Call of ICOR for the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War on May 8/9, 2018

04 June 2018
ON May 8, 1945, Hitlerite fascism was smashed – mainly by the socialist Soviet Union. After the end of the Second World War with more than 55 million deaths, the popular masses of the world agreed: an imperialist world war must never again occur.

In sharp contrast to that, a general tendency towards imperialist preparation of war is intensifying presently, increasing significantly the general danger of world war. With threats of the American president Trump to use missiles against the Syrian Assad regime in Syria, he is risking a direct armed conflict with his imperialist Russian rival. The imperialist superpower USA is the main enemy of all peoples. The main reason for its growing aggressiveness is its relapse in the imperialist competition with China.

For this purpose, a trade war with the rivals is being instigated and the attempt is being made to push back Russia’s spheres of power and influence. The USA and Russia are modernizing their atomic weapons with the goal of gaining first strike quality. NATO has increased its military expenditures from 895 billion $ (2015) to 945 billion $ (2017). Its members are supposed to increase their military spending to 2 percent of the GNP. 23 states in the EU signed the military pact PESCO Permanent Structured Cooperation) in November 2017 and are extending their foreign engagement.

The means of psychological war preparation are getting more and more perfidious. The ruling aggressors are trying to get the masses behind them on a chauvinist basis. Chauvinism means division of the peoples, means extreme nationalism and racism. However, in the polarization the peoples’ wish for peace also becomes stronger; they do not want to be turned against each other.

The focal point of the imperialist attempts to extend their spheres of power is presently Syria. Russia is leaning on the reactionary Assad regime. With the approval and support of the USA, Russia and Germany, fascist Turkey is expelling the Kurdish population from Afrin. In the same way old and new imperialists from the EU, Iran, Saudi Arabia are participating in the re-division of the Middle East. Tens of thousands of people were murdered or put to flight. Zionist Israel wants to conquer the South of Syria and attacks Syrian positions with warplanes. On 30 March 2018 it assassinated 18 Palestinians on the day of commemoration of the Palestinian liberation movement. The joint freedom struggle of the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples has strategic importance.

The construction of a liberated, democratic Rojava by the Kurdish fighters of YPG, YPJ and PYD, in which many ethnic groups, men and women live together on an equal footing, is a thorn in the flesh of all imperialists. In connection with the Nevroz festival ICOR organized the solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle against the fascist occupation of Afrin. Thousands followed the call. 1.5 million people took to the streets for that worldwide in March. The close collaboration with other progressive forces created further bases for the construction of a worldwide anti-imperialist, anti-fascist united front.

In view of the aggravated danger of war the worldwide peace movement is challenged to construct this united front in an accelerated way and further strengthen ICOR.

Our perspective is the overthrow of imperialism, which is the cause of the growing danger of a world war. Only in socialism can the peoples live together peacefully and use the achievements of humankind for the unity of humans and nature.

ICOR calls for manifold actions of peace on the international day of struggle against fascism and war on May 8/9, 2018, and also – adapted to the existing circumstances at that date – on August 6 and September 1.

Stop the Imperialist Warmongers !

Ban on and Destruction of All ABC Weapons!

All Imperialists Out of Syria!

Solidarity with the Kurdish and Palestine Liberation Struggle!

For Peace, Liberty and Socialism!

Internaitonal Co-ordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR) 

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.