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CANADA’S Supreme Court has banned Christian schools and colleges from teaching Biblical values because the Bible does not support the Trudeau government’s vision of “diversity” and is therefore “harmful” to LGBT and Muslim students.

Instead, Canada’s schools have been encouraged to adopt Common Core values such as ordering children as young as six to question their sexual orientation and gender identity, while teaching them how to use a range of vegetables as sex toys, and promoting anal sex as “normal”. Christian colleges and universities will be stripped of their accreditation if they continue to promote Biblical standards and values. In other words, the highest Canadian court has ruled that Christianity and education are incompatible.

In a ruling that is sure to send shock waves through the nation, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Trinity Western University’s (TWU) Law School. Here’s a brief summary of the case for those who are not familiar with it. Trinity Western is a Christian university that requires its students and faculty to live by basic Christian standards. This means that to be a student or faculty member in good standing, you can’t commit fornication or adultery, nor can you engage in homosexual relationships.

There’s nothing surprising with these requirements, and there are thousands of schools in North America with similar standards. These include Christian schools from K-12, Christian colleges, Bible schools, seminaries, and universities.These standards have long been part of TWU’s mandatory covenant, which requires”that all students and faculty pursue a holy life ‘characterized by humility, self-sacrifice, mercy and justice, and mutual submission for the good of others.’ It requires members to abstain from using vulgar language, lying or cheating, stealing, using degrading materials such as pornography, and ‘sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.’”

Again, this is gospel 101, the basic requirements of Christian discipleship. And it is honorable that TWU seeks to live this out on its campus. Unfortunately, when TWU sought to open its law school, it fell afoul of Canada’s LGBT activists and their allies. They argued that TWU was discriminating against LGBT students, because of which students graduating with a bona fide law degree should not be allowed to practice law in Canada.

There was a ray of hope for TWU when a regional court ruled in its favor. But now, “In a pair of 7-2 rulings, the majority of justices found the law societies of British Columbia and Ontario have the power to refuse accreditation based on Trinity Western University’s so-called community covenant.” Or, to paraphrase, the Supreme Court ruled that if a Christian law school wants accreditation, it must abandon biblical values. How else can this be interpreted? “The majority judgment said the covenant would deter LGBT students from attending the proposed law school, and those who did attend would be at risk of significant harm.”

Significant harm? If so, why? Because of biblical teaching. Because of Christian values. This the locus of the battle. This is the point of conflict. “[The judgment] found the public interest of the law profession gives it the right to promote equality by ensuring equal access, support diversity within the bar and prevent harm to LGBT students.” In other words, “diversity” according to the LGBT lexicon. Diversity meaning “the LGBT way or the highway.” Diversity meaning, “all views are welcome other than biblical Christian views.”

That’s why we’ve been raising our voices for so many years. That’s why we’ve been warning. That’s why we’ve said that those who came out the closet want to put us into the closet. That’s why we’ve said that LGBT activism was never simply about “tolerance.” It was about the silencing of competing views. And if it could happen in Canada, it could happen in America. (For the skeptics and mockers, give me one good reason why this could not happen here. And note that TWU was not some tiny school hidden in a corner. It has “40 undergraduate programs and 17 graduate programs.”) Honestly, I don’t know where TWU goes from here. And I don’t know how the believers in Canada will respond.

But I can say this to my friends and colleagues and fellow-educators and communicators here in America: We either use our liberties or lose them. We either stand fast and stand tall and stand strong, or we cower in a corner. We either do what’s right today, or we apologize to our children tomorrow.

June 22, 2018 Baxter Dmitry News, World 67
FOR the first time in the Mexico president elections, riding a wave of popular anger against mafia rule, rampant corruption and intensifying poverty of vast majority, the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who campaigned against mafia rule and neo-liberal policies is elected with overwhelming support, gaining 54% votes.

It creates hope in Mexico devastated by globalization and neo-liberal polices and is a rebuff to Trump’s so-called zero tolerance migrant policy throwing out tens of thousands of Mexicans even separating them from their children.
THE Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) is holding its 20th Annual National Congress on 13-15 July 2018. PSM has been consistently putting its efforts in building a left alternative for Malaysia, and defending the people from the savage attacks of capitalism through continuous organisation and mobilization of the grassroots masses. Its commitment is to build people’s power from below to fight for Socialism.

The recently concluded general elections in Malaysia witnessed a regime change at the Federal level through ballot boxes for the first time in the history of Malaysia. The shifting of power to a new coalition of political forces has opened up democratic spaces for progressive politics, yet there are new challenges awaiting the people.

PSM participated in the general election with more candidates compared with previous elections, but it did not manage to win any seat at the Federal as well as state level. Anyhow, we hope, these electoral setbacks will not hinder its effort to build socialist alternative in Malaysia. PSM has resolved to continue to organise from below to fight for a more democratic, equitable, just and emancipative society.

PSM is also continuing to build its relationship with left-wing organisations worldwide in order to strengthen the struggle against global capitalism.

The Central Committee of the CPI(ML)Red Star extends revolutionary fraternal greetings to the 20th Annual National Congress of the PSM and hope it shall be completed successfully. 

Military Regime’s Oppression in Egypt

RED GREETINGS for our comrades all over the world!

On May Day a number of our comrades have been arrested as they were demonstrating to protest against neo- liberal policies of Egyptian authorities and to support working class demands against capitalists. Among the arrested comrades are members from central committee and from the student wing. General prosecution was ready to release them the next day but interference from national security (political police) demanded that our comrades be kept in custody first for 4 days and then another 15 days.

We inform you that we are investigating the situation of comrades from the legal point of view and when we decide to launch a campaign for solidarity with comrades we will inform you beforehand.

Long Live Marxism – Leninism!

Central Committee

Revolutionary Communist Party, Egypt
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