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Dear friend,

The All India Revolutionary Women's Organisation (AIRWO) is pleased to invite you to the International Seminar on Theory of Liberation of Women to be held in Bangalore (Spoorthidhama) on December 2, 3 and 4, 2018.

This seminar is an initiative of the World Women's Conference, an international coordination of rank and file women working to build a global solidarity of struggling women, and will be hosted by AIRWO in India.

The three-day seminar will have participants from countries of Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Women from across the world will speak and interact on the problems confronting women's liberation, possible strategies to overcome the same and efforts to build a just and egalitarian society. The emphasis of the seminar will be on exchange and interaction rather than one-way deliberations.

AIRWO wishes to invite you/your organisation to participate in this international seminar and contribute towards a deeper theoretical understanding of the women's question with a view to winning the war against inequality, injustice and exploitation.

With militant greetings,

Sharmistha Choudhury

For further details please contact below e-mail and contact number- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CPI(ML) Red Star’s Call: Defeat BJP in 2019 Elections, Pave the Way for Building People’s Alternative!

Make Eleventh Congress of the Party at Bengaluru a Great Success!

With mass rally and public meeting at Freedom Park on 26th November, the 11th Congress of CPI (ML) Red Star is starting at Spoortidhama, Anjana Nagar, Magadi Main Road, Bengaluru from 27 November to 1 December, 2018. About 400 delegates and observers from within the country and fraternal delegates both from India and abroad are participating in it. Besides the rally and public meeting on 2th November, the Opening Session from 9.30am to 01.30pm on 27th, Seminar on Imperialism Today from 4pm to 8pm on 28th, the Seminar on Approach to Left Unity in India from 4pm to 8pm on 29th, and the Concluding Session from 3.30 to 5.30 pm on 1 December shall be open sessions in which all progressive forces are invited.

The 11th Congress is taking place at a critical juncture as far as India is concerned. In tandem with the strengthening of ultra-rightist, fascist forces at international level, throwing up grave challenges before the working class and oppressed masses, the corporate-saffron fascist Modi regime has intensified all neoliberal policies at a maddening pace. If Modi became prime minister with an anti-corruption plank, India has now become the most corrupt country in Asia. Demonetization super-imposed on the people at the behest of imperialist centers intended to whiten the huge black money hoardings of the corporate financial elite, the super-rich has used it to suck the life blood of common people further, leading to crisis of the banking system. The GST, which took away state governments’ constitutional power to impose taxes in their jurisdiction, has put additional tax burden on the shoulders of broad masses toiling people leading. It has led to widespread price-rise and sky-rocketing inflation. Neoliberal policies have devastated agriculture and industry and peasant suicides have become more frequent. Unemployment has risen to horrific proportions. Communal divide of the people and fascist attacks by Hindutva goons on the minorities, dalits, adivasis, women and all other oppressed classes have increased. All hard-earned democratic rights are taken away or are being curtailed. All existing progressive values are attacked and constitutional institutions are undermined. History, culture, education and so on are saffronized.

This has led to simmering discontent among people against the system. We appeal to people to vote out Modi government in the next election. However, as repeatedly proved, replacement of Modi rule by a combination of regional parties along with Congress alone cannot provide an alternative to BJP’s corporate, saffron fascist policies. What is required is a people’s alternative, which rejects the neo-liberal regime, works for democratization of all fields, stands for casteless and genuinely secular polity, and which shall strive for people oriented and ecologically sustainable development paradigm. Such an alternative shall emerge only by strengthening the independent left assertion based on sustained people’s movements. In this context, the Bhangar people’s resistance movement in Bengal led by the party and other progressive forces is a model. Launching and strengthening of Bhangar like people’s resistance movements according to concrete conditions of different states and regions and uniting them is the ned of the hour. Based on it Mass Political Platforms based on People’s Manifesto should be developed at state-level and coordinated at all India level.The Political Resolution for adoption in the Congress is drafted in accordance with this perspective.

The Naxalbari Uprising and CPI(ML) formation in 1969 struggling against degeneration of CPI-CPI(M) to social democratic positions had inspired countrywide revolutionary movement. After the setbacks it suffered in the early phase, rectifying the mistakes which caused it and developing Marxist-Leninist theory and practice according to present conditions, the CPI(ML) Red Star ls built up as a struggling organization through four decades of strenuous efforts.
We appeal to all struggling left and democratic forces, workers, peasants and all oppressed classes and sections to extent all possible support to make the 11th Party Congress at Bengaluru a great step forward.

The Press Meet on 20th November is attended by,
Com. R. manasayya, PB Member of CPI (ML) Red Star, 9880930683
Com. Rudrayya, Karnataka state secretary, 6362927018
Com. D. H. Pujar, President, Karnataka Rayot Sangha, 9448633710.

Press Statement

With mass rally and public meeting at Freedom Park on 26th November, the 11th Congress of CPI (ML) Red Star is starting at Spoortidhama, Anjana Nagar, Magadi Main Road, Bengaluru from 27 November to 1 December, 2018. About 400 delegates and observers from within the country and fraternal delegates both from India and abroad are participating in it.

Make 11th Party Congress at Bengaluru Great Success!

Fight Neo-Liberal Raj, Fight Saffron Fascism; Advance towards Peoples Democracy and Socialism!

No to BJP’s opposition free India; Build an India where Hundred Flowers Blossom, Hundred Thoughts Contend!

Long Live CPI (ML) Red Star!

Second Anniversary of Demonetisation

Modi should be brought to account for the coercive deprivation committed on the people

Demonetization super-imposed on India by Modi at the behest of US-based agencies has resulted in the biggest-ever credit squeeze of common people in monetary history. While inflicting a horrific coercive deprivation on the vast majority of common people, demonetization or note-ban has been a corporate weapon in the hands of Modi, the political representative of the most corrupt financial class in India, facilitating the latter to suck out the life-blood of the toiling masses abruptly collapsing their purchasing power.

The midnight order by Modi government removing CBI Director Alok Verma comes in the wake of latter’s attempt to investigate the Rafale scam in which Modi’s affinity with Ambani, the Indian partner of the arm’s deal along with his involvement, in spite of being prime minister, as the middleman in the emerging scam is being discussed widely.


THERE is no doubt that the attack on Umar Khalid in New Delhi was provoked by the atmosphere of hatred created by the Modi government and Sangh Parivar to suppress the voices of dissent. We condemn the heinous attack to kill Umar Khalid outside the Constitution Club, New Delhi. Shame to Delhi Police!


WHEN BJP’s only hope to return to power in 2019 Lok Sabha elections is to whip up majoritarian communal frenzy by further intensifying anti-Muslim, anti-Pak hate politics, it is too much to ask the Modi government to restart negotiations with the new government of Pakistan led by Imran Khan. But once the option to settle the matter through war is closed once both got nuclear bombs, is there any other way out but to stary negotiations? If after decades of hostilities fomented by US imperialism, both Koreas are discussing and sending a single squad for Asian Games, why the Indian and Pakistan governments cannot start negotiations once again? Democratic forces in India should start putting pressure on Modi government to start negotiations with Pakistan unconditionally. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.

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