People’s Manifesto of Janaandolana Mahamaithry (Struggling People’s Alternative Alliance)

01 May 2018
To Dear people of Karnataka,

Dear friends,

Due to the anti-people policies of the erstwhile governments that ruled us, the poor in the prosperous state of Karnataka have become poorer and the rich have become filthy rich. Financial sectors like Agriculture, Industry and the new emerging service sectors have been victims of liberalized policies of the government, giving birth to a neo-bourgeois class which has become the new landlords and neo-capitalists who own everything, erecting a new class rule of different order. The people who actually slug, ie, the industrial labourer, the farmer and the Coolies have lost all hope. They have neither the security of food, nor that of the job and have been relegated to the most heinous role due to exploitation. The rights that people fought hard for and acquired, and the right to basic minimum life are being slowly taken away from them. More than ever, there is a continuous onslaught on the rights of the people enshrined in the Constitution. Efforts are afoot to uproot multi-cultural spirit of the society and enforce mono-cultural practices by fascist forces in all domains of life. Instead of fighting the divisive forces and ensuring brotherhood all across, certain forces are enforcing neo-fascist practices in the name of secularism and trying to usurp power in the guise of being pro-people.

Further, casteism and untouchabililty are being practised in very subtle forms and the exploitation of the oppressed continues unabated. Voices that question the right to very existence of the religious minority groups in the country, subtle attacks on their rights-sometimes direct and sometimes indirect, and concerns that question their right to food and the louder voices of the genocide mindset and the groups that take sides with ulterior political motives are ruling the roost. Women suffer the double disadvantage of gender and the class and are being subjugated in very worst forms. The physical exploitation of women, domestic violence, and all kinds of subjugation combined with the exploitation associated with the world of work is making matters worse. Rape and sexual violence on women and girl children has become the order of the day.

More than ever, half of the population is unemployed and it has made life an impossible affair. The bitter battle for survival stares squarely into the eyes of many young people today. Education, which should have been free and fair and the basic right of every human being seems a luxury. Higher education in particular looks an impossible proposition for the youth of the nation. The cost of living is sky-rocketing and the right to dignified life is robbed off from the common man. The life standard of the common man has reached the abysmally low level more than ever. The precious natural resources over which every individual has a right are being swindled off by the select powerful in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘development’.

This jinx continues to haunt human life in all domains and there have been voices here and there to ameliorate people’s lives and provide relief. There is a need to comprehensively change this context and fight tooth and nail against all these forces that are detrimental to human life. It is in this context, the pro-people and secular forces have come together and attempts are being made by the leftists and democrats to align all interested parties in this direction. Proactive attempts are being made to find remedies through participation in democratic process during the general elections to the Assembly this year. We call this force as Struggling People’s Alternative Alliance (Janandolana Mahamaithry). We look forward to fight against the neo-liberals and metamorphosed caste messiahs, the corrupt and the corporate world that perpetrates atrocities. Political Parties that have supported and perpetrated these forces from their inception, ie, the Congress, the BJP and the Janata Dal (S) are our opponents. The People’s Alternative Alliance proposes to fight these divisive forces and their anti-poor, anti-people and anti-democracy policies through the democratic process by partaking in the general elections.

Building Prosperous Karnataka through a strong Political Will: (Building Prosperous Karnataka is our Political motto)

Fighting the fascist forces that oppose democracy, secularism and equality of opportunity. We vow to fight against the casteist forces; be the Hindu or any other group that perpetrate caste and class. We are resolved to establish a society that is strongly poised on secular, democratic, social and equitable principles that believes in equity, equality and political participation to all. We vow to fight the neo-liberal corporate forces that perpetrate exploitation in the neo-modern order and policies that exploit the working class. We are resolved to oppose the new economic policies of the World Bank, International Trade and Industrial World Order which hit at the root of the native economic policies that sustain self-sufficiency and self-reliance. We propose to uphold the spirit of native culture, shared rights, self reliance in the industrial and agricultural sectors that give absolute rights and equity to the people. We shall make efforts to revive all the Medium and Small Scale Industries which have been closed in the name of being ‘sick’, thereby giving thrust to employment and dignified labour. Strict and austere financial code will be followed in the interest of the people and new vistas will be opened in the prevention of unemployment. We shall also abolish the outsourcing method for the exploitation of labour, and ensure the job security for them. We shall strive to liberate sectors like mining, infrastructure, sourcing of raw material necessary for the manufacturing sector, forest resources etc from the grip of the private and selfish operators. Under the State enforcement, the revival of all industrial units will be ensured. We shall strive to achieve the goal of scrapping anti-people policies regarding price control, land control and agri-control and comprehensive pro-people policies will be drafted. Optimum utilization of land, support price, resource supply etc will be ensured. From mono-crop to multi-crop method and implementation of the recommendations of Swaminathan Commission so as to help the farmers. Improved and scientific ways of utilisation of water resources and the governing policies will be put in place. We shall draft policies that govern support price for the farmers, support system and labour enabling governance mechanism will be developed. We shall strive to put systems in place that build confidence among the farmers and the pro-farmer state policy will be evolved. We shall, at all costs prevent the suicides of the farmers and labourers. Enabling policy for free education enshrined in the Constitution will be extended to the higher education sector also. We shall strive to do away with the role of the private players who yearn ‘for –profit’ in the name of providing accessible higher education. Monopoly and exploitation in the education sector will not be tolerated. Enabling policy for education will be evolved that will focus on employment and empowerment. Scientific policies will be drafted that free the system from the cudgels of the selfish bourgeois. Special efforts will be made to bring the hapless, the oppressed and the dalits in to the education system so as to build an enabling society which liberates the hapless from the clutches of the powerful capitalists who deny basic rights. Employment generation will be the focus on the education system and vocational education will be given the necessary thrust. Efforts will be made to empower and enable to the young so as to prevent them from being forced into the world of neglect and crime. Women empowerment will get its prime place. We shall strive to shoulder the responsibility of freeing women from the exploitation in the name of gender, caste, financial dependency, illiteracy etc. further, we shall fight tooth and nail against consumerism, commercialism and capitalism. Women trafficking, commodifying women an object of sexuality will not be tolerated. Child trafficking, oppression against women will be rooted out. We shall create an authority that ensures equality of opportunity to women all across the domains. We shall ensure the state’s intervention in the upbringing of the girl child so as to make it flourish in to its full ability. We shall restore all the rights of the Tribals and their pristine world will be returned to them. We shall scrap all policies which throw the Adivasis from their own mother land. We shall ensure their right to livelihood and their native land. Autonomous boards and bodies will be constituted which will be governed by themselves to ensure their comprehensive development. We shall strive to control the foreign direct investment and bring rationale in the entire system. We shall place systems to ensure appropriate authorities which regulate such policies. We shall also fight against the nuclear policies and power generation schemes which jeopardise people’s safety and security. We shall work to ensure the sustenance of the forests, pristine resources, and fight against deforestation, exploitation of natural resources in the name of development etc. Autonomous bodies will be constituted to regulate the same. National Industrial policy will be formulated which will ensure inclusive growth besides which will respect nature, forests, natural resources, rights of the adivasis, etc.

The People’s Alternative Alliance shall strive towards the well being of the people of Karnataka. It shall strive to achieve all the above formulations and shall continue to work in the interest of all the people of the State.

Come! Join hands to strengthen the Alliance! Vote for Mahamaithri Candidates!

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.