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1. Observe 41st Anniversary of Emergency Declaration as Anti Fascist Day : If the declaration of internal emergency by the Indira Gandhi govt. on 26thJune in 1975 was the first instance of autocratization of state forces on a countrywide level, the advent of ultra rightist Modi government with the RSS as its backbone is resorting to fascist measures to spread intolerance and saffronization in all fields. The Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star which met from 10th to 12th June at Kolkata calls on all Party committees to observe the anniversary of emergency declaration as anti fascist day.

2. Observe 9th August to 15th August as Anti Imperialist Week : The Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star calls for observing the anniversary of 1942 Quit India Day with the slogan: Confiscate foreign companies and foreign capital , and to observe 9th August to 15th August as Anti Imperialist Week.

3. Build up Countrywide Struggles against Modi Regime: As the ultra rightist Modi government is entering the third year of its rule, the much publicized hype on Make in India, Skill India, Swatch Bharat, Beti Bachao - Beti Padhao etc is fast loosing its steam. On the one hand, while offering big-bang reforms to MNCs and Corporate tycoons throughout his swing across the world, on the other Modi is transferring their burden to the shoulders of the common people using both budgetary and executive steps. Even after the adoption of a new base year for calculating the various economic indices solely with view of inflating GDP, industrial and agricultural production, trade etc, the latest April 2016 official data on industry, agriculture and export still exhibit negative growth.

At the same time, the prices of all necessaries of life including food and essential services are galloping. Instead of transferring the benefits from the unprecedented plunge in international crude oil prices to the people of India Modi government has earned around Rs 3 lakh crores during the last two years alone and in the process Ambanis and Essars have enriched further

As exemplified in the presence of Amitabh Bachchan, who is charge sheeted by the Enforcement Agency in relation to Panama Papers as the chief guest at the Second Anniversary celebrations of the regime, the Mallya episode etc Modi’s anti-corruption stance has been exposed as mere eye wash. Meanwhile, the unprecedented draught directly rising from corporate plunder of nature has ravaged agriculture and people’s sustenance throughout the country. Unemployment and under employment have become rampant.

Consequently the life of the workers, peasants, vast sections of the oppressed and toiling masses is increasingly becoming horrific. While billions worth of tax exemptions are granted to corporate financiers and as corporate debts to banks are written off, even the dwindling subsidies and social spending are further pruned off. The Central Committee appeals to workers, peasants and all oppressed in the country to rise up in struggles against this anti-people, corrupt and communal regime and to strive for a people’s alternative to it.

4. Intensify struggles of the working class: The meeting of the Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star held at Kolkata from 10th to 12th June notes with great concern the attacks of the Modi government on the working class. Old established laws like the Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act and the Contract Labour Act are being amended by the various governments in the states ruled by BJP to remove the already meagre protections afforded by these Acts from the majority of the workers. In this situation, the workers are struggling against these attacks and against the effects of the neo-liberal policies of the government. The Central Committee calls upon all workers and oppressed masses to support and rally with these struggles. It also calls upon all workers to support and make successful the Protest Day program for 9th August as well as the General Strike called on 2nd September, 2016, against the changes in the labour laws and similar demands. It pledges to fight along with the working class during all these struggles.

5. Resist and Defeat Increasing Attacks on the Peasantry: The Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star expresses deep concern over the miserable plight of the vast masses of people as a whole and of the peasantry and the agricultural workers in particular. This miserable plight of the peasants manifests in many ways like peasants’ suicides, lack of remunerative prices for their products, heavy indebtedness, increasing landlessness etc. This situation emphatically contradicts the campaign of “Achche Din” of Modi government. It is the inevitable result of neo-liberal policies dictated by imperialism and implemented by the central and state governments. The Central Committee urges the peasants and other sections for a countrywide militant struggle which is the only course open before them. 
THE POLIT BUREAU of the Party which met on 7-8 May analyzed the national and international situation. It noted that during two years of its rule, Modi government has intensified the corporate raj and saffronization. Under these policies the vast masses, especially the dalits, adivasis, women and other oppressed classes and sections have impoverished further. The PB meeting called for intensification of the resistance struggles in all fields and for organizing campaigns focusing on following urgent questions:

A. Intensifying Draught Situation All Over the Country

Reports from different states show that the draught conditions are becoming increasingly serious. Not only agriculture and livelihood of the people are severely affected, even drinking water is becoming scarce. The neoliberal development policies have aggravated this man made draught situation. A campaign should be organized by all party committees against the neoliberal polices which devastate people’s life, and for immediate relief to affected people.

