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Monday, 07 May 2018 10:26


MODI GOVERNMENT’S willful inaction on the February 16 Supreme Court judgment directing the Centre to frame a ‘scheme’ within six weeks (which ended on March 29, 2018) including the constitution of Cauvery Management Board is deplorable. Rather than initiating the urgent steps required for a dispute resolution mechanism in conformity with federal principles and people’s interests in the concerned states, especially, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the Modi regime is seeking avenues of further litigation disregarding the urgent needs of peasants and peoples in both states. Through the postponement of a badly needed decision on this urgent question thereby facilitating the withholding of the release of water to Tamil Nadu in the irrigation season and by cunningly pursuing a policy of divide and rule, Modi’s intention is to mobilize maximum votes for BJP in the forthcoming Karnataka Assembly election.

It is an undeniable fact that the conflict in the sharing of Cauvery waters between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has been a long drawn out one dating back to colonial days. During the past several decades since the transfer of power and state formation process, along with those who held power at the centre, the ruling class parties in both states were effectively utilizing the issue for their ulterior motives. During times of low rainfall, taking advantage of dereliction of duty by respective governments, breaking out of disputes and wanton destruction of properties instigated by vested interests and ruling class parties in both States have become a regular feature. Even now, the Modi government’s conspicuous inaction and silence on the issue is reprehensible even as the state units of BJP in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are trying their maximum to whip up chauvinistic feelings. Instead of considering the genuine needs and interests of the peoples of both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka by taking them into confidence and thus finding a permanent solution to the problem, now Modi regime is engaged in whipping up chauvinistic forces in Karnataka to make electoral advantage there.

Right to water, that is, availability of sufficient, safe, accessible and affordable water without obstruction is an internationally recognized fundamental right of all peoples irrespective of geographical and national boundaries. That is, governments are duty-bound to ensure this right of the people by incorporating it into their legal framework by taking the people of all regions into confidence. What requires is an urgent move for a lasting solution for the sharing of Cauvery water among the respective states ensuring the democratic unity of the people.

The CPI (ML) Red Star severely condemns Modi government’s duplicity in not implementing Supreme Court order within the time frame thereby keeping the Cauvery question in abeyance in the guise of once again seeking the apex Court’s clarification. It supports the struggle of the people of Tamil Nadu for implementation of the orders of the Supreme Court. It demands that the central government implement the Supreme Court order safeguarding the interests of people of all affected states

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