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The Sonabhadra massacre of 10 Adivasi cultivators in UP under BJP raj Show How Serious is the land problem Still in our Country. The massacre resorted to by the Panchayat Chief, a savarna landlord, his family members and supporters were to snatch the land cultivated by the Gond Adivasi family for generations. He was supported by the administration, police and the BJP leadership in power. It shows even so many decades after the land ceiling laws were adopted in the states, the land question still remain so serious in our rural areas. We condemn this killing and appeal to the struggling left forces in UP to join hands to come out in support of the affected family and for the implementation of land to the tiller slogan

In AP at Kovvada near Visakhapatnam the people are opposing the NPCIL which is trying to forcefully take over 2080 acres of fertile agricultural land, displacing more than one thousand farmers’ families to construct a nuclear power plant, importing the obsolete Westinghouse nuclear plant from the US. This nuclear company became bankrupt in 2006 as the US has stopped erecting nuclear plants long back. When the Manmohan Singh government wanted to construct a nuclear plant at Mithi Vardhi in Gujarat importing Westinghouse plant, the people there had waged a heroic struggle forcing the government to cancel the project. In spite of this experience, at a time when following Fukushima none of the ‘developed’ countries are going for nuclear energy and are closing down existing plants also, it is madness caused by extreme subservience to US imperialism which is leading the Modi government to import the Westinghouse plant and construct a nuclear plant at Kovvada displacing such a large number of families from their habitat for hundreds of years. So the people’s movement is intensifying demanding the cancellation of the project with the support of all progressive forces.

Seminar on 100 years of Communist International and Challenges before Communist Forces was organized at Barnala Punjab on the occasion of Santhal Hul Revolt Day on 30th June 2019. Com. Tuhin delivered the keynote address.Com. Lashkar Singh has chaired the seminar.Com. Labh Singh delivered the welcome address. Other speakers were Com. Narbhinder,Com. Sukhdev Pandhi,Com. Narayan Dutt and Com. Dr. Gurjeet Dhillon.Com. Satpal has conducted the seminar and Com. Ajmer Singh has sung revolutionary songs. So many progressive intellectuals and representatives of Communist Revolutionary sections attended

the state always use black laws to suppress people’s protests. Such laws are generally used dubbing these struggles as terroristic. According to changing situation these laws and the instruments for their implementation are made more autocratic by making necessary amendments by governments, using them for attacking the minorities and oppressed classes and sections also. This is the case of all black laws like TADA, POTA, AFSPA, UAPA etc. The amendments to NIA Amendment Bill also is part of this.

When the UPA govt formed NIA (National Investigation Agency) in 2008 it had many anti-people provisions. Now the Modi-2 home minister Amit Shaw in the first session of the parliament itself pushed through amendments to the NIA rules to create Islamophoebia and to facilitate more attacks on human rights and democratic rights. While only 6 MPs in Lok Sabha voted against this, the Rajy Sabha, where NDA is a minority, unanimously adopted it!. The parties expected to take strong stand against fascism did not take such positions. While Congress supported the bill, CPI(M) which opposed it in the LS, kept away from pressing for voting in the RS. Even the Muslim League did not consistently oppose it. It seems all these parties in opposition were afraid that they may be attacked for supporting terrorism by the BJP!

The Bill made important changes in the NIA provisions. Firstly human trafficking, fake currency, production and sale of prohibited arms, Cyber terrorism, 1908 provisions regarding explosive materials etc were included under its purview.  For trial of these cases Special Courts shall be constituted.

The problem with all black laws is that they can be/are used against any organization or individual opposed to the ruling system. All the black laws are primarily used against the minorities and organizations struggling for the rights of workers, peasants and other oppressed sections, besides against democratic rights’ activists. As far as the NIA is concerned even during the UPA rule it did not act effectively against the accused in the 2002 Gujarat pogroms or in cases where pro-RSS forces were accused. Under Modi-1 all the accused Hindutva forces including Pragya Thakur were given bail or cases against them dropped. In this situation giving more powers to NIA, even taking away some of the cases so far dealt by the state police, will make it more draconian and another powerful weapon in the hands of the saffron fascist forces. Still the parliamentary opposition including the Left Front did not oppose it effectively in the parliament, shows the growing danger of even such forces getting terrified and surrendering to the neo-fascist state machinery under Modi.


A Union was running by other leaders in Kalyani Solvex Pvt. Ltd. Situated at Naroi, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal. Approx 300 workers are working in this mill. Rice Bran oil is main product of this mill. Though workers were organized in a trade union, they are not satisfied with the leadership. At last they organized under the Banner of Trade Union Centre of India (TUCI). Major workers had joined. So the ongoing union was remained, only leadership has been changed and a new committee has been formed by General Body of the workers.