B. Oppose Action against JNUSU Leaders

The JNUSU leaders persecuted by JNU administration are continuing their indefinite hunger strike for revocation of the punishments imposed on them. The PB meeting has appealed to all student and youth organizations and progressive forces to extend support to the striking student leaders. It appeals for organizing solidarity campaigns wherever possible. [Though the struggle is now suspended following Delhi High Court staying the punitive measures announced by the JNU authorities, the mobilizations and campaigns against the saffronization of higher centres of education should be continued]

C. Significance of the Spontaneous Strike of Bangalore Garments Workers

More than half million garment workers in Bangalore city created history on 18-19 April by coming out on the streets in a spontaneous strike and paralyzing the city demanding the reversal of the orders of Modi government on PF rules. The strike not only forced the Modi government to reverse its orders, but also to highlight their living condition, earning paltry Rs. 6000 to 6500 per month for more than 10 hours of hard work. The PB meeting congratulated the garment workers for their significant struggle and extended all support to their future struggles.

D. Justice to Jisha

Jisha, a dalit girl, a student of Ernakulam Law College, was brutally assaulted and killed in her hut at Perumbavur, Kerala. Since she was staying with her mother in this small hut near a canal, the police and administration did not bother to give any serious attention to this rape and murder case. They and the corporate media gave any importance to the investigation only when through new social media people got organized and started protesting. While CPI (ML) Red Star activists joined the protest march to police station on 9th May, it fully supported and participated in the hartal call given by the dalit organizations on 10th May. The PB meeting condemned the atrocious attitude by the police of the state government n towards the murder of Jisha and has called for stringent action against the perpetrators of this crime.

E. Hands off Nepal

If last year for months the Indo-Nepal relations had faced severe crisis, with the Indian government blocking the movement of all essential commodities to this land locked Himalayan country, once again Modi government is interfering in the internal affairs of Nepal de-stabilizing consecutive governments there. The PB meeting severely condemns this big-brotherly and expansionist attitude of the Modi government towards Nepal, and calls on all party committees to organize campaigns against it.

F. World Peasants’ Conference

The PB meeting called on all Party committees to help the AIKKS committees to actively participate in the World Peasants’ Conference held at Kathmandu on 3rd, 4th and 5th June to exchange country report on the agricultural situation in different countries, to analyze the consequences of the neoliberal-corporatization policies in the agricultural sector and to develop the agrarian program to combat this. 
Resolution On Launching Theoretical Offensive For Communist Resurgence


PRESENTLY the situation in India has changed drastically. The rightist Congress led government has given way to the ultra-rightist BJP-led Government. But that is not the phenomenon only in India. The world today presents a mixed picture. On the one hand, in many Latin American countries the Left are being voted to power, and the recent success of the Syriza in Greece is quite as spectacular. On the other hand, in several countries across the globe the Right and the Ultra-Right are being returned to power with a vengeance. In Turkey, the Erdogan regime got a larger percentage of the vote after the struggle at Taksim square than before. In Nepal, the government of the UCPN (Maoist) has been replaced by the openly rightist Nepali Congress government. In Egypt, the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood was stopped, but only by the army taking over power once again. Still, the youth in general do not appear to be attracted by the ideas put forward by the revolutionary left. Rather, their opposition to rightist regimes and policies is reflected in their gravitation towards sundry alternatives like the Aam Aadmi Party in India or the Greens, NGOs, etc., which have no radical alternatives to put forward against the reactionary ruling system which is speeding up imposition of the neo-liberal policies.

