02 December 2017


IN SPITE of the severe reversals suffered by the economy and its impacts, and the growing resentment among the people against these, the Sangh Parivar led BJP is feverishly intensifying its communal fascist offensive and is in an advantageous position as there are no powerful political parties with countrywide influence or political alliances to challenge it. Due to its past deeds the Congress is still in decline and other parties have only regional influence. Congress and many of these parties may go for a ‘grand alliance’ before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But they have no alternate economic policies and anti-caste, secular, democratic political vision to challenge the communal fascist stranglehold of the BJP. Their only hope is to return to power utilizing the growing resentment among the people against the Modi rule and the democratic aspirations of the middle classes and intellectual sections.

Though the CPI(M) led Left Front is vocal against the communal fascism of BJP and against the corporate policies, wherever it is in power today, in Kerala and Tripura, it is implementing the very same corporate raj pushed forward by Modi. In spite of the severe setback suffered by it in W. Bengal after 34 years of continuous rule, it and its Left Front partners are not ready to take any lessons from it. On the contrary, a major section in the CPI(M) is campaigning for an open alliance with Congress. Even if such an alliance is not formed, in the post election scene, as in 2004, it shall eagerly opt for such an alliance again in the name of keeping BJP out. In spite of its last party congress’ calls to create an illusion before the ranks who were dissatisfied by the setbacks in Bengal and in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, it has never tried to put forward any long term perspective for independent left assertion challenging the corporate-communal fascist raj and to unite the left parties and organizations based on a common minimum program. So long as it continues its social democratic line it can never do this. The present strife within it shows that in effect it has no vision beyond allying with Congress and other ruling class/regional parties for an anti-BJP electoral effort.

It is in this context, while discussing the question of building a people’s alternative in Bengal, the PB of CPI(ML) Red Star had called for building a mass political platform for defeating the TMC and BJP, without going for any political alliance with Congress and CPI(M) led front, and at the same time uniting all like-minded political organizations and people’s movements based on a Common Minimum Program. An evaluation of the present political forces among the broad spectrum of the “CR forces” and our own experience to build unity among them based on a CMP shows that still a number of them are following sectarian line, Liberation like forces have gone to CPI(M) front, or CPI(Maoist) is pursuing its suicidal anarchist line. At the same time, the experience of numerous people’s movements around the country, especially that of Bhangar like people’s resistance movement shows that any meaningful challenge against the corporate-communal fascist raj intensified by Sangh Parivar can be thrown up only by uniting these people’s movements and like-minded forces based on a People’s Manifesto.

In the present situation, no doubt, the challenge is to defeat BJP and the Sangh Parivar behind it. But can the fight against the communal fascist polices intensified by the BJP government can be delinked from the struggle against the neoliberal policies and intensifying corporatization initiated by the Congress and speeded up by BJP rule? As far as the Congress and other ruling class/regional parties are concerned, they delink these two tasks. They have no intention to reject the neoliberal policies. They want to limit the fight to electorally defeating BJP in coming elections. The problem with the reformist forces led by the CPI (M) led Left Front is that though they talk about the necessity for opposing the neo-liberal policies, they neither pursue such a policy wherever they come to power or mention it when the question of forging the anti-BJP alliance is discussed. In effect, they tail the line of Congress in this. This is the line of petti-bourgeois classes Though among the ranks of theirs, many may aspire for independent left assertion, both sections of leaders involved in the present internal strife in CPI(M) are responsible for the non-implementation of their own party’s 22nd Congress decisions for building a left initiative.

It is in this situation, the Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star which met at Varanasi on 18-19 November, while stressing the need to defeat BJP and the communal fascist policies it intensifies, has called for building Mass Political Platforms according to concrete conditions in each state based on a People’s Manifesto uniting like-minded parties, organizations, groups and mass people’s movements with the perspective of pursuing independent left assertion with socialist objective. Such initiatives at state level shall help to build a countrywide Mass Political Alternative before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.