Terror Strikes US Again

05 July 2016
THE US administration and its Pentagon which breeds and spread terror around the world is once again visited by terror at Orlando. Toxic forces of global jihadist terror, lax gun control laws and pernicious homophobia converged on 12th June night at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, in the form of the worst mass shooting incident in US history. Omar Mateen, 29, a U.S.-born son of Afghan immigrants, killed 50 people and injured at least 53 using both a handgun and a “long gun”. It was the 16th mass shooting during the presidency of Barack Obama, who took over 8 years ago pledging to make the gun laws stricter. He had often talked about stopping the gun proliferation bolstered by constitutional protection under the Second Amendment, but was proved an accomplice of the lobbying on Capitol Hill by the National Rifle Association, with its deep pockets. As US acts like the international policeman spreading terror around the world, this culture takes root within US itself very easily. This atmosphere was made more heinous with the recent exhortations of IS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, who called on supporters to kill innocents in the U.S. and Europe during the holy month of Ramzan. In the U.S. it is all too easy for a psychotic, bigoted or otherwise unstable individual with leanings towards jihadist extremism to act out his beliefs in the land that has one gun for every human being
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