2. The situation in around 1950s was exactly the opposite. The upsurge of the international communist movement was so powerful that half of the land of the world and a third of the population were living in socialist countries. Powerful national liberation movements were challenging the vestiges of colonial domination. Strong communist parties were leading the movements of the working class and oppressed peoples in a number of countries. Since then, however, there has been a decline. It was usual for us, earlier, to blame Khruschevite revisionism for this decline. However, even the Chinese Party, even though it led the opposition to Khruschevite revisionism, itself fell prey to left deviation and, subsequently, revisionism. Many of the Marxist-Leninist parties which emerged in a large number of countries all over the world finally accepted that both the USSR and China were not socialist any more but had degenerated as imperialist countries, colluding and contending for power with US and other imperialists. However, many of these Marxist-Leninist parties have simply vanished without a trace, while many have degenerated all over the world either into becoming neo-revisionists or left adventurists. The problem with the international and national communist movement therefore is clearly not only the problem of Khruschevite revisionism or neo-revisionism or the left sectarianism that the Chinese leadership succumbed to. The solutions must be sought even deeper than this.

3. In 2004, fighting against a section within the party which wanted to go closer to the CPI(M), the then CPI(ML) Red Flag had reached a conclusion that it was necessary to unite all sections of the ML forces who were opposed to both right revisionism and left sectarianism. It undertook an experiment in this regard of forging a unity “with differences”. It was guided by the understanding that the Communist party must have a mechanism for solving all problems of programme, strategy and tactics on the basis of a democratic procedure, once the basic ideas of class struggle, dictatorship of the proletariat and democratic centralism are accepted. That our understanding and faith was misplaced is a testament of history. The section with whom the unity was forged based on the agreement that through a Conference the majority line shall be evolved and will be accepted by all as the general line for practice, rejected it, making this experiment a failure. There were gains from this experience, may not be so much in terms of membership and spread, but in terms of learning the problems that the movement faced.

4. In the subsequent All India Special Conferences in Bhopal in 2009 and in the Ninth Party Congress held at Bhubaneswar in 2011 we have succeeded to address many questions related to problems faced by the communist movement and put forward some new developments of thought. We were able to put forward our understanding of the neo-colonial phase of imperialist domination as distinguished from the colonial phase. We accepted that there has been a growth of capitalistic type of relations even in the agricultural sector while remnants of feudal relations still existed. We accepted the reality that new classes were developing in the rural areas. We were able to clearly show that Mao himself said that the foot must not be cut to fit the shoe, but rather the path of revolution in each country must follow the concrete conditions of that country. We were able to openly and without hesitation or apology reject the path of protracted people’s war for India. We have put forward the necessity to link the struggle for protection of nature with the class struggle.

5. With this new understanding also came glimpses of what was the problem with the communist movement in the world. It was no coincidence that the decline of the International Communist movement had started taking place since around 1950s, the same time as imperialism had changed from the colonial phase to the neo-colonial phase of plunder. When Marx was writing about capital, it was the stage of free competition and he naturally could not foresee that capitalism would develop into a new phase – imperialism. Around the turn of the 20th century, when capitalism was developing into imperialism and free competition was giving way to monopoly, Lenin who, having read all the literature on the subject, laid bare the machinations of the new capitalist cartels and exposed that imperialism was nothing but a higher stage of capitalism. In continuation to this the basic contradictions of this era were then put forward by the Communist International as: (1) between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples of the world; (2) between capital and labour; (3) between socialism and imperialism; and (4) among the various imperialist countries.

6. It was Lenin who extended the theory of the workers in the imperialist countries uniting to liberate themselves from their wage-slavery to the peoples of the exploited countries liberating themselves from imperialism. It was the Bolshevik party under the leadership of Lenin which put forward the thesis of turning the world war into civil war in Russia and of the essential link between the movement of the workers for socialism in the imperialist countries and the movement of the peoples of the oppressed nations for national liberation. It was on the basis of this understanding that the original slogan of the Communist Manifesto, ‘Workers of the World Unite’, was subsequently developed to ‘Workers and Oppressed Peoples of the World, Unite!’

