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Tuesday, 03 April 2018 15:01


AFTER hearing the news about the reign of terror unleashed by the Sangh Parivar against the cadres, offices and statues erected by the defeated CPI(M) led Left Front forces, I had posted in Facebook: “CPI(ML) Red Star severely condemns the reign of terror unleashed by the fascist Sangh Parivar forces after its election victory in Tripura. It is not only attacking the defeated CPI(M)’s cadres and offices, but even uprooting statues of Lenin. Still its leaders are not calling for an end to these heinous acts. The state machinery is by and large not taking action against the rampaging goons. These are fascist acts which all democratic forces should condemn and oppose.

“Modi and other leaders of RSS and Sangh Parivar are celebrating their victory over CPI(M) led Left Front in Tripura as a victory in the ideological struggle against communism and uprooting Lenin’s statues, knowing very well that the LF government they defeated was also pursuing the neo-liberal policies and it was far away from the Marxist-Leninist principles and practice. Still its defeat in the assembly elections is utilized to defame Marxism in most heinous forms. It is the same thing US imperialist lackey Yeltsin and his collaborators did in 1991 after the disintegration of Soviet Union. Lenin’s statues were attacked and they celebrated the disintegration of Soviet Union, which had degenerated to a social imperialist power following the usurpation of power by the revisionists, as the ‘end of history’ and ‘demise of communism’. The camp of reactionaries utilize every such situation to attack communism, and the imperialist media give extensive propaganda to it. We should oppose and severely condemn the attack on communism and on the toiling masses unleashed by Modi and company utilizing the defeat of the social democratic CPI(M) led government in Tripura. We declare firmly that such proxy wars cannot defeat us, and that imperialism and their lackeys like Modis means barbarism, and that socialism is the only alternative for the world people.

In other post the same day, I had stated:”Serious developments like defeat of CPI(M) led LF government in Tripura after 25 years’ continuous rule calls for serious evaluations and taking lessons, not just lamenting that BJP’s money and muzzle power defeated the LF. If it is so how could it win so far against the money and muzzle powers of Congress, BJP like forces and their alliances with tribal front? How could LF remain in power for 34 years in Bengal and then get so badly routed? If we want to overcome such reverses more serious soul searching is needed.

Internationally itself the communist movement has suffered severe setbacks when the revolutionary models in Soviet Union, China and elsewhere degenerated, and the communist parties in other countries like India, either surrendered to parliamentary cretinism, or left adventurism. The imperialist global system, in spite of continuous crises, is making rectifications and and adjustments repeatedly, and is still continuing as a hegemonic world system. But communists have failed to rectify the setbacks to their earlier models and to come forward with new models according to the new situation, challenging the ever intensifying imperialist onslaughts. Instead wherever they come to power as in Bengal, Tripura or Kerala, they implement the neoliberal policies, saying there is no alternative (TINA). So to overcome the present debacle, Marxist understanding should be developed according to new concrete realities, class struggle should be developed in all spheres including socio cultural spheres, and new revolutionary models should be experimented. This is the challenge to be taken up to create a new communist upsurge. 

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