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Thursday, 02 March 2017 18:54

Let us Fight Unitedly against Imperialism and Communalism

Speech by com. Sajjad Zahir Chandan of Communist Party of Bangladesh in the International Seminar held at Hyderabad on 30th January

THE main feature of the present world capitalist-imperialist system is the super dominance of the speculative capital which creates sever economic and financial crisis. Global capitalism is trying to emerge from its financial crisis by shifting the burden of crisis on to the people of the so-called “Third World” countries with the help of the international agencies like IMF, World Bank and WTO.

International monopolies also invade the economics of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The increasing super-exploitation have been the result of the barbaric IMF programs, harsh programs of debt-repayment, land grabbing and increasing poverty and discrimination. Garment workers of Bangladesh are one of the worst sufferers of the super exploitation by international finance capital.

Even in the developed capitalist countries working class and common people are facing economic hardship, because governments of the highly developed countries are advocating austerity measures and cutbacks in public spending. The attack on the people’s economic right is now being followed by attack on their social and political rights. As a result, some sorts of ‘neo-left’ and anti-globalization movements are becoming popular in western countries. Barney Sandars in US, Jeremy Cerbyn in UK are openly declaring themselves as socialist and they are getting popular support for their specific pro-people agenda.

But we should also take into consideration of the fact that at the end of the day, they do not have the ideology that can uproot the barbaric socio-economic structure in their respective countries. Therefore the Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations have additional task to lead people’s movement in the advance capitalist countries as well as in the third world countries.

We also see a right shift in the USA. The victory of Donald Trump is a clear indication. Therefore Marxist-Leninist should also try to unite with the petty bourgeois led anti-capitalist popular movements. But we should be careful about their vacillation and opportunism.

We can observe a new feature in the policy of imperialism. In spite of contradictions among themselves, the major imperialist powers have formed block under the leadership of the US, which ensures that any challenge to the hegemony of international finance capital is eliminated. Immediately after the crisis of 2008, the summit meeting of most important countries (G20) is historically unique one. It is an attempt by the major economic powers to launch an internationally coordinated crisis management unprecedented in the history.

So such a situation demands that we the international working class and its revolutionary parties should act in a more united and coordinated way. Here lies the importance of ICOR. Imperialism has at the same time intensified its ideological attacks. Side by side, there appears opportunist petty bourgeois ideas and revisionism in a new form.

It is therefore urgently needed that we should uphold the revolutionary banner of Marxism-Leninism and expose the incorrectness of revisionist theories. We should also exchange views and share experience among ourselves. Imperialism also supports religious fundamentalism. ISIS was founded and supported by US administration. Also elsewhere they are giving support to Islamic, Hindu and Christian fundamentalism in various forms, including funds, arms and media support.

In our sub-continent religious fundamentalism and communalism have become a real danger to democracy and working class movement. Communists and other secular farces of our sub-continent should find out a way to fight this evil unitedly. This is urgently needed. 

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