7. We may well criticize this understanding of the world, in retrospect, as being inadequate. It did not say anything about the environment and ‘sustainable development’. It did not put forward a new paradigm of ‘development’. It did not give a clear enough understanding of the problem of women’s liberation. It did not even have a whiff of the need for fighting against caste, colour, ‘race’, etc. However, such a judgment would clearly smack of idealism. We would be trying to judge the leaderships and movements of those times on the anvil of today’s social structure and understanding.

8. Based on this General Line the international communist movement grew from strength to strength till the 1950s. The main thrust behind this growth was the basic line laid down by the understanding of imperialism put forward by Lenin. No doubt, this understanding had to develop – and it was developed to a very great extent. This understanding was also able to grip the masses and become a social force. Even, till after 1950s, when many countries of the world had come under neo-colonial domination, even the ruling classes in the countries under neo-colonial domination had agreed, at least in words, that colonialism and neo-colonialism must be opposed. The writings of Nkrumah on neo-colonialism, the acceptance of the Bandung Declaration and the starting of the Non-Aligned Movement were all testaments to this felt need. There was a profound change in the situation in the world around 1950s. Bretton Woods Conference had given rise to a new economic system of which the WB and the IMF were the pillars. There was a massive proliferation of MNCs. ‘Green revolutions’ started taking place in many countries all over the world. Connected to this was the political system put in place. Not only the formation of the United Nations Organization as a world body, but also the acceptance of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 which then became the basis for most of the Constitutions written during that period (though each Constitution did have its own particularities). New blocs were formed like SEATO, CENTO, NATO, Warsaw Bloc, etc. Soon discussions started on the GATT and finally in 1995 the WTO was formed. On the philosophical front, post modernism took on an ever growing role and became the theoretical backbone for the proliferation of reactionary schools of thought and became the basis of formations like NGOs.

9. The International Communist Movement responded to these changes in two ways. Firstly, under Khruschev, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union took the line that with the disappearance of colonies, imperialism itself had become very weak and that there was now no more need of revolutionary change. The Socialist camp and the imperialist camp would now peacefully coexist, compete peacefully on the market and finally, seeing the innate superiority of the socialist system, the newly independent colonies would peacefully transform themselves to socialism. The Chinese Communist Party opposed this analysis and put forward that the disappearance of colonies did not herald the disappearance of imperialism. They put forward that the old colonial system had given way to a new neo-colonial system, which, they emphasized, was more pernicious than the earlier colonial system. However, beyond this short analysis made in Apologists of neo-colonialism, the CPC did not take this further forward. The General Line document made an attempt to put forward a strategy for the communist movement in the new situation. Though it was not developed further, its contents are relevant in today’s communist movement too.

10. This clearly outlines the need for a theoretical offensive. At the international level we are one of the few parties which are now willing to see the real concrete situation. We are willing to make a self-criticism of our past and are also willing to make an attempt to rectify these mistakes. We are therefore in a stronger and more advantageous situation for undertaking such a theoretical offensive. What does such an offensive entail? a) We have to undertake a thorough study and analysis to identify the causes of the collapse of the erstwhile socialist countries, especially Soviet Union and China; b) We have to launch a vigorous ideological struggle to establish across society the superiority of communism over the present ruling system as well as over various alien trends; c) We have to develop Marxism-Leninism on the basis of a concrete analysis of the concrete situation.

11. We have already made certain theoretical gains. We have a deeper understanding today of the neo-colonial system. We have found that in India and in many other countries under neo-colonial domination, there has been an ever more capitalistic system being introduced in agriculture. We have understood the importance of the environmental question and given it the importance it deserves. Many more questions still face us, such as further studies on the nature of imperialism today, the meaning of a new paradigm of development and the building of socialism with greater democracy. We have to face such questions fearlessly and study them.

12. We must take up a clear, unsparing and scientific analysis of our past! Without this we cannot make a correct objective analysis of the present. This will mean asking a lot of uncomfortable questions and shedding some of our dearly held conceptions. This is necessary even to begin a theoretical offensive. Even during such an offensive we may, many times, come to the conclusion that many of the positions put forward by us in the past were wrong. We must be able to boldly put forward a clear and pointed self-criticism including how and why we went wrong. This requires that we must build up an atmosphere of trust, openness and frankness within the party. We must not be scared of analyzing the situation of ours and of others around us and must go, in practice, to wherever such an analysis takes us.

