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Agreement Paper for resolving the problem of construction of the regional Power Station in Bhangar:

Date: 11/08/20018, Saturday Time:Noon 12:00, Place: Basement Conference Hall, Naba Prashasanik Bhaban, S.24 Parganas, Office of the District Magistrate, Alipore.

1) In the revised scheme, the proposals of two 400kv power transmission lines of PGCIL [(a) Rajarhat-Gokarna-Farakka-pUrnea, (b) the LILO of Jeerat-Subhasgram)] and two 220kv transmission line of WBSETCL have been accepted. Among these, one line of WBSETCL in S. 24 Parganas will be underground and another line above ground is already made. No more line other than the above mentioned ones will be constructed for this regional power station. For the transmission line of the WBSETCL above ground, a tower larger than the one already made is to be installed within 300 metres of the sub-station and the related wiring connections are also to be made. The work of incomplete four towers of the PGCIL in its 400 kv transmission line and the excess of 2 km incomplete power transmission line will be completed. That means, in the revised scheme, it is no longer a power grid, it will be constructed only as a regional sub-station. (Appendix 1)

2) The distance between the two lines, distance of the ground and any permanent structure from them etc all will be decided based on Indian Electricity Act. In cases where maintaining these distances will not be feasible, necessary arrangements for technical solutions will be taken up based on joint investigations.

3) The planned LILO line will be kept intact due to technical and practical reason, and machineries related to the sub-station will be placed instead of those related to power grid.

4) The sub-station will be a gas-insulated sub-station where SF6 gas will be used as the usual technology. But as there is a case pending in NGT on this matter, its verdict will be accepted as final.

5) Experts will examine on the EMFs with special kits and will take necessary technical steps where and if problems arise. (vide 7)

6) With the start of the process of the regional sub-station, in the matter of legal cases lodged against the agitators since November 2016, the government will take initiative to withdraw the criminal cases under the court of law subject to court’s approval, and those under the control of police through specific legal process. The police will take appropriate steps against the perpetrators on the people affected by the project and their sympathizers. The police administration will identify them and punish them according to law.

7) A Sub-Committee chaired by the District Magistrate will be formed for this project with the Statutory District Level Power Coordination Committee, the General and the Police Administration, the PGCIL, WBSEDCL, WBSETCL and the representatives of the Jomi Raksha Committee (Land Protection Committee). Any problem arising in the way of implementing the project must be drawn to the notice of the above sub- committee for solution, and can be informed to the higher authority, if necessary.

8) The following Welfare and Development Schemes will be taken up considering the people who have lost their lands and other affected people connected with land:

a) Schemes will be taken up for training and assistance for small initiatives for more than a thousand villagers from Khamarite, Machhibhanga, Padmapukur, Tona, Kamarbari, Bakultala, Dhibdhiba, Swarupnagar, Bagdoba, Middepara, Uriyapara, Shyamnagar, Munsipara.b) Initiatives for skill development and job oriented training will be taken up for more than a thousand people among the above villagers.c) Initiatives for necessary training, propaganda and supplying useful kits for solid waste management for the above villagers will be taken up.d) To develop all women of the SHG and other women of the above mentioned villages as economically independent, initiatives for supplying various necessary tools, capital and materials for business or handicrafts will be taken up.e) For the above villagers, initiatives will be taken up for grants in education, health, business, agriculture, livestock, fisheries etc.f) In addition, measures will be taken up for construction of local roads, development of Dhibdhiba health centre, restoration of the canal of Vidyadhari river, upgrading electric transformer, drainage of deposit water, project for the reform of dormant irrigation canal, construction of cold storage and such other local developmental works. The district administration will take initiative to build road and for implementing electrification over Vidyadhari dam.g) Initiatives will be taken up for electrification in Harwa Road, village roads, bazaar, upgradation of school from 8th to 12th class, for skill development and opening vocational courses in Champagachhi.

