Strike in France Elicit Support From German Workers

05 July 2016
THE strikes against the reactionary labour law of the Socialist Party government of President Hollande have triggered two very different reactions in Germany: on the one hand, support and sympathy among workers and youth; on the other, horror, anger, anti-communist attacks and anti-French tirades by the mainstream media. For weeks, the major media outlets, television and radio stations have tried to avoid covering the events in France or have dismissed them merely as a youth revolt and a few skirmishes by the CGT (General Confederation of Labour) union with the police. However, when the strikes expanded against social attacks last week—with tens of thousands taking to the streets in France along with thousands in Belgium—the news blackout in Germany proved hard to maintain.

The opinion polls tell that large majority of the French population have solidarised themselves with the strikes and are demanding the withdrawal of the anti-working class El Khomri law, which is what really points to the precarious future for young people. A new and powerful European movement of the working class is beginning to form that goes beyond these old corrupt organisations. That is what Lehnartz, Wiegel and Co, the corporate media fear, in Germany as well
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