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Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:47

Combat Neo-Colonial Dependence and RSS Led Divisive Forces Intensified During Seven Decades of Transfer of Power - KN Ramachandran

THIS 15th August marks the completion of seven decades after the transfer of power by British colonialists to the ruling classes in the country. Where do we stand now, what is the living condition of the masses of Indian people today, what are the socio-political-cultural-economic challenges confronting the people and the society today?

If during the independence struggle social justice, exploitation free society and a secular polity were promised, and the Constitution defined many of these dreams of the freedom fighters, the India we see today is basically different. Instead of social justice for all, what we see is a society in which the gap between the impoverished masses and the corporate elite, upper caste minority has increases many times. Promoted by the Hindu Rashravadi RSS the vigilantes are roaming everywhere threatening, attacking and lynching minorities and dalits. RSS is promoting all divisive forces utilizing the BJP led government. Manuvad is spread in all fields. Whatever secular democratic values were promoted so far are under intensifying threats; politics of hatred is systematically spread through communalizing education, mythologizing history, spreading Branminical cultural values. Whatever secular and democratic institutions were built up and their values promoted under the inspiration of the anti-colonial independence struggle are vehemently attacked and destroyed or distorted.

When the 70th anniversary of the transfer of power is going to be celebrated by the ruling classes and their ruing establishment, what is the picture of India we are seeing? A military tank is going to be placed in front of the JNU to discipline the students and to promote RSS brand patriotism. The Chennai High Court has ordered compulsory singing of Vande madaram in all institutions and offices. These may become the routines of the day everywhere soon! The Kashmiri people are disciplined and integrated compulsorily by intensifying military occupation through AFSPA. Individual freedom to use dress, food and beliefs of one’s liking is suppressed. Differing voices are silenced, if necessary by eliminating them as happened to Kalburgi, Pansare, Dhabolkar and others. Differing writers, academics and cultural activists shall be silenced or charged under the numerous back acts like UAPA. So also, the leaders of people’s movements, charging them as “Maoists’ or extremists. An atmosphere of terror and fear is promoted using state forces and RSS vigilantes. The teaching of Golwalker that everyone should submit to Hindurashravad is enforced under Modi regime.

And under this Hindu Rashtravad, emulating the Zionists in Israel, the neoliberal, corporate policies are intensified, dove tailing Indian polity with Trumps’ US and Zionist Israel. The demonetization followed by the GST has firmly integrated Indian economy with imperialist finance capital. These and other corporatization policies, including Second Generation Green Revolution, have opened the country to unprecedented loot and control of MNCs and native corporate, the junior partners of international finance capital. The consequences are felt in day to day life: devastation of small scale enterprises in millions, farmers, retail trade etc. So, farmers commit suicide in larger numbers, unemployment galloping forcing even IT employees to commit suicide. As the integration with international finance capital goes on intensifying these side effects affecting vast majority of the 125 crores of population also shall increase.

At international level, afraid of the growth of socialist forces by the end of Second World War, in order to maim it and destroy, it was the US led imperialist camp which planted Zionist Israel in West Asia, and promoted Islamic Rashravad in reaction to it in almost all Muslim majority countries. As a result, they could beat back, pollute and destroy the socialist forces in West Asia, North Africa, Indonesia and similar other regions, intensifying the neocolonial dependence and backwardness of all these countries. If the RSS could grow and become the ruling power by systematically spreading anti- Muslim hatred pinpointing the Islamic Rashravad in most of the Muslim majority countries and utilizing the weakening of the Congress and ruling class parties, today its Hindu Rashtravadi offensive is intensifying the further growth of Islamic Rashtravadi forces in Bangladesh like neighbouring countries. Thus, RSS is not only strengthening the divisive forces within the country, its communal policies are promoting similar divisive forces everywhere else also.

Dovetailing its foreign policy with US imperialism, as Modi government is trying to play the role of the front paw of US imperialism in its intensifying contradiction with China, the India- China border has also become explosive, with the corporate media playing leading role in fomenting it. Thus Modi regime has not only promoted divisive forces in the country, but also worsened India’s relations with all neighbouring countries worse than ever.

In short, Modi govt. has intensified neoliberal-corporate polices to its highest ever levels, promoting corporate interests and impoverishing the masses. It has worsened the condition in Kashmir to a point of no return, It has aggravated ethnic discontent as in Gurkhaland and Northeast. Its foreign policy and Hindu Rashtavad have made relations with all neighbouring countries extremely hostile. Its communalization, Hindu Rashtravadi, Manuvadi policies and vigilanteism has terrorized minorities, dalits and other oppressed classes and sections. It has cut at the root of whatever secular, progressive values existed, and have strengthened all divisive, parochial, chauvinistic, communal and casteist tendencies. Whatever democratic rights and spirit of Indian unity achieved through the people’s struggles from the time of the independence struggle are in dire peril. RSS led Modi regime has thrown up a great challenge before the people.

How to combat it is the great challenge before the people. Also which are the forces who can challenge it. Though Congress and a major section of the ‘main stream’ parties are trying for a grand alliance against BJP, except on Hindu Rashtravad like polices, on all other basic issues they have no fundamental differences with BJP. Many of them share ‘soft Hindutua’ positions also. Of course, putting an end to Modi rule is the greatest challenge before the country. All efforts should be made for it. But, reducing this struggle only against the communal fascist policies of BJP will not save the country and the people from the dangerous situation confronting them at the completion of seven decades after the transfer of power.

Putting an end to intensifying neo-colonial dependence, ever increasing impoverishment of the vast majority of people, threatening ecological catastrophe and social justice and equality demands basic restructuring of the socio-politial-cultural-economic life. During the last seven decades though the traditional left parties, socialist parties, many regional parties who advocated social engineering, AAP like reformist parties promised many things and came to power, very soon all of them got assimilated to the ruling system. The frustration created by their degeneration among the masses also helped the ascendance to power of ultra rightist BJP to power, as is happening in many countries across the world.

What is required is a common program based unity of like minded forces dedicated to create a people’s alternative to replace the ruling neoliberal-corporate system, which can democratize the society at all levels, build a casteless secular polity ensuring social justice for all and provide a people oriented, sustainable development paradigm. Developing people’s movements everywhere and joining hands with the numerous movements spontaneously coming up, efforts should be made to lead them towards struggle for protection of land, livelihood and environment like the Bhangar movement and towards basic social change. This is the challenge the revolutionary left and democratic forces should take up with urgency.

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