After forming the leadership union started to raise the workers demands which were long pending. At first seeing workers unity the owner of the mill arrange meeting with the union but he was not ready to accept any demand of the workers, mainly increasing wage.  After failure of two consecutive bi-partite meeting workers under the basnner of the Kalyani Solvex Shramik Union affiliated to TUCI declared strike. Owner tried by every means including Goons and Police, but failed to break the workers unity.

So at last after 9 days strike Owner was again compelled to sit with the Union for the conciliation. Labour department was also involved in this. A settlement and agreement signed between the union and owner in the mill, under the supervision of Deputy Labour Commissioner of Balurghat. Workers got victory. Owner was compelled to increase the demand of wage hike. Wage hike was10%. Other demands were also more or less met.

This is again a great victory in the Dakshin Dinajpur industrial area. Workers of other factory are also jubilant to see this victory. There are possibilities to form union other factories also

Thousands March to Kalpatta, Wayanad on July 18 in Solidarity with Land Struggle !

Thousands of Adivasis and landless peasants along with others expressing solidarity marched on18th July to Wayanad District Collectorate demanding land to the landless. In Kerala after 72 years of so called Independence 5.25 lakh acres of land are still encroached by foreign plantation companies and local mafia with the help of Kerala governments (either Left Front or Right Front) whoever is in power. The All India Krantikari Kisan Sabha, Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha and the Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) Red Star organized this march. Under the much trumpeted Land Reforms of Kerala, the State Governments, either Left or Right, distributed only about one lakh acres out of the eight lakh acres declared as surplus land at the initial stage under ceiling laws. In Kerala, land has become a commercial and rare commodity to buy and sell at sky rocketing prices. The real estate mafia are taking benefit out of it.  As a result lakhs of Adivasis and other landless peasants are thrown out of land, many have become landless and pushed to rented houses or caste based tiny huts in colonies because of the so called Developmental activities in the name of highways and corporate projects. In this situation, the Thowarimala movement is now getting momentum and many leading people’s movements are reaching at the collectorate gate where Adivasis and landless peasants are sitting in dharna from 23rd April after they were thrown out of the Towarimala land they had occupied.

The Towarimala land struggle should be seen in the context of Adivasis’, Dalits’ and other landless people’s land question becoming an increasingly serious question all over India. While vast stretches of land are given to corporates and land mafias, and even foreign corporates are allowed to keep lakhs of acres of land illegally for decades as in Kerala, the Adivasis and others at many places have no land even to bury their dead relatives. Though land ceiling laws were enacted in almost all states, nowhere the surplus land was distributed to the landless peasants, the real tillers of the land.  It is in this situation the ongoing Towarimala land struggle in Wayanad district of Kerala is very important. More than 1000 families, who occupied this land taken over from the Harrison Plantations in 1970s for distributing to Adivasis, but not distributed still, were thrown out by force on 23rd April. They are continuing dharna in front of Kalpatta district office from that time.

On 18th July thousands of families of landless people marched towards Kalpatta struggle centre demanding taking over of illegally held land from the foreign corporates and its distribution to the landless families. Declaring solidarity with this march and supporting the Towarimala land struggle many leaders of people’s movements, activists, writers, cultural activists etc addressed the thousands of Adivasis and other landless people mobilized there. While the LDF government is totally neglecting the movement and trying to suppress it, this struggle is inspiring the numerous struggles of the landless people al over the state. Let the revolutionary peasant movement led by AIKKS and the Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha get organized more militantly mobilizing the Adivasis and other landless people, and intensifying the movement. n


Comrade A K Roy, general secretary of the Marxist Co-ordination Committee (MCC) and a leading trade union activist among the coal workers of Dhanbad region, passed away today (21st July 2019) at the age of 84.  After taking up job as a chemical engineer he actively worked among the coal mine workers and led many militant struggles, for which he was thrown out of job.

In 1971 he resigned from the CPI(M) and formed his own trade union centre and MCC. For some time he had formed a platform with Sankar Guha Niyogi who was leading the workers’ struggle in Chhattisgarh and Shibu Soren who was leading Jharkhand Mukthi Morcha. He was elected to parliament three times and after 1980s was shifting closer to the left Front.

CPI(ML) Red Star expresses its heartfelt condolences at the departure of com. AK Roy


Comrade Santosh Rana, a leading comrade of the CPI(ML) movement from the very beginning and who was ailing for a long time, passed away at a Kolkata Nursing home on 29th June morning. He was active in the PCC-CPI(ML) for a long time, and was its general secretary also for a time. CPI(ML) Red Star expresses its heartfelt condolences at the departure of com. Santosh Rana, and shares the grief with his family, comrades and friends. n

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