9) For the people who have not yet received compensation for the land within the sub-station area, area under the towers installed, under the transmission lines, deceased or injured persons during the movement, other affected families associated with the movement, and other compensations will be paid according to specific government procedure and rates.

10) Construction of the Bhangar regional sub-station will start from Tuesday, 14/08/2018.

Both the signatory parties will remain liable to properly implement this agreement and project.

Shantanu Basu, CMD, PDCL,

Arijit Sinha, S.P., Baruipur Police District,

et al.

Abdul Aziz Mallick. Mirza Hasan, Md Mosharaf Hossain Sharmistha Chowdhury Alik Chakraborty Md Sajaharul Islam Oli Mohammad Mallik Chhadem Molla Alom Molla Mostakin Molla Akbar Molla Mintu Molla Debabrata Mondal Md Komoruddin Sultan Ali Innat Ali Molla Akbar Ali Saheb Ali Molla Akbar Ali Goldar Sk Habibul Islam Md Ahad Molla Md Nijamuddin Molla Sk Joynal Abedin Masud Ali Molla Md Azizul Molla Jan Mohammad Molla Qutubuddin Esrafil Molla Md Saddam Hossain Mallik Md Mijanur Islam Jakir Molla A. Rahim Molla Md Asrat Laskar Kismat Ali Laskar Md Sahidul Islam Molla Yousup Nazrul Islam Golder Sulekha Bibi Jahanara Bibi Tanuja Bibi Munsi Sahidul Azizul Molla Harun Rashid Molla Ajijul Mozaffar Molla Fariduddin Abdul Malek Molla Shukur Ali Khan Salayara Bibi Sariful Mollick.

Mr. Ratnakar Rao

District Magistrate,

South 24Parganas.
The 11th Party Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star is being held from 27th November to 1st December at Bengaluru, preceded by mass rally on 26th November. It is held at a time when ultra rightist, corporate and fascist tendencies are strengthening at international level. They are throwing up greater challenges before the working class and oppressed masses. As the crisis of the international finance capital system continues to intensify, the imperialist powers, with the US in the forefront, are more aggressively shifting their burden to world people through increasing local wars, arms race, trade war etc.

At the national level, under the ultra rightist Modi rule, the neo-liberal policies are intensified at maddening pace. Through demonetization and GST, the corporate loot has further intensified. Communal fascist policies are accelerated. Attacks on the minorities, dalits, adivasis, women and all other oppressed classes have increased. Under Manuvadi policies all existing progressive democratic values are attacked. History and culture are saffronized. Unemployment and price rise have sky-rocketed. Housing, healthcare and education are going beyond common man’s reach. Corruption has become more rampant.

As a result, people’s opposition to Modi rule is increasing. We welcome these reversals to Modi rule. We hope that people will vote out Modi government in next elections and we shall do everything possible to make it happen. But as repeatedly proved, replacement of Modi rule by the combination of regional parties along with Congress alone cannot provide an alternative to BJP’s corporate, saffron fascist policies. What is required is a people’s alternative, which rejects the neo-liberal regime, works for democratization of all fields, stands for casteless and genuinely secular polity, and strives for people oriented, ecologically sustainable and egalitarian development paradigm. Such an alternative should focus on strengthening the independent left assertion at all levels. The Party calls for launching and strengthening Bhangar like people’s resistance movements, struggles for distribution of land to the tiller, and the working class struggles as in Raichur-Bellary wherever possible, and for building Mass Political Platforms at state and all India level based on this People’s Manifesto

With the inspiration of great Naxalbari Uprising in 1967 and CPI(ML) formation in 1969, we aspired to advance along the path of revolution, but due to wrong analysis of Indian situation and left adventurist line on the one hand, and fierce state repression on the other, the movement suffered severe setbacks and disintegrated. It was by rectifying these mistakes and developing the Marxist-Leninist theory and practice according to present conditions, the CPI(ML) Red Star was built up as a struggling organization through four decades of strenuous efforts, starting with the formation of CRC-CPI(ML) in 1979 at Bengaluru. In continuation to numerous movements led by the party during last two decades, the Bhangar movement in W. Bengal has become a breakthrough. It is inspiring many more such upsurges.

