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IT is a plan to lay the gas pipe line from Kanjikode in Kerala to Bangalore through Tamil nadu. The work is going on to lay the gas pipe line in 7 districts of Tamil nadu with 310 km distance through Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Tirupur and Coimbatore for this pipe way. GAIL started the acquisition of land from these 7 districts from 2013 for this pipe line project. It goes through 19 villages in Krishnagiri district having the distance of 43 km, in Dharmapuri district it goes through 28 villages with 63 km distance, in Salem 28 villages with 66 km distance, in Namakkal district 9 villages with 17 km, in Erode district 16 villages with 38 km, in Tirupur 21 villages with 39 km and in Coimbatore 14 villages with 44 km distance, totally the pipe line goes through 135 villages with the distance of 310 km. Maximum part of the pipe line is going to lay on the agricultural land and the residential areas of these villages. People strongly oppose it because, in Kerala the maximum part of the pipe line is laying on the sides of the road ways rather than the agricultural land and residential area of the people. But in Tamil nadu alone the pipe line is going to be lay only on the agricultural land and residential area of the people. So the people of that area strongly oppose and struggle against it, so that the government stops this project temporarily.

The gas pipe line is laid through the agricultural land, so the farmers are living with fear. Because of the gas leakage , if any accident will happen in that area, there is no proper details about the compensation to the affected farmers. In Karnataka, a terminal named SV Station is going to implemented in Tumkur near to Bangalore to monitor the pressure and leakage of gas on pipe line in the Karnataka region. This gas leakage monitoring SV Station is going to be place one for 13 km distance in city areas of Karnataka and one for 18 km distance in other places of Karnataka state. Also, from this SV Station the pipe line connection in the city gas goes to the houses

But in Tamil nadu, GAIL did not give the clear explanations which gives the confidence to the people about the precautionary actions on accident and there is no monitoring station to monitor the pressure and leakage of gas, if gas leakage will happen in this 310 km. So, fear on life, loses of agriculture and loses of the values of land, the farmers of these 7 districts strongly struggle against it. So that the state government stops this plan temporarily.

Even though, GAIL announced that it will finish these works within three years. So these pipe laying work will restart very soon. Since many acres of lands are occupied in the name of various project , the feeling of the people of that area is that they feel to standing on fire and the freedom of the people is also lost by this project also. So all democratic forces should join in this farmers’ struggle against this project.

Kalai Vanan,

State Secretary

AIKKS, Tamil Nadu


AS Modi regime’s chance of returning to power in 2019 is shrinking and as the fundamentals of the economy are in doldrums, return of the key think-tanks of the governments to their safe positions in the US has gathered momentum. The latest in this series is the abrupt exit of Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) Arvind Subramanian and his going back to academia in the US. Subramanian took charge as the CEA on October 16, 2014 for a period of three years. In 2017, his term was extended for a year, and the government was planning to extent it beyond that.

Raghuram Rajan was the first to tender his resignation. After a three-year term, before the demonetization farce, he moved back to Chicago University in June 2016 itself. The second in line was Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya who after resigning from his post on 31 August, 2017 returned to Columbia University. Modi had specifically brought him from the US to effectively implement the process of dismantling the Planning Commission. Now Arvind Subramanian, who being CEA has been the key person behind the implementation of imperialist-sponsored demonetization as well as GST, is also going back to US. And the finance ministry is in a rudderless situation as the finance minister Jaitley himself has been on leave for his kidney transplant.

All the three, viz., Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Panagariya, Arvind Subramanian were handpicked and put in India’s key and strategic positions solely because of their training in IMF together with their experience and proximity with US imperialist research centres. India being a neocolonially dependent country that is run by a ruling class whose servility to imperialism is primary, the presence of IMF and US-trained economists in the policy-making and implementation apparatus is historically unavoidable. That is why the nomination of IMF-pensioners like Rajan, Panagariya and Subramanian who get precedence over ‘domestic’ bureaucrats has become indispensable under the Modi regime which has transformed India as a strategic junior partner of USA.

Having so many strings with imperialist centres, the loyalty and affinity of these ‘comprador bureaucrats’ to IMF, World Bank, WTO and similar other neo-colonial-neoliberal institutions are stronger than that towards India, the country of their origin. Therefore, when a critical situation arises, it is quite natural on the part of such comprador bureaucrats to take the first flight to safety. This seems to be the valid explanation for their sudden withdrawal to imperialist centres at this particular juncture.