13. We must develop a system of propagating our ideas to the masses. To do that requires not only a good development of our publications but also a more systematic use of the social media. We have to develop such a style of writing which will help the people to clearly understand what we stand for in the concrete situation of today.

14. A party does not consist of a few thinkers and a mass of doers. Today there is a great gap in the consciousness of a few leading cadres and of the rest of the cadres in the party. A systematic method of developing the party study schools etc. must be undertaken to build up the party as a whole.

15. Even with party study schools, etc. we will not be able to propagate the ideas for a theoretical offensive on our own. We have to take the help of mass organizations like cultural organizations, anti-caste organizations, trade unions, peasants’ organizations, etc. for this purpose. We must involve all such organizations into the debate on the real questions which are facing the people today and must use their resources to propagate radical solutions for such questions.

16 The task before us is to take up the building of the communist movement in India and to play an active role in doing so in the rest of the world. A major part of this task is to take such a theoretical offensive as we have outlined above. We must boldly seize the real questions of the people in today’s situation and must scientifically search out the solutions. We must unsparingly lay bare our own history, the history of the communists in India and all over the world. We must make a base for combining with all sections of the people who are fighting against the injustice caused by the present imperialist-capitalist system – whether in intensifying human exploitation, in all forms of environmental damage, gender injustice, caste and racial injustice, persecution of minorities, etc. We must fervently organize the workers and peasants to face the new situation. Students, youth etc. must be rallied on the basis of the new understanding. It is precisely if we develop the correct theory, that we will not have to go behind the workers, peasants, youth, women, etc. – they will be drawn forward to the correct theory. This true measure of the theoretical offensive has to be grasped and carried forward. 
[Adopted by the CC Meeting of CPI(ML) Red Star held on 12-13 October, 2015]

1. THE CC OF CPI (ML) RED STAR congratulates the people of Nepal for getting the Constitution promulgated in spite of all obstacles confronted during the last seven years. At the same time, it condemns the interference of the Indian government in the internal affairs of Nepal. By arm-twisting the Constituent assembly members and the Nepal government, the Indian government was trying to make Nepal a Hindu Rashtra. The involvement of the Indian Government was clearly exposed in a letter demanding seven changes in the Constitution which the Indian government later tried to play down as “suggestions”. As a result of blockade of all its land routes from India using Madhesh struggle as a cover, a crippling situation has been created in Nepal. Our party has already issued a statement condemning the interference of the Indian government in Nepal. We also initiated a joint statement signed by various parties, organizations and individuals. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star appeals to all left and democratic forces to bring pressure on the government to stay out of the internal affairs of Nepal.

2. The developments in Greece show that the Tsipras government has sold out. Still it could win in the latest elections as there is no alternative force committed to fight austerity measures, rejecting the neo-liberal raj. When more than 60% voted against austerity measures in the referendum, in the present elections people massively abstained from voting, showing their continuing opposition to neo-liberal policies. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Starextends full support to the people of Greece to take forward their struggle against the troika of IMF-European Central Bank-European Union, who are imposing the austerity measures.

3. On 5th October 2015, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) became a reality. This is a trade partnership between 12 countries on the Pacific Rim including the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Japan. The clauses of this pact have been shrouded in secrecy, and it seems it includes clauses on further extending patents and Intellectual Property Rights. It presents “grave risks” and “serves the interests of the wealthiest” according to progressive forces. In 2014, Noam Chomsky warned that the TPP is “designed to carry forward the neoliberal project to maximize profit and domination, and to set the working people in the world in competition with one another so as to further lower wages to increase insecurity”. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star calls on all progressive forces to expose and resist this treaty.