Three hundred delegates from 17 states and fraternal delegates shall be participating in this Party Congress. As a constituent of the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties (ICOR), we are expecting the participation of a large number of fraternal delegates from abroad also.

We appeal to all struggling left and democratic forces, all oppressed classes and sections, and all progressive democratic forces to extent all possible support to make the 11th Party Congress a great step forward.

Throw Out Neo-Liberal Raj and Saffron Fascism;

Advance to Peoples Democracy and Socialism!

No to BJP’s opposition free India;

Build an India where Hundred Flowers Blossom, Hundred Thoughts Contend!

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star

Dated: 9th August, 2018


COMRADES, in a more or less developed form, fascist tendencies and the germs of a fascist movement are to be found almost everywhere. With the development of the very deep economic crisis, with the general crisis of capitalism becoming sharply accentuated and the mass of working people becoming revolutionised, fascism has embarked upon a wide offensive. The ruling capitalist class more and more seeks salvation in fascism, with the object of taking exceptional predatory measures against the working people, preparing for an imperialist war of plunder & a re-division of the globe by attacking Russia & China.

Fascism is the power of finance capital itself, which recruits the most reactionary minded simpleton elements of the nation. It is the organisation of terrorist vengeance against the working class and its allies. In foreign policy, fascism is jingoism in its most brutal form, fomenting bestial hatred of other nations & cultures.

What is the source of the influence of fascism over the masses? Fascism is able to attract the masses because it demagogically appeals to their most urgent needs and demands. Fascism not only inflames prejudices that are deeply ingrained in the masses, but also plays on the better sentiments of the masses, on their sense of justice and sometimes even on their revolutionary traditions. The imperialist circles are trying to shift the whole burden of the crisis of capitalism onto the shoulders of the working people. That is why they need fascism.

They are trying to solve the problem of markets by enslaving the weak nations, by intensifying colonial oppression and repartitioning the world anew by means of war. That is why they need fascism. They are striving to forestall the growth of the forces of revolution (the organised working class) by smashing the revolutionary forces & its potential of all united workers and by undertaking a military attack against Russia & China. That is why they need fascism. History has shown, that these imperialist circles have succeeded, before the masses had decisively turned towards revolution, in inflicting defeat on the working class and establishing a fascist dictatorship. That’s why it is imperative that workers are organised and united in action against the victory of Fascism.

Historically the victory of fascism demonstrates the weakness of the working class, lulled into disorganisation & paralysed by the disruptive policy of Social Democracy (Social Fascism), i.e., Labor Party, Greens & some Trade Union Leaders etc., and it’s class collaboration with the Capitalist Class. The Social-Democratic leaders glossed over and concealed from the masses the true class nature of fascism, and did not call them to the struggle against the increasingly reactionary measures of the capitalist class. They bear great historical responsibility for the fact that, at the decisive moment of the German fascist offensive, a large section of the working people of Germany and of a number of other fascist countries failed to recognize in fascism the most bloodthirsty monster of finance capital, their most vicious enemy, and that these masses were not prepared to resist it. The same process is been played out here in Australia today. It also expresses the weakness of the capitalist class itself, afraid of the realisation of a united struggle of the working class, afraid of revolution & unable to conceal its hidden dictatorship over the working people by the old methods of capitalist democracy and parliamentarism.

(Bolshevik Club of Western Australia, Reproduced from Vanguard, organ of CPAML) 
THE newest international feature is the intensification of the trade war day by day, initiated by the Trump regime. It is a ‘war by other means’ for imposing its hegemony in a multi-polar world, where US imperialism is confronting increasing challenges in all fields. Responding to US, China and soon the EU and Russia are forced to enter in to the fray, using trade war for their own benefit. But, refusing to analyze the intricacies of the present phase of neo-colonization, many lackeys of imperialism and comprador economists are trying to argue, that it is the end of globalization and WTO like institutions.

