparted a severe blow to the Party. While a large number of the central committee members vehemently criticized the central leadership for taking a lenient approach to the Bengal Committee’s deviation from the apparent positions taken in the Visakhapattanam Congress, Comrade Jagmati insisted stern action against the Bengal unit, as alliance with Congress, the party of the landlord-bourgeois class is against the political tactical line adopted by the party. Following the submission of her resignation to central Committee while it was in session, Sitaram Yechury in his official briefing on the three-day CC meeting has announced the expulsion of Jagmati from the primary membership of the Party.

In another development, polit bureau member and the Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan along with his finance minister Thomas Isaac, also a member of the central committee, has openly declared his intention to uphold the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and implement the same in Kerala, which also is against the apparent position of the central party leadership in this regard. This also should be viewed as the outcome of the political degeneration of the CPI (M). The open neoliberal positions taken by both Kerala and Bengal State Committees, the two largest units comprising major chunk of CPI (M) membership is a reflection of the extreme weakness of the central leadership led by Yechury. And the political degeneration that has engulfed the CPI (M) is going to unfold itself as major organizational crisis in the days ahead.

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star
2016 Budget of Modi government: Pro-corporate, Regressive and Reactionary

In continuation of the Presidential Address to Parliament and the Pre-Budget Economic Survey, the 2016-17 budget of the Modi regime has laid down significant initiatives for consolidation of the ultra-rightist measures already taken up during the last two years while laying down a clear roadmap for unleashing corporatization in fresh areas. With the transformation to an Aadhar-linked targeted regime for all subsidies, what is envisaged is a further pruning of social spending in food, health, education and other essential services adversely affecting the vast majority of the people. Most of the schemes announced in the guise of rural and social development under new names are mere eyewash. Even the much projected allocation of Rs.38000 crores on MNREGS is even nominally less than what was there in the previous budget estimate.

Along with the already announced FDI inflows under the so called Make in India program in previous budgets along with that in insurance, banking and other service sectors, opening up of the entire food processing sector which is the largest component of agro-processing industry today, as announced in the budget, will pave the for monopolization of this crucial sector by agribusiness MNCs like Pepsi, Cargill, Monsanto, etc. leading to an unprecedented corporatization of agriculture and rise in food prices in the country. The huge allocations for road and other infrastructure projects along with reforms pertaining to Non-Performing Assets in banks underscore a mere transfer of huge public funds to private corporate coffers through numerous PPP projects. The announcement of highly subsidized big gas and oil exploration projects in the budget aim at further strengthening of the already established corporate giants in the field such as Reliance, Essars, etc.

The 2016-17 budget, as the previous ones, augurs for a further rollback and downsizing of the public sector as all the so called new investment schemes announced are either in the private corporate sector or in the PPP mode. As usual, there is no effort to tax the super rich, as still only 5 crore of the estimated more than 20 crores of the upper- middle income classes are paying income taxes. And to appease the corporate income tax payers, this budget has put the effective corporate tax at 24 percent while the nominal corporate tax is being reduced to 29 percent. And the entire additional resource mobilization of around Rs. 20000 crores is from indirect taxes thereby pushing the whole burden to the shoulders of poor. And the so called fast-growing India is one where the super-rich pay the lowest tax.

At a time when the country is going through a an economic stagnation where all the employment-oriented productive spheres are in recession, amidst the statistical jugglery, there is no effort by the Modi regime even for namesake public investment in job-oriented and productive economic activities and the budget is diverting even the available funds with government to corporate financiers for speculation in real estate, stock markets and other money spinning sectors. An interesting pro-corporate gesture in the budget is the announcement of an amnesty scheme for legalizing the wealth and income of black money holders. There is nothing in the budget to cure unemployment, rapid rise in consumer prices, and scarcity of food and other amenities faced by the people. It is a highly reactionary and regressive economic document and should be rejected forthwith.

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star

New Delhi

29th February 2016
Press Statement

Condemn the Arrest of JNUSU President and State Terror in JNU Campus

When the death sentence on Afsal Guru was hastily implemented by the UPA government all progressive forces had condemned it as a judicial murder. There were different views on the way the case was taken up in the courts and the way his petition to concerned authorities was not allowed to be presented. So it is natural that on his third death anniversary these plural views were expressed by many forces and a section of the JNU students condemned it. A democratic society should allow such freedom to its citizens to express their differing views even if it is contrary to the views of the ruling government.

But the ABVP, which is unleashed in all educational institutions by its RSS mentors to spread communal venom as already seen in IIT-Chennai, Hyderabad Central University and many other institutions, intolerant to the left atmosphere in JNU, had utilized this isolated incident to whip up communal and sectarian divide among the students. As in Hyderabad, very soon the authorities have intervened, deploying police force in the campus and arrested the JNUSU president on charges of sedition when he is repeatedly stating that he has no role in the raising of the controversial slogans by the organizers of the program on 9th February.

It is known to all that the JNU students played a vanguard role in raising the issue of Hyderabad university authorities putting pressure on the dalit students forcing Rohit to commit suicide. ABVP wanted to defame the JNUSU and they used the February 9th incident for it.

It shows how the ultra rightist politics and state terror is in action in JNU. We severely condemn the arrest of JNUSU president on charges of sedition in the name of some students observing a memorial day in the name of Afsal Guru. It shows how whatever democratic space existed is shrinking very fast after Modi government took over. We appeal to all secular democratic forces to express their opposition to this fascist attack in JNU campus.

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star

Dated: 13/02/2016
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