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Monday, 07 May 2018 10:36

Very Short Story: BACK-BONES - Soumya Dutta

IT WAS a stormy night. The window panes were banging against the frame, buffeted by strong winds.

A lightning-bolt brought a flash of light and I woke up to the strange sight of some shadowy figure crawling around my room !

Who are you? What are you doing here, on my floor ? I ask. There was no audible answer, no eyes were raised to meet mine.

My curiosity was overwhelmed by anger and a little fear. What are you doing here ? searching for something ? What’s there on the floor? Why don’t you get up and out ? — I throw a barrage of angry questions at the shadow.

I hear a feeble voice. ‘I will. I must. Searching .... the moment I get mine, I will get up and walk my path.’

But what are you searching for - I shout.

‘Back-bone’, back-bone, back-bone .... whispering sounds echo from all corners of the room!

Another strong flash of lightning illuminates my room, and in that light I see - not one, not two, but many shadows crawling around, searching for their Back-bones. So that they can walk out to face life.

(Based on “hama-guri”, by Shankha Ghosh)

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