On the contrary, while the globalization/neo-liberal policies will be continued as a weapon to subdue and loot the very large number of neo-colonially dependent countries like India, in addition to it the trade war, as a manifestation of the inter-imperialist contradiction, is going to be intensified, along with its grave fall outs to shift the burden of the increasing crises confronted by the global imperialist finance capital system to the oppressed peoples and nations. This changing new scenario calls for concrete studies by the revolutionary forces to further develop their path of struggle for overthrowing the imperialist system and its lackeys and compradors. 
THE Tungabhadra Irrigation workers union under the leadership of TUCI had called for Raichur Highway Bandh on 21 July after an indefinite strike for eleven successful days with the below demands: 1) Abolish contract labour system - regularise workers who have been working for last 25-30 yrs at Tungabhadra irrigation project, 2) Release the payment of salary pending for last 4-5 months, 3) Credit salary directly into workers account every month, and 4) Credit the PF amount pending from last 15 years.

The Bandh started with a march of around 5 KMS by thousands of workers and union leaders from Tippu Sultan Chowk upto National Highway. The National highway was blocked for 2 and half hours. Niether the concerned ministers nor departmental or government officials are ready to hear workers genuine issues. The workers were expecting that their demands will be fulfilled, but for the anti-working class government, which took oath in the names of labours and farmers, failed to fulfil the demands. The police arrested around 500 workers on strike including the Union president Com. R. Manasayya and released in the evening. TUCI leaders stated that the labours have taken this as a challenge and decided to continue this strike till their demands are fulfilled and also decided to take this strike to the next level. 
The recent Trump-Putin summit at Helsinki in which Trump confessed to rectify the hitherto hostile relations maintained by the US administration under former presidents, and his decision to move closer to Russia are opposed by the status-quoists everywhere including in the US. But for those who seriously follow the hitherto US approach towards Soviet Union, the Trump’s move will not be a surprise. Presently when the relationship of EU and US towards Russia is hostile, even reaching an explosive phase during the Ukrainian conflict, the Putin regime was moving closer to China. As China is the principal antagonist for the US now, it is necessary to move closer to Russia to weaken its relation with China. In the present multi-polar world situation, Trump is moving fast to strengthen its domination internationally by by becoming closer to Putin.

In the post-Second World War period, when the socialist camp was posing increasing challenges to US led imperialist camp, CIA played a major role to demolish the socialist camp by effectively utilizing the revisionist shift of Soviet Union. Similarly, following the dispatch of military to Afghanistan, as the social imperialist SU was posing greater challenges, the services of Gorbachev was utilized to disintegrate the SU. Some of the recent studies expose the role of CIA and the Soros like agency heads in this demolition. We are reproducing this study to show how consistent the US is in its struggle against communism as well as in utilizing emerging situations to reconstruct its hegemonic policies – Red Star

GORBACHEV confessed during a speech at the North American university in Turkey: “The goal of my life was the annihilation of communism ... my wife fully supported me and she understood it even before I did [...] to achieve it I managed to find comrades in the struggle, among them AN Yakovlev and Shevardnadze.”

Recently the CIA declassified some documents stating that “the financial tycoon George Soros and the CIA, helped Gorbachev to provide the subsequent dissolution of the USSR”. Gorbachev confessed during a speech at the American university in Turkey: “The goal of my life was the annihilation of communism ... my wife fully supported me and she understood it even before [...] I managed to find comrades of struggle, among them AN Yakovlev and Shevardnadze. “ On them the analyst and former employee of the NSA, National Security Agency, Wayne Madsen, said that the billionaire George Soros, provided in 1987 economic coverage, the government of Mikhail Gorbachev, through a CIA NGO known as the Institute of East-West Security Studies, IEWSS, for its acronym in English.