4. The migration question in Europe is an ongoing crisis. The face of the young Aylan Kurdi has become the face of the migration problem. There were many attempts to trick the migrants in trains entering Europe by diverting whole trains. The surfacing of this problem shows the deteriorating state of affairs in the regions of North Africa, Central Asia and West and South Asia from where most of the migrants are coming. The problem is a creation of imperialist – mainly US imperialist – intervention and aggression in the region and still the imperialists refuse to take responsibility of even a small section of the millions of refugees. This exposes the barbaric nature of these forces. Instead of treating the migrants with humanitarian concern, they are being treated in a rude and ham-handed manner by the US and European authorities. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star severely condemns this inhuman attitude of imperialists and calls on all progressive forces to support the cause of the migrants and their right to get asylum as refugees from imperialist aggression.

5. The UN summit on sustainable development has turned out into a big tamasha. Following the 8-point millennium development goals (MDGs) set up in 2000, and after further deliberations at the Rio Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20), the UN has now adopted a charter of around 17 goals which are to be achieved over the next 15 years to bring forth sustainable development. Going from such platitudes as ending hunger and poverty and the right to water the goals are aimed, unlike the MDGs of 2000, not at governments alone but mainly at the private corporations. So now the saving of the environment (and removing poverty and hunger) has been left to the tender mercies of “corporates’ social responsibility”. Without a word of criticism about the non-achievement of the MDGs of 2000, the imperialists and their lackeys are conveniently stepping over to the new ‘17 commandments’ of the sustainable development goals. The Central Committee severely condemns these imperialist moves under the banner of sustainable development and calls on all progressive forces to oppose the present development perspective of the imperialist system which devastates nature and to campaign for a people-oriented development which only can protect nature and ecology.

6. The election of Jeremy Corbyn, a left wing leader, as the leader of the Labour Party in the UK shows the frustration of the working class there with leaders who compromise with the established imperialist policies. Corbyn is an advocate of the re-nationalisation of public utilities including the railways, abolishing university tuition fees and restoring student grants, a unilateral policy of nuclear disarmament, ‘People’s Quantitative Easing’ to fund infrastructure and renewable energy projects, and reversing cuts to public sector and welfare funding made since 2010; proposing combating tax evasion and avoidance by corporations and wealthy individuals, and reducing business subsidies, as an alternative to the government’s austerity programme. The cutting of social welfare and social spending in the UK has clearly had its effect on the labour voters. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star welcomes this as a sign of the left swing slowly taking place in many European countries.

7. The Malabar Exercise this year has seen the Japanese Navy also being involved in this in the Bay of Bengal for the first time. Earlier, India hosted this exercise when the US was the only other participant. The exercise, whenever it involved others, was off the coast of Japan. This shows the increasing closeness of the Indian government with the US imperialists’ alliance. The Central Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star condemns this exercise and subservience of Indian govt. to US imperialism and demands its dissolution
1. The CC of CPI(ML) Red Star congratulate the people of Nepal for getting the Constitution promulgated in spite of all obstacles confronted during last seven years. At the same time, it condemns the interference of the Indian government in the internal affairs of Nepal. By arm-twisting the Constituent assembly members and the Nepal government it was trying to make Nepal a Hindu Rashtra. As a result of blockade of all its land routs from India using Madhesh struggle as a cover, a crippling situation is created in Nepal. The involvement of the Indian Government was clearly exposed in a letter demanding seven changes in the Constitution which the Indian government later tried to play down as “suggestions”. Our party has already issued a statement condemning the interference of Indian government in Nepal. We also initiated a joint statement signed by various parties, organizations and individuals. The CC appeals to all left and democratic forces have to bring pressure on the government to stay out of the internal affairs of Nepal.

2. The developments in Greece show that the Tsipras government has sold out. Still it could win in the latest elections as there is no alternative force committed to fight austerity measures, rejecting the neo-liberal raj. When more than 60% voted against austerity measures in the referendum, in the present elections people massively abstained from voting, showing their continuing opposition to neo-liberal policies. The CC extends full support to the people of Greece to take forward their struggle against the troika of IMF- European Central Bank- European Union who are imposing the austerity measures..

3. On 5th October 2015, the Trans Pacific Partnership has become a reality. This is a trade partnership between 12 countries on the pacific rim including the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Japan. The clauses of this pact have been shrouded in secrecy, and it seems it includes clauses on further extending patents and Intellectual Property Rights. It presents "grave risks" and "serves the interests of the wealthiest" according to progressive forces. In 2014, Noam Chomsky warned that the TPP is "designed to carry forward the neoliberal project to maximize profit and domination, and to set the working people in the world in competition with one another so as to further lower wages to increase insecurity". The CC calls on all progressive forces to expose and resist these treaty.

