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Monday, 07 May 2018 10:17


TRINMUL CONGRESS (TMC) is fool and the same time dalal, or comprador in nature. Their tactics to resist BJP is to practice BJP’s politics in a larger dimension! This is absolutely foolish. These politics-traders even simply do not understand politics. A party cannot penetrate deep into the masses unless and until the culture of the party is established into them. By putting an effort to establish the culture of BJP among the aam-Bengali, the TMC people is making it easy for BJP to establish the party in Bengal. However, it is already evident that how both of them are refused by the major section of Bengali people in their fanatic efforts to observe Ramanavami and Hanuman Jayanti. Here lies the second point.

It is a known fact that BJP people have absolutely no idea about Bengal. Here, the Rama is not considered as a god even among the Hindus. Bengali Hindus have a different tradition. It is partly due to the fact that the Bengalis are not the descendants of Nordic Aryans like the people of Northern and North-Western India. The Nordic Aryans who entered India through North-West later divided in two major clans, namely, the Suryavanshis and Chandravanshis. The Mahabharata is the tale of the Chandravanshis and the Ramayana is that of the Suryavanshis. Gradually, the Suryavanshis came in dominance and their most important King Rama who was considered as an ideal person later converted into a god. On the other hand the Bengalis are descendants of the Alpine division of the Aryans who entered India through the North-East. From the very beginning they had a different cultural continuation. Gradually they developed a different history of religion. While the Nordics were mainly male-dominated the Alpines could reserve much of their matriarchal past. Therefore, the Bengalis have a lot of women on the seats of the gods in the Heaven. Here, the Hindus are Kali-bhakt (Shaktas), Durga-bhakt, and a large number of them are Shiva-bhakt (Shaivas). Rama is just nobody here. Therefore those who are chanting slogans like ‘Ram ka naam lene hoga, nehi to Pakistan jana hoga’ very soon will be thrown to Jahannam from this Shaiva-Shakta land by the Hindus only. BJP may not know this, but the TMC people must have known all these facts. However, they have dalali in their blood.

Hence, in the name of ‘passive revolution’, ‘emergence of the subalterns’ (which some of the ‘left’ intellectuals tied to convince us in 2011), we have got a fantastic mixture of foolishness and dalali. And it reflects the corresponding foolishness+ dalali among the contemporary Bengali people. We have the government that we deserve.

Sankar Das 

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