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Sunday, 04 February 2018 11:53


ON 17 January we observed the Martyrdom of Moffissul and Alamgir, the two young soldiers of the war against imperialist paradigm of development in Bhangor. The people from different parts of the country renewed their pledge to continue the struggle they fought for till the withdrawal of the anti people Power Grid Project from Notunhat, Bhangor, West Bengal, a highly fertile and densely populated area. Young lives do not matter. Especially rebellious young lives. In fact, the voice of rebellious youth causes our governments such acute discomfort that it is gagged mercilessly. Sometimes, chillingly often, the voice is not just gagged, but silenced forever.

January 17, 2016: The suicide of Rohith Vemula, which was actually institutional caste murder. January 17, 2017: The murder of Bhangor anti powergrid protesters Mafijul Khan and Alamgir Molla, by the unholy nexus of police and TMC hooligans. On January 17, 2018, let us all defiantly pledge to avenge the martyrdom of Rohith, Mafijul and Alamgir by decimating the powers of discrimination, injustice and autocracy.

Sharmistha Choudhury

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