4. The migration question in Europe is an ongoing crisis. The face of the young Aylan Kurdi has become the face of the migration problem. There were many attempts to trick the migrants in trains entering Europe by diverting whole trains. This problem surfacing shows the deteriorating state of affairs in the regions of North Africa, Central Asia and West and South Asia from where most of the migrants are coming. That it is a creation of imperialist, mainly US imperialist, intervention and aggression in the region and still they refuse to take responsibility of even a small section of the millions of refugees expose the barbaric nature of these forces. Instead of treating the migrants coming with humanitarian concern, they are being treated in rude and ham-handed manner by the US and European authorities. The CC severely condemn these inhuman attitude of imperialists and calls on all progressive forces to support the cause of the migrants and their right to get asylum as refugees from imperialist aggressions.

5. The UN summit on sustainable development has turned out as a big tamasha. Following on the 8 point millennium development goals set up in 2000, and after further deliberations at the Rio Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20), the UN has now adopted a charter of around 17 goals which are to be observed over the next 15 years to bring forth sustainable development. Going from such platitudes as ending hunger and poverty and the right to water the goals are aimed, unlike the MDG of 2000, not at governments alone but mainly at the private corporations. So now the saving of the environment (and removing poverty and hunger) has been left to the tender mercies of “corporates’ social responsibility”. Without a word of criticism about the non-achievement of the MDG of 2000, the imperialists and their lackeys are conveniently stepping over to the new 17 commandments of the sustainable development goals. The CC severely condemns these imperialist moves under the banner of sustainable development and calls on all progressive forces to oppose the present development perspective of the imperialist system which devastates nature and to campaign for a people oriented development which only can protect nature and ecology.

6. The election of Jeremy Corbyn, a left wing leader, as the leader of the Labour Party in UK shows the frustration of the working class there with leaders who compromise with the established imperialist policies. He advocates the re-nationalisation of public utilities and of the railways, abolishing university tuition fees and restoring student grants, a unilateral policy of nuclear disarmament, "People's Quantitative Easing" to fund infrastructure and renewable energy projects, and reversing cuts to public sector and welfare funding made since 2010; proposing combating tax evasion and avoidance by corporations and wealthy individuals, and reducing business subsidies, as an alternative to the government's austerity programme. The cutting of social welfare and social spending in the UK has clearly had its effect on the labour voters. The CC welcomes this as a sign of the left swing slowly taking place in many European countries.

7. The Malabar Exercise this year has seen Japanese Navy also being involved in this in the Bay of Bengal for the first time. Earlier, India only hosted this exercise when the US was the only other participant. The exercise, whenever it involved others was off the coast of Japan. This shows the increasing closeness of the Indian government with the US imperialist’ alliance. The CC condemns this exercise and subservience of Indian government to US imperialism and demand its dissolution.

Central Committee, CPI (ML) Red Star.
The CC meeting has called to Observe 6th December as “Anti- Saffronisation Day” with slogans “Resist conspiracy to turn India into Hindu Rashtra” and “Fight to save Right to Freedom of Thought, Food and Culture”. Recognizing the gravity of the intensifying communal danger with under currents of increasing fascist threats to the polity, the CC has called for chalking out plans independently and wherever possible joining with like minded forces by the Party committees and make the campaign and 6th December programs militant and vigourous.


The Central Committee meeting of CPI (ML) Red Star calls on all Party Committees to Observe 7th November, the 98th anniversary of the Russian revolution with the slogan “Peace, Bread and Democracy” (Shanti, Roti and Janwad), starting from grass root level campaigns and culminating with state level mobilizations. In the context of the year long campaign planned from 7th November 2016 to celebrate the Centenary of the October Revolution with revolutionary zeal, the CC calls on the Party committees to take up this campaign linking spirit of proletarian internationalism with the people’s issues.

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.