James PJ
THE miraculous extraction of 12 boys aged between 11 and 17 and their 25 year-old coach in Thailand is the outcome of an internationally coordinated and time-bound rescue operation. According to reports, more than half of the 90 rescue workers including 18 highly trained and experienced cave divers who did the most dangerous part of the entire operation were from other countries. The death of 38-year old diver, Saman Gunan in the middle of the rescue effort did cast doubt on the possibility of bringing out the children. But in view of the impending rise in water in the cave, the rescuers have no option for any delay in their efforts.

The Thai rescue effort and the spirit of sacrifice and dedication behind it remind us of the 2010 Copiapo mine collapse in Chile, where 33 miners trapped under-ground 2,300 ft in the darkness and 5 kilometers away from the mine’s entrance via spiraling underground ramps, were rescued after 69 days. And the first symptoms that they were still alive got only after 17 days of the accident. Along with the Chilean govt., the international community fully cooperated in the rescueoperation. Miners were rescued and brought to the surface one-by–one in a specially built capsule.

While such a heart-warming, inspiring and internationally coordinated effort to save the lives of children has been successful in Thailand, and as they are on their way to join with their parents and loved ones, it is heart-rending that the ruling classes of the biggest imperialist power were engaged in ripping children from their immigrant and refugee parents and dumping them in detention centres attached to military bases. Children everywhere are victims of man-made catastrophes and are becoming the prime targets of international capital’s policies. As the Thailand rescue effort underscores, while advances in science and technology are sufficient enough to provide a decent living comprising food, heath, education and recreation to all children, capital’s insatiable greed is the only stumbling block preventing this and in every 10 seconds one child in the world is dying due to lack of food and other basic amenities of life. While these lines are written, hundreds of thousands of hapless children are becoming the worst victims of the ongoing US-sponsored wars in West Asia. And the corporate media is silent on such violence inflicted on world’s children


LAST nail in the Coffin of Inclusive, Merit-based, and Federal Structure of Education! Move towards Full-fledged Corporatisation and Saffronisation of Education!

The process of commercialisation of education initiated by the first BJP government with the Ambani-Birla Report on Education drafted under World Bank diktats by the turn of the 21st century has now run its full course and is now towards its eventual culmination with the latest decision by the Modi government to wind up the UGC altogether and place higher education directly under corporate-saffron diktats. The Ambani-Birla Report prepared in 2001 as directed by the Vajpayee government was aimed at government withdrawal from funding of higher education, treat higher education as a commodity rather than a “merit good’ and restrict common people’s access to higher education and privatise it in the guise of imposing autonomous status to universities and colleges. The Congress-led UPA that came to power in 2004 had subtly carried forward the recommendations of the Ambani-Birla Report. Now Modi government, which has been entrusted with the task of corporatisation of education to its farthest limits is also bent on further integrating with it saffron monitoring and Hindutva ideals.

Hence, akin to the demolition of the Planning Commission and such other public institutions, the University Grants Commission is also going to be dismantled and replaced by a Higher Education Commission under corporate-saffron control. The Higher Education Commission of India Act, 2018 is scheduled to be piloted in the upcoming monsoon session of the parliament for being passed before the end of Modi-regime. Terms such as “less government and more governance, separation of grant functions, end of inspection raj, focus on academic quality, powers to enforce compliance to the academic quality standards and to order closure of sub-standard and bogus institutions” and such other highlights in the Draft are only euphemism for public consumption and for ingeniously camouflaging the all-embracing saffron-corporatisation that is in store.

In the name of bringing higher education under corporate-funding and direct supervision and control by its “stakeholders” the proposed Higher Education Commission is envisaged to be appropriately packed with corporate-saffron leaders, government nominees and such other bureaucrats toeing the corporate-saffron fascistic agenda. If materialized, this initiative on the part of Modi regime will be the last nail n the coffin of so called federal, merit-based and inclusive education prevailing in India today. 


WHILE Sangh Parivar is engaged in a hectic post-truth campaign against Tharoor’s “Hindu Pakistan” statement, and the Congress is apologetic about it, the ‘saffron nationalists’ leading the Indian state have once again betrayed the country’s national interests abjectly surrendering to US diktats. At a time when imperialist China is effectively resisting US imperialism by increasing the import of crude oil from Iran and imposing additional tariffs on US imports, the Modi regime has already taken steps to reduce its low-cost oil imports from Iran to zero by November 2018, thereby completely falling in line with US imperialist sanctions. As cheap oil imports from Iran is dwindling, imports of costly oil in to India from the US has doubled in the meanwhile exerting further pressure on India’s balance of payments and consequent decline in the exchange value of the rupee relative to the dollar, coupled with other domestic repercussions.