The information exposes that Soros and the CIA promoted the dissemination of two terms orchestrated from the West in those years, the “Perestroika” (opening) and the “Glasnost” (transparency) so that both served as a destabilizing entity in accelerating the disappearance of the USSR .These documents of the CIA prove that what happened was not the product of a “spontaneous and democratizing” act of Gorbachev, because the socialist system was “exhausted and broken,” as they want to make the world believe.

In Turkey, Gorbachev himself stated: “To achieve this I took advantage of my position in the Party and in the country, I had to replace the entire leadership of the CPSU and the USSR, as well as the leadership of all the socialist countries of Europe.” The truth is that it was the CIA with the money of the Soros Organization, who designed and executed that great operation, with all the support of the then Soviet leader.

Former analyst Wayne Madsen says the plan designed to eliminate the Eastern European socialist bloc was organized by two co-chairs of Soros’ IEWWS, Joseph Nye, a Harvard economist, and Withney MacMillan, president of the multinational group Cargill, who had maintained relations trade with the Soviet Union in the seventies of the twentieth century. Not satisfied with the results achieved, in 1991 the CIA and Soros focused their efforts on provoking a strong blow in the new Russian Federation, stimulating separatism in their regions in order to weaken it to the maximum.

The report by Nye and MacMillan, augurs the end of the Soviet Union and the elements of the new model for Moscow’s future relations with the United States, to move to the capitalist era, and, according to them, “any new evaluation of the relations of The West with an open Soviet Union has to start from a position of strength instead of a balance of power.” The IEWWS report dated 1987, and its practical application, was a bloodless way of tearing apart the USSR in stages. The document urges the West to take advantage of the dying Soviet Union, in the new geopolitical map that was looming, particularly in the Third World, an area that until then had been of Soviet influence.

Madsen notes that Soros and his allied “human rights” organizations worked actively to destroy the Russian Federation, supported the independence movements in Kuzbass (Siberia), through the German right-wingers seeking to restore Königsberg and East Prussia, and they financed to Lithuanian nationalists and other autonomous republics and regions such as Tatarstan, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya, among others, with the purpose of stimulating separatism in the so-called Soviet Socialist Autonomous Republics.

The interventionist activity of Soros against Russia has not stopped, it has increased provocatively through its operative bases distributed in the surrounding territories, in particular Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, joined terrorist coalition groups in coalition with Ukrainian fascists and Moldovan Zionist neo-Nazis.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin expelled several Soros organizations such as the Open Society Foundation and other CIA NGOs operating in similar circumstances on Russian territory, including the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), the Republican Institute International, the MacArthur Foundation and the Freedom House, considering them as undesirable and a threat to the ecurity of the Russian State. Not for pleasure Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel. 


COMRADE Katle Prabhakar, a joint secretary of ABM (Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha) as per the first reports met with an accident on June 15th at Pulimadugu village, when he was driving a motor-bike from Indravelli to Vutnoor in Komaram Bheem Adilabad district. The road is in Agency Area. But subsequent enquiries by CPI(ML) Red Star Telangana committee, OPDR-Telangana committee and ABM, Adilabad district committee, it is suspected that comrade Prabhakar was murdered by non-tribal vested interests and the body was kept at road side.

In a seperate statements comrade Saidaiah secretary of Telengana State Organising Committee of CPI(ML) Red Star, Narsimha secretary OPDR-Telangana and Kinaka Suresh, coordinator, ABM Adilabad district demanded that government should appoint a special task force investigation team, arrest and prosecute the killers. The people of the area revealed that some people in Tavera vehicle and on a motor bike followed Prabhakar bike and they might have killed him . The people are afraid to name the culprits.

Prabhakar had been a revolutionary from his student days. To work for basic change of political-economic system of India. He left parents house in student days, divorced wife when she vehemently opposed his activity and gone underground to carry forward armed movement. After realising the futility of such movement, he started a open movement for the protection land rights of tribal people. He was the general secretary Tudumdebba for a few years and left when ruling class parties surreptitiously took hold of it.

