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Friday, 12 January 2018 08:59


“OCHI” cyclone has severely affected the life of the peoples of Kanyakumari and Cudalore districts in Tamil nadu.The fishermen usually stay in the sea for 2 to 3 days for fishing. The Tamil nadu government and the state weather research center took gave warning for the precautionary action only on 29th Nov, while the storm came on 30th Nov morning. So fishermen who went into the sea before 29th Nov didn’t know about the storm.The government didn’t take any special precautionary action for the peoples who went into the sea before 29th November. So the life of thousands of fishermen was in danger. In this situation, the dead bodies of fishermen are washed up everyday. Still hundreds of them are missing. So, the peoples are angry and frightened.

After 7 days, where the fishermen were missing, the government gave the statistics as 260 fishermen were missing. But people said that the number of missing people were nearly 1000. The government didn’t have the even proper details about it. Modi’s digital technologyis exposed before the people, with no idea to rescue the fishermen. The chief minister of state and other leaders were busy with observing fhe first death anniversary of former chief minister Jaylalitha and had no time to help the fishermen who were in danger and their families. The Central and state government should take responsibility for the death of fishermen. Angry against the apathy of the central and state governments blocked the railways and Highways from 6th December demanding: 1) The government should expedite work to rescue the missing fishermen. 2) The government should give the subsidy of Rs. 25 lakh to the family of dead fishermen and should give the full compensation for the damaged boats, fishing nets, houses etc. 3) Free ration and assistance should be provided to fishermen who and families deprived of work due to the cyclone.

Kalai vanan, State organiser, AIKKS

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