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Make 11th Party Congress at Bengaluru Great Success!

Fight Neo-Liberal Raj, Fight Saffron Fascism; Advance towards Peoples Democracy and Socialism!

No to BJP’s opposition free India; Build an India where Hundred Flowers Blossom, Hundred Thoughts Contend!

Long Live CPI (ML) Red Star!

Second Anniversary of Demonetisation

Modi should be brought to account for the coercive deprivation committed on the people

Demonetization super-imposed on India by Modi at the behest of US-based agencies has resulted in the biggest-ever credit squeeze of common people in monetary history. While inflicting a horrific coercive deprivation on the vast majority of common people, demonetization or note-ban has been a corporate weapon in the hands of Modi, the political representative of the most corrupt financial class in India, facilitating the latter to suck out the life-blood of the toiling masses abruptly collapsing their purchasing power.

The midnight order by Modi government removing CBI Director Alok Verma comes in the wake of latter’s attempt to investigate the Rafale scam in which Modi’s affinity with Ambani, the Indian partner of the arm’s deal along with his involvement, in spite of being prime minister, as the middleman in the emerging scam is being discussed widely.


IN a Press Statement issued on 7th April 2018, Secretary of West Bengal State Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star states: The Law and order situation in West Bengal is going from bad to worse as the TMC is letting loose the terror all over the State to prevent the aspiring candidates of opposition parties from filing of nomination papers for the ensuing Panchayat Elections.

Today, on 06th April, the members of Jomi Jibika Vastutantro O Porivesh Raksha Committee were attacked by the TMC goons in front of the Police inside the Baruipur Block Office when they went to file nomination papers. Four of them seriously injured.

It is a matter of deep concern that the Police even arrested/detained the Bhangor Andolan Sanhati Committee and JJBOPRC members and allowed the TMC goons to do whatever they like. It is a matter of serious concern that instead of taking all necessary administrative measures to ensure peaceful atmosphere so that all aspiring candidates could participate in the electoral process, the State Administration is siding with the miscreants and effectively disallowing the opposition party workers from exercising their democratic rights. It is a blatant violation of its constitutional obligation by the State Government to ensure safe and security of the citizens. We demand all wings of constitutional authority to take immediate remedial action so that the State Administration should act impartially and adhere to the constitutional obligation

We demand immediate release of the Bhangor Andolan Samhati Committee members, comrades Amitabh, Sankar and Biswajit, who are detained by the Police in Bhangor Police Station. We also strongly condemn the attack on JJBOPRC members and detention of Bhangor Andolan Samhati Committee members.

Pradip Singh Thakur

Secretary, West Bengal State Committee

CPI(ML) Red Star

7th April 2018 
THIS mayday the working class has its tasks cut and dried. The attacks on the working clas by the BJP led NDA Government has reached mammoth proportions. All of this stems from the basic policy of the Government to further the neo-liberal economic policies which were even earlier being implemented by the Congress. The only difference is that while the Congress was much more circumspect in pushing the neo-liberal agenda, the BJP, in its haste to serve its corporate masters has rushed in with all manner of schemes, most often ill thought out and badly implemented.

What is this neo-liberal economics that we talk about. The basic tenet is that it will be beneficial to society as a whole if the corporates prosper. The theory is that if the Ambanis, Tatas and Adanis prosper, they will invest more and create more industry and therefore more jobs and better jobs. This theory has been thoroughly disproved in practise. After almost thirty years of implementing the neo-liberal economics under both the Congress led UPA and the BJP led NDA, the real wages of workers are almost stagnant. This means that the rise in wages is only almost, on an average, equal to the rise in prices. The worker has got no real benefit.

The Government has, this year, further consolidated the apprenticeship scheme – the scheme whereby workers can be employed for extremely low wages for upto three years and will not be allowed to even get legal benefits like PF, minimum wages, etc. Another method of doing this is to allow for fixed term employment. This means that if the worker is told at the beginning that his employment is only for a fixed term, say two years, or for a fixed project, then he can be removed at the end of that period without any compensation. All such changes are being made to reduce the status of the workers from being permanent workers to mere casual or temporary workers. These are new forms of informal employment which allow for “hire and fire”. All such forms are basically made to keep the workers from asking for their legitimate dues. If they do organise or protest then they can be easily removed.

This is not the only change. The Government is trying to introduce new codes to replace all the earlier laws. The first code, which is already passed in the Rajya Sabha is the Code on Wages. This seeks to consolidate laws regarding Bonus, minimum wage, payment of wages and for equal remuneration. However, the whole of the final draft is at best, an unworkable hodgepodge and, more likely, an attempt to remove the protections given to workers. It does not say what the minimum wage should be. It provides that upto 50% of the Gratuity and terminal compensation of the worker can be deducted by way of fines, etc. Luckily, we have seen such a tumultous session of the Lok Sabha that the new law could not be passed so far.

If workers think of challenging such unjust laws in the courts then they are soon dissuaded by the state in which our judiciary finds itself. A house divided, there are open allegations of corruption against judges, many of which are proved. “Fixing” seems to the norm rather than an exception.

When this years budget was presented, there was nothing in it for the workers. Instead, in the Economic Survey which precedes the budget, there has been an attempt to redefine the term “informal sector” so that the Indian economy can be made to seem better that it is.

On the contrary this government is doing its best to keep the country divided on communal, religious, caste and ethnic lines. It is openly and blatantly espousing Hindutva to suppress the minorities and the dalits.