OPDR-HRF-CLC team visited the village and in a press meet declared Prabhakar was murdered and demanded the police to arrest and prosecute the assassins. Media published widely. Police took stock of the people mood and arrested three offenders after analysing CC camera
THE second largest power distribution plant of Asia is being constructed at Pugalur of Karur district in Tamilnadu taking over 200 acres of agricultural land. The Electricity towers are going to be erected for 30 high voltage power lines by the power grid corporation of central government and Tamilnadu electricity Power Corporation to connect all power stations and sub power stations of Tamilnadu to Pugalur junction. Among these 30 high voltage power lines 12 are passing through the agriculture lands of 2 lakh farmers of 15 districts, that is from Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Salem, Karur, Namakkal, Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Viluppuram, Ariyalur, Perambalur, Cuddalore, Dindigul, Erode, Tirupur, Coimbatore districts.

Also a current line way is constructing on the Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Salem, Tiruppur, Erode, Namakkal, and Vellore districts of Tamilnadu and to Raipur of Chattisgarh state through Andra pradesh and Telangana. According to it a power grid way is constructing for 2,024 km distance in this districts of Tamilnadu.

The electricity need of Tamilnadu in present situation is 15 thousand mega watt. In this situation a new plan to expand the power station is taken place in Ennore, North Chennai, Uppur, Kadaladi and Udangudi areas. Also a research study shows that 18 thousand mega Watt current can be produced by thermal power, hydel projects, wind power, solar power and power produced by private sectors. According to it, it states that this high voltage power grid is going to be constructed to take the excess current production to northern states for selling and also buy the current from there in needy time.

10 big companies which make an agreement with Tamilnadu electricity power corporation and central power grid corporation for this power grid project constructs the power grid lines for 2,024 km distance without asking the opinion of the owners of land and without any information. Even through the farmers oppose this project severely, the 10 companies engaged in it have started constructinh the electricity towers with the help of government officials and police. Among the 30 high voltage power line, Electricity towers are constructing in 3 lines by Tamilnadu electricity board and in 6 lines by the central power grid corporation without considering the severe opposition from the people.

The agricultural land is spoiled to construct the electricity tower for this project. To build this electricity tower, the land is acquired 40m to 90m in width. Also agricultural work, construction work, digging wells and bore wells and plantation are banned in the nearby area of this power grid line. So nearby agricultural work is affected and also the value of the agricultural land is declining. The farmers are worried by loosing their lands which are their only wealth and source of their livelihood.

The farmers and the social activists state that the farmers are not only loosing their wealth but also their life. If a heart patient or a person with heart problem lives near this grid line it affects him severely and this electric impulse create many mental problems also.

No proper compensation is given to the land owners. No transparency is maintained on the given compensation. In some places, the compensation given upto 10 lakh for some peoples, but only Rs 20,000/- is given as a compensation for some others. Thousands of poor and innocent framers are cheated. By giving false statement and threatening the innocent farmers they get the signature of the farmers to occupy their land for constructing the electricity towers.

In some places this construction works are temporarily stopped because of many struggles of the solidarity movement of the farmers’ organisations in Tamilnadu against this project of central power grid corporation. Even though, the construction work is going on in 9 lines by disregarding the severe opposition of the farmers.

The government of Tamilnadu and the power grid corporation says that the expenses of the high voltage tower is much less than its alternatives like the underground cable lines and also in underground cables the laying and maintenance expenses also high. But the electrical researchers give different statement. They said that where the current taken through electric towers 12% of current loss will happen, but in underground cables this current loss can be avoided. By saving this 12% current loss the excess expense on cable lines can be compensate within 3 years.

So, the affected 2 lakh farmers in 15 districts of Tamilnadu struggle with the demands that without occupying the agricultural land and without construction of the electric towers, take this power grid line as an underground cables in all others places

It cannot be allowed to destroy the livelihood of the farmers and peoples to give stopless current to MNC corporates and for the looting process of Adani and other private power stations. Stop occupying the agricultural land for power grid project ! Remove the already constructed electricity towers and re-construct it as an underground cable line !

Kalaivanan, State Secretary, AIKKS
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.