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Saturday, 02 December 2017 11:42


As struggle against Vizhinjam port with the Call "Adani Baby, Quit Kerala" temporarily withdrawn, the questions it raises remain.

Though the work of Adani on Vizhinjam Transit Harbour stopped due to the struggle of the local people may be resumed for the time being as the Catholic Church leaders interfered and signed an agreement, the basic questions raised still continues... Now, the agreement is on possibility for rehabilitation and compensation. But how can you rehabilitate and how can you compensate? The southern tip of Arabean sea is the only wedge bank (highest biodiversity region) for India among the only 20 wedge banks in the world. Can you rehabilitate and compensate the rare and threatened species of this region? Can you rehabilitate over 50,000 coastal people who will lose their jobs? Can you rehabilitate or compensate two hills from the Western Ghats which will be lost? Can you rehabilitate the beaches which will be lost? Can you rehabilitate the famous Kovalam beach which will become Kovalam rocks? Can you rehabilitate the loss of 25 coastal villages which will be affected by this developmental terrorism

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