Today, workers are ready to fight. They are ready to come out into the streets. The massive demonstrations that took place in November when the workers gheraoed Parliament is evidence of this. Many workers are still fighting like the Maruti 13 who are still in jail, the Pricol workers etc. In many places, like in Bhangor, it is workers who are fighting for preserving the environment and for basic democratic rights. What is needed is to create a leadership which can weld this anger and discontent of the workers into a consistent movement which will lead not only the workers but also all the oppressed toilers to a new society – a really democratic society – a socialist society

 Workers of the World Unite!

 Workers and Oppressed of All Countries Unite!

 Fight Against the Neo-Liberal Policies and Its Effects!

 Unite For a Just and Equitable Society – For Democracy and Socialism! 

Stop US/NATO Stop Aggression on Syria.

Stop US/NATO Stop Aggression on Syria.

The massive missile attack on Syria by US/NATO forces calls for severe condemnation by world people. The alleged chemical gas attack on the last rebel stronghold by the Assad regime is used as an excuse to launch aggression against a sovereign state, Syria. It is the latest act as world’s policemen by the US and its allies, challenging the UN Charter and international law. As there are possibilities for Syria’s ally Russia to intervene, there are possibilities for escalation of this conflict to dangerous levels. There are no justifications for the US/NATO aggression. We demand:

US and allies stop their aggression forthwith;

People of Syria should be allowed to solve their problems without foreign interference;

Organize anti-war, anti-US/NATO demonstrations.

CPI(ML)Red Star
What Indian sub-continent is witnessing today is a third wave of assault on the unity of this region by the Brahminical forces, the first wave starting with the Aryan invasion, subjugating the natives of this vast region. This divided society was given a progressive direction by the thoughts of Gautam Budha preceded/followed by Lokayat/Charvaka schools. For a millenium or more the Brahminical divisive thought and the caste system it imposed were weakened and kept at bay. But the most foul and criminal aggression by the Adi Sankara led Braahminical forces, the second wave, struck at these progressive schools barbarously, imposing the hegemony of Manuvadi caste system and gender inequality. A millennium of domination by these disintegrating forces during which many other forces also entered the scene and all of them trying to dominate separately/cumulatively, weakened the sub-continental polity. It created conditions for imperialist invasions and colonization by the British imperialists. It was the resistance to this colonization and the national liberation movement of the peoples of the sub-continent, in spite of the heinous ‘divide and rule’ policy of the colonialists leading to communal division between India and Pakistan, which paved the foundation for whatever unity of the various nationalities continued in India.

But, a century long propagation of Hindurashtra concept, the RSS leading present BJP rule, has led to the third wave of assault on whatever unity is existing in this sub-continent, in spite of the comprador rule which survived through communal- caste appeasement policies. Whatever unity of Indian polity is still surviving is attacked by the Sangh Parivar using its divisive policies of Hindutva, frenzied efforts to create a Hindu vote bank. By unleashing Islamophobea, lynching of Muslims, military occupation of Kashmir and hate Pakistan campaign whatever religious inclusiveness survived are destroyed and communal division is taken to its peak; the frenzied imposition of corporatization and Hindu-Hindi-Hindustan slogan have cut at the roots of federalism as manifested through statements of even ruling class leaders of the Southern states; and now the successful Bharat Bandh on 2nd April in which many millions of SCs/STs along with their supporters and compatriots got mobilized has clearly shown the growing anger of the suppressed classes and sections who are challenging the attack on them in all fields by the Brahminical forces. The Indian brand of fascistic hegemony sought to be imposed by the Sangh Parivar is striking at the very root of the unity of India which is a multinational country. Along with its mad pursuit of neo-liberal policies, it is challenging and destroying the unity of the people of India. On all counts it should be resisted, isolated and defeated.

K N Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star

New Delhi

April 3, 2018
CPI(ML) RED STAR severely condemns the reign of terror unleashed by the fascist Sangh Parivar forces after its election victory in Tripura. It is not only attacking the defeated CPI(M)’s cadres and offices, but even uprooting statues of Lenin. Still its leaders are not calling for an end to these heinous acts. The state machinery is by and large not taking action against the fascist goons. These are fascist acts which all democratic forces should condemn and oppose.

Modi and other leaders of RSS and Sangh Parivar are celebrating their victory over CPI(M) led Left Front in Tripura as a victory in the ideological struggle against communism and uprooting Lenin’s statues, knowing very well that the LF government they defeated was also pursuing the neo-liberal policies and it was far away from the Marxist-Leninist principles and practice. Still its defeat is utilized to defame Marxism in most heinous forms. It is the same thing US imperialist lackey Yeltsin and his collaborators did in 1991 after the disintegration of Soviet Union. Lenin’s statues were attacked and they celebrated the disintegration of Soviet Union, which had degenerated to a social imperialist power following the usurpation of power by the revisionists, as the ‘end of history’ and demise of communism. The camp of reactionaries utilize every such situation to attack communism and the imperialist media give extensive propaganda to it. We should oppose and severely condemn the attack on communism and on the toiling masses unleashed by Modi and company utilizing the defeat of social democratic CPI(M) led government in Tripura. We should declare firmly that such proxy wars cannot defeat us, and that imperialism and their lackeys like Modis means barbarism, and that socialism is the only alternative for the world people.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.