The sanction against Iran is not at all mediated through the UN. It is unilateral and is thoroughly motivated by Yankee imperialist interests. Several countries of the world are resisting the US writ from the perspective of their own sovereign national interests. But the pseudo Indian nationalists wielding the government, being afraid of the US have already started its bootlicking at the cost of India’s national and people’s interests.

Of course, this should not be construed as an aberration on the part of Hindutva nationalism, but is inherent in its class character. In continuation of its extreme servility to colonial Britain during the independence struggle, the RSS has been consistent in its dependency on US imperialism, the postwar international policeman. In the early 1970s, when US imperialism was totally isolated from international community on account of one of history’s most gruesome massacre unleashed by it on Vietnamese people, only the RSS was there to whitewash the Yankees. In a letter to the then US president Johnson and entrusted with A B Vajpayee in 1971, the RSS chief Golwalker wrote: “By God’s grace the USA is the leader of the free world. Dharma and Adharma are today engaged in a worldwide war. In this war, the USA heads the side of the Dharma.”

Therefore, in view of this consistent servitude to US, it makes no sense in expecting anything different from Golwalker’s contemporary disciples ruling India today. No wonder, it is also quite logical that the Congress still pursuing soft-Hindutva and other so called opposition parties having no fundamental difference with the BJP’s ultra-rightist policies and incapable of a political campaign against the saffron fascist threat become mere apologists of BJP’s pseudo-nationalism.
A DAY LONG Seminar was organized on the “Marxist Perception of Art and Literature” by Navnirman Sanskritik Mancha at Patrakar Bhawan, Pune on 15 July 2018. The Seminar was inaugurated by the Popular Revolutionary Singer comrade Asim Giri, All India Co-ordination Committee Member, Revolutionary Cultural Forum (RCF). RCF General Secretary com. Tuhin was the moderator. Renowned poet Com Rajesh Joshi has given the key note address on the subject related to Poetry. Com Sridhar Pawar, com. Rajendra Prasad Singh (Delhi) also spoke on the subject. Com Pravin Natkar, Convenor, Navnirman Sanskrtik Manch and All India Co-Ordination Committee Member, RCF introduced the subject.

Renowned Film Director (Aara kee Anarkali fame) Avinash Das has given the key note address in the Second session on the subject related to Cinema. Intellectual and Film critic Dr Arati Vani also spoke on the subject. In third session renowned Painter Sudhir Patwardhan has given the key note address on the subject related to Painting. Poet and translator Ganesh Vispute also spoke on the subject.

Many renowned personalities from different walks of life participated in the well organised program. Anakha Lele welcomed the participants and audience. Dinesh Kuchekar thanked all. Renowned people’s singers comrades Sambaji Bhagat and Sachin sang a song. Members of RCF All India Co-Ordination Committee were present in the program who were in Pune to attend their Co Ordination Committee Meeting in Pune on 14th and 15th July 2018. 
MODI is going ahead with the election campaign for 2019 Lok Sabha elections in full swing making majoritarian saffronization as the sole agenda. This is to divert attention entirely away from the burning people’s issues and the severe crisis Indian polity is confronting following four years of Modi rule. Sangh parivar plan is to win elections through polarization of communalized Hindu votes. In this way he wants to divert attention from MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, where assembly elections are taking place by year end and as a result of serious incumbency factor and saffron fascist acts BJP may loose elections. Whole effort is to divert attention from burning people’s issue and corruption.

This situation demands that the struggling left and democratic forces should respond to it through intensifying Bhangar like movements according to concrete conditions wherever possible and by launching vigorous campaign against corporate raj and saffron fascism; they should not become appendages of ruling class politics and alliances; instead they should strive for strengthening independent left assertion by putting forward People’s Manifesto based alternative. 


REPEAL the colonial IPC clause 377 and ensure equal constitutional protection to all individuals without any discrimination. The BJP government is trying to play safe by throwing the ball to the apex court, while hoping that the decriminalization of same sex relationships will not be extended by the court to the rights for LGBTQs relating to marriage and inheritance. We demand that the whole colonial, feudal concepts towards the rights of LGBTQs should be changed. Clause 377 should be repealed entirely. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.